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6/16/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Travelled BKK to DAD 15th June 2019 on an A320. On time as usual. Changed initial ticket and preponed departure due to earlier international arrival. This proved to be easy without any hassle apart from some emails and a modest addition of 50 USD. If I change online the cost is horrendous. However, their helpde...

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6/6/2019 M Corden

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Koh Samui. Easy Check-In, The Bangkok Lounge (available to everyone) was crowded but still comfortable and the food and refreshments options plus WiFi are a bonus. Boarded on time via a bus, but was organized and efficient. Plane left bang on time and flight was 50 mins, in this time 4 crew still ma...

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5/17/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Danang to Bangkok 15/5-2019 on an A320. Excellent trip. Early check-in, peaceful airport, they call you and want to carry you onboard fro your airport hidings even 50 Minutes prier to kick. No faults whatsoever. Cheap as hell (202 usd return, inc. full service and luggage). Why struggle with LCCs which co...

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5/13/2019 Jack Koers

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Koh Samui. They call themselves a Boutique Airline and they certainly are. Staff very attentive, flight was on time. On a 50 mins flight they managed to serve a delicious Phad Tai followed by Coffee. Like the good old days, Bangkok Air treated us like appreciated customers.

4/7/2019 Neil Reckers

Not Verified | Phnom Penh to Yangon via Bangkok. The check-in was easy with friendly staff. The cabin crew was very friendly and efficient. Passengers were offered proper warm meals during the both (short) segments of the journey. The aircraft cabins were well maintained. A great airline to fly with.

4/6/2019 K Patapong

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Male in august 2018. As a regular user and premier member for Bangkok Air, I was curious to see try their business class. I had accumulated an excessive amount of miles which I used for this flight. They charged about $200 in tax, which is reasonable, some airlines charge more or less tax for award ...

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4/6/2019 M Avila

✅ Trip Verified | Great attention to detail, the staff is really nice and the service is very comfortable, bigger leg room in comparison of other similar airlines like Thai Lion and the catering service was really good for a regional airline, although there were not many choices but a hot meal on a relatively short flight with ...

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4/5/2019 Mercedes Jaramillo

Not Verified | Krabi to Bangkok. Excellent service in the full extent of the word, from the help via email, the counters and the attention of all its employees is excellent, in addition to the services both on board and in its facilities in the pre-boarding area, very good service , Congratulations. ES: Excelente servicio en to...

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3/31/2019 A Hansela

✅ Trip Verified | Flying to Bangkok to Phuket. Older Airbus aircraft that was clean. Staff was friendly and there was a lot of legroom. I am 190cm tall and had no problems whatsoever. Flight was on time. Snack was a cookie with coffee. I recommend Bangkok airways as the service is great for decent prices.

3/25/2019 Thomas van Woerkom

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Ko Samui. Chose my seat during my booking session, which was quite expensive to be honest for an economy flight of just over a hour. Online check-in performed, but took a while for my luggage to be dropped off due to a long line for all counters. Security was another extra 30 minutes. Seating at gat...

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3/24/2019 Thomas van Woerkom

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok Airways is charging very steep prices for a route they have a monopoly on and takes only about an hour and 15 minutes to complete in an older ATR 72-500 in which you definitely can notice the age. Airport is quite a distance from Mandalay and you are required to enter through security prior to check-in....

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3/20/2019 John Rolfe

✅ Trip Verified | For this flight I was connecting from a flight from London and when originally booked there was an over 3 hour transit time, however Bangkok Airways then cancelled this flight and we were booked on an earlier flight with only a 70 minute connection time. Our flight from London arrived late due to the Pakistan a...

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3/20/2019 John Rolfe

✅ Trip Verified | Check in at Koh Samui Airport was very quick. Flight boarded on time. At Koh Samui airport you are bused from the terminal in small open buses and as we were seated in row 18 boarded by rear steps of plane. Seat legroom was OK for this short flight. Plenty of space available for my wheelie case in the overhead ...

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3/20/2019 John Rolfe

✅ Trip Verified | Chiang Mai to Koh Samui in Economy Class. Check in was quite quick at Chiang Mai and we used the Bangkok Airways lounge, which although basic is free for all passengers. Flight boarded on time and Bangkok Airways managed the boarding process quite efficiently and did not allow passengers to jump their allotted ...

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3/10/2019 Michael B, Airbus A319 (319) v2 seat 22E

flew from Phuket to Bangkok. Im 192cm and the legspace is fine. Short flight, but good service.

3/10/2019 Michael B, ATR 72-500 (ATR) seat 2B

Great aisle seat, Im 192cm and the legspace was sufficient. If you want to get of the airplane quick, you should choose a seat in the back, they only use the back entrance for boarding.

3/5/2019 Jennifer Westfall

✅ Trip Verified | Chiang Mai to Bangkok. The boarding in Chiang Mai was a chaotic mess, and upon arrival in BKK there was no bus ready and we waited 20 minutes in the plane. Then the baggage took more than 1 hour to reach the carousel. All told, the waiting was longer than the flight. No one from came to the carousel to let us...

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3/5/2019 W Steiben

✅ Trip Verified | Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Bangkok ground operations were a disaster. We waited 20 minutes on the plane for a bus to take us to the terminal. Then we waited 1 hour for the bags. Staff were friendly and useless.

3/2/2019 John Duffus

✅ Trip Verified | Phu Quoc to Bangkok. For some ridiculous reason, Bangkok Airways sent a reminder around 25 hours prior to departure reminding me to check in online. That would have saved so much time - only the airline does not permit online check in for this flight! Deciding to arrive early at the airport was a major mistake...

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2/26/2019 Thomas P, Airbus A319 (319) v2 seat 4C

Good and smooth flight, quality meal but seats are very hard ; fortunately pillows are provided at every seat so you can have a comfortable flight.