34 Belavia reviews

6/2/2019 Alexander Mokretsov

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Saint Petersburg via Minsk. Belavia is not a particularly fancy airline in terms of additional services or features, but it does its job pretty well. All flights were on time, crew very polite, online check-in worked as expected. The planes were not particularly new, but well maintained. The seat comfort could be better, but for short flights it is sufficient.

2/11/2019 S Ziren

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Minsk. Aircraft refurbished inside with light blue seats, quite comfortable. Full service airline with low cost rates. A hot meal is served with a variety of beverages and smiles. I didn't expect such nice service. Crew was visible and happy to assist.

2/2/2019 Matteo Lombardi

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Belavia from Kiev to Moscow via Minsk. I read a review saying that they wanted to charge 200 dollars if you dont have the boarding pass, and made sure I had mine, but then at the airport they even printed a new one and said the boarding pass was free. I can´t be sure its always like that, but that is what they told me. Ryanair would not print you a new boarding pass, so I guess boarding pass is free. The airline is simple, but it works. Its better than extreme low cost like Ryanair in my opinion, luggage is included, etc. 2 flights for 93 euros and this service seems good to me.

7/25/2018 J Balkene

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Minsk. This is probably the worst airline I've ever used. The seats are ok, but other than that everything is an absolute nonsense. I've never seen this rude staff ever in my life! Worst nightmare it could be. Customer service is real awful, can't even describe it with words, the flight can make you feel like crying.

7/6/2018 D Kemp

✅ Trip Verified | A flight attendant needed to check my carry on bag because the plane ran out of overhead space. He then assured me that my bag would either be at the gate or at baggage claim. It was at neither so I filed a lost bag claim with Warsaw's airport. The airline did absolutely nothing to keep me updated on the status of my bag. I have to call and email them every day just to ask if they are looking for it and it seems they are not. They continue to say "there is no update on your bag." It has now been five days and I do not know if my bag is in Minsk or in Warsaw and when I will get it back. That is horrible customer service plain and simple. I have had my luggage lost before and it was found and delivered to me within 48 hours. The fact that it has been nearly a week and my bag has not even been located is absolutely ridiculous. I do not recommend Belavia. Customers should spend their money with a more respectable company with better customer service.

5/2/2018 T Palen

✅ Trip Verified | Minsk to Astana. Awful experience. Flight attendants gave me the impression I was being discriminated for not speaking Russian. The other passengers were allowed to move freely while they kept telling me to go to my seat because of "turbulence". When I confronted them eventually they stopped it. Poor food and beverage quality. Old airplane. But the worst thing was the service. They didn't even give me an immigration card.

10/29/2017 Lars Bolander

✅ Verified Review | After having visited Minsk for three days I choosed to book Belavia back to Prague. Check in procedure was smooth, waiting area at the gate quite small but with a nice adjacent cafe. Bus transfer to the aircraft. It was not the most modern B737 but perfectly clean with adequate leg room. The crew distributed sweets before take off, then to my great surprice a nice snack comprising a sandwich with sausages and cheese was served. Tea directly from the can or coffee was served. Quite a surprise nowadays, when nothing is offered free of charge on major European carriers for such a short trip 1hr 20 min. The captain gave inflight info over the loudspeaker system. We landed on time in Prague and I will not hesitate to book Belavia again.

10/21/2017 S Markov

✅ Verified Review | Minsk to Kaliningrad. Our flight was delayed for a few hours because of "weather conditions at the destination airport". I checked the arrivals in our destination airport and figured that there were other airlines landing at the same time with no issues. Only our flight was delayed, because (as I guess) they put a small plane that cannot tolerate any deviations in weather. The Belavia manager at the airport was absolutely unhelpful and even didn't try to solve this situation. In conclusion I really advise to never fly with Belavia. There are way better airlines than this one.

10/3/2017 Ruud Ordelman

✅ Verified Review | Brussels Charleroi to Minsk. It was my first time to fly Belavia. The flight was OK, the crew was very friendly and helpful (although English is still a problem), I had more than enough space on my seat (I am 1.95M) and my knees did not even touch the back of the seat in front of me. Return flight, same story. Nice and friendly crew. We got some sweets, something to drink (water or juice) and a small lunch (chicken or pork), coffee, tea or water as you wish. There was no in-flight entertainment, but I did not miss it. In short, very neat and complete care. I will choose Belavia again, for my next flight to Minsk.

8/16/2017 C Arnesen

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to Minsk return with Belavia. A renewed fleet and improved service seems to be the goal, but for now, beware of the inconsistencies. As of 2017, Belavia serves hot meals on all flights more than 1.5 hours. On flight to Minsk, meal of chicken, veggies and bulgur was healthy and good; on return flight, not the case at all - 95% potatoes with congealed cheese and bacon (?) with a dry muffin. So: cross fingers and hope for the best. Aircraft are very old or very new; seat comfort varies quite a bit. However, both flights were on time and staff efficient if a bit duteous, though as another reviewer has stated, the standard working presumption seems to be that everyone speaks Russian. Online check-in didn't work for unknown reason, but kiosk check-in at Amsterdam and Minsk was easy and allowed plenty of seat options. Bus-boarding in Minsk is annoying given what appear to be empty air-bridges, but it is what it is. In short, Belavia is working to improve its position and image, but inconsistency in execution remains. However, they seem to be on the right track, which is more than can be said for some of the other flagship carriers in Europe. Interesting to see where Belavia goes with the new 5-day visa-free entry in Belarus (which is hassle-less).

8/10/2017 Eran Cohen

✅ Verified Review | Great flying experience from Tel Aviv to Minsk with Belavia. The plane looked new and clean. The food was tasty. The staff inviting. The flights took off on time. I enjoy the flight a lot and would recommend it without hesitation. I suggest you take the negative reviews with a grain of salt.

12/23/2016 Maarten Caspers

✅ Verified Review | Astana to Amsterdam via Minsk. Flying Belavia was probably one of my worst flying experiences ever. Unfortunately I had no other choice as all flights out of Astana to Europe where fully booked. The two aircraft I travelled with were very old B737-500s. Especially the first one was outdated and probably over 30 years old and retrofitted somewhere in the 90s or so by adding an entertainment system for music only, which was broken. But nobody uses this type of IFE any more as everyone has either a phone of MP3 for personal entertainment and music. The aircraft still had ash-trays installed in the arm rests. Seats on my first flight from Astana to Minsk where terrible resulting in neck pain. Seats on the flight from Minsk to Amsterdam where soft and had good head rests, but the seat back was so thick and pitch so small that knee and leg space was very limited. Check-in staff was friendly and boarding was quick. Some of the crew members were very friendly, others were grumpy old Belarussian men. Crew assumes everyone is Belarussian, which is not very thoughtful. Drinks are fine, but the food was absolute horror. They said it was beef but I was unable to identify what kind of stuff I got. In general I would say to avoid this airline, unless Minsk is your final destination as I don't think that there are many alternatives from Western Europe except for (as far as I know) Lufthansa via Frankfurt and Austrian via Vienna.

10/18/2016 Anton Shanisyo

✅ Verified Review | Minsk to Moscow Domodedovo. I'm a frequent traveller from Kiev to Moscow via Minsk - 4 times a month. Belavia was quite agile to adjust its schedule and offer more or less comfortable connection flights for business travellers. The fleet they operate is mostly B737 classic (+Tu-154 for those who miss Soviet times) - old and non-comfortable. Almost no difference between business and economy. Very tight seat layout (also in business). Airport service in Minsk is on average, lounge offers some local food. Cabin crew is usually polite and attentive. What really works is punctuality - most of the flights were on time, disregarding summer or winter time.

7/26/2016 S Laganyach

✅ Verified Review | Moscow to Minsk with Belavia was awful! The flight was delayed for unknown reasons almost 3 hours. The type of aircraft was changed. The plane was supposed to be a Boeing but it was a terrible and extremely old Tupolev. Service onboard the aircraft was awful. Flight attendants make a bad impression.

6/5/2016 Yevheniy Kahanovych

✅ Verified Review | Flew from Minsk to Kiev Borispol. As a frequent traveler on Belavia, I do around 5-10 flights monthly with them. My overall opinion is that they are the most primitive legacy airline I've ever used. Even downhill from low cost. All the aircraft's are ancient and have no standard seat layout. Legroom is tight. Another negative point: the onboard service is non-existent and is limited to 1 glass of water (still or carbonated - that's the choice). If you opt to buy food or drink, don't bother: they do not exist on sale. It is also a bad idea to buy so-called business class ticket. You will be seated into economy and given same glass of water. The only reasons I use them are that the schedule exactly fits my needs, there is almost no choice on routes I fly, all my flights are up to 75 minutes, and they are always on time.

5/13/2016 Aleksander Szten

Great flight from Minsk to Tel Aviv with Belavia. The food onboard was good and service too. The plane was very clean. Only complaint is the age of the plane but this is not a big problem. I flew back from Tel Aviv to Minsk too and all aspects of the flight were very good - would recommend.

1/5/2016 G Brambilla

Milan to Minsk on Belavia, and very nice flight indeed. Check in was quick. Our flight was on time both departure and arrival. The plane was new and seats very comfortable. We were offered complimentary tea and pain-au-chocolat. Cabin crew was very helpful and attentive. A huge improvement with respect to the old Belavia service.

8/23/2015 Haji Murat

Belavia is one of the carrier 2 operators on this route. For 5kg of excess baggage I was not charged. Was a very old 737-500 with the smell of fuel and unwashed socks in the cabin. No leg room and uncomfortable seats. Crew talking and seemed very strict with no smiles.

7/7/2015 John Currie

Flight from Warsaw to Minsk was on time and uneventful. Transit at Minsk was impossible because the airport has no facilities to process transit passengers. All passengers with connecting flights were herded into a hot, stuffy room for an hour, until the man in a green uniform who had the key to the door to the main Minsk terminal decided to appear. By that time, most connecting flights had departed, including my flight to Kiev. Belavia staff tried hard, spoke little English, said I would have to sleep in the airport as my passport was ineligible for a transit visa on arrival, and travel on the morning flight to Kyiv 14 hours later. Nothing offered, not even a bottle of water for the inconvenience. To be fair it was the fact that Minsk airport does not work for transit passengers that was the issue, but Belavia must be aware of this and should not sell connecting flights. I am sure Belavia is fine for point to point travel, but it (and Minsk airport) is unable to cope with connecting flights.

8/11/2014 R Katov

Amsterdam - Minsk 23/07/2014 Minsk - Amsterdam 30/07/2014. Brand new Embraer 195 that was delivered in May 2014. Good seat pitch config 2-2. Flight packed but air hostess made everyone feel comfortable. Given a sandwich and a selection of soft drinks. Good value for money comfortable and enjoyable experience overall. Would even suggest it rivals Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines that fly to Minsk in terms of overall experience.