Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Customer reviews

7/17/2019 I Maslan

✅ Trip Verified | My husband and I travel every year in BB during winter from Heathrow Airport, London as its the only airline which flies almost direct to Dhaka. We have usually enjoyed out flights due to the service of the young cabin staff. However this time we went again in June 2019 to attend a wedding. The return flight f...

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4/22/2019 Jiaxin Kuang

✅ Trip Verified | Chattogram to Cox's Bazar by BG1433. The boarding was on time. The plane was DHC-8-402Q. I sat in seat 4A. The space was enough. The flight time was only 41minutes, but the staff gave two cakes to every passenger, and the cakes were delicious.

4/22/2019 Faisal Ahmad

Not Verified | I was travelling from London to Chittagong. I had to wait in Dhaka for our flights to Chittagong. It was an awful experience as our flight was delayed by 8 hours. To make things worse, there were no information about the flight and I could not find any Bangladesh Biman staffs to inquiry about our flight. It was m...

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12/13/2018 D Leeson

✅ Trip Verified | Yangon to Kathmandu via Dhaka. Easily the worst airline I've ever flown. I've been to 50 countries, flown on dozens of different airlines, and even worked for one myself. It took them two hours to help me at the transfer desk. They were extremely rude, didn't know what they were doing, and spoke very little En...

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11/9/2018 Shammi Khan

✅ Trip Verified | London to Dhaka via Sylhet. Overall, not a good experience. Crew needs intense training on service. Couple of young ones were close to standard but senior staff were not even close from being standard. Food quality was really bad, drinks were okay. Probably will fly with Biman again because of patriotism know...

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11/1/2018 Salim Chowdhury

✅ Trip Verified | I am very impressed with the excellent service provided by the ground and flight crews on my Biman Bangladesh Airline flight from Kuala Lumpur to Chittagong via Dhaka. It was just world class service. Very pleased.

6/20/2018 Chowhdury Md Ghalib

✅ Trip Verified | Dhaka to Rajshahi. Nice meal. Good crew. The boarding was quick. Flight was full. The crew provided food just after boarding and before engine start as it was early morning. Take off was smooth but the crew need to be more careful about showing safety instructions. Recommend Biman for short haul flights but t...

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3/28/2018 K Amir

London to Sylhet. Check-in: There is no online check in system. As a family (with young children) we had pre-booked seats. At the Heathrow counter when I checked in they put three of us in three different seats and said because of some regulation (Front of aeroplane loaded with cargo) they have to put as many passengers towards ...

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1/28/2018 Lucky Mony

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Dhaka. This is the worst management ever. There is no announcement of delays and the reason said afterward is that because of a VIP. Very unethical and totally violating customer rights on regular basis. Crews are not also well trained. Not meeting international standards.

1/18/2018 Basanth Sadasivan

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to London via Dhaka. Absolutely abysmal. Flight was delayed by over 4 hours without any reason or announcement. Missed my connecting flight in Heathrow because of that. The service and food is okay, but the fact that the flight couldn't even leave on time is simply astonishing.

11/1/2017 S Bahl

✅ Verified Review | I reached Dhaka from Delhi at 3 pm and my flight to Chittagong was at 7 pm. I went at 5pm to the counter to check in. The customer services people told me very curtly to come back at 6pm. When I went at 6pm, they said the flight was delayed by one hour. The personnel were busy lazing around, eating something...

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9/9/2017 Riaz Osmani

✅ Verified Review | Biman charges half of what renowned carriers charge for round trip Business Class fares between London and Dhaka through their hubs. Keeping that in mind and the fact that there is no change of aircraft required for this trip by Biman, you get a decent offering overall. B777-300ER aircraft is my favourite. B...

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6/22/2017 D Graubard

✅ Verified Review | Kathmandu to Dhaka Business Class. Figured we would pay the extra to fly Business Class and it was the best decision ever! Check-in by a new agent so it took some time but bags tagged with Biz Class tag and given access to the lounge at KTM airport. Nice food spread and drinks, just no views of the airport. ...

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2/5/2017 M Jamidun

✅ Verified Review | Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur. This was my worst journey ever. My flight was supposed to be at 9:15 am. So I arrived at the airport. First impression came while getting my boarding pass. There was no systematic organisation in the booth, the lines were all haywire and since there was no barricade people were just do...

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2/3/2017 Riaz Osmani

✅ Verified Review | London to Dhaka via Sylhet with Biman Bangladesh. Flight attendants were caring and friendly with no fake smiles. Economy cabin laid out in 3-3-3 seating configuration in economy which was a plus point due to wider seats. Beverage service consisted of one or two types of juice, coke or sprite with no real ch...

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1/24/2017 L Tusala

✅ Verified Review | Dhaka to Toronto via London. My 21 hour trip took me 45 hours only because Biman Bangladesh was 2 hours late and I along with 9 others missed the connecting Air Canada flight from London. Their response at the service desk was "go home" and "the next flight is 17 hours away, you are responsible to book the f...

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12/14/2016 C Nelson

✅ Verified Review | My flight from Dhaka to Thailand in Business Class was average. I like travelling by Biman but maybe that is because I haven't experienced delays as much and I was lucky that way. However, I wouldn't pay to be on Biman's Business Class. This flight was bought for me so I did not care too much, but for those ...

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9/20/2016 Chowdhury Md Ghalib

✅ Verified Review | Dhaka to Rakshahi, the flight was on time. The cabin crew were helpful specially for my kid. Food was nice. The ground staffs were also good at Rajshahi airport. The flight was before EID-UL-Azha. I am happy to fly with Biman, and the aircraft was also clean and fresh.

3/14/2016 F Ali

heathrow to Sylhet with Biman Bangladesh and without doubt one of the worst airlines I've experienced. PTV broken and asked 10 times for it to be fixed without any luck. Staff look like they would rather be doing something else rather than working. Food was terrible, served soft drinks in paper cups so you aren't able to ask for...

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2/27/2016 Em Parvez

Flew Biman Bangladesh Airlines from Dhaka to London. Slow but friendly service, good food. Comfortable newish aircraft. Great value for money. Approximately 20 minutes delayed departure, but arrived on time. Facilities were clean and crew always had a smile. Would definitely fly again.