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7/1/2019 P Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Larnaca to Athens. Terrible experience. I had to pay 60€ for my 10kg baggage because my personal Purse didn’t fit in it. In the site they describe the size of baggage you can have on board, but how can you imagine that your small purse with your wallet, phone etc counts as an extra bag! Employees quite rude, the seat of the flight adequate for people less than 1.70 and 65kg and even for the water you need to pay. On top of all, their fares are as high as those of the other companies, making so unclear the fact that Blue Air is a low cost company!

6/20/2019 M Nicholas

✅ Trip Verified | LCA-ATH, OB 5361. By luck I was 3h before my flight at LCA and tried to check in. No check in machine was working/operating and instead I had to wait in a huge queue to check in by a teller on the airline operator/representative! Amazingly after standing - lined up with many others for 2 hours we made complaints. The teller ignored us when we asked to have someone else to assist with check in so queue was split equally. Flight delayed at LCA. On the airplane: No space at all for my luggage - a simple notebook to put it over my seat - because there was no check at all from the crew before on boarding. As a result, overweight and oversize luggage occupied all the space above the seats. The air hostess tried to rearrange luggage and almost squeezed a huge bag on my notebook. When I complained she asked me to put the notebook under my seat. I said I paid also for a hand carried luggage which is normal size / weight and asked her to put the heavy bag somewhere else. Instead she put my bag somewhere else and I had to find it when we arrived. ATH-LCA, OB5162. Check in is available up to 12h before flight. This information is not stated on the ticket! No other main air carrier or point to point destinator has such a hilarious policy! Normally you can checkin 2-3h before take off, in some cases like Aegean even 45' before flight and this info is provided clearly on the ticket! I was flying 10.00 from ATH, on 19 June. Tried to check-in using their website on the 18th of June around 22.30 but their system stated that online check in is closed. Came to ATH on the Blue Air operator around 9.15 on the 19 June with printed the ticked and asked to check in. The operator/representative of the Blue Air company rudely informed me that I should be 2 hours before and there was nothing to be done - that was it I lost the flight while being 45 mins before. I searched using Expedia and on 13.30 in the same day - 19 June - and I bet that Blue Air recycles seats on their flights probably from those that already bought a ticket but not have already checked in 12h before flight. For example I found that in the same day 19 June 19/2019 20.45 ATH - 22.30 LCA they sell seats for 170$. I am wondering how this guy who buys the ticket from Expedia now say in 12.21 for a flight on 20.45 will manage to check in since e-check in is closed, never again with Blue Air.

6/19/2019 V Saranotis

✅ Trip Verified | Larnaca to Athens. I've travelled with Blue Air many times before and they decided that from now on they will be charging for your purse extra. So i have 10 kgs free carry on luggage and if my purse does not fit in my luggage i must pay 60 euros - not to mention the attitude of the staff! Blue air is the worst company by far and i prefer to buy a more expensive ticket from another company.

6/8/2019 Ionut Moldoveanu

Not Verified | Bucharest to Paris. Blue Air is a low cost company which has very bad services (online check-in, boarding, baggage attendants, flight attendants, etc). I do not recommend this company and I will never use again.

6/7/2019 C Stanton

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to Hamburg. I flew for many years with Blue Air, but the services, cleanliness, staff and aircraft are getting worse. As well, the prices are going up, but without seeing any improvement. My last flight was the worst possible, starting from check-in staff ( ou can't do any online check-in for most of the flights to Germany). As usual, politeness isn't something that their staff is able to show. But this time the lady was super rude, and refused to answer some of my questions. She asked me at imperative to squeeze my purse in the trolley, I've done my part, then I went through the security checks, duty free and I ended up at the boarding desk. Then I've noticed that my ticket was marked with a exclamation mark. I ended up at the boarding desk with my purse out (i needed my wallet). Then the lady from the desk started shouting at me: you cannot board, you were told to put your bag in. I explained why I have it out and the lady continued yelling at me. It was embarrassing. The plane was filthy, dirty toilets, poor service. This was last time for me when I will allow them to treat me like this.

5/14/2019 Z Zindilis

✅ Trip Verified | Luton to Larnaca. It stated on the return tickets that free meals will be offered. When we were onboard the flight and the meals arrived I called a cabin staff and showed our tickets stating clearly that we had 2 free meals. They said we were not on the list, and we continued to ask staff for the meal. They said there were no free meals left to offer and we were not on the list. I answered back that this was not my problem. They finally offered us a coffee to shut us up.

4/20/2019 Richard Laycock

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to Luton. I had a good experience with Blue Air. They were prompt and on time. Landed a lot earlier than scheduled which was great. However, the aircraft was old and falling apart. There is no mobile check in and there website is clunky, so a bit behind the times on that front.

4/19/2019 D Danova

Not Verified | Barcelona to Bucharest. Ridiculous service and website! I tried 5 times with 5 different cards to pay for a checked in luggage and it was saying there is a mistake. The mistake was coming from their website! After struggling for two days i gave up on the idea and i took a small luggage. Upon boarding of the plane i was stopped for having my luggage and a computer bag. After almost breaking my computer i had to carry all of my things in my hands and only put the bag itself in the luggage. The result is the plane was full with little things everywhere - jackets, cables, computers, chargers just because the staff was so against the concept of a bag (purse bag not a big one). It was so annoying and frustrating. To make the whole experience better for the passengers the music playing in the plane while we waited to board was some intense folklore rhythm that made the situation even more tense.

4/10/2019 S Renirou

✅ Trip Verified | Larnaca to Athens. Huge delays. On arrival at the airport we were informed about a delay of 30 to 45 min. At the end we suffered a delay of more than 2 hours and we were loaded in the bus after long time standing in the boarding gate and after we arrives in front of the airplane we waited there more than 10 min and the bus turned back to the waiting room of the gate. They announced a breakdown of the airplane and that we had the option of flying after more than six hours. All those hours horrible services, no water no food. I decided not to wait and claim the money I have given to them . They did not want to give that. They overcharged more 60 euros for 1 kilo overweight in my luggage. I m never going to fly with this company.

4/3/2019 F Kanagas

✅ Trip Verified | Luton to Bucharest. Absolutely disgusting customer service. I made a booking for a morning flight from Luton and in the confirmation it was the afternoon flight. I called them straight to mention there is an error and I had the screenshots from my phone to prove I booked the morning flight not the afternoon one. I had to send my proof on an email address and I had to wait. more then 24 hours. Yesterday the lady said that I have to pay 17 pounds to make the change or I can wait until we get a response. I said I will wait as I don't want to pay for something what I already paid for. Today after I called them again (yesterday I called them 4-5 times to see if there is an answer yet) the lady said now I have to pay 51 pound as my request was rejected and today the price for the same flight has gone up. Yesterday nobody mentioned to me that the 17 pound can change. I am traveling alone with 2 small children. That's why I booked the morning flight as I did not want to arrive to Bucharest at midnight and then travel an other 3 hours back to my home town. When I said to the lady that I want to talk to her manager as she made a mistake by not mentioning to me that the 17 pounds can change then she shut the phone on me. Ever since nobody picked up the phone on the same number. Since then I called Romania and Belgium as well but it seems nobody can help me. Absolutely disgusting and I'm fuming that something like this can happen.

2/13/2019 R Patrulei

✅ Trip Verified | Iasi to Paris. Please pay attention when booking online from their website! They add 10 euro (on average) at the price of the ticket that was initially displayed when you first searched for it in case you don't book it right away. This happens even if you search twice for the same flight in the same day. I think it is the 10th time when this happens to me, so I am sure there is no accident. I was receiving several errors when trying to make my online pay and after refreshing the page, the total amount to pay was 30 euro higher although I haven't modified anything, I didn't add any extra service etc. I encourage everyone who has experienced this scam to write a negative post and hopefully, they will stop. But this kind of practices show me that they are not a respectable company.

1/12/2019 A Martzon

✅ Trip Verified | Hamburg to Bucharest. All in all a good experience. Blue Air is your average budget airline. Check in went flawlessly. The provided plane was a bit old (26 years at the time of travel) but nothing felt old in there. I felt safe the whole trip, even tho I had concerns before the flight. The cabin was nice and clean. The cabin crew was nice and friendly, smiling and helping. I really don’t have anything to complain about, except that the seats were a bit uncomfortable. But for 52 Euro One Way there is really nothing to complain about. I would fly Blue Air again.

12/6/2018 B Richards

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Blue Air from Luton to Bucharest. The most disappointing flight I’ve ever had. The staff were brilliant, but I felt like the aircraft was coming apart. My seat was broken, moving backward and forwards all the time. The seat in front of me had a crack on the back (right bottom). Window blinds were not fully closing. Never again.

10/23/2018 G Hazam

✅ Trip Verified | Glasgow to Bucharest return. Blue air for the greediness of £8, placed all three of us in three corners of the plane, on both routes. Flown lots of budget airlines but they have crossed even RyanAir on this one. Staff at Glasgow Airport was great who managed to help us sit together, while with airline/airport staff from Romania, you cannot expect any help from them at all. This was the case for every other family with small children. Although they are cheap, i would avoid them at all cost if you are travelling on a family Holiday.

9/17/2018 S Bartez

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Bucharest. The flight was delayed and we were waiting in the queue for more than an hour as per the boarding time shown in the screen. When I asked about the delay and told the lady (who came 45 minutes late), she was very rude and told me to sit down and "stand up" when I hear the announcement. There were no apology or anything about the delayed flight. I am currently waiting in the queue, still there is no announcement.

8/27/2018 Matteo Sinopoli

✅ Trip Verified | Alghero to Rome. I am wary of flying with this company again. They charged me 200 euros because according to them I bought a special rate valid only for residents in Sardinia. Apparently, however, speaking at the ticket office, in the month in which I booked they had problems on their ticket booking site and some travelers traveled the same at a discounted rate even though they were not Sardinians, but I did not have to pay. I will appeal. How disgusting. IT: Diffido a volare di nuovo con questa compagnia. Mi hanno addebitato 200euro perché secondo loro ho comprato una tariffa speciale valida solo per residenti in Sardegna. A quanto pare però, parlando alla biglietteria, nel mese in cui ho prenotato avevano dei problemi sul loro sito di prenotazione biglietti e alcuni viaggiatori hanno viaggiato lo stesso a tariffa agevolata anche non essendo sardi, ma io no ho dovuto pagare. Farò ricorso. Che schifo

8/27/2018 C Forstin

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from Bucharest to Larnaca on 24th August. The flight was delayed by four hours, nobody could give us an explanation for the reason the flight was delayed, the personnel on the ground were rude and the passengers moved from a gate to another. Overall a terrible experience.

8/22/2018 K Disser

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Cluj. After a flight schedule change and then a cancellation I requested a refund. Now 2.5 months later I'm still waiting for my money and BlueAir only has excuses. I now not only lost money from my booking but also my holiday reservation.

8/15/2018 Svetlana Aleksandrova

Not Verified | Bucharest to Birmingham. I purchased Premium service which entailed to an Extra Leg room seat and complimentary meal for 2 passengers. The aircraft was changed in the last moment and we the seats which originally were Extra Leg room and no longer. Although the Extra Legroom seats were still available those were given to other passenger who did not had a Premium service, nor we have received a complimentary meal. Worst experience ever.

7/14/2018 Nicolas Simonis

✅ Trip Verified | This was my fourth trip on this airline and I am surprised with the quality and punctuality of this flight. The aircraft was clean, and surprisingly for a low cost airline we were offered a sandwich and drinks free of charge. The captain kept us posted on the flight path and all in all this was a very good flight. The in flight magazine and safety instructions, were clean and tidy. Both departure and arrival at jetways and not via buses as used by other airlines on this route.