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2/10/2019 S James

✅ Trip Verified | The flight was ok - Cabin staff nice and helpful, but there are some problems: - my baggage was delayed and I am not happy about the communication round it, I sent e-mails asking about my luggage but never got a reply (this may be handled by a subcontractor but they should make sure the subcontractor does a good job) - some stuff was stolen from my luggage, I complained about this and never got a reply. I read that they have 60 days reply policy - this is just bad, 60 days to reply to customers is a shame - on by flight back (from Bristol to Frankfurt) we had more than 1 hour delay, the boarding started this late already in Bristol (it was very chaotic) - no real reasons were given to us, when we finally boarded the plane it was covered in frost and freezing inside - I have never seen this before - the plane was always prepared and heated up so passengers did not have to wear coats also inside.

1/19/2019 J Tarjana

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Bristol. My boyfriend and I arrived at the day of the flight to the airport when they told us, at the security gate, that our flight got cancelled. We had to wait 8 hours at Brussels airport and then, we flew to Birmingham. Our original flight was to Bristol. From Birmingham, we had to pay from our own pockets a train to Bristol that was not cheap at all. Until today, 7 months after, the only thing that we heard from BMI is that they will eventually pay (this was said in August) and to be patient. We are still waiting for cost-coverage and compensation.

12/20/2018 F Gorley

✅ Trip Verified | East Midlands to Brussels. Flight to and from Brussels without any issues. Check in relatively quick and no queues at airport on way there. Onboard, seating was fine with a 1-2 cabin layout. Free refreshments and a small snack. Essentially ok for a short flight. Aircraft themselves are on the older side showing some wear and tear but being able to fly from local airport is a huge bonus. Only downside is being if you need to drop a bag off this only opens 90 minutes before departure, and in Brussels on the return the queue through security was massive (longest I have queued in years). This meant once through was almost straight to the gate for boarding.

11/22/2018 B Marden

✅ Trip Verified | Hamburg to Bristol. Pretty much guaranteed delay again from BMI my route to work in Germany gets hit by BMI delays on outbound and return flights. I have persuaded the crewing office to let me catch a train from Plymouth to London Paddington then Heathrow express to airport to avoid using BMI from Exeter or Bristol I will get there quicker by driving (train) an extra hour and a half - go figure.

10/30/2018 N Howlett

Not Verified | Bristol to Paris. What a totally charmless and unreliable airline this is. I can’t even remember a Bmi regional flight from Bristol that was on time, which clearly makes them unsuitable for business purposes. We’re now 1 hour 25 minutes late and just been served a litany of excuses that fail to engender any sense of confidence in the airline, such as ‘numerous technical problems, some still ongoing’. So it’s anything but BMI henceforth. I could have taken easyJet to Paris which departed on time, 1 hour and 15 minutes ago. And I wouldn’t have needed to check my carry on luggage in the hold. Goodbye BMI!

10/23/2018 Kurt Stadlmair

✅ Trip Verified | it is the only connection that safes me from driving to Berlin Tegel to fly to Munich, I wanted to use British Midlands from Rostock to Munich. However the first booking I had was outbound 27.7. from Rostock. The takeoff was 2 Hours delayed, the arrival in Munich too. I lost my reservation at the car hire and had to pay double. At the inbound flight on 30.7. we drove to the airplane by bus, where waiting there 20 Minutes in front of the airplane, until bbeing told there is no crew here yet. The actual departure was 3 Hours delayed. Today the filght was cancelled completely with the notice 2 hours before take off. The worst airline I ever used. It feels as if they are one step away from closing down. Unfortunately I have two bookings pending from November. I think I will cancel them on my costs and accept the drive to Berlin Tegel.

9/20/2018 Dave Jones

✅ Trip Verified | The flight Paris to Bristol in April was cancelled because the captain didn't like the look of something on the plane. Instead of an early flight we eventually got to Bristol after midnight, not much use for the work planned that day. Their way of fooling you is simple: agree quickly that you deserve the 250 euros compensation, but then do nothing. When you complain they say the payment was made, that it then came back to them, or whatever. It's now September and I realise they never had any intention of making the payment.

9/15/2018 G Thompson

✅ Trip Verified | Flight cancelled on 6th May with no reason given, this was after I had checked my bag in and was sitting at the departure gate. Ground crew at Stanstead (not BMI) was extremely helpful and gave out contact details for compensation and reimbursement. This was applied for on the 8th May 2018. After numerous emails and phone calls and last communication on the 16th August to say my compensation has been process and they were still waiting to process my out of pocked expenses of over £170.00 - this is now the 14th September and I still have not received a penny. I am totally disgusted with their customer services and I will never use their service route again. Why should I be waiting this long on money which is due to me.

9/14/2018 N Turner

Not Verified | Hamburg to Bristol. Always late which they blame on air traffic control. No info at gate stating delay, have to rely on flight stats. Always park miles away from terminal so long bus journey to and from aircraft

9/10/2018 Stu Norman

Not Verified | I was supposed to fly on the 06:25 flight from Newcastle to Brussels for a connecting flight to Slovenia. The incoming flight on the Sunday had been cancelled but I received no warning. I got to the airport at 5am to find out the flight was delayed by almost 6 hours. The young lad on the desk couldn't offer any help in getting us rerouted. I had meetings planned on the Monday afternoon. There was also no ground staff who could help. I was given a number to ring but the woman I spoke to immediately said I was given the wrong number. She did then try to look at flights but said there wasn't anything she could do. The flight took off over 6 hours late using what seemed like an old plane. A few seats were out of use and the plane had a bad smell. I was over 11 hours late into Ljubliana. An absolutely dreadful experience! It's worth bearing in mind I paid £800 for the flight.

7/21/2018 B Reade

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Bristol. Friday 20 July flight from CDG T3 was delayed and eventually cancelled after three hours. I only realised something was happening when l noticed some of the passengers were getting on the airport bus and when I enquired what was happening, the ground crew told us to go to T2A to get the 21:45 BA flight to LHR and then another flight to Bristol. Then we were turfed out in Arrivals to make our own way to T2A. When I eventually found the BA customer services desk in the depths of the terminal the rude woman on customer services denied all knowledge of the arrangement and turned me away. I am now on my way back into Paris and frantically trying to find a way of getting home this weekend. BMI already owe me the statutory Eur 250 from a flight they cancelled without notice several months ago. It’ll be no surprise to learn that they haven’t responded or paid up. BMI are a truly awful airline.Paris to Bristol.

7/20/2018 P Reid

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Derry. They often cancel or delay flights and no customer service. Call centre only open basic office hours and not when you need to speak to someone. 60 daty average response time to emails and no help at the airport. No real people or staff to assist. Worst airline ever booked with.

7/20/2018 B Morton

✅ Trip Verified | Bristol to Paris. Upon checking in, found out that my return flight had been cancelled and I had been automatically moved onto another flight (15hrs earlier). This meant I ended up losing a full day of my holiday and was informed the cancellation was due to low passenger numbers on the return flight. No notification prior which was extremely frustrating and then they refused to refund me the return flight costs which would have allowed me to change to another airline with a more appropriate timeslot. Upon my return I contacted BMI customer services to complain, in they end they did agree to pay me compensation but that would be paid in 30 working days. This timeframe came and went with no sight of any payment. I ended having to chase them for the next 4 weeks being told a number of different excuses. It was only when I threaten them with legal action did they pay within 24hrs. This is my fourth flight with BMI and following this experience this will be my last, there unreliable schedule and poor customer services let them down.

6/13/2018 M Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Derry . Nice old fashioned regional airline! No extra charges for baggage, reserved seats or emergency exits. Comfortable regional jet in 1-2 configuration and plenty of leg room. Once flight attendant managed to serve the whole cabin with a complementary drink and snack an hour, offering second drinks before we landed. Very different to what we have become used to with other, larger airlines! The Embraer jet is small, and no it was not brand new but it departed and arrived on time and all in all, I enjoyed the small plane experience - no crowds, more leg room and a nice free G&T. I would recommend bmi Regional without hesitation.

6/13/2018 B Rease

✅ Trip Verified | We were due to fly out from Stansted to Derry on 28th May. We woke at 05:00 to find we had received a text cancelling our flight. No explanation or excuse was given, just a one liner "Your Flight is cancelled". When checking the website, the same was seen, no link, to what to do next, no sorry, no refund information, nothing, a big fat zero. And now some 14 days later, having emailed asking for a refund, which I must assume is due, we've heard nothing. We managed to book for the next day with Easyjet, at a cheaper rate for 5 of us. However we are out of pocket, as an addition to getting no refund to date, we've also not been offered any compensation, like the cancellation fee for our car hire, the cost of hiring another car and travelling a greater distance into an alternative airport, to say nothing of the inconvenience of taking time to make another booking for flights, car hire etc. BMI Regional's customer care is appalling, I will not be using them again, and suggest if you are considering it, don't!

6/4/2018 W Leiters

✅ Trip Verified | A last minute cancellation of our flight from Munich to Bristol meant our family of 4 (inc. a 2yo and a 6yo) was re-routed via Frankfurt. No explanation was given for the cancellation and we were already at the gate when we were notified. The Lufthansa Service desk staff described such cancellations as "routine" when they re-booked our flight. Our flight MUC-FRA (a Lufthansa service) was fine, but on reaching the gate for our flight FRA-BRS we were told that the next leg (a BMI Service) was cancelled because of technical problems. This was at 19:30. We should have already landed in BRS at 16:50. The kids were exhausted and ready for bed. We were offered either another BMI flight FRA-BRS the next afternoon or a Lufthansa flight to London Heathrow (the other side of the Country; helpful!) that evening. We chose Lufthansa to LHR, figuring that might actually work. Naturally BMI would not cover taxi or other transport back to BRS - that's apparently our problem. We eventually arrived at our final destination at 00:30 with 2 extremely tired children and 2 very grumpy, stressed and exhausted adults. Over 13h travel, door-to-door, for a "short" trip to Bristol! We will be avoiding BMI in future and sticking to Lufthansa, even if it does mean an extra drive across country from LHR.

5/22/2018 C Heller

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Derry. This is a most efficient service, with every aspect of it being handled professionally. I love being able to check a (large) bag in, and not having staff say that it is too big, too heavy etc. The air stewardess on my flight was so accommodating to people who had difficulties with managing the steps, and overall had a lovely disposition. The planes are never overcrowded on this Derry route, which makes for a pleasant and comfortable flight.

5/17/2018 Caroline Brooks

❌ Not Verified | Return flight to Bristol from Gothenberg 20/03/18 pulled, told incrementally 1-2 hours at a time of delays from midday until finally at 22.30 we were herded on to bus from gate to plane & promptly back again. Continual stories told by Menzies staff (no BMI staff at the airport)that planes were arriving from 3 airports. Told that the flight would change destination to Birmingham not Bristol, then reversed. 2300 told no flight, 2330 taken to overnight accommodation, told we would fly 0600 Gothenburg - Frankfurt. Arrived to find a 1 hour delay, flew from Frankfurt to Bristol. Very poor communications, rudeness from Menzies staff, lack of kindness to elderly, young babies, stressed customers missing connections/work/transport at destinations. Arrogant staff whose answer to angry customers was to call security rather than calm very patient but by then annoyed customers. Some meal vouchers eventually supplied were insufficient - 6 euros for 2 of us?! Further vouchers given too late at night & un-usable the next day. Lack of clear comms via customer care line, constantly engaged, phone staff poorly trained & no continuity, no return calls when requested, no records of complaints/claims kept, obscure signposting on website to complaints procedure, still waiting 15/05 for compensation.

5/3/2018 A Gastin

✅ Trip Verified | East Midlands to Brussels. Customer services are not flexible at all and aggressive through the phone. Two weeks before the flight day I have contacted them to change a name on the ticket. Impossible because of company policy. This means I will fly with a seat free next to me. Even offering to pay for administrative fee or an additional return ticket. They don't care about customers.

2/27/2018 Chris Abbott

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to East Midlands. Another last minute cancellation. Unfortunately BMI Regional does not value its customers sufficiently to even contact them and advise them of cancellations. Customer Service has not responded on any previous occasion and correspondence with the CEO is a waste of time and effort. Extremely frustrated by the total lack of customer appreciation or care.