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6/17/2019 Simon Holmes

✅ Trip Verified | Bulgaria air have the values of BA 2 decades ago. A bottle of water when you step onboard - inflight sandwich and drinks free of charge and accompanied by a little chocolate. Relaxed atmosphere. Well dressed crew with a good(all be it a little relaxed) attitude. Overall, Bulgaria air get my vote. Also when flying business, don’t worry about baggage rules or anything like that.

6/2/2019 Stéphane Hess

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Sofia. I am flying since many years worldwide and I have never been seated so miserably. Absolutely avoid sitting on a window seat in the back of the plane, especially if you are taller than 1.70cm and weigh more than 90kg. I felt like being pressed into the space between the seat in front of me and the frustrated passenger in the back of me. On the ticket they print "The National Symbol of Flying" what a bad joke, never again!

3/17/2019 J Dehann

✅ Trip Verified | Sofia to Amsterdam. Checkin and security were fast for our 7 o’clock morning flignt. Sofia airport is not that big, so it took us less than 15 minutes from arriving by cab to the seating area at the gate. Flight was almost full and boarding took a while mainly to oversized hand luggage of some passengers. I was in seat 3F. Seat pitch is lousy, it seems even less than 29 inch. Crew was friendly, serving a ham cheese ciabatta and a drink, coffee or tea and a chocolate later during the flight. Arrival was on time, luggage took too long to arrive,

11/18/2018 Ivo Georgiev

Not Verified | I have flew from Sofia to Frankfurt and the service was great. The seats were comfortable and the lounge was great. They give us big sandwich with ham and cheese which was warmed (unlike Lufthansa), soft drink, beer or wine and a chocolate for a dessert. The staff was very friendly. At the airport I didn't have to wait a lot.

10/22/2018 A Hatton

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Vienna - Sofia return with Bulgaria Air in October 2018 and I had a wonderful experience. Tickets were cheap and service was really nice. Both flights were on time, even half an hour early on the way back. Crew really nice and professional, attentive and friendly. Onboard service was included in the price, small water was handed out upon boarding, and later on a beverage of choice, a tasty sandwich and chocolate. Cabin was clean, seats are very comfy. Very good value for money, highly recommend!

10/3/2018 N Masar

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to Sofia. This is the worst airline. My journey was delayed by 14 hours and I have been trying to reach out to the complaint team in vain. Their lines are always busy and they haven't replied to my mail after more than 2 months following this message. "Your documents will be processed within the statutory period of two months". Does anyone know how they can be reached?

7/22/2018 B Kanardiev

✅ Trip Verified | Sofia to Amsterdam. I flew with Bulgaria Air last April. At the gate the stewardess that was checking the tickets told me I got a upgrade to business. When we entered the plane a A320 around 15 years old we were created I was seated at the second row of business class. At the seat a bottle of mineral water. When we reached our cruising altitude the stewardess came with the food. For the business class we had a traditional Bulgarian breakfast with Banisa yogurt and some fruites. It was very tasty! The flight itself was very pleasant. After landing in Amsterdam the stewardesses said good bye after disembarking.

4/26/2018 B Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Bulgaria Air from Amsterdam to Sofia. Endless boarding due to too much hand luggage, 1.5 hours delayed of course due to weather and this airline believes its passengers don’t have legs as there is no leg room at 30c and I am 1.87m. Price reasonable and can not collect points with other frequent flyer cards, booking on internet no AMEX accepted.

2/2/2018 S Hadiyha

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to Sofia. The flight was okay. It departed on time, the cabin crew did a great job indeed. The food was simple but for a midnight flight it was alright. I was seated on an emergency exit seat and it was very comfortable there. The other seats in front seemed like they have a great legroom too. Calm, enjoyable and normal experience.

1/5/2018 Kaloyan Bozhilov

✅ Trip Verified | Bulgaria Air is definitely the best choice to fly from Sofia to Milan and back. Brand new aircraft and good service. Arrived at the airport 1h.30min. before the flight and went straight to the business class check in desk, as a Silver member. Security was very fast. This time the boarding was organised. It was a full flight. I was able to change my seat to an extra legroom seat in Row 3 (up to 2.5 times more legroom than economy) and it costs 20€ more each way. I would say that these extra legroom seats are better than any intra European business class. We took off on time. Snacks were given to all passengers (a small sandwich, drinks and a chocolate). We landed in Sofia on time. I would say that I had another good experience with Bulgaria Air.

1/4/2018 Kaloyan Bozhilov

✅ Trip Verified | Sofia to Milan on Bulgaria Air’s Embraer 190. As I am a Silver member in their frequent flyer program, FlyMore, I checked in on the business class counter, which saved me time, as sometimes the economy class lines are long. There is no priority fast lane at Sofia airport and my status doesn’t allow lounge access. Boarding was disorganised. The flight was full, but I had a seat in the front. Bulgaria Air also offers extra legroom seats in row 3 (behind business class). They offer up to 2.5 times more legroom for 20€ more each way. The flight was pleasant. There was a snack served (a sandwich and a chocolate). We landed in Milan 20 minutes earlier. Overall the flight was very pleasant. I like to use Bulgaria Air for short-haul flights.

7/17/2017 L Kim

✅ Verified Review | Sofia to Prague. Worst airline ever. Even worse than Wizz or Ryanair. Been redirected 3 times to different check in counters, made to queue up again each time. No apologies from arrogant and rude staff. Will never fly with them again. Worst service and attitudes. Why even bother running a company with such service level?

7/3/2017 S Dawson

✅ Verified Review | Flew Bulgaria Air from Tel Aviv to Varna and return. 4 hours delay, every hour they updated with another delay. Old aircraft and bad service. Once we arrived to the aircraft we spent another 30 minutes without air conditioning. Unless the price is very low comparing the rest there is no reason to choose this airline.

6/27/2017 A Dokira

✅ Verified Review | Sofia to Barcelona. I strongly recommend that you do not buy tickets from this airline. I was supposed to fly from Sofia to Barcelona today, June 27 2017, leaving Sofia at 10 am, arriving 12 pm. As of now, 4:20 pm, there is no information at all when the flight would leave, where is the plane currently, and whether it will leave at all. The electronic board simply says the flight is delayed, the person at the gate says there is no information available to him, and the web cite of Bulgaria air does not mention the flight at all under "flight status". The personel at the gate is supposed to at least provide water and snacks to the passengers waiting all day, but every time we tried to approach them, they said that we should wait to be called for food, not go and ask for it... We ended up visiting the airport restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and we are headed there for dinner as well since no one knows when or if the flight will leave. We asked if we can be rebooked to RyanAir, which also had a direct flight to Barcelona one hour later at 3:55 pm - we had no checked in luggage and the flight was already delayed 5 hours but the customer service representative was very rude and told me that the airline does not do that, we just have to keep waiting. In the meanwhile, significant delayed were announced over the loud speaker for several other Bulgaria Air flights. All Ryanair flights, on the other hand, were on time.

6/11/2017 Sebastian Noethlichs

✅ Verified Review | Flew from Sofia to Paris. The Embraer planes of Bulgaria Air are okay. The seats are pretty old but the spacing is okay. The airbus planes are worse. The seats are older (rubbed off leather, torn pouches etc) and the spacing is uncomfortably tight. Cabin service is okay. Food is pretty simple but the staff are usually quick. There is no onboard entertainment on any of the planes.

6/3/2017 Y Karstov

✅ Verified Review | I was flying Business Class from Sofia to Frankfurt. I wasn't offered welcome drink and the so called 'food' is a miserable sandwich - same one offered in Economy. What's funny is that Economy gets bottles of water on their seats and Business didn't! Ridiculous. The chocolate is not edible. In Sofia we boarded a bus to take us to the airplane, which is unpleasant. In Frankfurt we landed so far away from the gates, we travelled 20 minutes by bus! Don't fly Business Class with this airline.

1/11/2017 Kaloyan Bozhilov

✅ Verified Review | Varna to Sofia. Very nice flight. Business class check in was very slow - first it opened 1h 30mins before the flight and then the computer stopped working, so waited there for about 25 minutes. The lounge in Varna is great, I believe the best one in Bulgaria. The business class cabin was totally full - 8 seats, as well as economy class. They didn't offer welcome drinks, not like my previous flights on the Bulgaria Air business class. The seats are comfortable and also a little bit wider then the economy ones. The food was a cold beverage, but was tasty. The flight landed on time. Overall, the flight was very pleasant.

10/18/2016 Nathaniel Altman

Sofia to Brussels with Bulgaria Air. The check-in line at Sofia Airport was long, but it moved quickly, as did the security check. Staff was courteous and efficient. Upon entering the plane, we were given a bottle of water, which was later followed by a sandwich and a choice of hot and cold beverages. We left on time and arrived at our destination on time. Cabin staff was friendly and professional. An easy, enjoyable flight.

8/15/2016 B Ivan

✅ Verified Review | I flew Bulgaria Air E190 from Sofia to Varna two weeks ago. The seat was Ok, the only food - chocolate - also, the service, a little bit slow, but overall was good. The flight was 30 minutes late and they made us get out of the plane and sit in the bus because they had to do a check.

8/7/2016 D Graubard

FB431 on 30 June from Sofia to Paris CDG. Check-in lines were long but for baggage drop it was quicker and they let you use the Business Class counter. Bag tagged to Paris and thru security and immigration to the gate. Boarding was via bus on the tarmac - strange as only 3 of the 10+ jet bridges were occupied. 2 buses filled up the plane. Greeted upon boarding and the attendants checked everyone boarding pass. Bottle of water in the seat for each passenger. Departed on-time and smooth flight. Drink service 2 x and a snack provided (similar to the DUS-SOF flight I was on a few days earlier). Landed on-time in Paris and off the plane quickly - bags took a bit long but overall good flight. No complaints with Bulgaria Air - very nice service and on-time flights for a good price.