Buraq Air


Buraq Air 1 review

11/14/2005 Val Prinsep

Benghasi Domestic to Tripoli Domestic. What a nice surprise! Buraq Air is the 4 year old private airline in Libya that operates domestically as well as to Cairo and Istanbul. It is the vastly preferred carrier to Libyan Arab Airlines. My flight from Benghasi (domestic) to Tripoli (domestic) was easy to purchase in town (not on Sabre or Galilleo unfortunately) and was just $38 one way. The domestic airport is nothing to write home about but is clean and Benghasians are very friendly with smiles all round. This flight operated with a rather long-in-the-tooth 737-200 you know the ones with long cigar-shaped engines but was clean and the cabin crew were polite engaging and presented themselves in smart uniforms smiles all round again. This was an all economy configuration but legroom was more than European airlines in J class. Soft drinks hot drinks and some cakes made a break during the 90 minute flight.

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