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3/10/2019 Martin Svatoň

Not Verified | Family trip from Montréal to Edmonton, Boeing 737-200. Canadian North is a nice airline. Food great. No inflight Entertainment. Beverages and Cabin Service nice. It was a calm, non-turbulent flight.

9/5/2017 M Lanton

✅ Verified Review | Ottawa to Iqaluit. When I arrived in Iqaluit, I was told that my luggage was bumped in Ottawa due to the aircraft being over-weight. There were 5 or 6 passengers in the same predicament. I had to go pick up my luggage at the airport the next day. When I mentioned that the same thing (luggage bumped - similar...

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12/24/2015 Sonya Burnett

My husband and I traveled to Yellowknife for a day. The main reason was that we wanted to visit Buffalo Airways. Canadian North were fantastic. Both services on time and on the way back to Edmonton we were lucky enough to travel on a 737-200 Combi which was fantastic. The crew on the way home made us feel so welcome. They were e...

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8/4/2010 Mark James

I fly this airline regularly between Yellowknife and Edmonton. Staff is generally friendly and the complimentary food service is a nice touch but generally inedible. Unfortunately they have the tendency to change your seats without notice and you will not find out until check-in time. Much of the reason for this change is that i...

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11/23/2008 Jack Dell

Ottawa to Iqaluit (formally know as Frobisher Bay) in Canada’s Arctic. First time flying with Canadian North. Checked in at the Ottawa airport for the morning flight. The gate was located in the new terminal. Flight was on a 737 with about 60 seats. Asked the flight attendant where the rest of the seats were? Was informed that t...

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3/2/2008 Steve Mason

Had a chance to fly Canadian North for the first time from Calgary to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. Check in friendly with no extra charge for my 4 bags. The aircraft was a Boeing 737 which replaced the Fokker-100. Flight Attendants were friendly attentive. We were served a hot breakfast. Return flight equally as pleasant...

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2/7/2008 S Peterson

Flew with Canadian North on two occasions. Found both flights to be very enjoyable. First flight was Edmonton to Norman Wells and the next was Edmonton to Yellowknife. Found check in staff to be friendly and helpful both times. Flight Attendants were very courteous and friendly. No corny jokes unlike Westjet. Meals are also incl...

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