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2/13/2019 Allan Cox, ATR 72-600 seat 9C

Very comfortable and spacious cabin!

12/12/2018 Ann Powder

Not Verified | I made reservations for my daughter and her husband to Tobago, however when the email arrived her name was spelt incorrectly. I then called to make the change, I was put on hold at least four times, each lasted at least 10 mins. I was told all of the times that I had to wait on a supervisor's report of the recording. I was then told I was the one who misspelt my daughter's name. I called the very next day, requesting a listen of the recording. I was then transferred to customer service I was told I can't and they had to send the recording to another supervisor again I was put on hold for at least 13mins. this time I was told that I will not be able to listen to the recording. this time someone tried to explain that the travel is between Trinidad and Tobago and sometimes if a letter is missing they can overlook it, however if they don't I will have to pay for the error. This is poor customer service, even though they are the only airline operating the bridge between T&T its highly unprofessional.

11/10/2018 J Keale

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Montego Bay. I bought a 2 way ticket on Caribbean Airlines. Before my return trip I received an email from the airline saying that my flight was cancelled and I was reaccommodated on a flight the following day. I was not able to travel on the date they gave me so I called more than a week before the given date to find out my options. The representative on the phone was rude and unwilling to help. She said I had to pay a rebooking fee plus the difference to get on a new flight with the same airline. I was not advised that I could place that ticket on hold for future use or that I could receive a refund as my flight being cancelled happened on the airline's part, certainly not mine. I received no refund and no credit either. I had to buy a new return ticket because of Caribbean Airline's customer service representative negligence due to inadequate customer service training of the airline's staff.

10/8/2018 Richard Ramatally

✅ Trip Verified | Traveled from Miami to Port of Spain on a Boeing 737-800. Check in was smooth and quick. Purchased a Caribbean Plus seat, 9C. As a member of Caribbean Airlines club, check in process is via the business class counter. I proceeded to the LATAM club. This club was very clean and offered light snacks, free wifi, charging ports for electronic devices. After, I proceeded to the gate for boarding. Boarding process was very easy as Club members board after business class passengers. Upon arrival into the aircraft, I was personally greeted by the purser. He checked my boarding pass and directed me to my seat. My seat was very comfortable and very spacious. I highly recommend purchasing a Caribbean Plus seat. The advertised seat pitch is 37 inches and seat recline was great. The meal service was excellent and comprised of chicken breast, noodles and vegetables. The meal was delicious. The flight attendants were very friendly and professional. The flight left five minutes early and arrived into Trinidad 25 minutes early. The landing was the smoothest landing ever. The captain and his first officer were outstanding.This is a small airline with great qualities and I hope it continues.

8/22/2018 T McKenzie

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Georgetown via Port of Spain. Check in staff in Newark misinformed me about my bags being checked all the way through to Georgetown, I bought duty free in EWR and it was a hassle getting it through Port of Spain. Staff at front desk made me wait until they were ready to walk me through the gates. On both outgoing and return trips I found the staff, with a couple notable exceptions, very unfriendly. Seemed they thought they were doing me a huge favor. You guys need to either retrain these staff or get rid of them as they are doing damage to your reputation. On return trip I was literally refused to be sold Duty Free because no one at the front desk told me that I had to place the duty free in my checked luggage? When I arrived in Port of Spain it seems that they had a procedure for handling it for in transit passengers. I ended up buying the Duty Free in Port of Spain at a higher price as well! Flight delays were not even explained properly. With one exception the ground staff showed little empathy with the fact that a 2 hour delay could have messed up my interconnecting flight. The agent that checked me in was rude and very curt. She signaled me to walk up to her desk then had me wait several minutes while she finished the prior task she was working on before even greeting me. Why not just leave me in the line so I could go to another agent who would be ready to do my transaction? I had zero confidence that she would have given me any useful information given her demeanor. I had to ask around ince inside the terminal building until I found someone who was able to explain that the interconnecting flight would also be delayed.

7/2/2018 Anneke Frijlink

Not Verified | New York JFK to Port of Spain. Horrible, they changed our flight 5 times before we even boarded. The result was a different date and a very inconvenient red eye. No flexibility at all, no refunds at all. Never again

6/19/2018 P Berthelsen

Not Verified | Due to fly Trinidad to Tobago with Caribbean Airlines. Terrible airline. Flights are leaving every 30 minutes to the same destination (interisland) and instead of sending the next flight on the next plane, ours has been delayed. 2 hours and counting. 3 flights have left with later departure times than ours. Same situation both directions. Avoid this airline like the plague.

6/15/2018 Christian Maharaj

✅ Trip Verified | Port of Spain to New York. A wonderful experience from Caribbean Airlines, the flight departed on time and arrived before scheduled on the trip up. The seats were comfortable and the food was good, in my opinion there is no competition to Caribbean's food. The flight attendants were very friendly and attentive.

5/25/2018 S Dalton

✅ Trip Verified | New York JFK to Port of Spain. The worst service all around except for the one lady who gave me a smile on the way back to NY. Went to Trinidad for 2 days to attend a funeral so tickets were booked at last minute. After calling several times to their customer service line I was given a price that was higher than online. The lady was rude and of no help. Booked tickets online, of course double the usual price but that’s expected, not sure why. The planes were dirty, crew to and from were not friendly, makeup on the ladies was a mess, bathrooms are a mess, seats hard and dirty and extremely uncomfortable. My seat couldn’t recline which resulted in a backpain that lasted a day and half. Not nice especially when you have to go to work as soon as you’re out of the airport. I didn’t bother to eat the food, the carts were dirty too. By far the worst airline I’ve traveled in. Wish I had other options but they were the only one flying at that time.

4/9/2018 S Maharaj

✅ Trip Verified | Port of Spain to New York JFK. I am a very frequent flyer with Caribbean Airlines for the past 2 years I have taken approx 10 round trip flights with them which got me to their silver tier rewards status. I was supposed to be entitled to 4 upgrades to first class and free tickets based on my mileage. The most disappointing thing about this program is when you are ready to redeem your mileage they have blackout dates, your first class upgrades means you cannot buy a regular economy ticket, you would need to buy a flex or an "upgradable" ticket which is almost the exact cost of a business class ticket. This is not choosing to fly with Caribbean. Their reward system is not worth it. For frequent flyers the rewards are the deciding factor and Caribbean Airlines is not on par with international competition.

4/6/2018 D Warne

✅ Trip Verified | New York JFK to Georgetown. Miserable experience with Caribbean Airlines. The check-in agents at JFK were disrespectful - not a single smile, didn’t want to use my credit card for my 2nd luggage because it was too many fields to enter into the AR system. The airplane is very antiquated. For example, the cloth seat covering appears dirty, tray table is dirty, windows had cracks, flight attendants are forgetful, and restroom is dirty. I do not recommend using Caribbean Airlines.

2/14/2018 E Barcy

✅ Trip Verified | Port of Spain to Kingston. I think that the menu for this airline should be revised. To have sandwiches as cold as the air conditioning unit is not the best and even if as a cold sandwich the bread is usually dry. The hot meals (breakfast) specifically the potatoes with a bun are both dry, I'm unsure if the eggs are real eggs or if its liquid or powdered eggs but these things should also be made clear as it is easy to get allergies from certain foods. I have been traveling for more than 4 yrs with this airline and its standards continue to drop.

2/12/2018 G Read

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Georgetown to Port of Spain. First leg of Georgetown to Toronto was excellent. I found out someone had bumped me out of my aisle seat and I was now in a window seat but check-in staff were excellent in trying to find a solution. Boarding was early and smooth - funny how efficient things are when no rush! Crew excellent on one hour flight. Great cockpit announcements. Bar service fast and efficient. Only drawback was ancient cabin but hey, it was a short flight.

2/11/2018 G Read

✅ Trip Verified | This should have been one review as I purchased a ticket from Georgetown through to Toronto. However on arrival in Trinidad we were told we would have to deplane and change aircraft. In any other airport it would be simple. Not in Trinidad! Zero ground staff and we waited in a queue for 30 minutes and only after I asked were we advised that the boarding pass printer was down. Finally had to issue new boarding passes. Why? Then go through security again and head to the gate. I had found out my seat was changed to a window from an aisle and Trinidad gate agent said no other aisles available but on boarding I saw the emergency exit was free. He lied. Flight left 20 minutes late and Captain said it was a mechanical issue but a pax boarded at departure so was it mechanical? Seat cushion was non-existent and cabin was tired and dirty. Also greeted in Y by a nasty flight attendant who started to harangue me for putting duty free in the overhead bin as it could fall out. A simple move of the bags already there fixed that potential issue. Flight attendant watched and scowled as I sorted out the bags and solved her stacking issue. So much better to give crap to customers than fix the problem! 75 minutes after take off "lunch" arrives. I have never seen anything so gross in my life. Just serve nothing if this is the best you can do. No pre meal beverage service, only done at the same time as the so called "meal". After meal waited over an hour for pick up of the "tray" and no after dinner beverages offered. This was a nearly 6 hour flight! No service for 2 hours and no warning that feature movie was going to start. Of course no request to lower blinds so couldn't see tiny overhead screens anyway. They say free entertainment but no headsets provided. Bar service 90 minutes from Toronto and later the ridiculous and old fashioned warning to turn off phones and Ipads as landing soon. Hello! It doesn't matter on US or Canadian aircraft why on Caribbean Airlines? To top it off took 60 minutes for bags to arrive in Toronto. I love Caribbean Airlines ad campaign in Georgetown with slogan "Demand Value". Really? As a customer, how about demanding a smile or two? Maybe crew was so miserable as they were missing Carnival?

1/11/2018 W Richards

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Montego Bay. By far the worst experience ever. Yesterday was a day just like any other. I walked in to JFK receiving notification that the terminal was flooded and it is partially closed. I walked up with my daughter 2 years old and my mother in law who was in a wheelchair. The receptionist was very unhelpful and rude with the way she handled us. We got up to the waiting area to board the airplane where you could see chattering between airline workers. We boarded the plane and after 1 hour of waiting we were told that there is a problem with a heater and that they were trying to fix it. And other hour later we were told that we had to board another plane. No apology was made. There were kids on the flight. And not even a drink was offered. No phone call nothing. I went to the desk to ask for a call and none was given and was told a manager would have to approve. I waited and received no response. We departed about 12 something for a flight that should have left at 7:15. We got to Jamaica told to make my mother in law walk to meet the wheelchair as none was waiting for her. Got down to immigration and to the baggage claim where one of my bag was not present. All the representatives were up and about trying to find stuff for people who could not find their luggage. When I finally spoke to someone they told me I would have to come back after signing a missing baggage claim and that I should call the number given or they would call me. Until this time no one has reached out to me. I call the airport and was transferred to the airline representative and was hung up on twice. After that I called back and with told by the front desk of the airport that they would have to call me and tell me what to do. I waited 2 hours after coming off the airline to be told that my bag (car seat) was maybe not here. This is an inconvenience because after having a delayed flight and a hungry child for almost the whole day. Had to let my one handed mother in law hold my child until we got to Kingston. The representatives were not at all helpful had to wait 2 hours to be told that the car seat was maybe left in New York. No reassurance or outline of how I would receive anything. And it’s almost one full day and no response. Not to mention the meal that was provided. Crackers and tea would have been better.

12/31/2017 N Dahula

✅ Trip Verified | Port of Spain to Georgetown. This is by far the worst airline ever dealt with. Up to date no compensation, I was telling myself I wouldn't take the airline ever again but I did because I needed to get to Guyana. They lost the stroller seat which was declared missing on June 27th and up to date, did not find it, would not reimburse me for damaged luggage. I did not receive any compensation for the stroller seat and no responses since October. Terrible customer service.

10/23/2017 C Ward

✅ Verified Review | Toronto to Port of Spain. Wonderful service from the ground up. Check in was fast and efficient at Pearson Airport. Flight was on time. The crew were warm, professional and smiling and chatting with passengers. The head flight attendant and one of the other FA's I have encountered on previous Caribbean Airlines flights are outstanding representatives of true Trinbagonian charm and friendliness. The Captain and first officer kept us well informed during the smooth and enjoyable flight. The food was tasty although small portions and a fairly wide choice of non alcoholic drinks were readily available on board.

10/7/2017 M Johnson

✅ Verified Review | Quite a mediocre airline with a semi-good landside operation and quite a good airside one. The Good: Counter service is good. Quick and efficient check-in with friendly (enough) agents. Tickets are easy to purchase on-line or at their offices. The aircraft are in good condition. Seats are clean, if basic. Pitch is more than other carriers. Free sealed air-buds. Attendants are accommodating, well trained and efficient. Each seat has a free to take Caribbean Beat magazine, IMHO the best Caribbean publication. The meals and drinks are still complimentary and of high quality for an airline. Safety is paramount. The airline has a good compliment of flight officers and properly maintained aircraft. The Bad: The web-site is very dated. Changes cannot be made leading to: Don't try to contact the airline. Responses to e-mails take well over 5 days, sometimes months. The call centre seems to be bogged down. Seat pitch could be better. I'm 5'11" and it's comfortable until the person in front decides to recline. There is very little entertainment. A complimentary movie on those tiny drop-down screens that even Lifetime won't show and some audio channels The Ugly: It's the only airline apart from AA where one gets "grumpy" FAs. Again, communication is horrible. All in all not the worst but there is major room for improvement, particularly landside operations.

3/26/2017 Celeste Pacifico

✅ Verified Review | New York JFK to Montego Bay. Caribbean Airlines made arrangements for a wheelchair at the airports going and returning. At JFK, we arrived early and were checked in immediately and they had the wheelchair right as I checked in. Then we were taken to lounge followed by taking us to the gate. We sat in 3c and 3f. Very nice seats. Because of the freezing temps that morning, we had a slight delight because of possible fuel line link but the pilot played it safe. After about an hour we were cleared to leave. As I had previously ordered our meals, we enjoyed a cheese omelet and delicious fish cakes, the best rum punch and best coffee ever. The economy class had the cheese omelet also. The movie shown was Mr. Church, a relatively new movie. Excellent flight with a wheelchair waiting at the gate. Crew was just terrific. Our return flight was on March 18 and again, terrific check in, quick and easy. Wheelchair waiting for me at check in. We sat in the same seats on the returning flight. Dinner was chicken and poached salmon, although they ran out of the key lime pie, we had delicious grilled fruit with a mango salsa, a rum punch, excellent coffee and a Hennessy brandy. Ecomony had sandwiches that night, I believe it was ham and cheese but not sure . The movie shown was Dr. Strange, unfortunately the tv screen wasn't working well, this happens. Crew was good but we got spoiled by the crew on the 11th. Again the wheelchair was waiting for us at the gate and since we have global entry, we were out within 15 minutes. Luggage was out first both in Montego Bay and JFK. We have taken Caribbean Airlines for a number of years and only once had an issue with crew, which was years ago. We chose them because of the wonderful service that they provide and they still give meals whether you are in business or economy. Our recommendation is to arrive at the airports early, less stress and less people.

10/30/2016 Marsha Kelly

✅ Verified Review | My flight from Miami to Port of Spain with Caribbean Airlines was the most comfortable, staff was excellent the attendant was brilliant. With service like that you can never ask more. I can give thumbs up to that staff. Thanks for everything.