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6/10/2019 Taylor Weil

✅ Trip Verified | Grand Cayman to New York. I fly more than most most people, typically 6-8 a months between work and personal purposes. This airline has by far been the worst airline experience I have had. They kept the cabin lights on through out the duration of the flight and it was an evening flight. The flight attendants did not contain the passengers. Several were highly intoxicated as well loud and obnoxious forwards other passengers. Unreal! The food served was simply atrocious. The pilot told us the flight time was 3 hours and 13 minutes. Apparently there were no complications, but we still arrived after 4 hour. We sat on standby at the gate for approximately 25 minutes at 11 PM at night! There were basically no flights coming or going from JFK.

8/18/2018 J Leason

✅ Trip Verified | Roatan to New York via Grand Cayman. Worst airline ever! Flight delayed for 7 hours, deviated and had to land in North Carolina because it had no fuel, we were stuck inside the aircraft at the airport multiple hours and they didn’t have even water! Worst experience flying ever and I would not recommend this airline to even an enemy. They claimed delay was because of weather but had we left at the scheduled time, the weather was just great and all other scheduled flights were leaving the airport.

12/28/2017 Tony David

✅ Trip Verified | Grand Cayman to Miami. We are very disappointed at check in. There is a special lane for business class but no one comes to service us at all. They just let us standing without any attention. If you want to open just one lane, so close the business class lane! We pay extra money for what?

1/2/2017 B Connor

✅ Verified Review | Grand Cayman to Little Cayman return. This was a great experience. Flights were on time. Both pilots were friendly. Seats were small, but adequate. No cabin service, but the flights were 22 and 30 minutes. Really fun! If you're looking for a posh, first class experience, then this isn't for you. But for those looking to go off the beaten trail, you'll really enjoy this.

7/28/2016 N Krain

✅ Verified Review | Leaving Grand Cayman the flight was delayed over 3 hours, I'm finding out now that delays are a normal part of doing business for Cayman Airways. I was forced to miss my connecting flight out of Tampa and was forced to pay an additional $1,700 to cover the cost. Cayman Airways would not reimburse the cost. The Gate Agents were confused and did a horrible job communicating anything. I will not fly Cayman Airways again, worst airline I've ever flown!

2/24/2016 David Shaulis

Our return from Grand Cayman to Chicago O'Hare departed two hours late. The airline offered only that the jet was two hours late when it left O'Hare. When we finally left Grand Cayman, the cabin was very cold and the crew was not able to turn the heat on. Passengers who asked for a blanket were charged $5.00! I asked a steward about blankets and he said they only had 8 blankets and it would be difficult to have 124 blankets so everyone could have a blanket. Upon arrival at Chicago O'Hare, the pilot encouraged us to fly Cayman Airways again but made no mention or apology for the very uncomfortable cold flight. I understand mechanical problems but the pilot did nothing to explain or apologize for the problem. In my opinion, their customer service was very poor! Some reply from Cayman Airways would be appreciated.

1/17/2016 W Foster

An airline has a duty to post departure and arrival times correctly, and be on time according to the schedule. During my first and only experience flying with Cayman Airways, they failed to meet these standards, on both the outbound flight and return flight in what one would expect to be a short, easy flight from Tampa to Grand Cayman. Not only were both flights delayed, the first flight delayed by over 4.5 hours, Cayman Airways posted incorrect information including a flight number that wasn't operating that day, and another flight posting the old departure time with the new arrival time, a difference of 3 hours (after calling the airline, the flight was delayed and the departure time was listed incorrectly). I do not live in Tampa. Another, more responsible airline was able to change my travel bookings due to missed connections. I also lost a day of my vacation and a day of work, and had to buy 2 nights in an airport hotel in Tampa. Cabin service is lousy unless you are business/first class. Once onboard and in transit, it is no problem. The failure of scheduling is major when people have hotels, taxis, and connections to coordinate.

8/13/2014 L Roestad

Flew from Miami to Havana via the Caymans. 1.5 hrs and 45 min flights. Very nice check-in staff in MIA - helpful. Nice flights in old but well kept 737-300. Cabin crew middle aged smiling and professional on both flights. Lots of Cubans on flight = lots of luggage. Ground staff obviously knows this and it seemed like one baggage-handler was dedicated - onboard! Only to help pax with finding space in hat racks. Transit in Cayman quite a mess though since no info was given from flight/cabin/ground-staff about well anything. You have to enter the country and leave again as if you had stayed there for a week. The whole process took about 1 hour. The little airports departure hall was overcrowded and contained no info-boards at all.

7/23/2013 Mia Payne

We have been vacationing to the Cayman Islands for years. We love the place. This was the first year we flew Cayman Air from DFW since they started direct flights which we thought was wonderful. Our departure flight was somehow 3 hours late. We arrived almost at 11pm. We had a return flight at 8am. We got up at 5 am to be at the airport on time. Flight was delayed 4.5 hours. Most people with connections missed their flights. Will never fly Cayman Air again.

2/19/2013 Andre Franca

HAV-GCM-LCE. Flight from Cuba packed flight was delayed they offered free drinks and you don't pay for the checked bag. Seats are ok aircraft ageing and smelly. The crew on the first leg was fine many Cubans on board and only one crew could actually talk in Spanish second leg quite empty crew less friendly and seemed lost. Would fly them again only if the price is right.

6/16/2008 F Plona

GCM-MIA connecting to a intercontinental flight 7.20 am departure a very pleasant surprise as you walk to the plane 737-300 a brand new livery the interior is fully refurnish standard configuration economy seat are very comfortable with lots of legroom 32 breakfast was served and a very pleasant and hard working cabin crew even manage to pass twice with a selection of complimentary beverages on a 75 minute flight this is unheard on most of the other airline even on longer flights.

3/31/2008 K Tillon

First I have to say that the delay at JFK was unacceptable because it could have been accounted for previously. The flight the night before arrived late and the crew needed their rest period and they could have planned this into the schedule because apparently it happens very regularly. The planes were very clean but were showing their wear. The seats seemed kind of loose which was especially bad when an out of control kid behind me was kicking. My seatback moved an inch every time he kicked. One good thing about the old seats is that they really recline. With my feet under the seat in front of me I was almost able to lie straight. They showed the same movie both directions which was a bunch of advertisements for places in the Cayman Islands. I didn't really watch it and it was totally unnecessary on the way back. There were no music channels or anything but who needs them that bad on a four hour flight. I was very happy to find out that there would be full meal service on board which is not something I have seen on such a short flight in a very long time. Our morning flight out included one breakfast option (eggs croissant sausage and other sides) and one lunch option which I chose (turkey wrap fruit salad roll cheese and crackers and cake). I was surprised by the quality of the food. On the way back the choices were beef or chicken. I went for the chicken which had broccoli rice a roll and a strange coconut cookie. Everything was pretty good except the cookie. Some people got a rum cake for their dessert... I wasn't one of them. The flight attendants were friendly enough and they were usually at work. Unlike on domestic flights where they have nothing to do and hide in galley for 6 hours. The airport terminal in Grand Cayman is dilapidated but a new terminal is in the works so it won't be long.

3/28/2008 Graham Tilley

Miami-Grand Cayman-Miami in Economy. The service on Cayman Airways is comparable to a lot of European airlines and probably better than the domestic product offered on short-haul services in the USA. Despite the old aircraft interiors are faultless and you could not ask for much more from the cabin crew

3/9/2008 Brian Martin

I like Cayman Airways and choose to fly CA when I travel MIA-GCM. However I am disappointed with the Frequent Flyer programme. I found it nigh impossible to check the status of my air miles and even if I had navigated to the site it would not have made any difference as when I tried to recover my password I got the response 'null' - clearly incorrect. I still haven't been able to get a reminder of my password. Help!

2/27/2007 Daniel Wood

Flew Miami to Grand Cayman. Plane spotless and fa's some of the best I have ever encountered. Well done and keep it up

6/20/2006 Andrew de Araujo

MIA-Grand Cayman return in Business. Check-in at MIA was disorganized. While there were several check-in agents on hand very few were interested in actually checking in passengers. I stood in the business class check-in queue which was a mistake because I was ignored. Finally I joined the Y class queue and was eventually taken care of. General state of check-in was apathy. Standard business class set-up with eight seats up front in the 737-300. Interior was reasonably clean and the small up-front cabin was spacious and comfortable. The flight left on time and arrived in GCM on time which is of primary importance (after safety I suppose). The in flight service was friendly and the "snack" was plentiful (cheese and fruit). Our bags came off the belt almost last as Miami had neglected to place priority baggage tags onto our suitcases (not the case leaving GCM so that our bags were first coming off the belt in Miami upon our return a few days later). Overall a reasonably priced business class ticket (very reasonable when compared to their only competitor on this route American Airlines). Service was good overall (better than American).

7/14/2003 Brad Bregani

I flew earlier in the day from Vancouver to Miami via Houston with Continental Airlines on my way to the Cayman Islands. The service and overall experience with Cayman Airways as compared to Continental was night and day. Cayman Airways uses 25 year old 737-200's but you'd think they just rolled off of the assembly line. Sparkling clean great colour scheme tons of leg room and seat pitch and great on-board service. I got more food and beverages on the 75 minute flight from Miami to Grand Cayman than I did on the 4.5 hour flight earlier in the day from Vancouver to Houston with Continental. Cayman had an awesome cabin crew and a very friendly pilot that personally thanked and shook hands with every passenger as we de-planed. I have nothing but positive things to say about Cayman Airways!!

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