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6/25/2019 C King

✅ Trip Verified | Cebu Pacific is so hit and miss. And when it misses, you wait for three additional hours. Do not use this airline, pay the little bit extra for Air Asia or Philippines Airlines Limited (PAL). I've been waiting in the airport since 2pm, and it is now 7pm, and I still have not boarded. The management of this company is hopeless. Aircrew are friendly, but management, my goodness!

6/21/2019 Rolando Cuento Domingo, Airbus A320 (320) seat 21J

I enjoyed the flight, from a smooth take off to a smooth touch down at Subarnabumi airport in Bangkok. Seat has a larger leg room compared to other economy class, cavin crew have pleasant looks and younger.

6/21/2019 April Kang

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Osaka. There was very poor assistance in terms of making sure their passengers are on board. We were in the airport 2 hours before the flight which is in line with their terms and conditions. The line in check in counter and immigration was too long and was very slow moving. We asked immigration officers for any assistance but they said a representative from the airline will come and assist us so we can just go back to our lines. Few minutes passed and I’m more worried so we tried asking people to let us skip the line as our flight is already boarding, no one allowed us. Then the officer finally helped us. We rushed through the gates and when we arrived there are 2:50pm, they said gate is closed and we can’t do anything about it. The next best thing they did after that is just assist us back to the counter which we all know is nothing! They let us sit and wait for an hour for nothing. No more further consideration in terms of our wasted money and time. Even when we talked to the supervisor, all that he said is he’s sorry. Just that. It feels like they left their passengers on purpose for additional income for new tickets that we’ll book. If they didn’t want that, the best that they can do is to let 17 passengers board the plane few minutes before the flight which they didn’t do. It was a very poor management on difficult situations. They let their passengers waste so much money and time and they’re a source of stress! This is not acceptable Cebu Pacific. All for the money. That’s why your customers can’t be loyal to you. Because money is all that matters for this airline. They really need to do something about considerations they give to their customers. As much as possible, won’t be traveling with this airline again. And I’ll never recommend you to any of my friends who love to travel.

6/12/2019 Alessandra Echica

Not Verified | Our flight 5J 620 from Bohol to Manila was cancelled because of a short storm that occured the evening before. There was no need to cancel an 8am flight because of a thunderstorm that happened the evening before! Luckily we were reassigned to a 12pm flight later that day so we got home the same day, the flight was smooth but the overall experience was not nice at all! Also heard that there was a flight delayed for 20 hours! Try to avoid Cebu Pacific and get yourself a ticket with a better airline.

6/10/2019 G Narden

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Iloilo. You think you get a good deal. You better off paying a little more with trusted airline than them. Customer service is the worst I have ever experience. Never I will recommend this airline. Their website sure you don’t do any changes because is you do even you don’t confirm the changes it will go through and it will change you again. If you cancel with all the changes that they will deduct you get about 1-2 % of what you paid. Big big mistake on my part to try this airline.

6/10/2019 Alan Clouth

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Hanoi. Following a short storm and some disruption there was a delay to the flight of over 4 hours. Cebu Pacific staff failed to apologise, had very little information, appeared to be disorganized and unprofessional and did not inform passengers of their rights. Flights with other airlines appeared to be leaving. In short, shambolic.

6/5/2019 B Chaneng

✅ Trip Verified | I bought a ticket for my sister to go to Butuan from Manila. They took my money and then after about an half hour later.... they sent an email that stated the credit card was declined as it did not follow safety protocols. so I called them to verify that it was a good transaction and gave my consent to use the card .. they refused to use the card even after verifying all the information to be true. They also refused to refund my money that they took, as well as request that my sister pays for the ticket at the airport in cash, so I told them, not until you refund my money, they still refused. They wanted her to pay for the ticket a second time. They have very poor customer service Here is there response VIA EMail. CEB Fraud Management Team 6:31 AM (59 minutes ago) to (ME) Dear (Deleted for safety reasons) We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Your card was not accepted by the system because it breached certain safety parameters in the screening tool used by our company in evaluating all card payment transactions. Your booking is still "CONFIRMED", but subject to payment of the amount due, either in cash or card, at any of our organic ticketing offices or at the airport upon check-in. Thanks, Your Cebu Pacific Team

5/30/2019 B Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Sydney. I should have check this site before buying my Cebu pacific tickets. Allowing only one luggage check-in and we were charge a very expensive 2nd luggage amounting to $350 US, food and drinks are not free, pillows and blankets are not free, and seating are narrow and cramp. My message to those checking out this airline, go check other airline and never fly with Cebu Pacific.

5/28/2019 M Healey

✅ Trip Verified | The only positive I can find about this airline is the time given to you as a result of their constant delays and cancellations is the time to write a review about them. I was not aware of the recent issues this airline was having in the Philippines.Unfortunately this airline issues have been overlooked by the Countries Avaition Authority so better to avoid until there is a change in attitude and they show more concern towards the People who decide to visit this incredible country and its local people. In one of my situations a 1 hour flight between 2 airports resulted in a 12 hour flight across 3 airports. Don’t spoil you holidays and look for alternative airlines.

5/18/2019 Makeala MacIntyre

Not Verified | Manila to Osaka. I am a solo female traveller on a budget not looking for lavish airlines or awesome plane meals, basic service is fine. Cebu cannot offer that and they screwed me over. 4 hour delay, desk was not saying why or when we would go. Delay caused me to miss my connecting flight booked on the same booking and Cebu will not provide any reimbursement. Had to repurchase two flights, would of been cheaper to fly with a legitimate airline. No one from Cebu was at the gate or terminal to help once arrived and before departure only 1 of 5 people sitting at the desk was actually helping out. Told one of the people at the desk about my concern for my connecting flight after 3 hours delay and he barely uttered “Cebu is only responsible to get you to Osaka” and walked off in the corner on his phone helping no other customers not even giving me a certificate of delay. On arrival there is absolutely no one from Cebu to help transferring customers and no other staff to talk to as it’s 11:30pm (5 mins after my flight left) and the airline phone number is closed till 9am. This cost me a sleepless night in an airport and over $500 dollars to fix. Cebu has offered me no help. Avoid at all cost.

5/17/2019 D Neale

✅ Trip Verified | To say this airline is bad is an understatement. In putting together a complex itinerary for my wife, it was overlooked to prepay for one extra bag (weighing 22kg) on her flight from Manila to Bohol. A simple oversight, right? Nope. We had to shell out $110 USD not only for the extra bag, but they also weighed the carry on and it was like 1kg over the ridiculous 7kg limit. How much did the charge me for this? more than 5x the prepay. My wife was supposed to arrive a good 5 hours before the flight, but due to delays by Hong Kong airlines, she was there 3 hours and 50 minutes before the flight. 10 minutes after the 4-hour cutoff (where we could have paid <$20 for all of it). The staff (including the supervisor) refused to do anything or make any considerations. Robots. All of them. Customer support (online) was the exact same. Nobody cared and everyone just cited the online details. So we had to pay more than the cost of the entire ticket (which was $80 or so) just to bring on an extra 22kg suitcase AND we were charged extra for a carry-on which was not heavy or unusual. This airline is nickel and diming its customers and essentially extorting money from them at the "last minute". We’ll never fly this airline again and hope others make the same decision.

5/14/2019 Harry Connors

Not Verified | The worst airline flying from Manila to Iloilo. The flight was delayed and going back from Iloilo to Manila was delayed 6 hours for no reason they do not inform you as of why they are delayed. They had other flights that came and went but were priority flights but not ours lots of upset people.

5/5/2019 P Han

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Iloilo. Probably the worst airline, located in the worst airport in the world, NAIA 3. From the check in process to flying delayed, it is hell on earth. Checkin was a mess. Employees were rude and inconsiderate. Plane is old and smells bad. Fly on another airline. Avoid this at all costs.

5/2/2019 N Datrini

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Manila. I have booked Cebu Pacific for the first time not knowing that eventually I have to book 2 separate booking for my flight without paying a luggage with Cebu Pacific. I was trying to pay the baggage online unfortunately the situation made me not to do it as I need to speak to Customer Representative in person to express that I prefer to pay 1 payment since it is the same airline and there is no sense to pay 2 times for the same day flight. At the end the representative who checked me in at first country, could not help with the reason that it is different booking, and very likely He did not put any effort to speak with his superior. Very much disappointed booking with this airlines. Seems the customer satisfaction is number 10 (if it can be the last).

5/1/2019 N Davidson

✅ Trip Verified | In the last 3 days, I have seen this airline cancel flights without warning and leave people stranded. My girlfriend and I tried to fly to Hanoi but her passport did not have six months left on it by 2 weeks. We were informed that if we got an emergency passport we could fly. It took 3 days due to holidays but we finally received it (passport). Excited to head to Vietnam we arrive at the airport to check in and the gate attendant tells us we now need a visa with a stamp. Something we were told we could apply for when we landed. Vietnam during this time was under a national holiday so nothing was being processed for at least another 3 days. We had already miss several tours and visits we were excited to see and a much needed spa day. Cebu Pacific knew there was nothing we could do with this new policy of theirs. They are getting 3 stars and not 0 because we have had one flight that was uneventful.

5/1/2019 A Haner

Not Verified | Manila to Melbourne. Very poor customer service and extremely lengthy check in periods. I was asked to arrive 3hrs ahead of my flight which I did only to waste over an hour queuing to check in and drop my bags. The most frustrating fact was that there were over 9 Cebu Pacific check in employees standing idle with only 2 employees actually at the check in desk. It is such a shame and regretful waste of time for customers.

4/30/2019 R Travis

✅ Trip Verified | Every time I travel, I always take a nap during the flight. Unfortunately, the flight crews were very noisy chit-chatting about their personal lives. Me and my husband were seated at the back, literally the last seat, so we could really hear them talking about their credit cards, their colleagues personal life, the bag, the shoes etc. So, I looked at them just to give them a hint that they were being loud, but they ignored me and continued with their personal business. The flight was full at that time and one crew put her luggage under my seat. She just grabbed her luggage without saying excuse me which made my chair shake and woke me up. For the number of times I have travelled with Cebu Pacific, one thing I have noticed is that the cabin crews are rude and have no empathy. Their eyebrows are always on arch as if they own the world. Their service will depend on who they are talking to. We filipinos are known for being respectful and hospitable. I hope the company should pay attention to their staff attitude. We are all equal here, paying more or paying less, passenger is a passenger.

4/29/2019 D James

✅ Trip Verified | Ho Chi Minh City to Manila with Cebu Pacific. As the reviews say avoid at all cost. There's something about the Philippines and their welfare flight delays. Flight for was suppose to leave at 1:10am, April 28. Got pushed back to 2:45am. Don't know if we'll make our connecting flight to Princessa.

4/28/2019 C Garpiran

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Manila. This is the worst airline I have ever flown with. I am a Filipina and I love my country. However, this is one of the things I become ashamed of. Cebu Pacific, you need to do a better job. Your lack of organization will put someone's career in the brink. For all the 4 flights I had with was all in delay. I could have missed my flight to go back to Germany and might cause me in deep trouble.

4/24/2019 G Price

Not Verified | Manila to Legazpi. Worst airline I have ever used. My flight was delayed for over 6 hours. All other flights from this airline were also delayed on this date. It seemed to be due to them not having enough aircraft for the amount of flights they scheduled. I have no idea how this could be a problem with an airline and must just be awful organisation. Avoid flying with them at all costs.