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5/18/2019 N Yang

✅ Trip Verified | Dongying to Beijing Nanyuan. Low-cost airline, a short distance domestic flight. Basically, no service and no meal or drink were served. Of course, no checked in baggage. But the thing that it`s hard to live with is that they only allow you to buy 40kg online prior to check-in, which was not enough for me. The price of check-in baggage online was fair enough, but if you buy that at the check-in counter, it`s another story. The ground service staff seems didn`t want me to pay for extra baggage and just suggested me to take them to the aircraft when I already have a carryon with me. I`m traveling alone running late and have to insist a few times to pay for my baggage to get my boarding pass. Nanyuan airport was so problematic that you can hardly find public transport, private airport pick up was also likely to be stopped by the security staff. After you purchased everything, the price is no cheaper than other normal airlines that land in PEK. If I can find any other option in the same time period, I won`t choose China United Airlines.

9/14/2017 C Marego

✅ Verified Review | Beijing to Guangzhou . I was looking for the reviews about this airline, so far the worst airline I ever been on in my entire life, they don't even give a drop of water. They have their own trolley with merchandise for selling (nothing for the passenger) plus I needed to pay for my hand luggage (the only one I bring here) with less than 8 kg, and they didn't accept me take it to the cabin.

3/3/2017 B Dreller

✅ Verified Review | Beijing to Hailaer. What an airline. It's a low cost carrier. You'll get nothing aboard, not even a water. If you want one, you need to pay. Cabin a bit worn and sticky, better not using toilets. Not clean and a lack of soap. Cabin crew's English could be improved a lot. Crew members don't care if passengers doing phone calls while starting or landing or passengers tsnad up whil taxi. Not well organised.

8/25/2013 B McLaughlin

Beijing Nanyuan to Hohhot. China United is the only airline that uses Beijing Nanyuan a former military airport in the South of Beijing. The airport is easy to get to and flights in and out of Nanyuan do not seem to be subject to delays as serious as those at Beijing Capital. There's also very little taxiing. Check-in was quick easy but the check-in area is noisy and dilapidated. Toilets at the airport weren't great. The flight was on a newish 737 and the plane was clean. Service was friendly and the bacon wrap for breakfast was actually very nice. Take-off and arrival were both on schedule. I'd use China United again just to avoid the delays at Beijing Capital.

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