35 Citilink reviews

2/14/2019 Alfin Firdaus

✅ Trip Verified | Bandung to Surabaya. You cannot expect more from the budget airline but at least there is an option, regardless the route option and also competitive fare. This is my first experience with the Airline but it was ok.

1/17/2019 S Guylianto

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar Bali to Bandung. I didn't get to fly this trip as we were refused for check in because of some payment issue according to Citilink system. The ground staffs didn't care when I tried to show them the confirmation email we received with the itinerary and showing payment status was cleared. They didn't offer any resolution and only told me to lodge a dispute through our credit card provider. Extremely disappointed and will not fly Citilink anymore.

11/5/2018 A Kline

✅ Trip Verified | Jogjakarta to Jakarta. Citilink's customer service is excellent in my recent trip. An hour before the flight departed, I just arrived to the airport. Definitely, I missed my flight, but I got "express" check-in, assisted by the staff, including 3 of my bags! I received my ticket and boarded on time. In flight, I got seated on the 2nd row from the front, which was quite surprising because I was late. Really recommended for another great low cost airlines.

11/5/2018 A Kline

Jakarta to Jogjakarta. Check-in was unorganized. There was no specific lane for each destination, while 5 lanes function as all-destination check-in. Nonetheless, I was able to checked-in. Departing was delayed for more or less an hour. When departed, there was no jet bridge, so passengers have to got in by the stair. In-flight, journey was comfortable and stewards were extremely friendly. Seats were really comfortable for a low-cost airlines. recommended!

9/13/2018 C Lareno

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Jakarta. I'm giving a rating of 4 is because the flight was right on time. The person at the check in counter let another passenger jump the queue, even after I told her what happen. She asked me if I want a window seat and I accept it (but instead assigned me in a seat between two people. Airport security they stop me saying I couldn't bring a camera tripod inside the aircraft. I had to return to check in and asked to have my main luggage back so I can put it inside they manage to get it back and I place my tripod inside. All of this took some time, so once back at the security they were already call for the last passenger for my flight so I had to jump the very long queue and try to find by myself the same security guy that stopped me earlier so I could ask him to pass in front of everyone. Maybe it was just a very unlucky day but I will not fly with them again.

6/28/2018 Nurul Huda Bagus

✅ Trip Verified | Well organized service by crew. I took morning flight by Citilink from Yogyakarta to Jakarta. Check in and boarding process were great. The crew guided passengers to line up toward the gate so as not to disrupted other passenger in the lounge. The passengers directed into the aircraft through the nearest door of the seat so there are not many queues. I think that was pretty helpful. Very nice airline service since the aircraft also took off and arrived on time.

6/26/2018 H Narulada

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Comfortable Flight on LC Airline This is my first flight travelling by Citilink. Due to Idul Fitri long holiday, I was worried about the airport crowd and the busy staff. I found the ground staff welcome was nice. The check-in process was chaotic but smooth and baggage handling was good. They distributed free meals for breaking the fast and that was delicious. I could sit comfortably without adjusting my leg position because the seat was very nice. For my height 176cm, should be no problem to be seated on regular seats. During the flight, the cabin crew were polite and helpful. The plane took off and arrived on time, really good. I can recommend this airline and will probably use their services again next time.

6/13/2018 Andi Muhammad

✅ Trip Verified | I took a night flight, QG109. Scheduled to depart 21:40 local time. Started to board the aircraft at 21:10. All processes were smooth. No hurry, no obstacles or anything negative. Took off on time, and landed ahead of schedule. Great team work for Citilink, and I mean it to all crews who handled the flight nicely. Because mid-June 2018 is the peak season for all flights in Indonesia due to Eid al-Fitr.

4/16/2018 Yuda Eko Kristanto

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Surabaya. First impression with Citilink is satisfied, no delay. The cabin crew is very friendly and the flight is very satisfying without any obstacles. Hopefully the service is always getting better and unlike the other low cost airlines, which are often delayed in Indonesia.

4/5/2018 A King

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Medan to Jakarta with Citilink. During the check-in progress I had an issue with my booking because I booked my flight for the wrong date. The staff at the counter were friendly enough and guided me to the office at the other part of the airport. It took a while, but eventually I was able to change the date of my flight. Furthermore, once in the boarding gate, the crowds were uncontrollable. The queue was unorganized. In the first 30 minutes of the flight, the aircon was not turned on and it was terrible. The seat is great for a low-cost carrier. Besides that, the flight is worth it.

2/8/2018 Agus Salim

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Banjarmasin. On time. Good service from ground staff until boarding. Flight attendant also OK. Its low cost carrier in Indonesia. They give free baggage 20 kg. Free magazine (read onboard only, or download in internet). Online check in. Maybe they can upgrade their website like AirAsia which can to manage booking with add on.

2/2/2018 Andi Muhammad

✅ Trip Verified | I took the first flight of the day from Yogyakarta to Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta. The scheduled departure was 06:00am. I checked-in at 05:01 am local time. Although the checked-in queue and the queue to boarding room was congested enough, the citilink crew and the avsec handled it well. We were called to board at 05:25 am. Citilink is a low-cost carrier, but I think the flight attendants attitude toward passengers are nice enough. Maybe because it was an early morning flight so everyone still grasp their mood so fine. We landed at 06:44 local time. So far Citilink is not upsetting me, except when we got delayed due to traffic congestion, or severe weather, which is unavoidable.

1/25/2018 Putri Andarikma

✅ Trip Verified | Had a short flight from Denpasar to Surabaya, the aircraft is good also with the service. One thing made me a bit disappointed is there was someone sat in my seat even though I've did website check-in.

12/30/2017 T Paryana

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Surabaya. I chose Citilink because of its convenient departure times and prior experiences. Check in was a breeze at T1 Soekarno Hatta Airport. The ground staff was very polite, politely showing us the way to the plane. The plane was clean and the crew was friendly. Arrived safely in Surabaya. Baggage comes out in no time. In my opinion, this airline is one of the best in Indonesia. I would recommend this airline to anyone new to Indonesia as this airline is reasonably priced, on time and has excellent service.

8/30/2017 Adhy Wirachman

✅ Verified Review | Surabaya to Jakarta. Their ground service was good enough, I checked in easily and didn't take time too long. The aircraft was perfect, clean, comfort, and without noise. I slept before take off and got the aircraft had already landed at Jakarta later. I couldn't ask for more than this one, also with their cheap ticket price. Thank you Citilink!

8/12/2017 K Lamnala

✅ Verified Review | Jakarta to Surabaya. I arrived 04.30am at Jakarta terminal 1 for my 05.55am to Surabaya. I went straight to check in area to finish the formalities which the line was quite ok at that time. I went straight to the gate and for some reason on the departure monitor my flight will depart at 06.10am. At 05.15 boarding commenced and I use bus to the aircraft which park all the way to the remote area in Terminal 2. Boarded the aircraft at 05.30 which and I sat at 1D. Flight attendant were very cheerful and smile a lot. On board service was great for budget airline. Landed at SUB 30 mins behind schedule but I was quite happy since the FA apologise for the delay to each one of the passenger during disembarking.

8/2/2017 Rainer Jehl

✅ Verified Review | These were in total 4 flights Makassar - Batam (Gate to Singapore) and return. Check-in and ground facilities mixed. At Makassar very good without hassle. Good English at the counter. Check-in in Batam careless with bad understanding english (one counter for all Citilnk flights). They did not issue the seats, they confirmed verbal. Best to book seating online. Stopover ground facilities in Jakarta domestic and especially Surabaya were dissatisfying. Kilometers of changig gate in Surabaya. Boarding undisciplined. Every dedicated seat on my boarsing pass on all of the 4 flights was occupied by another traveller with different seat reservation. To chase them off you have rude, otherwise they do not give the seat. There are no free meals on flight (the longest took 2.5 hours), instead a trolley with most meals (noodles to brew in a cup). So most people buy provision on ground and take it with them. Important espescially water. Aircrafts were in excellent condition and cleanliness. Comfortable seats. Staff on board and ground was very nice and helpful. Sometimes a little bit jerky English, but it works. I think the greatest plus of Citilink. Flights were all in time. However, due to bad reputation of competing domestic carriers I will recommend Citilink for short distances in Indonesia.

1/6/2017 R Adriansyah

✅ Verified Review | PKU-BDO, QG 982 using A320 registration PK-GQQ. Was planning to fly from Pekanbaru to Bandung with Air Asia but they stopped their service on that route and have to switch to Citilink - Garuda Indonesia Junior. Citilink is a low-cost subsidiary of Garuda and so during booking have to pay additional for seats and inflight meals but the price is still reasonable, so was able to secure seats in the first row. I was not hoping for much from a low cost carrier but the experience turned out to be quite good. Check-in was quick and with standard baggage allowance per person (20kg - 44#) at no additional cost. Airplane was brand new Airbus 320 with leather seats. Flight attendants were very courteous and polite, and they were also very helpful. We paid for our meals but turns out for drinks we also have to pay extra on board, and it is cash only. Restrooms were kept clean throughout the trip. Flight deck communication was adequate; we were given informations on flight time and altitude before we take off, and arrival time and Bandung weather before we land. Delightfully surprised that their hard and soft products were better than expected for a low cost carrier and if they are as aggressive in their expansion, they can give Air Asia a run for their money. Would use again if coming back to the area, and recommended for people who wants a no-frills flight with good service quality.

11/5/2016 M Lansson

✅ Verified Review | Dili to Denpasar. Citilink has taken over Air Timor's Dili to Denpasar charter and, while not as good as Garuda, they are probably the best airline on the route (probably the most expensive too). They had a shiny A320 but they had packed 31 rows into it and there was no legroom for anyone over 175cm tall. No entertainment but that's ok on a 1.5 hour flight. Staff were quite good, food was ok. Citilink is ranked as a safe airline by our security advisors - possibly just piggybacking on Garuda's rating but I didn't notice any dodgy practices. Gardua's probably trying to position Citilink as the premiere Indonesian regional airline and they seem to be doing pretty well.

7/14/2016 V Aguilla

✅ Verified Review | I flew from Jakarta to Semarang on Citilink. It was a flight near the end of the Ramadhan season, so, it's packed since most of the passengers are traveling to their hometowns to celebrate Lebaran with their families and relatives. The flight was the first flight of Citilink in HLP, which was scheduled to depart at 5:15. I was notified by Citilink to be at the airport 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure to avoid long lines at the airport, which is a bit upsetting since I have to be at the airport by 2:15, only to find the flight itself was delayed for about an hour due to "operational reason". Aside from that, the trip was pretty good. The ground staff were quick, but a little more smiling could be better. The flight attendants were friendly, informative, and helpful. The cabin was clean and comfortable. Overall, Citilink is pretty good, and I will fly with them in the future as long as they improve, especially in the ground handling and the punctuality of their schedules.