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9/13/2018 Angelique Kelly

✅ Trip Verified | The staff are friendly and it's clean and offers a good service most of the time. I do have two constructive comments however. I wish you would put your flights on sale way in advance. Eg I want to book for next summer now but have been told to wait until the end of the year. This is not good for their own business as most people want to book summer vacations for next year now - and if they are not on sale people will go to other countries like the Canary Islands etc and this is a shame. I had booked for trip returning to Dublin via LGW on 5th November and bought flight from Dublin on Ryanair now told change to Heathrow. New flight to Dublin from LHR required. Additional expense for people using you to route home.

9/6/2018 Izzat Kayali

Not Verified | Larnaca to Manchester. It was not mentioned in the booking process on the Cheapflights website or Cobalt website that you have to pay for your bags and the surprise was in the airport where the manager on the check in desk was very unhelpful to accommodate the situation. The customer service lady asked for the price of the baggage and the extra weight, which we agreed to pay, however she changed the charge three times and each time my wife had to leave back beyond the security checkpoint to withdraw cash from the ATM machine and last time she stopped my wife at the door of the plane claiming that she still have to pay an extra amount of money because she did not calculate the charge properly. All in all, it was a very stressful experience. I would not recommend this company at all.

9/3/2018 D Mardan

✅ Trip Verified | Larnaca to Gatwick. In flight was OK, what you'd expect from a budget airline. In flight entertainment via their website to your device was an unexpected bonus and worked well for me, but I was the exception as a lot of passengers complained they were unable to connect. However, this airline has woeful customer service and the on-line check in procedure simply doesn't work. For customer service, you have to wait for a call back that never comes, tried to have a name changed on the ticket, but they refuse to do this (unlike other airlines, were it wasn't an issue, just went on line and altered it). You can't add baggage via website either you have to do this by phone. Come on Cobalt take a look at the competition and make improvements. I wouldn't use this airline again, their procedures are too clunky and not customer friendly, and they simply ripped us off as we had to purchase another ticket rather than let us change the name.

7/31/2018 C Garadoulis

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Larnaca. Once you get on the plane all is well. The customer service team on the ground not so great. They claim they have no managers so the customer service advisors are their own managers. Secondly to change your ticket they will only do this by arranging a call back and no other way. If you ring to change your ticket they won’t put you through to the team that deals with this but instead you need to wait for them to ring you back. Very rigid and pretty appalling procedure if you ask me. Customer service needs improving! Lastly food on the plane could be better. Compared to Aegean and British airways, Cobalt business class food is economy plus!

7/30/2018 Jean Hibberd

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Larnaca to Manchester on the 25th July. Excellent flight, arrived in Manchester early after a perfect flight. All crew pleasant and attentive. Food on board was very good also the in flight entertainment. Have flown Cobalt several times and will continue to do so when travelling to Cyprus.

7/14/2018 Nicolas Simonis

✅ Trip Verified | Larnaca to Athens. This is registered as a Cypriot airline yet it seems that they are against the local language in that safety instructions are given only in english. On this airline it is impossible to select a free seat, only paid seats can be selected via web. The aircraft was more than perfect, clean but was not near jetways and bus was used for boarding. In flight magazine, price list, and safety instructions were overused. Nothing was offered during the flight, if you want a drink you pay for it.

6/26/2018 Iliya Mons

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Larnaca. I made a mistake with my wife first name when I did my order through ticket broker site. I called Cobalt representative to correct my mistake. The worker told me that it corrected and I need to call the agency that I did through them the reservation because they need to draw revised data from Cobalt. I called my ticket broker site and they told me that they didn't see any email from Cobalt. I called again to Cobalt representative that told me again that now the name is correct and I need to call again the agency. This circle has been done at least 6 times and still, after 2 months nothing had been changed.

2/22/2018 Babis Lagoussis

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Larnaca. Be very wary of this airline. Even though it might be a cheap airline, you still have the same problems that all budget airlines suffer: travel to airport, purchase food, legroom etc. But this is not why I am writing this review. I am writing this because of their extremely bad quality of customer care. After purchasing the ticket online, Cobalt failed to inform us that they changed the return destination airport from Stansted to Gatwick. So after leaving my car at Stansted, I had to go and get it on the return journey, so to not incur more charges. The check in lady told me to speak to customer services at Cobalt so I did. After a few emails back and forth, they forwarded me an email they sent to us before the flight, which we did not receive. Not only that but they had our telephone number, which they did not send a text or call us. I cannot believe they can do such a thing and not inform their customers and be 100% sure that they have informed their customers of such a change. I advise you to not deal with this company as it will inherently bite you back!

12/18/2017 D Sakaratis

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Larnaca. One of the best flights I have since now. Excellent staff and great choices of food. As a low-cost airline I don’t expect inflight entertainment, so am happy with Cobalt and I will continue to fly with them.

11/14/2017 David Robson

✅ Verified Review | Beirut to Stansted via Larnaca on Cobalt. Cobalt is a budget airline so all services are unbundled. No meals or refreshments were purchased. I will fly Cobalt Airlines whenever I can.

4/28/2017 D Edmonds

✅ Verified Review | I'd like to say that I was really impressed by Cobalt flying from London Stansted to Larnaca. I was a bit apprehensive before this flight as I had never heard of Cobalt before booking my flight. I was also a bit worried as I only received one booking confirmation from the airline (instant booking notification). Guess I'm used to Ryanair and other budget airlines sending you reminders every other day. I was worried that I'd show up at the airport and they'd be loads of complications. I couldn't have been more wrong, though. Check-in was completely seamless, even on my return flight when I had forgotten to check-in online before. I just showed up at the airport and presented my passport and they checked me in with no extra fees and no questions asked. The flight itself was really pleasant, I had a whole row of seats to myself. On the return flight, we had clear blue skies and therefore had an amazing view pretty much the whole way and the captain even gave us updates over where we were flying, which I thought was really nice. Only downside is the inflight food menu but I guess this is to be expected on a low-cost airline. Just take snacks with you on board and you'll be fine.

2/25/2017 CLeventis

✅ Verified Review | Larnaca to Athens. New aircraft, helpful cabin staff, captain informative, arrived ahead of schedule. No seat reservation through internet check in, only at the counters. No meals, menu only in English, and so were safety instructions, meaningless to local passengers who do not speak English. What they call inflight magazine, a small booklet dated September/October 2016 nothing of the kind we know, but a small family type booklet with practically nothing about Cyprus and only in English. There is no limit to carry ons so passengers carry heavy huge two or three carry ons and nobody checks the size of weight of these carry ons.

2/19/2017 K Leventis

✅ Verified Review | Stansted to Larnaca. One of the worst experience I have had on a flight. In the final hour before our flight, the flight was cancelled without anybody explaining to us why. It took the company 5 hours to respond to us why and reschedule another flight. In the meantime, we had 12 hours in the airport. When the time came for the flight it was cancelled again without any reason. Again the company took 4 hours to respond to us. We were told at the airport if we can to book another flight with other companies and we were going to be refunded because they are not sure if they can organise another flight. This is what I had done. When I sent the company an email explaining my situation the responded after a month telling me to give my IBAN number and they were going to give me a refund. I have spent more than £700 with all this and what I have received was 400 Euros after 7 months. When asked why? they said that it was my choice to chose another company.

11/29/2016 Nicolas Simonis

✅ Verified Review | Larnaca to Athens. My first flight on this new airline based in Cyprus. The A320 was perfect, looked clean and new, departed on time and arrived ahead of schedule. Flight was excellent, with a constant updating on the route both in Greek and English. All in all a great flight but flight attendants did not even speak Greek and some passengers had a problem in getting service from the hostess. The inflight magazine, torn apart and overused was only in English. Even safety instructions were only in English. This airline seems to ignore or avoid the Greek language. Being a low cost airline, goodies on sale were at a high price. Fully recommended as an airline, but they should realise that Greek language is a must expecially in case of emergency not to mention out of respect.

11/12/2016 Adnan Umarmia

First time flying with Cobalt but had a great experience flying from Stansted to Larnaca. Cabin Crew are friendly and attentive. They do offer hot meals and snacks on plane which you'd have to pay for but with such good rates on the flight deal it was excellent value. We also checked our bags in which was also reasonably priced. Would definitely use them again.

10/9/2016 Brian Watling

We flew back from a 2 week break in Larnaca yesterday. The aircraft was one of Cobalt's fleet as opposed to one that is leased. With the airline been fairly new, we did have a few reservations about the standard of service, however like the outbound flight these were soon put to rest. We were welcomed on-board by a friendly cabin crew, who were smart and looked very professional. The aircraft was spotless and clean. As the cabin doors were being shut, and we were waiting for push back, we were welcomed on board by the captain in the cockpit who gave a quick run down of the route and the expected weather in London. Once we were airborne the cabin crew started their in flight service, the only downside was no choice of Hot Food on the 4 hour flight. The food available was fresh and tasty and reasonably priced compared with other carriers on the route. The announcements from the cabin and cockpit were clear and could be understood. The only downside is the airport they operate into for London and maybe in time the will move to Gatwick.

10/2/2016 P Denades

✅ Verified Review | Stansted to Larnaca. I was quite concerned about flying Cobalt as I knew there had been serious delays on flights since Cobalt took to the skies a few months ago, but everything ran really smoothly, from checking in at Stanstead (I arrived in plenty of time and was allowed to check in 3 hours before my flight) to boarding and the in flight experience was really good. Very comfortable seats, leather type finish, very helpful crew, who struggled politely to find space for everyone's hand luggage. Despite a slight 10 minute take off delay we caught up en route and landed on time at Larnaca. It would maybe have been nice to know which route we were flying over Europe to identify landmarks on the way, I didn't buy any drinks or snacks as I'd brought my own. This is a no frills flight, no entertainment onboard but for the price paid this was excellent value for money and I'd definitely fly Cobalt again. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get to Stanstead Airport from South London (just over an hour). And Stansted duty free had an amazing variety.

9/28/2016 Brian Watling

✅ Verified Review | London Stansted to Larnaca. When we booked this flight with a new airline having seen an advert on social media, we were slightly unsure of what to expect. However we were very surprised as to the level of service on board. We flew on a Small Planet/Grand Cruz aircraft, which I assume Cobalt are using as a stop gap. The cabin crew seemed to be a joint team of Small Planet and Cobalt crew. The cabin service was first class. We purchased food and drink on board and the prices were normal high street prices. The food tasty fresh and inflight announcements were clear, I know the airline is new but a suggestion is please can there be an inflight price list in the seat pocket? Even if it is a typed laminated sheet. Prior to the flight we were unsure about the catering on the flight and if internet was available so we sent and email and received a reply within 30 minutes. I had problems when I used the online check in and again on calling, the airline was friendly and professional. The downside to the flight which was beyond the airlines control was the chaos caused by the ground handling at Stansted Airport.

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