43 Comair reviews

3/29/2019 Gregory Robertson

✅ Trip Verified | Flight BA6314 Durban to Cape Town was a disaster, plane had technical issues and we were not able to use that plane. I was informed visa a phone call from BA while on the way to the airport that there would be no Business Class on the new chartered flight. I'm not a snob, but it was a surprise gift for my 74 year old mother. Long story short, we flew on Global Air a chartered plane from JNB. It was late and cramped but comfortable enough, and staff very attentive. We were offered ZAR1000 flight voucher as compensation for no Business class. The difference between the two classes was ZAR3000 each per ticket. Upon return I emailed Comair and was very expertly helped by David who did some bartering regarding refunds. At the end of the day I was given a ZAR6000 Kulula/Comair voucher to be used for 1 year as compensation. Well done on customer service and well handled by all involved.

1/29/2019 David Ellis

✅ Trip Verified | Thoroughly workmanlike return flights, Johannesburg to Cape Town. Cabin crew were efficient and personable. Seats 1A/C had adequate leg room. Food was adequate and it was helpful to see the three main courses before choosing one. Both flights arrived ahead of schedule.

12/3/2018 David Ellis

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Johannesburg. Club check-in for our Comair flight to JNB couldn’t have been more unfriendly and the agent failed to mention the SLOW lounge. We let her ticket our luggage through to LHR, without collecting it at JNB, as she said it would work. Well, we’ll see. The lounge was frenetic, although food and drink were plentiful. The 737-800 was a new model, although Club seating was the usual Club Europe arrangement. Departure was delayed by 60 minutes, but that still left two hours for transfer on to the BA LHR flight. The flight itself was unremarkable and we made up some time. Cabin crew seemed efficient and had a sense of humour. Not at all bad, really - assuming our luggage catches up with us.

11/27/2018 David Ellis

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. Comair is a franchise operation of British Airways and the JNB - CPT route is particularly busy. We made use of the BidAir concierge service to speed us through immigration and baggage collection to connect with the Comair service. The SLOW lounge was quiet and relaxing, with a really impressive array of food. Seating in business class was identical to Club Europe, but seats in row 1 are more freely available to non gold card executive club members. Unlike BA's new short haul service, food is served across all classes. However, the food served in Comair's business class is inferior to that in new (Do & Co) Club Europe. Communication from the flight deck was efficient as ever and we arrived slightly ahead of schedule.

6/15/2018 V Torbire

✅ Trip Verified | It will soon be a year since we travelled with Comair from Zimbabwe to South Africa. But the plane was not in Zimbabwe that day and we were driven by bus to Zambia to catch it. Notwithstanding the fact that the flight was delayed by more than 3 hours because of that, it will soon be a year since we are chasing the refund that was promised by Comair that day. To cross the Zambian border you need a visa that costs 50 US$ per person. But Comair ground staff did confirm that that will be refunded. A year now that "the refund is on its way", "the system is down", "we don't have your flight details", "can you let us know the date", "can we see a copy of the visa", "we don't have your bank details" and so on, the answers are always coming. But not the refund. The amount we are chasing is not that high but be sure that if you were to ask for a refund it would be your day. Last but not least : flight often have a British Airways BA number but when you have a problem, don't even think of asking BA for support. "Deal with Comair" is the only answer. So be careful.

4/12/2018 Charles Bentley

✅ Trip Verified | Has anyone experienced a Comair cancellation? We did - from JNB to WDH in Namibia. We booked the flight through BA in the UK and BA couldn't care less, even though it's sold as a BA flight. They have refused to accept any responsibility. For all flights in or out of the EU BA would be liable for compensation, but they refuse to behave with any sort of honour - you just can't trust them. Comair were hopeless at Joburg, management refused to come and talk to the passengers. Comair staff gave us incorrect details of how to complain. Comair of course don't even have the courtesy to respond to e-mails once we had found out the right one to use. Be warned, this airline is a disgrace.

2/7/2018 B Meane

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. I would like to lodge a complaint as I was very disappointed with the whole experience. The flight was delayed, we were at the gate on time and there were no announcements or updates made. Instead the staff just chatted amongst each other saying they don’t know when we will be able to board. Almost 45 min later we boarded, I have two small children (2 years and 5 years) and a pram but we had to stand in the queue. No courtesy and consideration was given that parents with young kids and old people should be allowed to board after business class. I have travelled many airlines with my kids and all airlines give courtesy and assistance when travelling with kids. The aircraft was unclean, chewing gum on armrest and dirt in the magazine pocket. After landing in Cape Town we received our pram back which was returned scratched and the agent that booked us in Johannesburg OR Tambo airport did not tag one of our bags. It was the bag with my 2 year olds clothing, medication and vanity. The Agent we spoke to was very helpful and was the only positive part of flying British Airways. The incompetence of not tagging our bag and possibly not finding it and finding it only after a few days caused a huge inconvenience. The bag was found 6 hours later, despite it being returned it was my toddlers things and I had to go right away to purchase all new things as we were on holiday in Cape Town for a week only and I couldn’t wait for possibly a few days or not finding it at all. 2 weeks later after many emails I received an email that I have accepted the terms and conditions when purchasing the ticket and hence theres not much they can do expect give me a lousy R250.

11/10/2017 Jack Neale

✅ Verified Review | Myself and my partner flew from Port Elizabeth to Durban on Tuesday 7th November. Departure time was 13:20 and flight time was roughly an hour. Boarding was prompt and hassle-free. There was plenty of space in the overhead lockers so no fighting for space for luggage. The pilot gave good information and kept us in the know regarding timing and weather etc. Having flown a few times within South Africa with Comair it is most of the time an enjoyable experience, the cabin crew are polite and I've never experienced a delay/cancellation. One thing that does grate on me with Comair is the age of their aircraft - it is not a nice place to sit. The seats are weathered and the interior of the cabin is really old.

8/16/2017 Francois Koenig

✅ Verified Review | BA6416 from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Pleasant crew served tasty chicken mayo sandwich and complimentary drinks. Return flight was okayish, crew served delicious scrambled egg, bacon + chakalaka spicy sauce breakfast with yoghurt, juice and tea/coffee. Alternative choice was spinach and mozzarella pancake. Pleasant experience on short-haul domestic.

4/22/2017 Craig Cutts

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Cape Town on British Airways marketed flight operated by Comair. Check in at Terminal B quick and polite as was security, visited the domestic Slow Lounge which is very good with lots of food & drink options. Boarded on time through gate D2 on to a decent clean 737-800 seated in 1A which was comfortable drinks offered prior to take off, departed on time once airborne service was very good food was okay a full breakfast served.. Managed 40 minutes sleep before decent.. Landed around 10 minutes early on to a bridge baggage off the belt quickly.. I travelled with Comair 3 times over the previous week and find that both ground and inflight service is very good.

4/18/2017 Craig Cutts

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Windhoek return. Checked in at terminal B domestic (British Airways SA) however the flight departs from Terminal A which is about a 10 minute walk away, security was okay immigration a little slow. These flights are operated by Comair but marketed as a British Airways franchise service. Used the Slow lounge which is very good with a good food & drink selection coffee bar and food to order if required.. Boarding from A25 on to a bus. Aircraft a pretty old 737-400 but clean and tidy seat 2A offers lots of space a similar lay out to BA European flights.. Departed on time once in the air service from a nice crew was very good food & drinks pretty good. I was the only pax in business class so very nice experience. Arrival on time however the dreadfully slow immigration at WDH lasted 2 hours with a huge que from 3 arriving flights. Return check in was polite and quick however security & immigration was rude and an absolute shambles! Not the airlines fault. Used the local lounge which was quiet but offered nothing. No wifi either. Boarded the aircraft from gate 2 a short walk to the steps. Departed around 30 minutes late again an old but well kept 737-400 seat 1A offered enough space for this 2hr flight. A full cabin this time but great service and good food offering. Pretty relaxing flight.

4/8/2017 Johan Nel

✅ Verified Review | Seems the whole experience has dropped from what Comair / British Airways stood for and used to deliver. Could not hear the announcements made. Several passengers commented on this. The staff ignore you as you enter from the mid section of the plane, not making eye contact and looks like it has been a late night and that the passengers are now intruding on their morning hangover. The young lady said move that bag there in front and shuffled off. I do find the local cabin crew miserable and unhappy in their jobs. There was one female cabin attendant that was smiling and showed real enjoyment and happiness for her job. I was not offered any drinks and was skipped. Could have asked but they are so disorganised and muserable serving that I felt I could go without it. After being a loyal BA customer for 30 years, I think it is time to move on.

6/17/2016 Arutha Edwards

Excellent flight overall from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg. Boarding at Port Elizabeth was quick and efficient and we departed before schedule, also arriving about 10 minutes early. Plane half full and no one sitting in the middle seat next to me so had the window for myself. Got served a light snack of meat pie (vegetarian option was finished, but irrelevant to me) and a drink. Only Comair and SAA who still serve complimentary snacks in economy class in South Africa. Landing was smooth and baggage reclaim quick. Definitely enjoy flying with Comair.

5/23/2016 Shanaka Gooneratne

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Durban return on Comair (British Airways franchise). Check in and bad drop at JNB took ages. Staff at counters slow and could not care less. Security was a breeze. Slow Lounge had good selection of food and drink but was overcrowded on a Friday evening. Departure delayed at the 11th hour and flight left over an hour late. Flight operated by a very old Boeing 737-400. Smooth flight. Good crew. Bags out fast at DUR. Return check in fast at DUR. Slow lounge at DUR much better presented. Return flight left on time. Crew on flight some what indifferent. Flight arrived on time into JNB and bag outs fast. Overall reasonable product.

5/18/2016 Christo Britz

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Durban. British Airways (Comair) are going all out to prove themselves as the most unreliable airline. Yet another delay - this time because the plane is still being serviced. I understand technical problems, but services are scheduled and should not become my problem impacting on a full day of meetings scheduled for my destination city. Back to SAA!

4/5/2016 Antony Wepener

Victoria Falls to Johannesburg, first time on Comair and a bit underwhelmed. Flight was full and FA's served a sandwich and drinks but seemed bored. Aircraft was a Boeing 737-400 showing its age. Flight left and arrived on time so no complaints for that. Would I use them again, yes only if I have to.

4/5/2016 Craig Cutts

Cape Town to Port Elizabeth via Johannesburg. First time using Comair domestically in South Africa, marketed as British Airways. Check in at CPT quick and easy using my BA frequent flier status I was offered lounge access at the 'Slow Lounge' which I must say is pretty good. Flight boarded on time, a new Boeing 737-800, crew very polite and seating good with space, a snack served on the 1 hr 50 min flight! Bags off quickly on landing. JNB-PLZ check in again very quick and polite again offered the use of the Slow Lounge which is one of the best I've been in. Boarding on to a pretty old 737-400, not full so lots of room the aircraft kept clean and looked in good shape a small hot meal offered by a nice crew. Departed and arrived on time, a really nice experience on both flights.

2/14/2016 Carmen van Zyl

Johannesburg to Cape Town with Comair. Our row on the flight was skipped when dinner was served and when it was brought to the cabin controller attention, it was already time for us to make our descend. I was famished and exhausted when I arrived home shortly before 10pm. Only to discover my luggage was damaged when the lock was forcefully removed. Not only did the person forcefully remove a combination lock and break my luggage zip in process, but he/she had the audacity to take an intimate item. The call center for baggage claims and lost / damaged property was also clueless and I've been the one to contact them the whole time, while they don't even have the decency to confirm receipt of my mail or contact me to tell me that they'll look into the matter or what the next steps would be for me to take. With the lack of service and bad experience I had on this flight, never again would I book for myself or anyone else.

10/7/2015 J Christoph

I had high expectation as Comair flies under the banner of British Airways and considers itself a full-service airline. Reality was different. Cramped seats, very dirty cabin, the staff were the unfriendliest I have experienced, perhaps they had just a bad day but they seemed not to be smiling at all. Food was average. Forgot a picture onboard which was fortunately handed over to me later, thank you for that. If possible I would try to avoid this airline and go for Kulula or South African Airways.

9/29/2015 Eileen Wilton-Jones

Victoria Falls to Johannesburg with Comair, and booked business class because economy full. The biggest gripe is that I was unable to check in online for return journey. As a result, there was total chaos at airport. Long queues are very poor in this day and age,