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9/2/2014 Patricia Vatta, Boeing 737-900ER seat 28D

I felt that this plane had more legroom than other planes I have flown on. I enjoyed having the aisle seat as this also gave me more elbow room.We left Seattle at 8:30 a.m. but the food stocked was lunch food. I did have the Shepherd's Pie and found it to have excellent flavour. I enjoyed it. Service was very good considering that it was a bumpy flight so it had to be curtailed twice.

12/12/2011 Airlinekits, Boeing 777-200ER seat 10E

Against the norm the flight attendent on this flight was rude! All other flights I have flown with CO have been great!

10/16/2011 Sylvia Ouellette, Bombardier Q400 seat 16B

This was OK for a prop plane.

10/16/2011 Sylvia Ouellette, Bombardier Q400 seat 7C

Row 7 is awful. It sits precisely in line with the props and this was extremely LOUD with lots of vibration. Very uncomfortable ride.

9/13/2011 ztug, Boeing 757-300 seat 2A

One of the largest 1st class sections available domestically, 24 seats vs as few as 12 on some United flts. Much better chance of an upgrade. Not nearly as nice as the CO757-200 with lay flat seats

5/6/2011 Michael McAdam, Boeing 737-800 (14/141) seat 2E

Overall, I was not impressed by CO's first class service. At the airport, I was told that my bag was over 50lbs and that I need to take some items out of the suitcase and put them into the handbag. Excuse my ignorance, but doesn't this leave the same net weight on the aircraft in the end?? Otherwise, check in was speedy as this is one of the last flights of the evening to fly out of CCS. The CO lounge at IAH is fine, with plenty of room at that time of night, although I am constantly frustrated that in US lounges, premium passengers are expected to pay for their drinks and refreshments when in Maple Leaf lounges, these are complimentary.In any event, the flight back to Caracas was fine. The seat did not seem to have as much pitch as the emergency exit (14C) that I sat at on the way back. Overall, I didn't find the first class product terribly good value for money. In the future, I will probably go with buying the cheapest economy ticket I can with CO and then "upgrading" to the emergency exit row.

5/6/2011 Michael McAdam, Boeing 737-800 (14/141) seat 14C

This was my first time flying out of CCS on Continental and overall I was pleasantly surprised. Being Easter week, it was a full house onboard. I had the foresight to pay the extra $90 to reserve 14C, which had plenty of legroom as well as recline. Beware: row 12 is cheaper to reserve but has no recline. While the flight was full, the cabin crew were quite firm with other passengers who wanted to sit in the empty seats: those were premium seats that required pre-booking. I thus had the row to myself which allowed me to spread out a bit. In fact, I think I enjoyed this seat more than my business class seat on the way back to Caracas. The only drawback is that there is not AVOD system yet. Hopefully CO will retrofit their fleet with this soon.

2/24/2011 Michael McAdam, Embraer ERJ 145 seat 12A

I'm not a fan of the earlier generations of Embraers: cramped and uncomfortable. However, the emergency exit seat does offer some respite if you can book it ahead or convince the check in agent that you deserve it. Only 1 f/a on board, but she was very efficient, relaxed and cheerful in her job. CO also serves a snack free of charge on this sector, unlike most of its other competitors out of Guadalajara.

9/14/2010 David Knowles, Boeing 737-500 seat 1A

6/19/2010 Ken Hensen, Boeing 777-200ER seat 16L

No complaint about the flight timing but the inflight food service sucked, they made u starve and for the entire route just provided a hot meal , the portions were tiny when compared to JET airways and Air India. And the second meal was a cold sandwich which they hand over right after the dinner is done.

12/12/2009 CJ, Boeing 757-300 seat 14D

This had to be one of the worst moves Continental could have made. They changed from a 777 or 767 to a 757. The seating is too crammed. Very uncomfortable. There is no reason for using this plane type for this distance. If you have to fly to Spain, go with Iberia, Delta or USAirways.

3/26/2008 Tomás González de Rosenzweig, Boeing 777-200ER seat 1K

First class seats don't have the "shell" that many of the first class seats have, but continental Airlines integrated like a fabric shell to give a little more privacy. We can see in the picture how comfortable the pillows and the blanket are.

7/13/2007 Francisco, Boeing 737-900 seat 16C

Great Seat. You have plenty of legroom. During take off and landing you cant have any bags on the floor so make sure you embark early enough to find space on the overhead bins. Dont seat on the windows in this row since the exit door sticks out stealing a bit of space from your legroom.

5/8/2007 SS, Boeing 777-200ER seat 27F

The seat was pretty comfortable and the TV was okay

3/12/2007 Esteban Perekalski, Boeing 757-300 seat 31A

For short flights, less than 3 hours, this aircraft is comfortable. The problem is when the flight is full, not much "elbow" room.The tv screen was right above my row.Continental's seats are comfortable.

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