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6/28/2019 Marco Urbani

✅ Trip Verified | Milan Malpensa to Birmingham via Prague. First flight late from Milan to Prague, second flight late from Prague to Birmingham, lost my luggage - something more? Yes! After 5 days I still don't have my luggage.

6/17/2019 Gustav Hagglund

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Antalya via Prague. Worst company I have ever used. Two delayed flights and treated med really bad. I never use this awful company ever again. If you think about flying with this company, do not.

6/11/2019 A Darneva

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Brussels. Worst airline I have ever flown. Overpriced services and charging for absolutely everything on top of the basic ticket price. Worse than low-cost airlines.

6/10/2019 B Gasen

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Paris. Shocking service! This airline use to be good and became to be unbearable! I booked a flight and later added a checked in suitcase, paid with credit card and received confirmation Email from Czech Airlines. During check in, I was told I didn't pay for my suitcase and have I to pay on the spot. I've presented the confirmation email I had, but it didn't seem to change anything. The demand was that I will pay €45 (rather than €25 online). I refused to accept that and was sent to Czech Airlines ticket office which mend by external company, has no right to change anything and has no supervisor. They did nothing to resolve the issue. They said I will have to pay to board the flight and I can contact service to claim refund later. I was left with no choice, but to pay the €45. Sure enough, I wrote to the airline immediately, but no reply received. Another issue is when you buy Czech Airlines ticket, you assumes you will fly with standard airline company but this is wrong! You buying standard but the operator is Smartwing which is Low cost airline with shocking service. I use to fly 6 times a year or more with them but I'm done! NEVER AGAIN!

5/21/2019 Pavel Nemecek

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Prague. The worst airline ever. They are overpriced - prices like classic airlines but service worse than low-cost airlines. I am trying to avoid them each time I have to fly somewhere, but unfortunately I live in Prague, so sometimes they are the only option. Only 2 btimes from my last 15 flights there were no delay. Normally it is from 1-3 hour if you are lucky. It is a big surprise when they have classic gate and you do not have to travel by buss to plane. Their excuses (about delays, taking your hand-luggage down to plane so u have to waiting for them etc) are understable for children at maximum.

5/15/2019 Ales Kratochvil

✅ Trip Verified | Recently flew CSA on Prague - Seoul - Prague route and can not say a bad word. The crew were professional, friendly, attentive. Service on par with 4 star airlines like BA or Finnair. Meals of very good quality and plentiful. Flights smooth, on time. Cabin showed the age but was clean. Good, old CSA proved they can provide good service as they used to do years ago. Would happily fly this route again with them. Unfortunately this is more or less the last "original CSA" route existing. They celebrated 95 years and literally died. By being taken over by Travel Service/Smart Wings things got to the worst possible level. Travel Service/Smart Wings have never been reliable airline with non existent customer service and flying with them is always a lottery - you may get lucky and get to your destination on time and get there at all or you are simply unlucky. Some of my last experiences just proved that (both flying under Smart Wings flight code or Czech Airline flight code). You are told you fly with Smart Wings but in reality you fly with Mongolian Airlines! The same happens with CSA now. You are told you fly with CSA but in reality you fly with Smart Wings. Hence all those problems mentioned by previous reviewers - delays, old planes (they got rid off the original CSA fleet), no customer service, bullying customers for 1 kilogram of overweight, more often technical incidents etc. etc. It's shame on Czech state and government to let things go that far and to degrade once highly recognized airlines! Let's see how long will this Seoul route survive. For other routes you probably will be much better off with others.

5/6/2019 Iris van Oers

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Amsterdam. Worst airline I have ever flown. On the outward flight from Schiphol, the gate was changed 3 times, and i had to walk to the other side of the airport. The plane was 2 hours late because it was "busy over Germany." The staff was irritated, the plane outdated (from Travel Service) and no apology was offered. Return trip was slightly better since the plane was then 'only' delayed by one hour (probably due to the cleaning because the plane was at the gate on time). The staff was friendlier and we were offered free water. This time we were in an outdated aircraft from Smartwings. I have even better experiences with Ryanair and will choose this airline over Czech airlines the next time.

5/4/2019 P Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | Flew CSA Czech Airlines from Prague to Milan. Worst airline ever, considering it is not a budget airline. Horrible customer service, little space between the seats, constant delays. Woman’s small purse is considered a piece of luggage so had to push it inside my suitcase. They don’t even offer complimentary water during the flight (again this is not a budget airline!) just a total disappointment. Try to avoid!

5/3/2019 V Thadika

✅ Trip Verified | The lady at the counter mixed up my boarding pass with another person who's name starts with the same letter, at first i thought thats how they spell my name in Czech, then later when i verified she thanked me for pointing it out and said my name wasnt there on the list as it wasnt expanded as in the passport but was initialed. She asked me to go to another counter and get it changed or verified if it was okay. Lady at the second counter made us wait for like 15 minutes and then even though i was in queue she prioritised another person in the line as he could speak Czech and i couldnt and asked me to give this gentlemen privacy. She made fun of my last name over the phone while getting it verified then verified that it was okay. Of course the flight was delayed by 2.25 Hrs and the gate changed thrice.

4/30/2019 Vasiliy Minnikov

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Prague. Bad customer service. I checked in using their app, my assigned seat was 1C, at boarding for no reason or no explanation my seat was changed to 33D. I’ve asked to see if there’s any other seats available, they barked at me saying flight is full. After take off my brother sends me a picture of 1C which is empty. I’m really confused why would the ticket agent do this to me? This airline is rude, unprofessional .

4/26/2019 Jakub Slechta

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Prague. Unfortunately, there is nothing good that can be said about this airline except for being transported home safely. That really is the only positive thing about my trip. The flight was operated by an outdated airplane that has not been cleaned for a very long time, service onboard provided was simply terrible - the way the staff treats its passengers is just the worst including just a basic things as announcements are. One of the worst I have ever seen. The flight was delayed about 2 hours. Online booking at CSA website was a hell. Being Czech, I feel even more sorry about what Czech Airlines became over the last years. What a great airline it was.

4/22/2019 M Story

Not Verified | Hamburg to Prague. Horrible. For a 1 hour flight, there was at first 1.5 hour delay beginning at 8:00, followed by another last minute delay for a total of more than 3 hours delay. The same issue for the return flight resulting in a missed booked train and getting home close to 3:00 instead of 22:00. Little to no info was provided to the passengers. Found out later it had been going on for a few days. Will not fly again.

4/21/2019 Annabelle Clark

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Barcelona via Prague. Terrible experience. After being told I had to check my baggage I also had to pay 30€, then they did not get my bag or anyone else's on the transfer, bags on the second flight and we were left without for almost two days. I also was left on stand by without being told at any point when buying my ticket that I was. And so were at least 20 other passengers. The customer service was terrible and they would not even give me a glass of water. I will never fly this airline again.

4/19/2019 S Carter

✅ Trip Verified | Nice to Prague. From early in the morning, one hour and twenty minutes of delay. It seems like the new standard for this airline as it is one of the so many this year. OK used to be a fairly good company, but now flight time is just a concept and connecting in Prague is like playing at the lottery, hoping you will get the winning ticket.

4/19/2019 James Dean

Not Verified | Prague to Madrid. Really nothing positive to say about this airline. Flights delayed both ways. I saw staff behaving aggressively to other passengers. Cabin was dirty. It's run like an early-days budget airline, without budget prices. Don't fly with them if you have other options.

4/13/2019 Derek Jones

Not Verified | Flown 3 times in a row Czech Airlines. Each flight seriously delayed. Just had friends from Paris and once again flight delayed and now cancelled for technical problems. Has become a terrible airline, used to be so good. If you come from UK use easyjet, JET2 or Ryanair, much more reliable

3/27/2019 David Urbanek

✅ Trip Verified | Flying Czech Airlines or SmartWings (same company) is like a russian roulette. No one knows if everything will go smoothly or not. In my case, it was OK. For the price do not expect much. No free catering, uncomfortable seats, staff is fine though. I mean for flights within Europe (2-3 hours) it is decent and still better than flying Ryanair and others. Still choosing between Finnair and CSA on the same route again, I would definitely go for Finnair.

2/4/2019 D Malancik

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Copenhagen. Horrible, we all got treated like a sheep walking from gate to gate and waiting first hour, then two, and at the end 4 hours. Never ever again will I choose this airline even if they would pay me. It has always been a trouble making airline. Never without a delay. Could at least be honest at the beginning and tell us come 4h later morons.

1/15/2019 Filip Cvrcek

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Paris. I flew with CSA after very long time, so I was curious what to expect. Boarding was quite smooth, except that airport staff wasn’t very friendly and were having laugh about none Czech speaking passengers, which I find very ruth. Seats on plane were ok, but nothing special, the bad experience started when they were serving food. On menu it says, that they accept Czech and Euro currency and most of CC cards, so I handed 500 czech note to pay for my food and was told, that they have no change to give me back(talking about Czech currency on board of Czech airlines) that I should pay in Euro or card, so I handed card, without asking if I want to pay in Euro or Kc, charge me Euro price, which is always worst rate, than your cc bank rate. When I complained about it, I was told there is nothing they could do about it. So I asked for refund and returned what I purchased, you should should see the faces of crew when I told them that I understand Czech and heard how were they talking about the issue, it’s absolutely disgraceful how they treat foreign passengers. I will think twice before I buy next ticket with this airline as their attitude can completely ruin your journey.

1/3/2019 S Palela

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Helsinki. My 2nd flight with CSA,actually it was SmartWing's plane as they now operate many CSA flights. 14 yr old Boeing 737. Many times CSA flights are delayed, so i was a little bit worried. But this was on time. The price (50eur) included one normal size cabin bag of 8kg. Service was ok. No complains there. Food and drinks were available to buy. I bought some Czech beer and a delicious panini, not expensive at all. CSA has a little bit bad reputation (mostly because flights are delayed) but many times you can get good price, so they are worth trying.