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6/21/2019 Kyle Kaufman

✅ Trip Verified | Larnaca to Beirut. It’s worthless. Boarding pass says be to the airport 3 hours ahead but check in doesn’t even open 2 hours ahead. With these basic fare they make you check your carry on and thus you have to wait until check in opens. Terrible customer service. Agents at desks are not helpful and messages from the airline are just general meaningless messages.

6/4/2019 C Hallatas

✅ Trip Verified | My flight from Larnaca to Athens was half an hour late. My return flight was scheduled for Sunday 2/6 flight CY 4311 Athens to Larnaca which is operated as I learned at the airport, by Blue air, leaving at 20.45 arriving at 22.30. No prior advice neither at airport and finally we left at 22.45 , that is with a delay of 1 hour and 25 minutes. Hence we arrived at destination at a very ridiculous time, that is at 00.10 hours. Delays can happen on all airlines but when such delays are a daily feature on this particular flight and Blue Air, then things start getting strange, in that on the flight tracker for this flight, in the last 30 days not once has this flight gone on schedule. Every day a delay of one to two hours! One whole month with not one single punctual flight, whether the aircraft is late to arrive from another flight is really not our concern and if they cannot run a flight on schedule then they are not serious.

4/16/2019 S Macolinos

✅ Trip Verified | Larnaca to Athens. My first flight on this airline, and was impressed with an aircraft with ample leg space, that looked almost new, with an inflight magazine (though only in english language and not Greek) and an interesting in flight purchase catalogue. We arrived at Athens ahead of schedule. I really enjoyed it.

11/29/2018 Michal Cupa

✅ Trip Verified | Flying by CY260 from Larnaca to Prague on Nov 26. One would think like on-line check in is the business as usual for most companies on the planet and a must for all the airlines operating in EU. Until you fly Cyprus Airways. Despite the fact that already in August Cyprus announced that "The online check-in service is available for all the flights departing from Larnaca, Tel Aviv and St. Petersburg. More destinations will be introduced in the coming months.", the reality is that on-line check in still not available. There are also no self-check in kiosks at the airport in Larnaca, the home base of Cyprus Airways. Rather than that, I was advised by Cyprus Airways staff to get to check in 2.5 hrs before the departure, case of my flight at 4:30am! The plane is high density and they charge 3.50 Eur for a simple Nescafe.

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