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9/15/2019 Richard York, Saab 2000 seat 7F

This seat was right over the wing with an okay view of both the scenery and the propeller if you are into such things. At 6’4” my perspective may be different than that of many short people, but my head spent one solid hour of flight time pressed against the fuselage. The plane was very comfortable and the seat and leg room we...

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11/4/2016 R Massalan

✅ Verified Review | Geneva to Zurich. I was a bit nervous about flying with this airline because of bad reviews, but my experience was the complete opposite. True, boarding was done a bit late but we took off only 5 minutes after scheduled departure time and landed 10 minutes before scheduled time, which means the flight was ...

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10/1/2016 Sarah Protti

Lugano to Biarritz via Geneva with Eithad Regional (operated by Darwin Airline). Cabin Crew very nice, check in and security check in Lugano and Biarritz very fast and without problems. But the route, never again - it is more comfortable by TGV, even if a 15 hour trip. In Geneva for 30 minutes and obliged to leave the aircraft, ...

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7/26/2016 D Hiralal

Left stranded in Geneva when Etihad Regional cancelled this flight to Florence. An utter disgrace. Their ground agency Dnata could not re-book nor refund the money. They have no one from the company present in Geneva. People who wanted to go to Florence same day took a train or drove. Etihad Regional just don't have any planes w...

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2/8/2016 Florian Wissmann

Zurich to Geneva return with Darwin Airline. Booking and check-in was smooth, online check-in was not available. Boarding was quick, maybe due to light load factors on both segments. Both flights were on time, arrival even early. Very nice cabin crew, comfortable seats with huge seat pitch (1990's style on the Saab 2000). I can ...

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5/20/2015 V Koranda

Have flown PRG-TXL-PRG both ways on time. The net flight time was only 35 min so the staff had to be quick to serve us some drinks and snacks. The service was professional. Will use them again.

4/20/2015 James Hunter

ZHR-GVA-VCE and back. Check-in at Zurich and Venice airport very quick and efficient. Good connection times at Geneva airport much better than other carriers. Flights departed on time and arrived early. Flight Attendants very friendly both ways. Flew over the Alps which was nice but small amount of food served on the flights. Ov...

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3/25/2015 Simon James Wachter

Flew LUG-FLR via GVA and back. Excellent airline. Flights on time FA very friendly and service excellent! Would fly with Etihad Regional again.

12/22/2014 M Watts

Flew DUS-STN booked on Air Berlin flight was operated by Etihad regional which in turn is operated by Darwin Airlines. Flight was slightly delayed leaving which wasn't too much of an issue. Boarded onto buses by very disinterested gate staff and taken to the remote stand flight was only 3/4 full which was nice crew member was ve...

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10/5/2014 Masa Kato

Travelled from Dusseldorf to London Stansted booked as Air Berlin flight but actually it was Etihad Regional operated by Darwin Airline. I could not book the seat in advance and were forced to wait at the airport until check-in counter opened. Flight was stated as delayed by 40 minutes but actually this was more than 60 minutes ...

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9/19/2014 S Bryan

Travelled Stansted - Dusseldorf. Initial problem with "please wait" on check in board after waiting 30 minutes it hadn't updated. After a search I found a lone Etihad regional check in desk who was wondering why nobody was coming to check in? Flight departed on time. SAAB turbo prop seats and leg room were certainly more comfort...

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8/2/2014 L Wang

Booked from Amsterdam to Zurich via connecting flight in Leipzig. First Leg of trip to Lepzig (Flight 255) was delayed by 5hrs but no rep or any announcement about this seemingly phantom flight until two hours after the scheduled departure. Five hours later still no flight seems the plane never even took off for its trip to Amst...

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6/25/2014 Neil Henderson

London Stansted to Dusseldorf 07.25 Wednesday 25th June 2014. Arrived at Stansted at 6.15am only to find the flight had been cancelled. The Etihad desk (used by Darwin Airlines) was unmanned but the flight sign board directed me to another desk. Here I found some 20 people handing around and one very harassed looking guy on the ...

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4/9/2014 Patrick Rowe

Geneva-Florence-Geneva 30 March/2 April. One hour delay from Geneva no information given. Complete chaos at Florence airport no baggage delivered for an hour and a half and only one poor harassed Italian supervisor whose only comment was that the baggage handler must have gone home early. Return trip on time and uneventful. Over...

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2/25/2014 Susie Williams

I booked a trip from Cambridge to Amsterdam in October 2013 to fly March 2014. In Dec 2013 they changed the flight times significantly and again in February they tried to change them again wanting us to fly one day early. When I refused this they offered a flight out later on the original date but I lost patience with them and c...

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2/20/2014 Roger Melly

October 2013 Cambridge - Amsterdam - Cambridge. Got to Cambridge airport (nice) 2 hours before departure to find flight was cancelled. We were offered to get a minibus to Norwich and fly KLM but the connection time to drive to Norwich in time didn't seem possible so we didn't risk this. A charter flight was put on to take us to ...

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2/7/2014 K Lazarska

Feb 2nd 2014 from Amsterdam do Leipzig/Halle flight F7 257 (original departure time 19.25 actual departure time: 21.45). Flight from AMS to LEI delayed by 3 hrs unexpected change of a boarding gate (to another terminal) nearly made me miss the flight. Of course no Darwin representatives at the airport. On the top of that - the f...

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1/20/2014 Dominic Chung

My wife and I went to Amsterdam for a short break flying out of and returning to Cambridge on 17 Jan and 19 Jan. Flights on both legs were fine on time and with good service and I have to say much improved since the last time we flew with Darwin (September 2013). It would seem that the tie-up with Etihad is beginning to bear fru...

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12/25/2013 R Smith

I am a regular traveller into Amsterdam and live near Cambridge so I thought I'd try Darwin instead of the usual low cost carrier from Stansted. Flight from Cambridge to Amsterdam was delayed 30 minutes not the end of the world. However the flight back was awful! 2 hours before it was due to leave it was cancelled. The flight wa...

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12/20/2013 C Hart-Davies

I have used Darwin airline twice now between Cambridge UK and Geneva. The first time the airline introduced a stop over in Paris after I had booked and brought the scheduled departure time from GVA forward several hours. Major disruption and additional cost for me but decided to give them one more try. Unfortunately on the secon...

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