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9/24/2018 D Halson

✅ Trip Verified | We recently flew business class New Delhi to Paro and Paro to Bangkok with Druk Air. They are a fantastic little airline being only one of two airlines serving Bhutan. We were on a trip via Delhi to Paro for 4 nights and then onto Bangkok. Both flights on time, lounges were shared and and of a good standard. Both flights considering Paro being one of the worlds most difficult airports to land in were flawless by the flight deck.. some amazing views en route and pointed out by the crew. Food and beverage were of a high standard and plentiful for 2 hour flights combined with excellent service from very professional and and delightful Bhutanese crew. Would certainly use again. Only point out being there is no Entertainment or wifi but the views en route you dont need it !

6/2/2016 Lachlan Stott

My wife and I flew return trips on Druk Air from Kathmandu to Thimpu for a section of our honeymoon. There are very limited options to get in and out of Bhutan, so I was a bit concerned about the ability to choose exactly what airline and flights we were going to take. However, it all went really smoothly. We were warned beforehand that the flights are often several hours late, ours was close to on time. We were told that we'd see the Himalayas as we flew past, including Mt Everest, which we did. The crew were courteous and helpful, and the food surprisingly good for such a small airline. The plane was old, but appeared to be well looked after. There is no in-flight entertainment system, so bring a book/tablet to keep yourself entertained, or read the airline magazine, which will mainly feature articles about how much the Bhutanese love their King (they are crazy over their monarchy). If we are ever lucky enough to go back to Bhutan, I'd be very happy to fly Druk Air again.

2/10/2016 Rishad Patell

Flew Delhi to Paro via Kathmandu return. Check in at Druk Air in Delhi was fine. We got the seats we wanted. Flight was to depart at 6.30 but we got delayed due to fog in Kathmandu. Eventually left 4 hours later 10.30. We were kept informed but the manager in charge at Delhi was a very rude lady who kept saying that its not their fault and the delay was due to fog - not that any passenger said anything. She was so aggressive about the whole thing that it made you dislike the airline even before we took off. Most passengers were appalled by her way of speaking. The rest of the flight was good. The staff were lovely on board and very apologetic. Food was very average. Return flight once again delayed due to fog in KTM. Apparently it happens every day. Again flight back was fine. Food pretty average. Landed late in Delhi. All in all an okay experience that would have been much better without that lady shouting at us in Delhi.

9/13/2015 J Tydeman

Very pleasant flight from Kolkata to Paro with Druk Air. Friendly and efficient cabin crew. Nice snack and drinks. Even got boiled sweet for landing. Superb scenery en route, especially as we approached Paro of course. Have no idea of cost as was booked as part of package but overall excellent.

6/13/2014 P Acheson

Kathmandu-Thimpu May 15. Thimpu-Bangkok May 20 both 2014. Got to see Mount Everest on first flight in a smallish jet-prop plane. On second flight I found the meal to be indigestible.

1/16/2014 B Feuz

Delhi-Paro-Delhi Oct 7th and Oct 17th. Excellent flight in business class. Fast check in baggage arrived promptly at both airports. Very good meals 3 choices. Service a bit rushed coffee being served when still eating. A nice touch: being allowed in the cockpit when overflying Nepal beautiful view of Himalaya range. Price a bit expensive but Druk Air has a monopoly on all flights to Bhutan.

12/28/2012 Mark LaPrairie

BKK-PBH J class. Check in smooth. Departure slightly late due to late arrival night before and need to adhere to minimum rest times for the crew. On board service was excellent with a seasoned cabin crew. Breakfast was hot and tasty. Lots of updates from the flight deck. A good flight overall.

11/7/2012 Greg Zarelli

Flew Delhi - Paro return with outbound travel 27 Oct return 3 Nov. J class both ways. What a wonderful airline! Hot towels before takeoff. Excellent meal en-route with a choice of 3 hot entrees. Bar service. Hot towels again before landing. Seats were standard F class. No entertainment. Flight attendants were friendly and accommodating. Flew right by Mt. Everest both directions which the captain pointed out. Landing in Paro quite interesting as was takeoff.

2/20/2012 Ron Kuhlmann

Quite a nice experience. Once onboard the service is very good and the food and drinks of international standard. Landing and takeoff in Paro is a bit of a rush. Though they are the only carrier to Bhutan they do a good job and provide a good quality product. Tickets are expensive but that is due to high costs of operation.

11/23/2011 Chris Dore

KTM-Paro return. Single class on a turbo prop plane. Very bumpy ride into Paro through the valleys but no problems on the return. Snack served both ways. Seating rather cramped. Good views on both legs. Seats on "best" sides seemingly booked well in advance by travel agencies.

7/15/2011 H Alan

Bangkok-Kolkata-Paro. Flight was very enjoyable the crew were always happy the flight was on time. Food was good on the BKK-CCU leg I was served a proper dinner and on the CCU-Paro flight I was served a small snack but still excellent. My approach into Paro was unforgettable the views were breath taking but I did find the airport small. But overall an Excellent flight and I will be flying Druk Air again.

5/30/2008 Dio Samsoeri

Bangkok-Paro-Bangkok via Dacca in Royal Executive Class. Satisfactory experience friendly and polite cabin crews on both sectors. Food acceptable with a bar service during lunch time on flight from Dacca to Bangkok. Modern A 319 aircraft under a good maintenance clean and equipped with comfortable Business Class seating. It is worth extra Dollar especially if you are interested in taking picture during the final descend to Paro Airport amazing scenery with a distant view of Himalayan range on the way and a thrilling experience as well especially if you notice the hill is only a few hundred meters away from the wings.

5/22/2008 Name supplied

Bangkok-Paro via Kolkata - business class. Excellent attentive service - the extra few dollars for business is well worth it given the enormous difference in comfort and service. Incredible mountain views on this flight.

1/8/2008 Keith Angus

Bangkok-Paro return - via Kolkotta on the way out and Gaya on the way back. Business class. The overall experience was good - food drink and FA service was of a very good standard. It's worth paying the little extra for business class ($40 per person each way) as the seats are roomy and comfortable plus you get lounge access at both Bangkok and Paro although the Paro lounge is a bit quaint. The other reason for booking business class is if your flight gets delayed as ours did on the return journey for around five hours. There's little in the way of facilities at Paro airport so it's worth the extra for a more comfortable place to wait (and enjoy free drinks of course). Make sure you sit on the left hand side on the flight into Paro as you get the best views of the Himalayas. And finally don't be worried about the descent into Paro as the plane does get worryingly close to the mountainsides.

11/27/2007 G Lazaro

BKK/Paro/BKK business class in mid-November - new A 319s clean and comfortable. Stops in Gaia (outward) and Kolkotta (return) were only 45 minutes. FA's warm and attentive excellent hot breakfasts served on the longer sectors Thai and local newspapers plus a few magazines available for reading. Views of the mountains obscured by cloud on arrival. but the twists and turns of the landing at Paro were the most exciting since Hong Kong's old Kai Tak was closed. Fabulous mountain views on departure. Overall two excellent flights.

11/20/2006 Michael Ingram

I was impressed by Druk Air though admittedly we were business class. Good food very comfortable seats (2x2) and professional friendly informative staff. We flew Delhi Khtamandu Paro and the meal was excellent on board. Sit on the left for the omost amazing view of 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world helpfully pointed out by the pilots commentry. A319s modern comfortable well maintained and toilets clean. Business class is definately worth the small supplement. Exceptional helpfulness of the airline when we were stranded by bad weather in Paro.

3/27/2005 Chris Olofson

Bangkok to Paro (via Kolkata) and back on their brand new Airbus 319. The plane was very modern (touch screen controls comfortable leather seats etc.) and the crew was very professional and accommodating. In business class it is a 2-2 configuration and a full meal is served between Bangkok and Kolkata (2:25) with a peanut/cracker/etc. snack between Kolkata and Paro (0:50). The ground stop took about 40 minutes and approximately 20 people got on/off.

10/10/2004 Kevin Chiraguna

Went to Bhutan for a 12-day visit. The flight was ok - we flew economy especially on the Paro bound it was not all that packed. FA's were nice.

6/1/2004 Frederick Poe

Druk Air the flag carrier (and only carrier) to Bhutan's only commercial airport PARO is up to snuff. The 141 jets are dual-configured and it is worth flying C class (as I did from Delhi via Kathmandu and again from Paro to Calcutta) if only to have better maneuvering for the quite incredible flightseeing of the Himalayas. The FAs are friendly professional the food service is adequate if bland (reflecting the cooking of Bhutan perhaps) the check in facilities are excellent and Paro's terminal building is quite pretty almost folksy in a way. I look forward to flying DRUK again. The name means "Dragon" in Bhutanese for otherwise why would anyone choose such an unappealing sounding word (at least to an English speaker's ear?) Druk does not cooperate in ticketing with IATA carriers and ticket costs are somewhat stiff. I doubt if the king of Bhutan will permit competition anytime soon.

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