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6/16/2019 M Foster

Not Verified | Originally booked Icelandair direct flight from Halifax to Reykjavik Iceland for our honeymoon. Due to the grounding of the Boeing Max airplanes they cancelled all their summer flights out of Halifax and rebooked us flying out of Toronto. The day of our flight we were told the Icelandair flight would facilitated...

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3/10/2019 Richard Freeman

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Salvador. I booked my flight with TAP and expected to be flying on a TAP flight. In the event it was a euro Atlantic flight. I have flown this route more than 50 times so am well used to it. Without doubt this was the most uncomfortable flight I have had on this route, really very uncomfortable. I wr...

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11/25/2018 M Mitchell

✅ Trip Verified | A Norwegian Paris Orly to Newark flight operated by EuroAtlantic. Horrible experience from start to finish. Cabin lighting works intermittently, and neither the personal lights nor the entertainment systems work. The crew basically ignores passengers. If you didn’t pre-order a meal then it’s 8 hrs with no food ...

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10/31/2018 F Lorsin

✅ Trip Verified | LOT Polish flight from Budapest to New York operated by EuroAtlantic Airways. The flight attendants are very nice and dynamic, food and drink are those of the company that rents the plane. The inflight entertainment is not so great, has only 15 movies, some music albums and a few tv shows. The flight map was't...

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7/22/2018 C Phillips

✅ Trip Verified | Paris Orly to Newark. This was the worst flight I have ever taken including domestic and international. The seats were broken with absolutely no space and this was an 8 hour flight. The crew were rude and had no knowledge of the plane. Water was €3 and blankets were €5. We booked through Norwegian and had no i...

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8/25/2017 B Lazanac

✅ Verified Review | I bought a Budapest to Lisbon return ticket with TAP Portugal. Usually they use an A319 on this route but they use Euro Atlantic Airways on some days. I have to blame TAP, because they do not mention this fact neither in the booking nor on the itinerary or during the checkin process. Anyway, as I'm a travel ...

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7/29/2017 P Raziak

✅ Verified Review | Inferior quality for the price charged. I paid for a quality airline (LOT Polish) and I got cheated into a low price charter serviced by an inexperienced crew from euroAtlantic Airways. Just not fair to premium paying customers on transatlantic flights. Even the captain could not speak English well. Food was ...

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6/28/2016 Paul Johnston

After a long and unexplained delay at Gatwick, several flights were combined into this one. I was originally supposed to fly Vueling to Barcelona. The plane was in a terrible condition - broken trays, no safety card and no food at all, which after a long delay, was simply unacceptable. Please avoid at all costs.

6/6/2016 D Olsson

Flew Singapore to Port Moresby. Air Niugini replaced their own decent 767s with a charter from euroAtlantic (Air Niugini seems to be having ongoing maintenance issues) and it was terrible. 767s are normally pretty spacious but the legroom on this one was awful, with my knees wedged against the seat in front. Furthermore, there w...

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1/7/2016 Paul Harvey

Gatwick to Barbados with euroAtlantic Airways. Possibly the worst flight I have ever experienced. We took off late from Gatwick for unknown reasons (we were never told why) and then the Captain announced the flight would take over 10 hours for journey other airlines do in just over 8hrs. Seat pitch was terrible, we had to wait o...

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