Customer reviews

10/27/2019 Silvester Knoben

✅ Trip Verified | Just 12 hours before takeoff Eurowings contacted me and sent a short message that they cancelled the flight from Duesseldorf to Bangkok on October 26th. No reason whatsoever was given. Maybe because Eurowings will stop future flights to Bangkok from Dusseldorf airport (My flight was the last one) they already d...

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10/26/2019 Wolfgang Bernhart

✅ Trip Verified | Stuttgart to Berlin. There is no service anymore in the standard tariff not even water. And they talk about priority boarding, when everyone basically has priority. I avoid LH Group whenever I can on short- haul.

10/25/2019 N Dallen

✅ Trip Verified | Dusseldorf to Bologna. When we arrived in Bologna my luggage wasn't there. A PIR-rapport was filed and after 9 days I got my luggage in Italy. On August 4 I send a claim by email to Eurowings, but still no answer!! After almost 3 months I still have no compensation!

10/24/2019 D Mavin

✅ Trip Verified | My flight from Hamburg to Vienna had a delay, so the plane arrived too late for my connecting flight and I missed it. They rebooked me but told me to book my own accomodation. Now they are not compensating for the hotel or the compensation according to EU-Regulation 261/2004. They telling it were the "extraor...

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10/18/2019 Eric Chen

Not Verified | Milan to Dusseldorf. The airline was oversubscribed. Appalling service. Moreover, they took our luggage at check in but since it was overbooked, they gave it back to us, but this time with damamges all over our luggages. Lastly, their call centre number printed on their leaflet does not even work! Worst airline ev...

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10/15/2019 B McMillan

✅ Trip Verified | Flight cancelled with less than 1 hour’s notice from Munich to Düsseldorf where I had a connecting flight to Edinburgh. No reason for cancellation given. No assistance from Eurowings to get home, just left to get on with it. Eurowings charged over £600 for these short haul flights. Managed to get booked onto a...

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10/12/2019 Mark Mazzie

✅ Trip Verified | Dusseldorf to Munich booked for November 2019. Have tried for three days to get someone on the phone and I've been on hold for 1 hour each time. Never reached anyone. I sent an email and never got an answer.

10/6/2019 S Healey

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Mykonos. This is regarding lost luggage but the review is about the customer service and lack of urgency and communication from EuroWings. We never received our luggage during our honeymoon and were assured the wrong would be made right. It has been more than 3 months and countless emails and calls t...

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10/2/2019 Monica Pignal

Not Verified | London to Vienna. Flight delayed so I would have missed my connection. Impossible to change or cancel flight. I spent over one hour waiting on telephone before I hung up in disgust. No service desk at Heathrow and no one could help. This is shocking service.

9/30/2019 L Meaden

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Manchester via Düsseldorf. Very basic flights to Munich on the outgoing leg. Extremely cramped seats. Drinks less than average and very expensive. Staff unfriendly. On the return we waited for 2 hours at the gate with repeated delays only to be told our first flight was cancelled. Surely they knew ea...

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9/29/2019 M Peale

✅ Trip Verified | Horrible experience! Düsseldorf to Las Vegas Sept. 27th We will never fly with Eurowings again. I’m not sure if the worst part was the rudeness, laziness, incompetence, or lack of professionalism. It started with a circus of a boarding procedure. They allowed everyone to just pile in from multiple lines instea...

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9/28/2019 Frank Rieger

✅ Trip Verified | Dusseldorf to Las Vegas. One of my worst experiences with an airline ever. I will never fly EuroWings again! I'm traveling several times per year as a business class passenger with multiple airlines mainly between the US and Europe. When boarding my flight in Dusseldorf as a business class passenger to Las Vega...

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9/19/2019 DMalcomarz

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Dusseldorf. Very nice experience in business class. They use old Lufthansa planes which are retrofitted and don't look old. The seat is the same as Lufthansa business seat but it is OK for a low budget airline. It is fully lie-flat and there is ample legroom There was no one seated next to me so it...

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9/15/2019 Martin Strmiska

Not Verified | Vienna to Cancun via Dussuldorf. I can't believe such a bad service can actually exist and sells. I bought my flight VIE-CUN via DUS for 1176 incl. 2 main bags. Beside some of the tightest space on the long flight, I was shocked when the airline wanted me to pay for entertainment system for the worst selection of...

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9/14/2019 D Meyer

✅ Trip Verified | Stuttgart to Hamburg with Eurowings. What a disaster! This company does not care at all about its passengers. They scrutinised every luggage that would exceed the maximum size allowed to get an extra 30€! No drink! Really expensive! I am so disappointed.

9/11/2019 R Parleisi

✅ Trip Verified | Düsseldorf to Munich. All in all nice flight, but IFE costs and Crew seemed new and not so professional. No meals served but for 25€ oneway you cannot expect anything else. Seat was very nice.

9/4/2019 Michele Caforio

Not Verified | Hamburg to Milan. Latecomers rewarded. I arrived early at the departing gate so as to carry my little trolley on board. Eurowings staff labelled about 30 trolleys starting for the first people arrived, to ship them as registered luggage. All the people, flying my same basic fare, at the end of the queue were able...

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9/3/2019 Renee Geisha

Not Verified | Eurowings lost our luggage twice! There and back. It took three days to get our luggage in Stuttgart. We had only one pair of clothes in our carry on. We also had to borrow a comb and pay extra for a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a razor at the hotel. Keep in mind most stores were closed on Sundays and most closed ...

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9/2/2019 Alessio M, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 25D

Poor ife, meal included only if you are in smart fare or upper, the hand baggage bigger than a backpack are weight and checked is very difficult to make onlne check-in .cold temperature and a blanket cost 8 euros

9/2/2019 M Garamatis

London to Athens via Dusseldorf. Generally the staff was helpful, no significant delays (just 10-25 min, which is not bad). However, I asked for a glass of water and the stewardess told me that I should buy a bottle of water of 3 eur. I can imagine this is because the airline is a low-cost one. You can expect that even a machin...

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