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7/4/2019 S Massar

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a direct flight from Berlin to Zadar and suddenly I receive an email from Eurowings saying that my flight has been cancelled and the only option I have is to leave at 6 am, change in Düsseldorf and then take a flight to Split. Split? I am going on holiday in Zadar, this is ridiculous. I called the cus...

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7/3/2019 S Hallen

✅ Trip Verified | Very simply the worst experience ever! Flight was cancelled, we were promised to get a rental car reimbursed if we were to travel ourselves to destination Amsterdam. Claiming these costs didn't only take 30 days, turns out they also dont reimburse the costs for the car, which they decided in the email they sen...

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7/1/2019 R Lanzer

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Vienna, I need an option to mark a negative rating. Eurowings needs to be avoided like the plague. They first tried to charge me for the same flight for two consecutive days, for 6/30 and 7/1. I had to cancel 2 credit cards because of those charges I did not agree to. Expedia refunded my 7/1 fare. Got...

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6/28/2019 Dolores Kovačević

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Rijeka. They were delaying trip every hour for half an hour so we started 2 hours later. The cabin crew don't know to say hello. And we did not get anything free to drink or eat.

6/27/2019 J Mahtiv

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Dusseldorf. Staff demanded that I pay a penalty of 70 euros for my hand luggage. I received an email from Eurowings before the flight, claiming that hand luggage is allowed at no extra cost: "Dear passenger, your Eurowings flight is heavily booked today. To help us depart on time, please hand in your...

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6/21/2019 S Garvella

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Berlin. Worst flying experience ever. Very unfriendly staff Flight was 1 hour late. When we landed we had to wait 72 minutes to leave the plane

6/20/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 32K

I am 6'1", and this seat is not comfortable on long haul flights; narrow and no leg room. Had Smart fare and it is confusing what is included; two meals were but a coca cola was E2.50. Go figure.

6/14/2019 Andy, Bombardier Q400 seat 10A

Flight was rather loudas this airplane is a propeller plane. The legroom at the window seats is quite bad. The service on board was very good and the staff was very friendly. The flight itself was very bumpy because of the bad weather conditions. The seats are rather uncomfortable an hard. It was ok for that short flight.

6/14/2019 S Farler

✅ Trip Verified | Punta Cana to London via Dusseldorf. Fell short of my expectations by a delayed departure of 2 hrs. The plane was clean, boarding efficient, and crew formal, unsmiling and completely without the usual, and nowadays expected, airline crew report. Dinner/Supper was served at about 2200 hrs as take-off was delaye...

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6/14/2019 K Galakis

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Milan via Stuttgart. Worst flying experience. They cancelled the second leg of the flight with no reason while flying the first leg. No efforts to fly us to final destination on same day. They arranged accommodation in Stuttgart and rebooked us for the next day.

6/14/2019 A Mazeh

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a ticket from Valencia to Berlin with Dusseldorf as a connecting airport. The flight in Dusseldorf was cancelled and the company said due to weather conditions although all other airlines was operating in a normal way. Then they said there is no airplanes until the next day, we waited at the reception...

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6/12/2019 E Garchire

✅ Trip Verified | London to Venice via Cologne. I had a stopover in Cologne and since I have Gold status with United, I was able to use the Lufthansa lounge. So far so good. I missed my connecting flight because the flight boarding status was never updated on the airport-wide flight information display system. I learned that it...

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6/10/2019 Lincoln McCarthy

✅ Trip Verified | Itinerary was London to Berlin via Dusseldorf, and Berlin back to London via Cologne. Out of 4 flights with Eurowings, 3 flights were delayed, the worst of which was 53 minutes. OK, not exactly the end of the world, however when I asked for a cup of water onboard the worst delayed flight I was told a cup of wa...

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6/9/2019 Jan Birkner

✅ Trip Verified | Düsseldorf to Bologna. The flight and service was overall a plesant journey. However the aircraft is a bit dated a not up to date. Service on board was good, staff was very friendly. The legroom was great, however the seats looked old and used. Price was quite high due to an event on this weekend.

6/3/2019 P Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Stuttgart with Eurowings. Delayed 2.55 minutes. Just 5 minutes before 3 hours because if the delay was 3 hours they had to pay me. So they did it on purpose. They knew it was going to be delayed and did everything they could to arrive 5 minutes before I could claim for refund. I lost 3 very important ...

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5/17/2019 Tollot, Airbus A340-300 seat 4K

The ex Lufthansa A340-300 is an old, but verry nice and interessting airplane with a new Eurowings inside. The seat 4 K in the Eurowings BEST-class has lot of speace and is verry contribul, we will take Eurowings also for our next fligths to the USA

5/12/2019 Matthias S, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 5A

MUC-LAS on EW economy. Seat is OK, but narrower than standard LH seats. EW flight operated by Sunexpress, which does not have influence on service level that is already very low in economy. This section of 4 - 5 rows is divided from rest of economy cabin and from business before you by a wall. For some, this feels cozy, for othe...

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5/7/2019 F Pardoza

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to London via Dusseldorf. They have the worst customer service. We were refused on the flight we booked online and had a full confirmation of. Eurowings decided to change our flights 3 months before without me receiving any notification. When we were at Dusseldorf the agent started to blame Lufthansa (...

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4/29/2019 Dominic Juhr

Not Verified | Boarding was on time and efficient. The staff was pretty welcoming. The thing which surprised me was that none of them spoke German and also just very basic and broken English. Some passengers had to translate for example the safety instructions to other, mostly elderly, passengers because the didn’t understood i...

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4/27/2019 P Bennett

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Heathrow to Cancun via Dusseldorf. It wasn't fancy - I flew 'Smartclass' and this includes hold baggage and hot and cold meal on the Dusseldorf-Cancun stretch, and a cold snack on the London-Dusseldorf stretch. I'm not going to pretend it's luxury, but it wholly exceeded my expectations. The food wa...

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