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4/26/2019 Anja Plasberg

Not Verified | Poor customer service. Stockholm to Cologne/Dusseldorf. Last flight in January, several airports were affected by a strike. My flights were canceled. Contacted the customer service for rebooking and wanted to get on a flight from Dusseldorf instead. But they told it was not possible, they could only give me a new flight the next day from Cologne as my flights were booked from the same airport. Calling them again, I persisted that I would need a flight back on the same day, and I knew there were seats left on a flight from Dusseldorf. After a while, they told me I was lucky and I was rebooked on that flight from Dusseldorf. Find it very poor, that this help was given me only at a second call. Just booked a flight for the family in May. Unfortunately, we made a mistake when booking. We wanted to postpone the flight for all the 5 of us for 1 day. And only 2 days after we booked everything online. Living in Sweden, we had to call the customer service in Germany. For 5 persons, we would have to pay 700 € just for the rebooking. That was a crazy price, so I asked them, if they could just cancel the old flight, so I would be able to book a new flight. But nope. Contacted the customer service via email and received the same answer. Not even trying to find a solution for us. Following their rules, they have a not mandatory grace period of 24 h. 2 days was not in the frame, not even if we actually were willing to book a new and even more expensive flight. Sent them another complaint, which has not been answered since 1 week. I really do expect more of a good customer service. Will definitely check other airlines before using Eurowings next time.

4/22/2019 Luci Sweet

Not Verified | Berlin to Brussels. My family and I had a connecting flight from Berlin to Stuttgart, Germany. Our original flight got delayed an hour so we had to be moved us to an earlier flight to make our connecting one. Once we got to Brussels we couldn’t find our bags, we went to customer service and Eurowings had left a note saying “you’re luggage is still in Berlin. Sorry for the trouble”. At this point we were very mad because our medicine and toiletries were in our luggage. The next day we had to buy new clothes. They said they would send it to our Airbnb in Paris for when we get there but our train didn’t get in until 9 so it was arranged that they would wait til 9:30. As my mom was on the phone with them saying that we weren’t gonna be there til 9:30 the guy yelled at her and said “You were supposed to be here at 9. Get here or I’m leaving!” After that they got disconnected, and when my mom tried to call back they wouldn’t answer her calls. So obviously we ran to the Airbnb to get here at around 9:15-9:20 to see that he had left. They haven’t given any info to when they will supposedly bring our luggage to us, but we’re furious because we aren’t being compensated even though we have to buy new things again tomorrow. Would never recommend Eurowings!

4/22/2019 Richard Laycock

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Düsseldorf. Smooth airline. Took off on time and landed on time. No real issues of note, I would recommend flying them on short haul with Eurowings. Cabin crew fine and friendly.

4/14/2019 Abdallah E, Bombardier CRJ900 (CR9) seat 80K

A lot of leg room, good WiFi, nice mags to order stuff (I got a model of the 747-800 I went on) and good service and proximity to the cabin crew so you can ask them for anything.

4/3/2019 S Nolkan

✅ Trip Verified | Ft Myers to Vienna via Dusseldorf. Eurowings have terrible customer service, the lady I was on the phone with was rude and hung up on me. I was flying from Fort Myers to Vienna there was no meal or baggage included, they said I have to purchase the meal, so I was surprised. I paid $852 for the ticket through Expedia and nothing was included but bottle of water, no baggage no meal. I searched the rules and pages they sent me but I did not notice there is no meal included, I saw about the baggage that I have to pay for it.

3/29/2019 Ashley Olheiser

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Mauritius. I am a Canadian who was traveling from Toronto (YYZ) to Mauritius. I had a connecting flight from Air Canada to Eurowings in Munich, Germany (MUC). My 8 hour flight with Air Canada (Toronto to Munich) consisted of drinks, wine, snacks and 1 meal. Also a pillow and blanket were provided and tv, games etc. On my 11 hour flight from Munich to Mauritius the flight consisted nothing but a half a piece of bread with cheese and one "juice box" with only water inside. Everything else you had to pay extra. 8 Euros for a drink! Not to mention no blanket or pillow, no tv options. Everything you were required to pay extra. How can you put someone on a flight for so long and give them no food or drink whatsoever? Everything about Eurowings screams cheap including their uniforms and their bad service. This tells me they do not care about the comfort of their customers. I definitely do not recommend choosing to fly with Eurowings.

3/24/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 11A

Quite comfortable, tremendous legroom, solid tables. OK space even when the person in 10 reclined fully. Slept solidly from the meal service (satisfying) 'til final approach, Dakar-Brussels. The flight was operated by Brussels Airlines but had the Eurowings livery, entertainment, etc.

3/23/2019 John Hunnisette, Bombardier Q400 seat 11A

Beware Row 11 has no window. View is extremely limited

3/20/2019 Indira Deldum

✅ Trip Verified | Stuttgart to Sarajevo. I had a flight scheduled March 19th at 17:05. P.M. Came to the airport in order to check-in where staff told me that flight time has changed: departure is moved 2 hours in advance so I missed the flight. I haven't received any kind of information about this change: nor email nor SMS. Personnel at the airport told me that they cannot do anything about it, that I should call Eurowing's support. I called and that call was an unpleasant experience as well: I was trying to check if Eurowings can do anything about my problem, but the guy on the other side of a line keep jumping in the middle of my sentence repeating that I cannot prove that Eurowings didn't send an email and that they cannot do anything about my problem. I asked if there is any way that I pay the new ticket and fill some form in order to complain and receive some kind of cost "recovery" but the guy just continue to repeat that Eurowings can't do anything for me. I had about 50 flights in the last several years and this is the worst experience ever! I can't believe that company move the flight and don't inform the customer about it. This was my first experience with Eurowings and will definitely be the last!

3/18/2019 B Serten

✅ Trip Verified | Nürnberg to Berlin. A very short but pleasant flight. The check-in at Nuremberg airport was fast and pleasant. The boarding was well organized and efficient. The flight started on time and arrived in Berlin 20 minutes earlier than planned. A very friendly and helpful cabin crew. I had heard a lot of negative about Eurowings before this flight and was therefore somewhat skeptical. But all the concerns I had were unfounded. For the Eurowings is a low-cost airline has made a very good job on this flight.

3/12/2019 Mario Luna

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Rome. Booked Smart Class. Luggage Allowance is great. Snack served tasted horrible. Seats in a land bus is better. Cabin crew not friendly but not bad either. Gates not displayed in the airport screen until 5 minutes prior to closing.

3/11/2019 Georgi Dimitrov

✅ Trip Verified | My mom had to travel from Düsseldorf to New York I booked her round trip, After the booking I found out that with this company the luggage is extra. I get it its ur policy so I called in Germany to add luggage to her flight, Not third party i went on the website of Eurowings to get their contacts, now you people don't have office number or assistants in the USA so i had to call all the way in Germany to get information and add something to my flight, on the official website it said 0.60 euro sent per call. I Called and they ask me for extra money for the service they are providing which is to help me add luggage to my flight, again not a third party company it was their official contact form their official website so they ask me for 20euro for that, I told them no its okay will do it my self online. When the day of the flight came my mom was asked if she is want to order something from the menu she said yes and then they ask her to pay it now she didn't had cash so she gave them only card she had master card and they didn't accepted it because they work only with visa card. Based on my mother and mine experience I cant really say this about Eurowings never again.

3/5/2019 Timothy Irvin

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Barcelona. Seated in 12F, an Emergency door seat over the wing. The flight left on time, and arrived 10 minutes early. The cabin crew were pleasant. The coffee was 2.50 €. When budget airlines work, they are fine. At least for short distance. I notice Eurowings get some poor reviews, I assume all reviews are valid, and how an airline performs in a difficult situation says a good deal. But based on my first flight with them, I will use them again.

3/4/2019 Amit Kumar

✅ Trip Verified | Cologne to Zurich. Rude and unsupportive crew. Just smiles and say good morning, do not help the customers. I will never book Eurowings flight again. Unprofessional crew.

3/2/2019 B Mitchell

✅ Trip Verified | London to Puerto Plata via Cologne. Used this airline for the 1st time, and was unimpressed. This so called German efficiency is not the case. Emailed the following issues to Eurowings, Booked to have food on the flight and informed it had been done. On flight no food. I found the service not rude but sharp, (not warm and friendly). They messed up a transaction with my card (dual currency card) I gave them, as it was not set up for contactless, but they swiped it without my authority, which then cancelled the card. I then had to find cash to pay for movie. On the return flight not much better, used my Barclaycard and again they swiped it without asking my permission. Paid for the movie, then the screen did not work, the tried to get it working but failed. They offered me drinks or food and I took a snickers bar as I am not a drinker. They also offered to move me to another seat with my wife (so that I could watch the movie) but I said this was impractical as it was 30 minutes into the flight. They said I would be refunded my money but 1 hour into the flight I requested my receipt I was informed they do not give receipts? I have requested my refund on 3 occasions on on writing this review have still not been refunded. Not impressed with the food at all especially their pumpernickel I think we had which tasted like cardboard. Please note the response to my issues raised were a bulk standard almost automated response.

2/28/2019 B Allan

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Stansted via Cologne. I read many reviews of Eurowings on this website which filled me with dread when I knew I was flying with them for the first time. Could this airline be as bad as Ryanair? My experience was anything but, they were punctual, crew were brilliant, bags on the belt when we got through to reclaim. I would use Eurowings again.

2/25/2019 J Keene

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Birmingham. After a 13 hour flight from Phuket we arrived into Vienna to a 2.5 hour delay. The airline gave us 5 euros each for refreshments which we all know doesn't go very far at airports. Gate information appeared on the screen so we went through security to then have flight cancelled come on screen. We were told to collect our luggage and go to terminal 1. We did just that and it was a nightmare, no one really cared and we were pushed from one person to another. We were found a flight via Munich 12 hours after our original flight and by the time we land in Birmingham it will be 16 hours late. We were given 20 euros each for food and drinks. We travel to the far east about 6 times a year and to be quite honest it will be worth the extra GBP 300 a ticket to fly with Qatar or emirates. Use at your peril if you want to waste a whole day stuck in the airport ,never again.

2/24/2019 Melissa Bellotti

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Milan via Dusseldorf. My flight supposed to be at 7.55am and the night before they sent me an email and they told me that my flight was cancelled and it would be at 2.10pm. they told me also to be there at 4am in the morning for the check in. Me and the other people spent more than 10 hours at the airport! And than on the flight they didn't accept my debit card and neither my travel card and my cash Australian and American dollars. I couldn't eat for the whole flight. And the hostess didn't care. I will not fly with this company anymore.

2/23/2019 P Meaden

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Stuttgart. No complaints at all. Polite crew and flight on time. Exactly what I expect from such a short flight. That said, this was the only positive experience I had with EW. Unfortunately our baggage didn't make it to Stuttgart. I then announced my baggage as lost at the Eurowings counter. This person however didn't feel responsible for customer service at all. He took the details of the baggage and then told me to call a number for further arrangements with Eurowings. Back in the Hotel, I called Eurowings. I was told that my suitcase hadn't been found yet and they'd notify me of status changes. of course I didn't have any clothes at all, so shopping for clothes was necessary. Asked them if there's a reimbursement policy in place. The person I talked with tried to avoid this topic. It seems there's a policy in place that staff should intentionally misinform customers so that no payments need to be made. Only after several intense demands from my side, they let me know there's indeed a policy in place and reimbursement would be made. The next morning, I received a happy email and was told my baggage got found. I then called Eurowings again. Said they'd deliver it in the next 5-7 business days! What is wrong with them? Again, it is all about saving money. Only after almost threatening them to seek legal help, they suddenly found a way to deliver it even on the same day. Next, I provided Eurowings my expenses via the email address they asked me to send it to. No single response after 1 week. Only after calling them one week later, they again realized they had my email in their inbox. It took them 2 months to finally confirm they'd reimburse my expenses. I was told they would wire it to my bank account (details had been provided in my initial email so no excuses possible). Again Eurowings was unheard of for the next 4 weeks with no payment received. 2 days ago, I emailed them again and told them I would advance with legal help to get this resolved. Not even 12 hours later, I received the wire, that tells you a lot about this airline. Do not expect they would try to help you at all. You have to fight for everything and it even requires "threatening" in order to eventually get your compensation. All about saving money and trying to exhaust their customers, customers are completely irrelevant.

2/22/2019 S Geale

✅ Trip Verified | Awful service. We were denied entry onto the flight despite being at the gate 20 minutes before take off. Denied entry despite having time to get seated and listen to the safety announcements. We were forced to buy new tickets.