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11/3/2018 Robert Eits

Not Verified | Dusseldorf to New York. Eurowings is downright bad in service. Ground staff is not well trained. The website can not be checked in. No two persons with the same initials can be registered via the website: this is blocked, even though it concerns different dates of birth. Then you have to pay 150 at the counter to correct their own mistake. Scandalous. Complaints are not responded to. Eurowings strategy: send a response email that it takes 6 weeks to get a response. I filed a complaint in July 2018, remembered in September, still no response in November 2018. The total lack of any service and the decency to respond to complaints at all. Eurowings: once but never again. Eurowings is ronduit slecht in service. Grondpersoneel is niet goed opgeleid. Via de website kan er niet ingecheckt worden. Er kunnen geen twee personen met dezelfde voorletters worden aangemeld via de website: dit wordt geblokkeerd, ondanks dat het om verschillende geboortedata gaat. Vervolgens moet je 150,-- aan de balie betalen om hun eigen fout recht te zetten. Schandalig. Op klachten wordt niet gereageerd. Strategie van Eurowings: stuur een reactiemail dat het 6 weken gaat duren om reactie te krijgen. Ik heb in juli 2018 klacht ingestuurd, in september herinnerd, in november 2018 nog steeds geen enkele reactie. Het totaal ontbreken van enige service en het fatsoen om überhaupt op klachten te reageren. Eurowings: eens maar nooit meer.

10/30/2018 W Smart

✅ Trip Verified | London to Berlin. We flew from Calgary via Montreal and London on Air Canada. Then our last segment to Berlin was a code share with Euro/Germanwings to Berlin. Our luggage arrives 4 hours later on a different flight and the baggage handling people could not even tell me when the luggage would be delivered to our hotel after 3 days. Eurowings uses WISAG as their luggage handling company and there was no responsibility and ownership taken by either the airline or luggage company. I eventually told them to ship my luggage back to Calgary but they still took extra 5 days to get it back to us. It has been more than two weeks since I submitted the claim for compensation and you think they responded at all? No, not a single email or call. Never with this airline again.

10/26/2018 Ben Thoden

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Hamburg. Another delay and the boarding gate is not capable of announcing delays and by saying that boarding starts a few minutes later instead of 45 min later. A lot of flights are not operated by Eurowings but by charter airlines under Eurowings flight number. Old planes are commonly used. I always try everything to avoid this airline. From my personal point of view, this venture has destroyed the Lufthansa brand.

10/25/2018 N Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Cologne-Bonn. Loads of planes landing and taking off at Stansted in heavy fog. But apparently due to German crew flight classification they are unable to land their aircraft in fog and so diverted to Heathrow. Ridiculous scenario when the sky and apron and filled with Ryanair flights actually going somewhere in the fog. For once, I really wish I’d booked Ryanair. Rude customer service staff at gate who were dismissive, lacked and information or interest in providing some to passengers. Poor service.

10/23/2018 M Schiel

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Hamburg. I booked the Basic fare, so no drinks or extras on my 1,5h flight to Hamburg, and that was totally fine. Booking and online checking on their website was easy. Flight was on time and very enjoyable. There was even more legroom (standard seats, not the extra legroom seat) than some premium carriers have.

10/16/2018 K Lahreli

✅ Trip Verified | London to Kos via Hamburg. We had a carry on case each and one hold case. When we arrived at Kos our hold case didn't come and it had been lost. All of my partners clothes were in there as well as all of my shoes, toiletries and hair straighteners and iPad. He had a suit in his carry on luggage as he was best man at a wedding in Kos, so everything else was in the hold luggage. We had to buy all new clothes for him, toiletries and shoes for both of us. It cost us a lot of money. We were told the case would turn up the day after we arrived, it didn't, I kept calling the airport and they were saying it was on it's way then it wasn't. We ended up getting it back the night before we went home, my hair straighteners and iPad were missing, and the case was damaged. I emailed Eurowings when we we got home (13th August we arrived home) I still haven't had a reply other than a confirmation that they received my email just after I sent it, I sent a follow up email a couple of weeks ago and still haven't heard anything. Awful company, our holiday was ruined and they haven't even got the decency to give an apology or offer any form of compensation. I will never ever use them again and I will be sure to tell everyone to avoid them.

10/16/2018 B Vudanev

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Munich. It was the worst flight I ever had, low cost airlines would seem as a luxury way of travel compared to Eurowings. Their website is hard to use, for the cheapest ticket price you don't get a meal (on 11 hours flight) and it wasn't obvious during the booking process, There are no legroom at all, I feel okay with RyanAir or AirAsia flights, but Eurowings seats are smaller, couldn't sit there (11 hour flight). Flight was delayed for ~3 hours, that made me miss my connecting flight. It took 2 more hours at Munich airport to get my answer: because delay was under 5 hours and my connecting flight was with another airline, Eurowings are not responsible for anything, I can go sleep somewhere in corner at the airport now. Some may say that price was cheap, but it's not true, a year ago I had a flight with Air France for the same amount of money, so it's not an excuse.

10/9/2018 M Keane

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Berlin Tegel. Booked a Eurowings flight through Lufthansa for what I hoped would be a quick and easy night flight from London to Berlin arriving at 10pm. After an absolute disaster of a journey we ended up at our hotel in Berlin at 6am the next morning without our luggage and poorer for the experience. Boarded the flight approx 30 min late and then advised that as there was thunderstorm activity in the London area and we had missed our departure slot that we would be significantly delayed. We ended up departing London 5 hours late after sitting at the gate for the entire time. To the captains credit he did keep us well informed and did advise us that due to a curfew at Tegel that the flight would be diverted to Schoenfeld airport. He also said that there would be a bus arranged to transport us back to Tegel airport. All of this so far is understandable, I work in the aviation industry and understand there is no way around these sort of delays and diversions. Our night was about to take a turn for the worse though and this is where Eurowings showed its true colours. Upon arrival at Schonelfeld (approx 3am) those with checked on luggage were waiting at the carousel for over an hour, slowly getting more tired and frustrated before an airport employee showed up and said there were no bags on the aircraft. They had left the luggage in London, all of it. After giving details of the lost baggage centre to everyone we asked where we could find the bus to our original destination, there was no bus. And due to the hour of the day (about 5am by this stage) we were forced to take a 50 euro cab to our hotel. The service of the complaints department has further lowered my opinion of Eurowings (if that was possible). Our luggage was tracked down about 5 days later but had a number of items missing. As of today I am yet to receive any compensation for the delayed and lost luggage (3 months later). I finally heard from the booking department about 2.5 months after this fiasco, first off they claimed that my episode was caused by a strike?! A complete lie, that they later redacted. I asked for a refund but really only wanted my 50 euro taxi fare refunded. They only offered a 50 euro Eurowings voucher, that I will never be able to use as I live in Australia, and of course I will never fly Eurowings again. Avoid at all costs.

10/6/2018 H Dean

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Cologne. I don't think it's possible for an airline to be worse. There are too many things to say, so in short: flight was cancelled, waited in airport a long time with no answers, finally taken to hotel and were told the hotel would inform us of our new flight (uh, nope), waited for 2 hours for their customer service to answer the phone and were told they were getting a plane for 2 days later (missing 2 days of our Europe trip was unacceptable and they still didn't have concrete information for us), then told us we could book a flight then be reimbursed... but told it had to be cheap and that 90% get their reimbursement. Purchased a flight for the next morning (nothing is cheap that short notice) and now we're waiting for $1400 each and the e-mail response says it can take 6-8 weeks for a reply. That's just this flight. If we had made it to Cologne (we surpassed it altogether), our next Eurowings flight would have been delayed. When we did eventually get to Europe, there was an announcement of a delayed eurowings flight. Basically, you're pretty much guaranteed to have your flight delayed or canceled if you fly Eurowings. My flight from Europe back to the United States took off and landed later than scheduled and I missed my shuttle and paid for another one. I was charged for headphones and for use of the outdated screen in front of me. I had pre-purchased an in-flight meal, but was hungry right after eating it and spent more money on food. It was a 12 hour flight and closer to the end they brought around a little more food, but I didn't get it. I only remember seeing the one option for meal purchase. The seats were uncomfortable and with each new thing, I became more and more upset. I didn't say anything, but I was balling my eyes out during the flight. I have never experienced anything this horrendous.

10/6/2018 G Guidi

Not Verified | Vienna to Rome. I take this flight every week. Always delayed more the 30mins. Unacceptable. Ryanair will start doing this route from November. Go for it! Poor service but at least you arrive on time

10/4/2018 S Lerner

✅ Trip Verified | We flew from Koeln Bonn airport to Zurich and had to check one bag. As we already had our boarding passes (online check in was easy) we assumed it would be a quick drop off as it usually is not a big deal. Well, as we entered the airport we encountered an enormous crowd lined up. The line up was so long, that the people were lining up all the way to the exit doors. And to our surprise and shock we found out that this is the bag drop off line! Out of 6 desks, only 2 were operating. The line was barely moving. Then after an hour, hoping they would open more counters, they closed one! And another half an hour later the last counter lady took her bag and left. The crowd was close to a collective panic, as most people were late for their flights at this time. Some people, for whom the time pressure got to high, started storming other Eurowings counters (check-in or express) to drop their bags. The time for our flight was way past boarding time (we waited for 1.5 hours in the line up to drop a bag). I had no choice but pushing onto the express counter out of line to get into our flight, which was finally successful. Looking back, I can't believe Eurowings counter management policy. We already had to claim checked luggage with the ticket booking, I am sure everybody had. So they knew exactly how many bags had to be dropped off. The few staff members were highly stressed, constantly yelled at and probably close to a burn out. I will be avoiding Eurowings in the future.

10/3/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) seat 16C

Terrible little legroom for a 1,88 m person ... better choose a seat with extra legroom. HAM to PMI!

10/3/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) seat 14C

Terrible little legroom for a 1,88 person... better choose a seat with extra legroom!

10/2/2018 D Argent

Not Verified | Antalya to London via Cologne, the worst airline experience I have had. Firstly we checked in at Antalya Airport and they could only print off our boarding pass for one leg of the journey and we were told we would need to exit the airport and check in again in Cologne. This flight was delayed, we missed our connection and then queued for over 2 hours to speak with the ticketing desk. We were put on the next flight which was also delayed, meaning we didn't get back until 7 hours after our scheduled landing. I have tried to claim compensation with no response other than "this is the risk you take flying with a low cost airline". This was actually stated by one of their customer service representatives. I will never fly Eurowings again.

9/24/2018 Dug Cam Cee, Bombardier Q400 seat 1C

This is a great plane, cruising in excess of 700kmh and at a lower altitude. Slightly loud compared to larger aircraft, however a very comfortable journey. Obviously seat 1c has great legroom. The aircrew were friendly and helpful. Do not hesitate to fly in a Bombardier 400QC

9/23/2018 Gustav Mix

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Fort Myers. First flight cancelled. We end our vacation two days earlier cause no alternate flight later possible. Now they cancelled the alternate flight too. This is my worst experience ever with am airline. We have two little children 2 and 3 years old. Never fly Eurowings! If you buy cheap, you pay double!

9/23/2018 L Schmitt

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a rondtrip from Hamburg to Stockholm. My first flight was cancelled two months before departure and I was booked on another flght later that day via Düsseldorf with a 5 hour layover. As I had scheduled meetings in Stockholm, that flight did not work out for me. Luckily, Eurowings booked me on a direct flight a day earlier and even paid for a hotel in Stockholm for me. Customer Service can be a bit of a hassle, but after all I got what I needed. Both flights were on time, seats are comfortable for a low-cost-airline and the plane was quite new. Overall, no complaints and way better than Ryanair. Would fly Eurowings again.

9/22/2018 K Jahire

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Berlin via Dusseldorf. Flight to Dusseldorf was delayed by 2 hours. In Dusseldorf, they announce that flight has been cancelled. They can't book hotel, there is no flight to Berlin today and the flights tomorrow are fully booked. That's it! We had to get our train booking done to reach Berlin. When we mailed the customer desk, the auto reply said, we will get back to you by 6 weeks. For me the rating has to be in negative.

9/21/2018 Danny, Bombardier Q400 seat 11F

Note to myself: skip this flight next time ... especially seat 11A/F. Apart from the very limited space (I'm 6'4 tall), the fresh air vents are 1-2 inches above my head, neck/head-ache guaranteed. The 11F seat is not on a window, it's even worse, there is no place for the right shoulder as the right hand wall seems thicker right here (similar on the 11A seat).

9/16/2018 JM Lebrun

✅ Trip Verified | 50% of flights with delay. Information on delay at last minute, and delay increase every hour. No reliable information, no personal at gate for information. Basically you just sit at the gate and prey that they will not be a new delay. Perfect company if you want to stay the whole day or even worst the whole night at the airport.