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6/16/2019 H Anderson

✅ Trip Verified | Apia, Samoa to San Francisco with Fiji Airways. Seats were ridiculous! There was no room to move at all. Approx 2.5 feet between my own seat back and the seat back in front of me. 11 hours in the middle and I could barely walk. The staff were professional, courteous, and helpful. This was my 3rd time to the South Pacific/Asia and it was the most uncomfortable trip of all. We were simply sardines.

3/17/2019 Abdallah E, De Havilland Canada DHC-6 (DHT) seat 5A

My flight was performed on Twin Otter with significant different layover: it was 7 rows "1 + 2", but row №6 was without seats A and B (across the door). Row №7 was more like 3+0: its located in a narrow tale part and aisle was not necessary at the last row. So it was one block of three seats.

3/14/2019 Phil WEARNE, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 2A

Excellent service in all aspects. Highly recommended.

2/11/2019 Avneel Abhishay

✅ Trip Verified | Suva to Nadi. As a frequent flyer with Fiji Link am disappointed with the level of service at Nausori Airport. I was due to fly FJ24 but due to issues with the aircraft they had to downgrade the aircraft to an ATR42 which meant at least 20 pax had to be offloaded. They were seeking volunteers, I happily volunteered. I was given a hotel which was pathetic but that is another story. The next day, I was told my pickup will be at 5.15 from the hotel. 2 taxis came, took other passengers that were assigned to them and left. I was waiting with two other guys, finally a taxi came I asked the driver about my pickup the driver said he was not aware. He called Fiji Airways and spoke to the rep and her reply was "I don't know about any Avneel or whoever he is" much to my shock. Mind you the phone was on speaker and I could hear what she said. The two guys offered me a lift, when I got to the airport the rep responsible for arranging taxi started pushing the blame to the manager from last night rather than apologising. When I requested the check-in staff for a window seat she rudely said "there is only one seat left". I have always had issues at Nausori, never at Nadi or Labasa or other airports I have traveled with Fj.

2/4/2019 D Mearden

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Nadi. Great airline! From the moment I stepped on board to the moment I left the arrival gate I felt safe, secure and well taken care of. The seats were very comfortable and had lots of leg room, the inflight entertainment varied from movies to video games which was very fun, and the inflight food was included in the flights cost and was quite delicious, served at very appropriate times, and the portion was filling. Staff were friendly and attentive!

1/7/2019 T Dawsani

✅ Trip Verified | Labasa to Nadi. Our flight got cancelled on the 5th of Jan from Labasa to Nadi due to bad weather. We made about 30 phone calls to Fiji Link both in Suva and Nadi. Each time a different story was told. Absolutely no help has been provided. We were meant to be back at work today. It's 3 days now. We asked Fiji Link to give us a date when we could travel back to Brisbane so that we can inform work. Fiji link failed to do that as well. No supplimentary flights have been arranged,we have not received a single phone call,text or email to say they are making arrangements to fly us out ASAP. We even went down to the local airport only to find locals travelling out of the Island. How about those who are visitors here and have to return to work and attend to medical appointments?They fail to answer questions and are not supportive at all.

12/16/2018 Billy Molloy

✅ Trip Verified | Terrible service. Flights to and from Singapore cancelled with no notice. Worst customer service I’ve ever seen. No care given to the passenger throughout. Cancelled flights at last minute are the normal thing for this airline. Check online to see how many are cancelled. Warning do not fly with Fiji Airways if you want to have a holiday or business trip that is on time. Terrible, terrible service. Worst ever airline. Old planes also.

12/16/2018 B Marten

✅ Trip Verified | Had a flight from Singapore to Nadi and 3,5 hrs before departure get an email that there is a delay of 24hrs. Long time on the phone, line was several time interrupted. No offer how to help staying overnight in Singapore or how to help with the cancellation of the non-refundable hotel on Fiji. For problems caused for the customer Fiji Airways does not care.

12/8/2018 J Kalen

✅ Trip Verified | Nadi to Adelaide. Ground service very good, very fast check in. Business class lounge was new, nicely decorated and well stocked with food/snacks, drinks and newspapers. Only thing: loud music. Flight: a very tired and old plane, seats very uncomfortable for a 6 hours flight. Seat controls did not work properly. Personal space was pretty cramped; sleeping impossible. Blanket an small pillow were provided. No amenity kit. Service was OK, nothing special, the same for food. Very small portions and service was over within les than 1 hour after take-off. We had expected more reading other reviews. That this flight is a direct one is a plus, however for better seats and service I would not mind a stop.

12/7/2018 J Shearer

✅ Trip Verified | We flew Brisbane to Honolulu return, stopping over in Fiji for a couple of days on both the outbound and return trips, and were quite happy with the service and comfort. The aircraft comprised B737-800 between Brisbane and Nadi and the slightly smaller B737-700 between Nadi and Honolulu. The Brisbane to Nadi flight was almost full, although we were lucky enough to score an empty seat between us. The Nadi-Honolulu flights stopped over briefly in Apia, Samoa on the way over and in Christmas Island, Kiribati on the way back. The Nadi to Apia leg of the outbound flight to Honolulu was totally full as was the Nadi to Brisbane return flight. However, the Apia to Honolulu and Honolulu to Nadi flights were both less than half full, so we had plenty of room to spread out. All flights departed on time and arrived early. There is not much in the way of in-flight entertainment on these older 737s, with their small retractable overhead screens, but apparently, Fiji Airways will soon be taking delivery of the first of their new 737MAX aircraft to be used on these routes, and these planes will have individual TV screens. We found the service to be quite friendly and relaxed and the food and drinks offered were more than adequate. As they say at the end of their safety briefings, welcome to Fiji time! Our only real criticism was a very hard landing in Brisbane at the end of the trip. However, overall we found this to be a very relaxing way of traveling between Brisbane and Honolulu.

11/28/2018 Ronald Weaver

✅ Trip Verified | We were told there would be a one hour delay for 9 pm departure. At the end of that 1 hour we were told there be another hour delay. At the end of that hour we were told there would be another hour delay because we were changing planes. We received only 1 communication per hour and no explanation until the last announcement. When finally boarding we were told that due to the late nature of our flight that their own booking people would be re-booking all of our connecting flights for us and they would be waiting at the gate in LA with our new flights and boarding passes. That was a lie, it did not happen. All of us ended up having to go through re-booking in LA after exiting customs and security and nobody from Fiji Airways in LA had any idea why we were there. Most of our connecting flights were all missed and we were on our own booking connecting flights with 2 overwhelmed Fiji Air people. At every point where they said they would have things fixed for us, they lied. Their gate staff at Nadi were completely clueless and could not answer any questions!

11/7/2018 Gyan Fernando

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Nadi. Basic but good considering that it was not a very long flight. Inflight entertainment was virtually non-existant because of small drop down screens. Cabin service was adequate and the hostesses were cheerful. The flight was smooth

10/15/2018 Robert Simon

✅ Trip Verified | Nadi to Los Angeles. This was my second time flying on Fiji Airways, the first time being a few hours earlier when I flew from Brisbane to Nadi. This was a relatively long flight (nearly 11 hours) so I expected a different level of service and comfort and I was not disappointed. The flight crew, including pilots, were polite, courteous and service oriented. We were greeted with a warm "Bula" (hello) and a smile. The staff were great. For business class, I thought the cabin was a bit cramped (2-2-2 configuration) but the seats were comfortable and I was quite comfortable while sleeping. We were given a large pillow, a duvet and a blanket - more than adequate for comfort. I found the food on the flight to be better than average but not outstanding but then again the price point of Fiji Airways is very reasonable and thus this was not unexpected. The amenity kit offered was different in that it featured a hydrating mist in addition to the usual moisturizing cream, ear plus, socks, eye mask, etc. I found that to be a really nice touch and I must say that the scent of the moisturizer was wonderful. When given the chance, I will fly Fiji Airways again.

10/15/2018 Robert Simon

✅ Trip Verified | This was my first trip on Fiji Airways - I was en route to Los Angeles through Nadi from Brisbane. It was on a Boeing 737 which has always been one of my favorite aircraft to fly. The experience was excellent. We were greeted warmly by the crew with a "Bula". The cabin crew were courteous, gracious and warm. I noticed that some of the flight attendants took particular time with children. The seats were quite comfortable, thanks in part to the significant amount of pitch and a wonderful foot rest. The food on the flight was tasty and served with courtesy. Each seat was supplied with a large and comfortable pillow as well as a blanket which made the ride more comfortable and made taking a nap quite easy. Departing the plane for my next flight was simplified by the cabin crew's excellent directions and instruction. I will definitely fly Fiji Airways again when there is an opportunity.

9/29/2018 S Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Port Vila to Suva via Nadi. Last year, great. This year, completely unreliable, misleading and no customer service. I was off loaded at the airport because the passengers that had checked-in before me had excess baggage and the plane was overweight. They preferred to off load passengers rather than the excess baggage. Months later I tried going again, and I got to my destination but then my return flight was cancelled. I was booked onto the next flight (3 days later) but missed my connecting international flight. Got stuck in Suva for an extra 2 days and was then given the wrong re-booked return flight details (in writing) and missed my unknowingly booked flight, and was then re-booked again on a non-direct flight. No compensation for the additional accommodation expenses was offered when requested. The customer service team then issued me a credit for my flight, but when I tried to use the credit I was then told I didn't have a credit. This was after days of correspondence confirming the contrary - and only written correspondence because their customer service phone number didn't work. My next trip has been cancelled consequently but not in sufficient time to have my accommodation bookings cancelled without charge. All I got from Fiji Airways was a 'sorry, there was a misunderstanding' with no further offer of assistance or attempt to rectify the situation. The 'Manager of Customer Service' was unavailable to make any further complaints to. In flight - the flight attendants are great but the food is a disgrace.

9/21/2018 Jay, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 19A

Looked like a great seat BUT it is the ONLY window seat without a window! Very disappointed because we also booked this seat on return flight. On flight over audio was not working. On flight home I sat bolt upright in 19B (next to wife) as seat recline would not work. Hard to get comfortable. Legroom adequate. Service very ordinary - still waiting to come back with a drink. Ran out of vegetarian dish (although everyone I saw had the chicken, no one had vegetarian). I had the chicken - like everyone else (not prepared for them to come back when everyone else had been served). I am glad it was only a 3-4hr flight. They need to pay more attention to the customer service and experience. When are airlines going to enforce the cabin luggage requirements? They did weigh and tag our carry on luggage at bookin but heaps of large luggage made it onto plane.

9/20/2018 M Long

✅ Trip Verified | My fiancé and I booked our honeymoon for November in Fiji and Fiji Airways offers direct flight between Hong Kong and Nadi. We have got everything booked (expensive non-refundable resort) and later found out that our return flight had been cancelled. We called customer care to see what they can do to protect us on another flight via Singapore or Melbourne on the same day (because obviously the hotel dates can’t be changed), and asked for compensation such as hotel for overlay due to additional transfer and taxi fee due to late arrival (after 12am) in Hong Kong. The response we got was that it is under their terms and conditions that they can cancel whatever flight they want, and that they won’t be giving us any sort of compensation, and if we are not satisfied then we can cancel our trip. This is probably the worst customer service from an airline I have ever encountered.

9/14/2018 E Laragavu

✅ Trip Verified | Christchurch to Nadi. Fiji Airways are awesome in customer service and I will highly recommend this airline to my friends and family. The staff was awesome in attending passengers requirements and also with the call button service.

9/13/2018 Tammy Kregar, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 2E

We thought we would spoil ourselves and fly on our first family holiday overseas on business class. Less than satisfied. Uncomfortable, well worn seats. Good leg room. Entertainment a joke, an IPAD! Dirty, cover that was old and tacky and didnt work properly. Drink good. Food nice but I expected better. I wanted a certain dish that was offered on the menu to be told " We only have 2 of them". So didnt get it. Staff were not overly happy. Was surprised that when we went to land there was still food not picked up and they didnt even check if we had our seat belts on! I looked up and they were putting their seat belt on! We had a glass break near my 8 year old who knocked it of whilst sleeping and it broke. It was sitting there most of the flight. Staff less than helpful and quite grumpy. Would not fly business class with this airline ever again and would not recommend to anyone.

8/19/2018 S Khareen

✅ Trip Verified | I recently travelled San Francisco to Nadi. My meal preference was Muslim meal that was horrible. The meal on our way to Nadi for breakfast was pancakes with cream cheese, and was some sort of chicken tikka, a piece of naan and some rice. The meal on our way back for breakfast was an egg omelet and potatoes. I would suggest to find a new cook, and offer better food for the Muslims. I’m sure I am not the only one who ordered a muslim meal, perhaps the only one who will address this issue!