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7/4/2019 Wayne MacDonald

✅ Trip Verified | Flew June 21 form Edmonton to Halifax. Staff are great! Plane is disgusting. Washroom smelt of urine, the floor was sticky even the door to washroom was gross. This plane was sitting so first flight of the morning. It should have been cleaned. My next flight was from Halifax to Edmonton on June 30th. Again the flight crew were pleasant. The plane on the other hand should not have been Flying. The front washroom wasn't working, the rear washrooms were filthy and there was no water to wash your hands. There was a broken seat at the front of the plane with a passenger sitting in it. I understand Flying on a budget. I'm a truck driver and hauled cattle ànd these animals were in better travelling conditions than what was on that plane. I strongly recommend another airline. Stay away from Flair.

7/2/2019 W Keane

✅ Trip Verified | Winnipeg to Toronto. This airline is not for individuals travelling with small kids. They made us walk with the stroller and car seat all the way to the door of the aircraft instead of checking them at the counter. This made the trip very unpleasant as we had two small kids, two car seats and two strollers, plus three carry-on bags and the baby diaper bag to carry among two adults. I am pleading with the airline to listen to the customers, and do like the other airlines, and allow us the check the baby equipment at the baggage counter.

6/29/2019 S Nalvoni

✅ Trip Verified | It was one of the worst experiences. The flight was delayed by 7 hours and there were no proper answers provided on what was going on. We were made to sit in the aircraft for 4-5 hours without proper service. There was no sense of responsibility towards Customers and even with the delay of 7 hours we were not provided any proper meal. It was a terrible experience and airlines should take more responsibility. 0 ratings

6/27/2019 C Karmen

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Edmonton. Flight delayed for 6 hours, 1st delay. No heads up of this prior to arriving 2 hours before original departure time. Staff gave $10 food vouchers to "compensate". No good for alcohol or the convenience stores, or for about half of the restaurants at the airport. Spoke with Flair via phone, waited almost 30 minutes. Was told this company would comp my flight with a different company (i.e. WestJet) if the flight was bumped again. Around 3pm, asked employee and was told flight was still good to go. 2 hours later, and 45 minutes before rescheduled departure time, flight got bumped again. Now it was a 10 hour delay from original departure time. Asked about compensation but was told the employee who told me this was wrong. Call center closed when I tried to call them again, even though it was still within their business hours. Booked with a different company because I wanted to arrive in my destination that day, and it was possible I would have to wait the entire weekend if the flight was bumped again. I still don't know if this flight ever left the airport. Was told the refund would appear within 3-7 business days. It is now the 8th business day and no refund. Called Flair again today to inquire. Waited for 40 minutes on hold before I spoke with someone who has now (re)processed my refund. It will be another 7-10 business days before it comes through. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money to know that your flight will actually leave. It was not worth the stress and nightmarish wait to save myself a couple hundred dollars. Had to wait for almost an hour before I could get a refund at the Flair desk. Meanwhile, I had to get my luggage from Flair and drop it at the new airline's desk, as well as, go through security again. I had 2 hours to do all this, and I almost missed my new flight because I had to wait for my luggage for almost 35 minutes.

6/27/2019 V Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Vancouver via Edmonton. Bad experience Jun 14, 2019. Flight to YVR cancelled. Perfect weather, no plane problems. An employee told me there were not enough crew to work the flight!! I received no email or text notification that the flight via Edmonton to Vancouver was delayed from 7am to 2pm, so arrived at the airport at 5:30am just in case. Their call centre doesn't open until 8am so I had nobody to check with. At the airport, I happened to see a lady with a clipboard who said I had been rebooked on an Air Canada flight at 5pm at another terminal. Although I appreciate promptly being rebooked, I never received any notification of my flight change...what if I had not found the lady? What if I stayed home and returned closer to 2pm for the Edmonton flight? They expected me and others to sit at the airport for 11 hours and wait. I took a short taxi ride home to sleep and came back again later. After multiple emails, the airline refuses to reimburse me for the 2 taxi fares which would not have been incurred if I was notified to stay home until the evening flight, and I paid a baggage fee for a flight my bag never went on. Company refuses any reimbursement and I lost a day of vacation. People meeting me in Vancouver had to change all their plans. Not happy about this experience. I don't recommend this airline at all.

6/26/2019 K Gomez

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Calgary. I originally bought the round trip flight tickets for my husband, my 2 year old son and myself on May 10, 2019 for an 11:55 am departure from Vancouver to Calgary. On the day of departure, we realized when we got to the airport that the departure time had changed to 10:30 am. We got to the service counter at 10:35 am and the airplane had already left. The agent told us no other flights were available that day and that they had also automatically cancelled our return flight as their policy. How is this fair? We called the customer service line a few times as directed from their website but was on hold for more than 20 minutes each time. A couple of times, we got hung up on. When finally getting someone on the phone, they said they cannot do anything. The only offer they can give is for us to pay for new return flight tickets or pay $150 on top of what we already paid, plus the price difference for the tickets for that day. When asked if we can speak to management, they said no one was available and we would be on queue. However, three days passed and no one called back. We, of course, had to book another flight with another airline, which cost us over $2,000 but was treated much better. I was appalled with the way we were treated and no fair resolution was offered. This was also our first time booking with Flair Airlines and I do not recommend it to anyone

6/25/2019 C Limoges

Not Verified | Vancouver to Calgary. Probably the worst airline experience I've ever had. I checked in the night before, paid for my baggage fees the night before. I arrived at the Flair Airlines booth at 10:45 AM when my flight took off at 11:55 AM hoping to just drop my bag. Sadly there was a huge line up of people waiting to check in and no bag drop. I waited and waited. Finally at 11:25 I noted I needed to get my bags to Calgary and two other families (who were ahead of me in the line) popped out with the same request. We all were heading to Calgary and couldn't drop our bags cause the counter folks were taking forever to process people. The counter girl told me to just leave my luggage and go get the plane. Where? She offered no secured locker. Then a manager came and said the same thing and told us we all missed our flight and there were no options to get our luggage to Calgary. They also had no other flights going to Calgary that day and our only option was to book another flight for another day. I tried to call customer service and they have an ongoing message that they're receiving higher than normal call volumes. I waited for 30 minutes and in that time booked another flight to Calgary via WestJet. I hung up and wrote customer service an email to get this sorted out. I still haven't heard back from them. Two days later when I tried to check into my return flight from Calgary to Vancouver with Flair Air, the counter ladies informed me because I missed my flight on Saturday, my Monday flight was cancelled. No call? No email? So I had to pay for another return flight back to Vancouver with Flair Air. Honestly I'll never fly with this airline again. They're processes and procedures for quick check in are terrible. Why is there no bag drop so you can avoid having to go to the counter line up? They nickle and dime you at every corner and aren't really that much cheaper. I've been on hold with their customer service again for 45 minutes and still no answer. don't bother with this airline.

6/25/2019 Bruce Grant

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Edmonton. Terrible. Cancelled flight after they have conveniently closed their call center for the day. Emailed through web site. Have yet to get a reply. Sent note through face book page. Have yet to get a reply. Called in and they just offer refund and no reason for delay. I mention new federal rules coming out July and December 15th about airline and compensation they just play dumb and say not aware of any rules. Worst airline ever. Not to worry as this airline will be defunct soon. Ended up costing me 150% more to fly one way just get home. worst part is that they don’t care and couldn’t wait to get off phone with me. Never fly.

6/16/2019 Dalbir Singh

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Toronto with Flair Airlines. Terrible service. Unpredictable. They changed the flight status at the last minute without any information. Surprised at the counter today by a rescheduled flight 2 times with a more than 10 hours wait at the airport. Avoid if possible.

6/11/2019 M Larinski

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Winnipeg. Bad customer service. Would not help us at the check in and when I called the person over the phone, the agent has the worst service I have ever heard. I would never want to deal with her again. She said she was the highest supervisor in the company and wouldn’t give me a name to speak to another one. They talk to you as if you’re a child and just tell you you’re wrong without trying to help. If I could rate them 0 stars I would.

6/11/2019 M Read

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Kelowna. 2 front fight attendants were great. Caitlyn was one of the names if not mistaken and the other I can’t remember. Great customer service. Honest and respected woman. So thanks for a great experience and I do recommend this airline to whoever’s travelling near and far. Thank you

6/9/2019 Maxine Jones

Not Verified | Vancouver to Edmonton. Great flight, we were on standby. Service agents on return from Edmonton were excellent very accommodating. Flight comfortable lots of leg room both flights pleasant helpful crew, would highly recommend.

6/8/2019 Regina Oake

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Calgary. Just have to give a quick shout-out to Flair Airlines and their terrible customer service! My bag was damaged to the point of needing repair while in your hands and basically telling me it's of no fault of theirs. I think it's great that you post on your website how you will fairly compensate anyone for damaged baggage, requesting me to fill out a massive form, and then having the audacity to tell me after that you actually do not compensate travellers for damaged baggage (which I had to pay $60 to check because they charge $70 to carry on a bag.) I advise everyone to think twice before flying with them. Even though you save money on your initial purchase with them, it costs you far more in the long run.

6/6/2019 C Gareene

✅ Trip Verified | Winnipeg to Vancouver. Dont even bother booking your flights here. It’s cheap but you get what you pay for. First, during check in the attendants in Winnipeg were very rude and unprofessional. The flight wasn’t delayed which was the only good thing that happened that day. But the problem started once I landed in Vancouver. They lost one of my luggage which had all my important clothing and basic necessities. The station attendant in Vancouver wasn’t very helpful finding my luggage either. I called their baggage department and it took them a week to finally get my luggage back to me. I had to purchase new clothing which wasn’t in my budget because they couldn’t do their job properly. Apparently, instead of them delivering my luggage to my address in Vancouver, they tried to deliver it back to my address in Winnipeg. Like seriously why would they deliver it back to the city I’m trying to get the luggage out from? They promised me reimbursement for the amount I spent and for the baggage fee, but its been 2 months and I haven’t received a dime from them. The baggage department have also stopped replying to my emails. Like really I cant emphasize enough how much this company have given me stress trying to locate that luggage and getting a reimbursement back.

6/6/2019 Marion Palmero

Not Verified | Vancouver to Edmonton . Terrible. I checked-in online and tried to prepay for my checked baggage and got an error message saying the my ticket could not be check-in online and that my boarding pass could not be printed. I removed the checked baggage and I was able to check-in online and was able to print my boarding pass as well. Their "online check-in" to save money on baggage fees is just a front. I still had to pay for my checked baggage at full price at the airport instead of the "discounted" price online. Will never fly with Flair Airlines again.

6/4/2019 C Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Kelowna. There is no consistency! I flew with the same sized regular back pack as my personal item for 4 flights in 4 days & on my last flight they wouldn’t accept my bag as fitting in their ridiculous (no bag is ever shaped like) sizing thing. $53 later! The reason I flew with flair is their cheaper flight, not really any cheaper with now having to pay $50 for a back pack! Not to mention my first flight they had double booked the seat next to me & my current flight initially had a 5 year old & his mom in separate seats at opposite ends of the plane! It’s not worth the cheaper fair, I will just fly the usual WestJet or air canada which makes my destinations direct & my back pack on board is free! Oh & the customer service at the front counter, I wish I had ascertained the lady’s name, she should not be in customer service.

5/26/2019 John Alves

Not Verified | I flew from Toronto to Edmonton and back to Toronto. Great staff during the check-in and while onboard. Everyone was friendly and the flight left on time and arrived early on the trip back to Toronto. I highly recommend Flair Airlines to anyone looking to travel while saving some money. Great job to Flair and the crew and staff.

5/26/2019 Garry Gramm

✅ Trip Verified | Flight booked is a return from Edmonton Alberta to Abbotsford BC. Booked in April for flight on July 8th 2019. Informed today May 26th 2019 that flight and time has been changed to a time that is not acceptable for us. Tried calling them to see.why and what can be done about this and have now been on hold for 2 hours 7 minutes and counting. Unbelievable that they treat their customers this way. Do they only have 1 person in the call center? Makes.me.wonder if they only have one pilot and.one mechanic to service their planes. Does not instill confidence in this company. Repeating message " by now you've guessed we have higher than normal call volumes and longer wait times. Your call is important to us so please continueto hold.." For how. long? People have limited lives you kno, far too short to waste on service like this. I will never use Flair again.

5/26/2019 Michael Adebo

Not Verified | Bought a round-trip from Toronto to Vancouver. My initial departure flight was great, no issues there. However upon arriving to the airport for my return flight to Toronto, I was told by the supervisor at the check in station that I was not in the system for the flight that day. Both my online itineraries, Expedia itinerary, and emails show that I purchased a round-trip and was scheduled for the return flight. The supervisor told me that there was nothing she could do and that it was an issue with Expedia, who I'd bought my flight through. Without any options, I was forced to purchase a $600 flight home, despite having already purchased a round-trip. To make matters worse, since making it home I haven't been able to contact Flair's customer service. Hold times are upwards of an hour without speaking to a real person, and no one has responded to my email complaint. Expedia has been much more helpful. The agent I'm speaking to as I type is also on hold with Flair, struggling to find a real person to speak to as well. I'm never one to complain but this has been an awful experience, this is the first airline I can rightfully say I will never fly with again.

5/20/2019 M Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Calgary to Vancouver. Originally had booked a fight in January for a time in May to see my friends wedding. I had booked an evening flight so I could finish my shift at work that day and still make the flight. I had booked time off work around this timing. What happened next was that the flight time of my flight was completely changed. Instead of an evening flight, it was changed into a morning flight. At my work I cannot take off an extra day without proper notice. Because of this, I had to miss my flight in the morning, and then had to find a last minute one-way flight to my destination. The cost of the missed flight was $100, then the additional last minute flight was $400. Trying to get a refund for just my missed Flair flight has been a joke. They ignore calls and emails regarding the issue. I will never fly with them again over this problem.