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6/15/2019 C Carlen

✅ Trip Verified | This is Saudia's (Saudi Arabian Airlines) budget/low-cost airline. I have flown 3 flights recently. This flight was on a one year old A320, though the carpets and upholstery were looking tired. What impresses me about this airline is it's on time! This flight arrived at the gate 25 minutes early. I pre-paid for row 2 seat and a chicken byriani. In total, the fare was far less than Saudia's standard 'guest' fare. At Tabuk, Flyadeal choose not to use air bridges and boarding is quick and efficient using stairs at the front and rear of the plane. Service on board is fast and efficient. The seats are comfortable enough fora 90 minute flight. The food was very good. It was hot, tasty and the chicken was not dry. Crew were friendly and efficient. There's supposed to be a 7kg hand luggage limit and this wasn't checked. The major issue this airline has is that some passengers do not understand the 'budget' airline concept. I will certainly consider flying Flyadeal more regularly.

12/14/2018 Abubakar Mian

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a flight with flyadeal on December 13 from Riyadh to Jeddah. They have made a new rule of arriving 60 minutes before boarding time even for local flights. All of these new rules are for the purpose of sucking the money out of the poor customer. The boarding time was 10:55 Pm for my flight and I arrived 10 minutes afterwards. The customer agent would not issue a boarding pass for me nor help me. They said to me to go to their office but it was closed. They asked me to call the customer care and it was closed. All of this indicates that they do not care about the customer. They care about making money. Their new way of making money is to make rules that will take advantage of people. So closing gates and boarding time way before the other airlines.

3/23/2018 Ahamed Safeer

✅ Trip Verified | Flew flyadeal from Jeddah to Dammam. Pathetic service. Flight was delayed for more than 2 hours without any information. Initially held at airport counter without any info. Later kept in aircraft without any info. The customer experience is not given any importance Never fly this airline.

1/17/2018 Fawwaz Asrar

✅ Trip Verified | Riyadh to Jeddah. It was Low Cost Carrier So had to pay for baggage and Snacks. Price of check-in baggage if bought at time of checking-in was as high as 100 SAR per baggage piece i.e 50% of total fare. Even upon request Wheelchair was not arranged. But some how ground handling staff arranged it from some other airline. Snacks Price were bit high during flight. Upon Landing at Jeddah there were no Jet bridges so I requested Ambulator (Medical Lift), which they clearly denied that they cannot call and Ambulator for me so had to use stairs to hop off the aircraft. In my personal Opinion it is a cruel act. Luckily I can walk with sticks but what about Passengers who are completely dependant upon wheel chair.

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