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7/3/2019 C Noblet

Not Verified | Glasgow to Birmingham. I don’t understand how Flybe won an award for punctuality. I have flown 4 times in the last 4 weeks. 2 flights were cancelled and the other 2 were delayed by more than 2 hours. My experience in flying with them each week this year is that at least 25% are cancelled and more than 2/3 are delayed. They don't have the nickname Fly(may)be for nothing. I’ve worked out that on average it would be faster to drive. What a dreadful airline.

6/29/2019 Michael Gardiner

Not Verified | For me, Flybe continues to do what I want of it. Took a day-trip from Birmingham to Aberdeen, outward on 9:15 flight and return on 20:45 from Aberdeen. Outward: left on time, arrived 10 minutes early. Return: departure and arrival both about 15 minutes late. The aircraft was comfortable enough for an hour and fifteen minutes; staff were pleasant, didn't sample the refreshments but they looked fairly priced and there was no hard sell.

6/29/2019 J Markham

✅ Trip Verified | Aberdeen to London. Like many of the people who have flown with Flybe recently, baggage is my main issues with this airline, having been charged £50 at the gate. My bag was not actually measured, so quite how they deemed this too large, I don't know, particularly as it was the same bag I have always used on Flybe flights. I have raised this with the airline but to no avail (possibly because they had copied and pasted the wrong canned response - they apologised for my dissatisfaction with my flight from Exeter) With such a decrepit fleet (and my goodness, it's showing its age), they do not have a realistic approach to cabin baggage; people do not fly like they did in 90s and the overhead lockers are not fit for purpose. Far better to cut their losses and say nothing is allowed on board, save for a plastic bag/handbag, rather than obfuscate. At least expectations would be managed better. But the problem clearly goes deeper than baggage policy; the willingness of a company to try to put things right is an indication, I feel, of how much they actual care about repeat business. And I'm just not sure they do care any more This used to be an cheerful, efficient airline that was decent value for money. I would now actively discourage people from using them. Under the current leadership, Flybe has the perpetual feel of a company dying a slow death, fully aware that their policies and lack of customer service will annoy people, but just trying to get through another day without going bust. The sad thing is, probably not before time.

6/28/2019 Mike Greenall

Not Verified | Manchester to Paris CDG. Awful airline. That for me is hard to avoid given the number of flights they operate from Manchester to Europe. Last year they were always late, or cancelling flights, quite profitable actually through compensation claims, but useless if you wanted to arrive. Now they have their cabin baggage rules. Book an Air France coded flight from Manchester to somewhere via Paris. If you are very unlucky its operated by FlyBe. Who have started to apply their baggage rules rather than the Air France ones. Smaller than almost everyone else in the world. Ref samsonite UK hand luggage size restrictions dimensions. Unpleasant ground staff. "You should have seen that it was Flybe when you booked" But most business passengers don't book. An agent does it, and you get an Air France flight code. It's an Air France code and I have Skyteam elite level. Go join the normal queue to be told you bag is too big, we aren't operating the desk with the big Skyteam elite banner over it. Worst of all totally rude. Which I suppose I might be if I worked for such a rubbish company. I'd say I would avoid but I often have no option. I guess I'll just take every opportunity to make their lives as miserable as they make mine.

6/28/2019 E Philpott

✅ Trip Verified |  Malaga to Exeter. Delayed by nearly 2 hours until after midnight departure. 2 cabin staff by front door stood yawning and ignoring passengers during boarding. Silence from cockpit throughout a long boarding process. At the end of boarding, the Captain blatantly lied by stating the delay was due to Spanish Air traffic delaying inbound flight. This aircraft has been delayed all day, and was very late flying from Exeter to Norwich earlier - a sad state of affairs when their pilots find it so easy to lie? Some seats double booked, typical flybe amateur chaos. Dirty E195, no cleaning checks after Norwich passengers disembarked. It would have been better if this airline went bust earlier this year, whatever management they have should be fired. I give Virgin Connect 24 months of losses before they close this cowboy outfit down. They can change a name but they cannot change such a bad brand reputation, or the atrocious corporate culture.

6/25/2019 Ian Ross

Not Verified | Exeter to Manchester. I booked my 16 year old son onto the flight to Manchester that should have departed at 10.35am Saturday 22nd June 2019. I knew that Flybe have a hand luggage policy so I made sure my son only took his usual cabin bag (a Samsonite bag that is sold as cabin bag) which on all the other flights is accepted by all airlines as a cabin bag for him to be told his bag is not a cabin bag but must be stowed in the plane and promptly charged him 40 pounds for the pleasure! It is a ridiculous state of affairs that means as usual many normal travelers get caught by this way of extorting monies from passengers without any real avenue for redress. To add insult to injury he went to the lounge to wait for his flight to then see his flight delayed until 12.35 due to 'technical' reasons.

6/22/2019 P Maltin

✅ Trip Verified | Exeter to Malaga. This airline will surely fail even with the Virgin Atlantic bail out. The treatment of customers is appalling, airport staff in particular are rude and clueless. Web check in fails every other time, flybe customer support takes 7 days plus to answer. Herded to gate at 11.25, at 11.32 flybe starts texting of 1 hour delay beyond STD. So another hour plus squashed in gate. Not sure if Virgin can cannibalise LHR slots, as everything else about flybe is worthless. Back to driving to LHR and getting proper service from BA. flybe or Virgin Connect deserves to close down and hopefully that will be by the end of 2019.

6/22/2019 Michael Gardiner

Not Verified | Birmingham to Aberdeen. Once again, and while acknowledging that others' experiences seem to be very different, I can only say that flights for this day-trip from Birmingham to Aberdeen were everything that could be reasonably expected. The price was OK, even though I booked quite close to travelling, outward flight was on time and the return just 10 minutes late; no big deal. The seats are fine for an hour and a half and legroom more than adequate for me (5' 8" -- a six-footer might have some bother). This is an airborne bus trip, not a luxurious intercontinental journey, and my score of 10/10 should be taken in that context. Flybe did everything I needed.

6/21/2019 G Scott

Not Verified | Doncaster Sheffield to Paris. Online check-in did not work. I nearly missed my flight because of this. When I complained they just laughed. Paid for front seat but you can't have a bag in exit row. All locker space taken by massive bags. When I pointed out that I thought Flybe were supposed to be cracking down on this, they said yes we have a zero tolerance policy. Obviously not. Total shambles.

6/21/2019 A Dalmeita

✅ Trip Verified | In May 2019, my teenage son was taking his first solo airline flight from Amsterdam to London City to visit his older brother in London for the weekend. He had one piece of cabin luggage with him that met the dimensions permitted by Flybe (55 x 35 x 20cm). Flybe staff at Amsterdam Airport measured this bag and claimed it was 1/2 centimetre too wide, resulting in my son being told he had to pay EUR 70 on the spot if he wanted to get on the plane. How is it that one Flybe bag measurement rack in 2018 in Exeter yields an approval, whereas a different bag measurement rack at Amsterdam in 2019 doesn't fit? Fly with Flybe at your own risk of having to endure lengthy delays and extortionate & inappropriate extra fees!

6/19/2019 S Carter

✅ Trip Verified | The flight was delayed on the way in and out from Glasgow. Their hand luggage policy is unrealistic and quite unfairly applied. We all had similar bag sizes, but only some of us had our bags measured and had to pay. Their measures do not allow most standard cabin luggage to fit (including Ryanair-approved suitcases). I regularly travel with this suitcase and this is the first time I was charged £50 because when put in the tester holder the wheels wouldn't fit. The staff are very rude and do not explain the policy of the airline clairly.

6/17/2019 T Hitchin

✅ Trip Verified | Both flights from Newquay to Doncaster and return 1 hour late. Both delays blamed on "staff sickness". Evidence is that this is a regular occurrence. Surly cabin staff with no empathy. Baggage size-check policy a joke with many customers carrying on huge bags and the rest paying through the nose. In summary, this Company needs a kick-up the ass to sort itself out or go out of business. Very disappointed.

6/11/2019 Adelina Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Edinburgh to London Heathrow. I have never encountered an airline with such ridiculous conditions nor ground staff that lack the standards of good, professional service. Their carry-on policy is a scam to ensure they make more money from passengers. Their measurements is not feasible at all for passengers traveling with a standard sized hard case carry-on luggage. Other passengers who had canvas, cloth or PVC bags (softer materials) were able to squeeze their luggage into the 'approved' sizer. How can Flybe expect international passengers to be carrying a worldwide accepted hard case carry-on to pass their ridiculous sizer requirement!? This only begs to question their wanting you to buy extra luggage and pay for it! The ground staff at the airport knows that the hard case carry on will never pass the inspection and would rather not say anything to you to check-it in (they charge £40 at counter). They would rather you pay the £50 at the gate! Maybe feeling a little remorse, one ground staff quietly told me that bags with a hard case almost never make it through the gates. In short, my experience left a sour taste in my mouth and I will never ever recommend this airline to anyone.

6/10/2019 Riaz Osmani

✅ Trip Verified | London City to Belfast City. Because of an error with Flybe, the airport agents at both destinations could not see that my booking included one piece of checked luggage. The third party agents in London City were rude and unhelpful. They forced me to pay 40 GBP for the one piece of luggage and asked me to call Flybe for a refund (still waiting). The check-in agents at Belfast City were Flybe's own people. They were initially just as unhelpful but after some forcefulness on my part, I was able to get a supervisor to confirm that the booking did include one piece of checked luggage and no further payment was needed. Flybe need to get their own staff in London City ASAP. Their current situation there is unacceptable.

6/10/2019 L Maldon

✅ Trip Verified | Aberdeen to London Heathrow. On the way up flight was delayed. On our return my husbands bag which is a carry on size did not fit in their measuring racks by 1cm. He was charged £50 to put his case in the hold. We watched as others also couldn’t fit their cases but somehow they did not get charged.Either do it fair to everybody or not at all. Plus on the way up there was no problem with his bag, which fits with space to spare in the overhead compartment. We will not be using Flybe again. What a terrible way to treat customers.

6/8/2019 Simon B, Bombardier Q400 (DH4) seat 2C

I was asked to move from 3D to the row in front. 2D has good leg room, although no storage in front and the coat hooks can't be used during takeoff and landing. 2D however has less room due to the emergency exit door.

6/8/2019 Simon B, Bombardier Q400 (DH4) seat 2B

I felt the seat was good for leg room and being at the front was ideal for disembarking.

5/30/2019 D Vanson

✅ Trip Verified | Jersey to Guernsey. Flight got cancelled until the next day and no compensation was offered or help with transport. I was stranded on an island that I’m unfamiliar with and had to pay for my own accommodation and had to return to the airport at 6am the next day only to find out that that flight had also been cancelled and again no compensation was offered. Not even a food and beverage voucher. Been sat in the airport now for 6 hours and still have another 6 to wait for my next flight (if it doesn’t get cancelled)

5/30/2019 Jamie Abbott

✅ Trip Verified | London City to Amsterdam. They try to charge people with a flimsy baggage size scam just before take-off. Utterly stupid, we only got by it because one of the attendants let us take our hand-luggage.

5/29/2019 M Clarke

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Amsterdam. I arrived at the airport with 3 hours to spare to be notified my flight had been delayed 2 hours. I called Flybe to get me onto the earlier flight although, they refused to help even though there was a flight which they could have put me onto over 2 hours away. Incredible how this airline is still in operation, this is not the first time I have experienced such service from Flybe.