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2/7/2019 H Meaden

✅ Trip Verified | Edinburgh to Birmingham with Flybe. Beware the baggage scam - there appears to be new regulations regarding cabin baggage and if you get it wrong, you'll be charged £50 per item! Although I wasn't penalised, it was distressing and embarrassing to watch, and it is wholly unacceptable to treat passengers like th...

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2/6/2019 SeatGuru User, Bombardier Q400 (DH4) seat 10A

Excellent seat, which actually had 1 full window and almost all of another. The window looked out onto the propellers, and the landing gear.

2/4/2019 M Wilson

Not Verified | Newcastle to London City. Well...tried the new flight route this morning. Unfortunately will be my first and last trip. Flight is scheduled to be from 8:05 - 9:15 but arrived over 2.5 hours late due to a detour via Leeds. We were told on passage that the plane would be unable to make the steep descent to London C...

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2/2/2019 R Leach

✅ Trip Verified | My colleague and i flew return from Edinburgh to London City with bags that fit the Cabin bag specifications. On the flight into Edinburgh we had no problems and the bags fit fine in the cabin lockers. The flight was late, it was half empty, very noisy and not very pleasant. On the return, the crew decided our...

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2/1/2019 N Garven

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Toulouse. The staff were friendly, helpful and happy. Great comfy aircraft and service. The best flight I've had in ages would highly recommend. Thank you.

1/31/2019 Greg Foster-James

✅ Trip Verified | Flybe from Cardiff to Belfast. I will never use this airline again. The baggage policies are very unfair. I travel a lot with work and have never had any problems with this bag before. I will be advising my HR department to never use this airline.

1/29/2019 R Birschen

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Birmingham. We booked a ticket For flybe a Month ago and where flying today. During boarding flybe mentioned they had changed conditions this week and the only way we could take our Carry on luggage was to pay 70 euro at the gate. The way back Will be the same so out ticket of this cheap flight j...

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1/28/2019 J Mandelsen

✅ Trip Verified | Edinburgh to Southampton. Been using this route for a couple of months now, with flights most weekends - sorry to say that there's not been a single flight in time, don't see how they can claim such punctuality, never yet experienced! As for the app, what a joke, these guys are just playing at it, they don't a...

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1/28/2019 C McIntyre

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from London to Belfast with cabin luggage boarded on plane. Upon return 2 days later my cabin luggage was suddenly too big to fit in the cabin space (even though I flew back with less). Was charged 40 pounds - absolute scam.

1/25/2019 C Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from Edinburgh to Belfast City. All baggage was checked just as we were boarding the plane. Mine was 1cm too wide but was 5cm less in height and 2cm less in depth. Was charged £50. There was no consistency as some others whose luggage didn't fit were charged but others were not. It was all a bit of a shamb...

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1/18/2019 E Keagan

✅ Trip Verified | Cardiff to Dublin. Ridiculous to charge £50 for a bag that can't quite fit all the way in the bag checker. Was fine on the way over from Dublin. Will not fly again, terrible customer service

1/12/2019 SeatGuru User, Bombardier Q400 (DH4) seat 10A

I must agree with whoever said 10A was best! Excellent View!

1/7/2019 John Fairclough

Not Verified | Norwich to Malaga. I suspect Flybe's new handluggage policy is an attempt to entice customers to upgrade to the second grade fare that includes hold baggage etc . Whilst all those flying on their cheapest fare with just hand baggage were suffering draconian sizing checks at both NWI and AGP, and penalty money dem...

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1/7/2019 M Derlin

✅ Trip Verified | Southampton to Limoges. I flew from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Exeter with Flybe and had no problems with taking my cabin bag on board. On the return flight from Southampton to Limoges I was asked to place my bag in the size checker as I was about to go through to security. It was 3cms less than the height lim...

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1/5/2019 I King

✅ Trip Verified | Exeter to Geneva. I fly 2-3 times a week and they tried to tell me my hand luggage was too big - no other problems with any other airline even including Tui and Ryanair who supposedly have the same restrictions as Flybe. Staff are rude, I’m not even on the aircraft yet and I’m already hostile regarding the cus...

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1/3/2019 J Margen

✅ Trip Verified | Exeter to Paris CDG. Most costly baggage policy ever. Think of adding 80£ return to your ticket as it is more than likely your cabin bag won’t be accepted. Don’t book anything close to your time of arrival, like booking a car or a flight or a taxi or a meeting or a rental house as you are very unlikely to be t...

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1/2/2019 Charles Browne

✅ Trip Verified | Flew out from Glasgow with cabin bag, no problem, flew back 3 days later with exact same size, same contents, cabin bag was then too big and was charged £40. I was told cabin bag size changed the day before. Will never fly with them again, Flybe now have smallest cabin baggage size, the mechanical sizer they u...

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12/21/2018 SeatGuru User, Bombardier Q400 (DH4) seat 12ABCD

The same goes for Seats 11 12 14 15, the engine is blocking the view outside the window

12/20/2018 H Burden

✅ Trip Verified | Exeter to Amsterdam. Flown with Flybe for years on routes Amsterdam - Southampton, Exeter, Manchester. Pretty much 2 or 3 return flights a month. Always been happy with them, find the staff courteous and in general the service efficient. They aren't like standard budget airline and the overhead stores are a bi...

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12/8/2018 Diane, Embraer 195 (E95) seat 29A

Pleasantly surprised! A very comfortable flight from takeoff to landing. All staff were friendly and helpful. The seats were clean and comfortable for both myself and my husband. Plenty of room around us.