Customer reviews

8/20/2019 Ahmad Khalid Akhtar

Not Verified | Lahore to Riyadh. Flight was on-time and had no issues on board. Flight map was bit slow but the inflight entertainment was wonderful and there was variety was movies, games, and inflight magazines to read. Aircraft was also new and staff were generous. I would recommend this airline for tourist coming and going ...

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8/12/2019 B Antar

✅ Trip Verified | I travelled from Abha to Dubai on connecting flight last August 9 for a supposed fun vacation. My flight was business class. Unfortunately, until now August 11, my baggage is still in Abha. Flynas ruined my vacation. This is unacceptable and their service lines are very useless. I called them several times, sen...

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6/14/2019 N Candayo

✅ Trip Verified | Riyadh to Dubai. They call themselves a budget airline but work out more expensive when seats, luggage and meal on flight has been selected. I am sitting at the airport in Riyadh with updates coming up showing the flight being delayed hourly. I regret having booked this airline.

6/9/2019 Ahmad Khalid

Not Verified | Riyadh to Lahore. I had a wonderful flight with this airline. The flight was on-time and the crew were friendly. The WI-FI and connectivity were poor but the in-flight entertainment was good. The seats were very comfortable and new.

12/28/2018 K Baselken

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a flight on 27th December 2018 from Jeddah to Kuwait to visit my family. The flight first delayed for 30 min. When I reached to the airport while waiting to check in I have been told the flight may cancel due to the lack of customer at the aircraft. Flight was at 14.30pm and it was already 16.00pm and...

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9/18/2018 H Janwar

✅ Trip Verified | My flight Jeddah to Riyadh departure time is 17:00, we reached the airport 1.5hrs earlier with our online boarding ready and been told that it is canceled. For no valid reason they put us on the flight at 19:00. We received a msg only 10 min before boarding that we should contact them, and still showing in air...

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9/10/2018 Ray Minhas

✅ Trip Verified | Flynas is a terrible airline. Always late and never any explanation by cabin crew. A no frills airline with ageing fleet at very high prices. Over $300 single from Dubai to Riyadh. Stay clear of this airline.

4/8/2018 Mohamed Al Najjar

✅ Trip Verified | Jeddah to Riyadh. They simply announced that the flight is 5 hours delay and no other option than wait. Without suggesting putting us on another flight or other company or even lunch or snack voucher or anything like respectable companies do! First and last experience with these people and would do my best not...

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4/8/2018 Z Qafar

✅ Trip Verified | I wanted to travel from Islamabad to Madina for Umrah with my family. Obviously they offer cheaper option so I googled it to find out whether they accept umrah passengers? The response to qurry was in affirmative so I booked from the website using credit card. Nowhere during the process I was alerted or warned...

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2/22/2018 Chris Van Tonder

✅ Trip Verified | My flight was canceled on arrival at the airport and I understand these things happen. The staff however were very unprofessional and don't care about their customers. Just a (sit down there and wait for the 9.30 flight). No apologies or explanation, nothing. The 9.30 flight was now jam packed and I was told to...

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9/7/2017 S Wakito

✅ Verified Review | Jeddah to Riyadh. My flight was supposed to be 1200 but I'm still in the terminal. Because of delay. What makes me upset are that they never made an announcement about this delay and they removed the flight info from the electronic screen so we have no idea when the adjusted departure time. Because of no ann...

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4/17/2017 O Saab

✅ Verified Review | Flew Riyadh to Dammam with Flynas. On time departure and good service from online check-in to boarding. The A320 aircraft was fairly new, clean and ticked all the boxes for a one hour domestic flight. Crew seemed reasonably friendly and courteous. A good low cost airline with reasonable prices.

2/17/2017 Matt Marten

✅ Verified Review | The flight from Jeddah to Riyadh was diverted to Buraidah due to a bad storm and weather. My complaint is that the stewardesses refused to offer coffee or tea even though I offered to pay as per the Nas Air policy. They became very rude. Many frustrated customers were complaining, but the staff were not int...

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1/28/2017 Mohamed Nizar

✅ Verified Review | Riyadh to Jeddah. One of the worst airlines, last week my wife and two daughters traveled by Flynas, They charged for meals but they didn't supply even a glass of water during the flight. When my wife check with crew of cabin they no apologize but said today their company couldn't supply passengers meal and ...

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4/3/2016 M Salman

Dubai to Jeddah with Flynas. Seats are okay, and the staff is okay. We had a stroller / baby cart. When we got out of the plane, they didn't take out the stroller. It also did not come out with the rest of our luggage. We had to wait good 45 minutes for Flynas representative to get to his desk as he was on a "10 minute break"? F...

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11/2/2015 Theo Skagias

Jeddah to Riyadh with Flynas, a low-cost airline based in Saudi Arabia. It has all you need from such an airline. Spacious seats, clean aircraft and the flights were on time.

8/7/2015 Abdulaziz Fenais

Both flights were delayed. The gates were never shown on the screens. The baggage took almost as long as the flight now, in fact I am weiting this and the baggage still has not shown up. The drive from Riyadh to Abha is about 8 hours. This flight took me over 9 hours now..

5/5/2014 J Ray

LGW-JED-RUH on April 26 2014. Business. FlyNas is the low cost carrier of Saudi Arabia and recently added intercontinental services and enhanced cabins to its range of domestic and regional routes. I flew from London Gatwick to Jeddah with a connecting flight to Riyadh. The aircraft had been full on arrival at London but the pas...

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6/21/2013 L Osman

RUH-JED. Check in at Riyadh Airport was ok staff helpful boarding pass says a certain gate however the screen stated another gate. Flight delayed almost 45 minutes but were not informed screen was still showing on time. Plane was ok looked a bit tired crew seemed helpful. Seats looked old I don't like the leather seats but it se...

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10/26/2009 Dave Houlihan

RUH-JED return. Check in a breeze no queues staff efficient but a few smiles would not go astray. Boarding quick new A320 with 29-30" pitch. Interior clean new looking pay for service was good value if not limited. Flight on time and bags on the belt within 5-10 minutes. Both flights full and cheep and cheerful at only 390 riyal...

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