35 FlySafair reviews

7/3/2019 J Harteen

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Johannesburg. I will never ever make use of FlySafair again. I am very disappointed. How do you people book a family with 3 small children on different seats even if we booked it a 3 weeks before the flight? When boarding, a hour before takeoff i must find out that i need to go to the Police station to with a copy of my children's ID's to certify them. How do you charge an extra R250 per bag? This is unacceptable.

6/23/2019 L Jordaan

Not Verified | Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg. This morning Me and My fiance need to flight back to Johannesburg, at 8:40. At Check-in they say we have missed are flight. I told the lady at the check-in that its only 8:05, she said sorry but you have missed your flight. Just because we were late to check-in. They told me that they only have a flight to Johannesburg at 20:50 and i need to pay R1100 to ensure we have a place on the flight.

6/19/2019 Jenny Meaker

Not Verified | Port Elizabeth to Durban with FlySafair. I would like to compliment your ground staff / check-in staff who were on duty at PE airport at 14h30 on Friday 14th June. I had a really ill colleague travelling with me to Durban, and requested if they could help me with 'assisted boarding' as I hadn't requested that when the booking was made. Your staff were nothing less than accommodating and amazing in the way in which they took over and took care of her from check-in to her getting into the vehicle in Durban.

6/8/2019 N Reade

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Lanseria. Pathetic Service! Will never ever fly with them again. Unfriendly service and ridiculous to pay extra for bag. Thank you Kulula for great service always!

5/29/2019 Lerato Ledwaba

Not Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. The flight was perfect the flight attendants were very nice. Overall it was a good flight. It was so cheap and the money was worth it I couldn't believe you can fly for just about five hundred rand it was nice.

5/23/2019 H Pamira

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Durban. I had to attend a funeral in Durban on 17/5 at 10 30am. Booked a 6.30am flight. This flight was delayed for 5 hours. Only left Johannesburg at 11.30am. Did not make it to the funeral. The purpose of going to Durban was not met. Safair did not provide compensation for the delay.

5/3/2019 Nonkululeko Betwana

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Durban. I am disgusted with the service I received at OR Tambo with the Ticket sales when I came to check-in for my flight that was at 11:05-12:20 to King Shaka international airport, the agent looked me in the eye and told me I have missed my flight when the flight was still within the airport, when I got there in time for my flight. I was shook for a moment he refused to print my ticket and dismissed me to look for other flights that at at 1600. The guy did not provide the customer service to ensure that passengers make it on the flight booked. I do not have money to waste I am never flying with you guys ever again. I had to book Mango to make to Durban on time and make it to work and they exceed customer expectations!

4/12/2019 Ebrahim Laher

Not Verified | Terrible customer service, call centre takes ages to response and they keep putting you on hold for a significant time. I booked a ticket single for my wife and myself, Johannesburg to Durban I changed my flight paid a huge change fee almost the same price as my ticket for a day earlier. I received confirmation that my flight was change, and they added a return flight. I needed to change my wifes flight for an earlier flight on the web site I selected her flight and the system automatically assumed its a return flight Durban to Johannesburg no warning all all I choice a flight and when we received the confirmation slip her flight is a return flight. Tried calling the call centre for assistance I am waiting on the line and put on hold now for 29 minutes. I don't recommend this airline surprised that they won best airline award.

4/9/2019 F Gartin

✅ Trip Verified | Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg. There are hidden cost when you fly with FlySafair. The website is not clear about additional costs such as luggage, what is included, or what is excluded.

3/27/2019 Ian Jacobs

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. The worst flight and service encountered - from counter where they insisted I pay an additional amount of R250 for baggage (about 13kg) to be loaded - to the actual flight where staff treated passengers very badly. we had to stand on the side for over 20 minutes to allow staff to proceed with the onboard refreshment trolly sales. Why can't SAFAIR advertise a price including the allowed booked-in luggage as all other airlines? Instead they charge you extra for luggage other than hand luggage. I will not use this airline again.

2/20/2019 Yolande Lottering

✅ Trip Verified | First of all the front desk ladies were very sweet and helpful, I can not complain about them. Now lets start, the staff on board were rude and did not seem bothered with the clients at all. After the safety instructions were done, they simply went and buckled themselves in, not one of them came by and checked to see if any of the passengers were buckled in. When we arrived my sons car seat was booked in as special baggage, well thank you for breaking the chair into two pieces. The car seat was thrown on the floor in the middle of the conveyors where you collect your bags. We asked the people at the kiosk where we should collect the special baggage, they simply pointed to stuff thrown on the floor and there was where my sons car seat was thrown. When we flew with Mango on the 4th they brought my sons car seat to us to the kiosk on a trolley as it should be but to throw someone's baggage like it garbage is disgusting. Staff have no personality, no drive and no respect for your clients goods. When we flew with Mango again on the 4th of Feb the pilots were excellent, they kept telling us and informing us where we were, but the pilots of flysafair did none of that. I regret not flying with Mango again and regret that I used your services. I will never be you client again and I advise anyone not to make use of your services!

1/31/2019 Linda Bender

✅ Trip Verified | George to Johannesburg, Sunday 27th January 2019. We missed our flight Kulula to OR Tambo so we booked a flight on FlySafair, when we were booking the man at the counter (George Airport) advised us that the aircraft lands at Lanseria we said no we need to go to O.R Tambo he was adamant that the flight landed in Lanseria so my husband said don’t worry we will take the 2 tickets and then ask someone to come fetch us as we reside close to OR Tambo so we bought 2 tickets. When we were checking in the lady in the front said we will be at the emergency exit 16D and 16E and if need be in case of an emergency would we be willing to help, we said yes that’s no problem she then advised us unfortunately the emergency exit seats do not have windows, so we said no that’s fine. Whilst we were in the queue at check in I got speaking to a lady who was in front of me and she advised me where she lives the area and I said that’s the area I live I advised her that is she getting a lift all the way from Lanseria to her home which is close to mine she then said no the plane lands at O.R Tambo. I told her what the person at the ticket counter told me that the plane lands at Lanseria and we already made arrangements to be picked up at Lanseria she then said she hopes it’s not the case as she already told her daughter to collect her at OR Tambo, she then went to the front to go and ask, she was advised that it lands at OR Tambo and came back to tell us. I then luckily got hold of my husband cousin to change the arrangements We caught a flight from George to O.R Tambo leaving at 18h00 27.01.2019 last night when we got on board the aircraft the stewards were friendly and well-presented and I told my husband that the plane looks really good with plenty feet space we went to our seats and hello and behold it had a window. Surely the staff who work at the airport should know what they are talking about and should also know where the plane lands We left on time but this was the absolute worst flight I have ever experienced. Whilst I understand that the weather conditions weren’t great, this was by far the worst flight I have been on, when the Pilot landed everyone clapped that’s how relieved they were that the plane had actually landed. When we eventually arrived at O.R Tambo our bag was open, the cable ties we used to secure the bag was off and the Bag was damaged.

12/29/2018 Johan Snyman

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to George. I had a very bad experience with flysafair both times I’ve make use of them and this is my first bad review of any service or place. After booking online for a extra check in suitcase they denied it and make me pay again further the staff at boarding in Johannesburg shouts at us. In George on 3 seats with a window seat only to be called back to exchange tickets for seats across the passag,e now I sit with a crying daughter who made herself ready for a window seat so I would rather next time use a more organized airline.

11/14/2018 J Larteine

✅ Trip Verified | Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg. This was a very smooth flight from the beginning to the end. More or less efficient boarding. Ground staff started boarding on time but asked holders of a priority boarding ticket to board from the end (while most of them were seating in the front). Meanwhile, all other passengers were boarding from the front. Apart from this issue, everything was perfect. Everyone was on board on time and departure was 5 minutes ahead of schedule. Comfortable seats and friendly staff. We landed 20min ahead of schedule. I definitely recommend FlySafair for its punctuality.

11/7/2018 J Raunolt

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Durban. This is my first domestic flight in South Africa and I was positively impressed by Flysafair. Online booking was very clear and rapid. Even though I took a flexible ticket, my flight was extremely cheap. Boarding was very efficient and started on time. Staff was nice throughout the flight and very professional. On both ways, flight departed exactly on time and landed 15min ahead of time. Seating was ok (I'm 1m95 tall). The only criticism would be the plane that was relatively old (>20 years).

10/4/2018 Craig Weiner

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth. On 21/09/2018 I had one of the worst customer service experiences with Safair at OR Thambo International Airport. Not only were their staff inexperienced and incompetent but they were extremely rude and unhelpful with a situation where I was innocent. I missed my flight out of Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, flight FA360, departing at 18:20. A few factors contributed to this flight being missed and are as follows: Delays and Cancellations at ORT: Most of the flights posted on the flight screens were either delayed or cancelled on Friday evening. The assumption was that due to the public holiday, the airport was facing congestion. Flights that were meant to depart at 15:15, 15:25, 16:00 etc were showing as either 'Boarding', 'Departing', 'Cancelled' or 'Delayed' at +- 18:00 2. Flight Screens: The flight screens at ORT were clearly out of order (as per the above point) and so flights that may have looked to be 'delayed' were in fact departing and flights that were ‘cancelled’ may have in fact been 'departing'. This was confirmed by Safair team members at the departure gate for flight FA360. Gate Change: The flight screens at ORT had flight FA360 departing from gate E6 (this being the bottom level of gates at ORT) where I had positioned myself at 17:45 in order to be at the gate 5 minutes before the gates opened. For the next +- 20 minutes nothing changed on the flight screens. The was no 'Go to Gate' sign for flight FA360 and the gate remained unchanged at E6 on the flight screens. The flight screen at Gate E6 was showing a flight for Margate and so due to the numerous delays and cancellations at the airport, I was under the impression that the Port Elizabeth flight would depart after this Margate flight at Gate E6. This was not the case. At approximately 18:15 when I once again looked at the flight screens, the gate for flight FA360 had changed to gate C13. There was no ‘Go to Gate’ sign showing on that flight. I rushed to Gate C13 only to find the flight screen at the gate displaying Flight FA360 to Port Elizabeth as ‘Closed’. When I approached the 2 Safair employees, the 2 ladies had told me that the flight had departed. When asked if there was a Gate change, they both replied ‘Yes’ there was a gate change. When asked ‘why there was no loud speaker informing passengers of this change?’, they replied that there was an employee of the airport telling people about the gate change. I then asked these 2 ladies if the flight screens are not working at the airport as the 'Go to Gate' sign was not visible and the Gate Change only came on at 18:15. Both of them replied that ORT had been having issues with their monitors. What since ensued at the Safair counter at OR Thambo is inexplicable and I simply cannot type out my anger at your Safair staff. The call centre staff also could not assist me with anything and blamed me for 'missing' my flight and have told me that I am in the wrong. Its actually a disgrace how I have been treated by such a 'reputable' company.

9/25/2018 E Du Plessis

Not Verified | Don't think you will ever be on time with FlySafair or that they will help you to change your flight. Our 1st flight was delayed and our return flight even more. Even telling them I am a Doctor who has a shift to do, they wouldn't even try to help you, their reply "sorry you need to wait nothing we can do".

9/13/2018 R Singh

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Durban. But from the get go upon checking in how awful of me with the pain I was already in, the attendant that assisted me in CT International was the best, like a godsend at that time of morning and his willingness to assist me and make my check in such a breeze. Also inflight, the cabin crew were the best, i also had the best tasting cappuccino. Extremely helpful and courteous staff. Our flight arrived 20mins ahead of schedule. Now that for me was the cherry on top. To Flysafair crew and ground team thank you so much for the best experience especially with having to have had to fly with my medical condition.

5/17/2018 Caroline Mubima

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. My flight was delayed. It was to leave at 8:15am but it was changed to 9:50am. Then we later only boarded at 10:30am. I understand the bad weather and all these "technical difficulties" but what I do not accept is the lack of initiative taken in remedying the problem. I missed the entire morning session of the conference I was to attend n Capetown. This was not a trip for fun, it was for business. The manager was so rude to me when I called to complain telling me I knew what I was getting myself into. Seems FlySafair do not want to keep customers because they would have apologized firstly and tried to remedy the situation.

1/31/2018 Ignacio Carmona

✅ Trip Verified | Durban to Johannesburg. As a low cost airline, in FlySafair you get what you pay for. No inflight entertainment, any beverage you want you have to pay, seats that don't recline. No USB plug to charge your phone. The really good thing is that the service was really fast. Fast boarding, fast disembarking and you got your checked baggage fast.