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6/13/2019 Shane Del Castillo

❎ Not Verified | Denver to Las Vegas. The aeroplane was dirty and disgusting. Seats were all dirty and windows had smears and handprints all over. Trash on the floors like it had not been cleaned in months. Flight attendants were not very friendly at all. Worst flight since I moved to Denver.

6/12/2019 A Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | I booked round trip flights from Fort Lauderdale to Islip and on the way there was an hour delay but otherwise smooth. Service was great. I was in the front row and had ample leg room and reclining space and it was very comfortable. The way back, however, first the flight was delayed an hour due to internal Frontier issues. At this point the flight shouldn't have taken off at all due to weather at the destination predicted for this later time. Instead, we get to the destination to not be able to land due to fog. I literally saw the runway each time they tried to land and then it was a tease and they just went back in the air). After flying in circles for hours (almost 2), they finally decided to divert the landing. It was a mess. Everyone was standing on the moving plane fighting each other and Frontier did nothing to settle it. We were all also dizzy from all of the circles. After landing in the diverted location (3 hours away from the intended location) we were told we could not take off again until the next day and no hotels would be provided. I am currently waiting for this flight and it has already been delayed from the intended time. The forecast in the destination still says severe fog, Frontier just wanted to make the flight early enough where they can almost kind of prevent giving us somewhere to sleep all night. Let’s see how much longer this flight gets delayed, definitely not happy with my experience with Frontier and will not be flying with them again.

6/11/2019 G Barton

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Pittsburgh. This was my first and last trip on your airline. From the headache of checking in forcing me to pay to pick my seat after an hour of checking in online. You lose my bag on a direct flight from Denver to Pittsburgh. They had us in our line for our flight and me and one other girl didn’t get our bag every one that checked in before and after did. Then the lady in Pittsburgh try’s to tell me she worked for you for years and you won’t pay to have it come on another flight. I will get it Thursday at best. So now i has to by dress shoes for work since my tennis shoes and dress shoes where in my bag so i can go to work. Then the lady questioned whether or not we were checked in an hour before like i was to blame. Which is a bunch of bs. Because everyone else in that line got there bags. This is your fault yet i felt like i was to blame. You should be doing everything in your power to make this right yet your too cheap to get me my bag. Poor experience all the way through with this airline. Nickel and dime people to death for terrible customer service.

6/9/2019 Belinda Macias

✅ Trip Verified | Austin to Detroit. This is the absolute worst airline out there! Saving a few bucks isn’t worth it. Plus, those cheap flights are never as cheap as they advertise. You have to pay for your seat, cary on, check bag, food and beverages nothing is free. I got to the terminal & no one was at the front desk. Everyone knows how frustrating it is to feel like you’re going to miss a flight. Well imagine having enough time but no one is there to check your bag, which I paid $32 for. I bought a flight with Spirit because I knew I would never make it to my flight. When I get to the other terminal I see that my Frontier flight got delayed. I still could’ve made my 1st flight if a worker had just told us what was going on. But they left a line of like 10 people worried sick for who knows how long because I left. The difference with my second flight is that Spirit kindly canceled my flight for me & even fetched my checked bag from the room in the back & now I have a flight credit with Spirit. I tried to get a refund from Frontier & they didn’t even give me a reason why. They just said no because I missed my flight.

6/9/2019 Matthew Hebron

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Denver. My girlfriend and I were seeking to sit next to each other on our flight this morning. Naturally, and understandably, we each had to select a seat and pay to do so. What wasn’t natural or understandable was why, for the exact seats, she was billed a higher price. We tried this on multiple days and seats. See the attached photos. I don’t know if it was because she was female, or had been on the website before, or fit whatever weird algorithm Frontier uses to upcharge people. But it was clearly not right. So I called customer service. Not the poor representative’s fault by any means, but her utter lack of English comprehension was not helpful, and it took 20min of her jumbling up words before I requested to speak with a manager. When I spoke with the manager, he told me that his system had it much more expensive, so we were getting a good deal regardless. Which was incredibly dismissive. As I saw it was getting us nowhere and this was something beyond his pay grade, I asked to be transferred to the survey so I could express these concerns. Instead, he hung up on us. I fly Frontier a lot for their cheap flights, but with multiple delays over my last few flights (which is usually not even announced until the last minute), poor customer service, no complimentary cups of water on board (odd way to save a buck), and more, I’ll be spending the same money for Spirit and/or other airlines.

6/8/2019 Haley Kimbrough

Not Verified | Orlando to Jackson. Worst flight experience ever. I was supposed to land in my home town before 8am. They delayed for two hours and then finally let us board. We got halfway there when they turned us around and took us back to the departure airport because of maintenance issues. They got us off the plane and switched planes, making out new departure date 1:10 pm (original was 6:50 am). After waiting almost 2 hours again, they cancelled the flight because the pilot “opted out”. I had to cancel work shifts to be able to fly home and made plans and ended up losing an entire day (only had 4 days off) of being home (haven’t been home in months and it was my cousins birthday and hadn’t seen anyone in almost half a year) because of this airline. The cheap price is not worth the hassle. Will not fly with them again.

6/7/2019 Avery Woodman

Not Verified | Denver to Spokane. This airline is an absolute joke. I had the smallest duffel bag with me, that I’ve flown with over 50 times this year, and not once have I ever been charged for it because it fits under the seat in front of me. I’m going to get on the plane and the mean lady said I needed to pay for it. They charged me $60 for a carryon.

6/7/2019 N Vanacira

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to San Francisco. Worst service ever my first flight was canceled waited two days to get a flight to San Jose the only flight available was to San Francisco. . I had paid extra for zone one isle seat, upon cancellation of my first flight. I was specific as to the location of the seat and was told it was confirmed, when I entered the plane I was not given the seat I paid for. In regards to customer this company failed miserably.

6/5/2019 P Hansiya

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Pensacola. On May 28 received email that flight time changes, spoke with representative and confirmed that flight time changed to 5:20 pm on June 6. During my check in paid for bags but wasn’t able to finish check in. Called customer services again and find out that flight canceled on May 28. Did not received any notification. To keep my family trip paid 2099.40$ for new tickets. Very unprofessional.

6/4/2019 Jay Tolia

✅ Trip Verified | I took flight from San Jose to Denver on June 2 in frontier 594. Flight attendant blame that weather is bad but it was not. Flight attendants was not helpful at all. Very disappointed with Frontier and never fly again. Flight is canceled and they were giving other flight after 1 week.

6/4/2019 M Stewart

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Charleston. Worst customer service. Also making customers pay double for bags at counter. Don’t believe the cheap ticket hype, because their hidden fees add up to costing more than cleaner, more reputable airlines.

6/3/2019 Margaret Thomson

Not Verified | My daughter booked a flight through Expedia for Frontier Airlines. Flight 475 from Jacksonville to Denver. She tried to check in on their website but had problems with the check in after trying multiple times. She then called Frontier to check in via telephone. They were very unhelpful and sarcastic on the phone. They quoted her a price for the carry on bag and the seat selection that was higher than the quoted price on the website. She then asked for a supervisor since the first representative did not appear to understand that she was trying to check in with him as she could not do it through their website and continued to refer her to the website. The supervisor, James #1075189 was rude and dismissive of the problem and became more snarky as the conversation went on. My daughter became so upset that she wanted to cancel her flight because she was then afraid to fly with an airline who could not even handle a simple check in. Price to cancel the flight was $119. I suggest that you address this complaint with the airline as you represent them as a third party. We will never fly this airline again and will take any opportunity to make sure that everyone we know is aware of their poor service. I have also filed a complaint with the airline itself.

6/3/2019 J Farini

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. I just sat at the Las Vegas Airport for over 3 hours because of a flight maintenance delay and the plane is still there. The pilot left the plane and told us he has no idea when they can leave. I had to rebook and flight with Southwest just to get home. Flight F92086 is still sitting at the gate while another airline is happily getting me home. To top it off, no customer service agents were at the desk to help us. We felt alone and didn’t know what to do! How can I have faith flying Frontier again?!

6/3/2019 Claudia Esparza de Castillo

Not Verified | Chicago to Austin. Will never buy tickets from Frontier Airlines. Totally unprofessional staff, no customer service approach, very rude personnel. We arrived late with enough time for boarding 1:41 departure arrived 1:15. And they did not gave us any option to take the flight.

6/3/2019 H Camara

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Pittsburgh. This airline is filled with the most incompetent, unconcerned people I have encountered on a flight. Not only were both of my flights considerably delayed, but my luggage was lost and can’t be returned to me for three days. I was legally supposed to be informed that I could take my medication as a carry-on, but wasn’t. They provided no help considering the circumstance and told me I’ll have to wait a minimum of 3 days before seeing my medicine. I would go on literally any other airline before this one. Never again.

6/2/2019 Courtney Barton

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Los Angeles. Would recommend literally anything else besides this company. We (me and 3 other friends) missed our flight because the staff at the gate did not do their job. They claimed they announced last call, but that seems hard to do when literally no one was at the gate to announce it 20 minutes prior to boarding. They would not work with us on rescheduling a flight and they were going to charge us an extra $120 per person to get on a flight for the next night (which would put us two days behind for our trip). The customer service was the worst I've ever experienced and I'd honestly rather lose out on my $400 trip there and book with someone else, which we did. Thank you to American Airlines for saving the day from the monstrosity that is Frontier. ALSO, not to mention that a frequent Frontier customer (who had a frontier miles credit card) stated that he's never been on a flight with so much miscommunication and rude employees.

6/1/2019 Curtis Wood

Not Verified | Denver to Boston. My wife, son and I recently took a trip for a wedding and flew on Frontier Airlines. When we reached the self-check in machines none of them worked. So we had to go to the counter and check in which is fine but once we left the counter and got to the security checkpoint we realized all 3 of our tickets said “0” for the seat number. So then when we finally got to the gate and asked the frontier folks there about it they tried to get us seats but now we would not be sitting together. We complained and luckily they were able to ask another passenger if they would be willing to move so that we could sit together and they agreed. Once we boarded the plane we ended up sitting on the tarmac for 2.5 hours because frontier screwed up the maintenance log for the plane so we couldn’t take off until it was fixed. During the 2.5 hours Frontier didn’t as much as offer anyone water, even after I told one of the staff that they should probably at least do that. To wrap up the trip we went to check in for our flight back home and realized that the person from Frontier that we scheduled the flight with over the phone didn’t know the difference between May and June and scheduled our flight back for June 28th instead of May 28th! Because of this we incurred a lot of additional expenses to stay an extra day in addition to missing an additional day of work. We will not be flying Frontier again.

5/31/2019 Casey Malloy

✅ Trip Verified | Flight from Philadelphia to Mexico Cancun was supposed to leave at 10:30 and arrive at 1332. We didn’t leave until 3:30pm. We only got a $10 food voucher to replace the time we lost on our first day of vacation ( it was an insult). To make matters worse the staff was rude and inconsiderate! We will never fly frontier Airlines again. Save your money! The headache isn’t worth it!

5/29/2019 Nicole Palombi

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Little Rock via Denver. Absolutely appalled with the customer service of this airline. Got the airport early enough to nap before our flight (very long day and had a 12:30am red eye flight) so when we get there we hear an announcement for the flight before ours that they were canceling due to "weather" which was never elaborated on and later overheard a conversation between the customer service agent at the gate and someone on the phone saying it was delayed because the plane was not serviced in time for flight. Not long after we were told our flight to Denver would be delayed. I had a funny feeling we would end up like the flight before us and prepared myself for the worst. Sure enough they came over the speaker again saying we would miss our connecting flight in Denver to Little Rock so we were offered either a refund or another flight through them. They were very rude in informing use they would not provide a hotel room for the night. They said we would have a "50/50 chance" of making our connection in Denver but if we took the chance and it didn't work they would not provide a hotel or a refund because they couldn't give us a 100% answer if we would be able to make our next flight. They were very unprofessional and did not speak to people in a polite tone or manner. There was one agent there for 65 people, up until the end of the line where another agent showed up and treated us with such disrespect. Some people hadn't even been helped when they made the final call for boarding on our original flight to Denver that they were then forced to take because their bags were with the plane and there was no attempt made to get them. Simply because they hadn't gotten a chance to speak to a representative before time ran out. I'm so unhappy and it is not worth saving the money.

5/27/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) seat 41F

The last row on the plane lacks a window. There is no window at all on either sides of the plane and creates a very claustrophobic atmosphere.