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4/14/2019 F Borden

✅ Trip Verified | Norfolk to Orlando. Horrible service. I called and was told as long as I was at the airport 30 mins prior to arrival I would be ok. I got to airport 40 mins before departure and could not get on my flight because check in issues no one was at Frontier desk and manager waited til flight left to come down and say we could leave out Monday when my trip was over. Horrible customer service and misleading information.

4/14/2019 Kristal Olsen

Not Verified | Don't fly with this company! They cancelled our flight from Denver to Tulsa (due to weather), and did not inform us. No advisory on the website or app, either. When we tried to check in online, we got an error that said we needed to call the airline, but did not say why. We we're on hold so long that we were late, so we decided to call during our 3 hour drive to the airport. After being on hold for over an hour, we were finally told about the cancellation. But she lied and said they had sent an email. She told us to get on our flight to Denver, and they would put us on another flight to Tulsa. Refused to tell us when the next flight would be. The counters at the airport were closed, and didn't open when the sign said they would. When they did open, we were again told to go to Denver, but then told the next flight to Tulsa would be in 4 days! We called again, and they offered a flight to Wichita, but refused to pay for a rental car or bus tickets from Wichita to Tulsa, and we couldn't afford it, and couldn't get ahold of friends or family for help, due to the late hour. Could have done that if the lady had told us on the phone 5 hours earlier. They also wouldn't give us a flight with another airline. And refunds take 5-7 business days. Couldn't afford another airline because of that, and rates were higher due to late hour. Refused to get us a hotel for the night. Refused to get us a shuttle, Uber or taxi. We missed our trip entirely, but still have to pay for all of it, due to lack of notice and lying. And they don't even care. Horrible company; I don't know how they are even in business.

4/14/2019 R Marseem

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Orlando. This was the worst experience I have ever had and I will never fly with them again. The customer service was absolutely horrendous. I was going to research conference and absolutely every other attendee got to take their posters as a carry-on while I had to pay $90 to take it. I even saw individuals on the same plane with posters. They just made me check mine. The flights were delayed both ways. The crew and staff just could not get it together. In addition, all my colleagues decided to fly Southwest. I decided to fly frontier because I thought it would be cheaper. The southwest flight was $285. Frontier was $183. But that was a huge lie. I ended up paying $340 for my flight with Frontier with all the additional fees. I would have given 0/10 if I could.

4/13/2019 M Bennett

✅ Trip Verified | Ontario to Orlando. Customer service lacks for this airline. I did my research before purchasing my ticket and thought the lack of snack and beverages weren’t an issue for the greatly cheap flight to Rhode Island from California.. Shame on me for assuming nothing would go wrong with the flight. The flight got cancelled right after boarding and no one was given a reason as to why. Get off the plane and I was told another flight to my destination would not be available until 3 days after my original flight. I proceeded to then ask about a hotel being accommodated if I’d have to say so many days and was told only 1 day would be accommodated for me. Ridiculous. You have someone be stuck for 3 days but can’t provide housing or a flight through a different airline or to go a different route. I then had to buy another ticket through Southwest, luckily but also unfortunately because the ticket costed almost 5x the amount I paid for Frontier. I called and asked to be partially reimbursed for the fact that I paid a great difference between the two tickets and was told since I selected to get my original ticket refund I could not be partially reimbursed for the nearly $600 ticket I had to purchase last minute because of Frontier’s screw up. A $120 refund from Frontier is not close to $570 at all. Frontier is absolutely trash.

4/13/2019 Victoria Gentile

✅ Trip Verified | Albuquerque to Orlando. 12:50 am flight got delayed til 2:50 am. We sat there for over 6 hours with 2 kids at the airport for them to tell us that the pilot has been flying for too long, so the flight is canceled - at 3:30 am. They knew the entire time. They tell us to go back to the check in to reschedule- only to have 1 person working the check in area. They decided to let us stand there for another hour only to have other flyers tell the entire line that they aren't canceling the flight, they are classifying it as delayed so they don't have to pay insurance. It's 4am, no one has slept, we've all been there since 9pm, and they have the audacity to allow all 200 of us to stand there waiting to see whats going on. I understand this is a red eye flight but the employees are absolutely unprofessional, they allowed all of us to stand around, most people even missing connecting flights, instead of being straight up with us and telling us to go back home or to the hotel because the flight is being rescheduled.

4/12/2019 E Huang

Not Verified | San Francisco to Denver. Boarding schedule at 8:25 and take off at 9am but flight arrives one hour late. There wasn’t a gate agent, no announcement, no screen information, their online is not updated. It’s awful service from them and totally not organized. I’m an elite member but I’ll not fly with them for a while now. So much room for them to improve

4/10/2019 Noel Medina

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Orlando. Should have done my homework! As I sit here on a two hour delay. I took the time to look at their reviews. There is a reason why they only get one star reviews from practically everyone. I travel fairly frequently and have never run across such a delay. I feel like lm on standby while the airline try’s to get a plane. What a joke! As you read this. Learn by research. Check the reviews. Keep away from Frontier Airlines.

4/8/2019 H Woakes

✅ Trip Verified | I will never fly this airline again! Do your homework before you book, you will pay extra for everything! They do do not even offer a free non-alcoholic beverage! I had a a flight from Salt Lake City to Puerto Vallarta via Denver. When I went to pay for my luggage ahead of time, I realized that they do not offer any free bags including your carry on! I had to pay for my checked bag and my carry on for each flight. (So from Salt Lake to Denver I was charged and then from Denver to Mexico,) and the same on the way back. (I paid an extra $152 for one checked bag and one carry on bag). The next night when I went to check in 24 hours in advance, I found out that I also had to pay extra to choose a seat. Anywhere from $5 to $45 per flight. I chose a middle of the road seat. When I got on the plane the only seats that reclined at all were the most expensive seats! So unless you paid another $180 per person round trip you did not get a reclining seat. There was no in flight entertainment, there was not even a place to plug in your phone or device! There were plenty of other issues when I was trying to book the flights but I felt that people need to know about these the most. If I could say that I felt like I got a good deal and paid less for the flight than I would have with another airline, this may have been a better expereince but the only reason I went with them was because all of the flights with my usual airline were booked.

4/8/2019 Beth Brown

✅ Trip Verified | Worst customer service ever. I arrived at the airport and was delayed because of an accident on the highway on my way there. However I arrived at the ticket counter at 6:05 to check my bag. The agent was looking up my reservation and then when he found it he said its too late to board we are 20% boarded. I said my boarding pass that I have from checking in says you're not even to start boarding until 6:13. It's not even that time yet. He said I can't take your bag and I said ok I paid for a checked bag but I can bring it as a carry on it's small enough. He said well it will cost you $60 and I said ok whatever I already had my boarding pass and am tsa Pre. Can you give me a $30 credit for the bag I was supposed to have checked.. He said no, call customer service. I said ok where do I pay for this to be a carry on and he said it's too late you should have been here 2 hours prior to plane taking off. I said it says here the doors shut at 6:33 this is a very small airport I can get to that gate in plenty of time and he said no it's to late. What really happened here? Did they sell my seat or where they leaving early? I don't know but the agent was very rude and of course I was already upset. I asked if there were any more flights and he said no not until Monday (this was Friday) I asked about a refund and he said we don't do that. You can call customer service but they won't refund you, you were late. I did call customer service and the person I talked to seemed to have a problem understanding the time lines I was talking about and just kept repeating themselves. No satisfaction there.

4/7/2019 Yenchen Puett

Not Verified | San Antonio to Denver. Frontier knew that our flight from SAT to Denver will be delayed ahead of time (the same aircraft going to Salt Lake City departed two hours later than scheduled), but never bothered to communicate with passengers via text, email or phone call. Our bags were checked so we had no access to the essentials or medications for 6-7 hours (it should have been a 2 hour flight). When I called the customer service, there is no apology from the airline; the agent just told us it’s important that we showed up at the airport early for announcements because the flight status can change again. It appears that this airline does not care about their customers while also lacks essential infrastructure/resource to manage flight status change, and basic communication. Their agents are also not trained nor prepared well to handle situations like this either.

4/7/2019 D Farner

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Orlando. Booked and paid for flights and rental car through Frontier’s website. When I reached my destination the rental car carrier would not provide a car because the credit card I had (the only credit card I have and the same one used to pay for the flights and car on the website) is in my husband’s name and he was not on the trip with us. I had to use all of the cash I had with me for the trip to book with a different agency. The carrier that would not provide the car told me to call their main office and they would refund my money for the original rental, but then he found out I had paid through Frontier’s website and said I would have to call them instead since they had my money. I did that and was told repeatedly that they would not give me my $250 back since “car rentals are not refundable.” I understand the situation with the credit card (which was a stressful start to our vacation, but I was understanding about it until I called Frontier’s customer service). Now I’m extremely upset because I’m out $250 and the only explanation the customer service rep or her supervisor could provide was what they were reading off their screens—“car rentals are not refundable.” Next time rather than throw $250 away for absolutely nothing (except to pad Frontier’s profits) I’ll be using it to book with a different airline.

4/6/2019 S Warren

✅ Trip Verified | Grand Rapids to Salt Lake City via Phoenix. Many hidden costs. Very expensive fee for carry on bags. Rude people during check in time. Once on the plane, no communication with pilot, snacks and drinks had to be purchased. There was an ill passenger. He tried to get by stewardess, he was told he had to wait. He tried again to say he wasn't feeling well, they made no effect to move. He started to vomit and started to go down, luckily we had a ob/gyn she jumped over the seats and was able to keep him from falling on the floor. She was able to get him to the restroom, but not before vomiting on people. Another nurse offered to help out also. There were no bags in any air sick bags. Do you know how aweful the smell was? There was nothing to use on the vomit that was on seats and floor. Finally using coffee grounds. Then they didn't have any dust pan or broom to clean up. The staff had to use a piece of cardboard and a piece of plastic to scrap it up. My travel partner had asked how much longer was the flight, he received a rude remark. Not once did the pilot come on to let us know we were going to experience rough weather. The seats didn't recline and was like seating on plywood. It was over a three hour flight. We will never fly with Frontier again. And if you are smart you won't either. Horrible experience.

4/6/2019 K Raver

Not Verified | Due to Frontier Airlines’ poor sense of planning, the delays and staff, we will not be flying Frontier again. On our first flight from Spokane to Vegas, the flight was delayed 4 hours and we were not notified until we went to check our bags. There was no email, phone call or text that would give us any kind of heads up that our flight was pushed back so late. Then once at the gate, the two ladies at the counter were extremely unclear about everything they were trying to explain to the already irritated passengers and delayed us from boarding for even longer so they could print out $15 food vouchers for everyone on the flight, which mind you, they already had 4 hours to attempt to do. Bag check, food and beverages, and the flight in general was overpriced compared to the experience. On our last day as we left our hotel to head to the airport, luckily we checked and found that our returning flight was also delayed 40 minutes, and once again no notification. My advice to you is please treat yourself and avoid flying Frontier, an absolute waste of your time and money.

4/5/2019 Lonya Dorsay

Not Verified | Tulsa to Calgary via Edmonton. This is my first experience with Frontier and likely my last. Our flight was canceled but we received no prior notice via email or text. When we arrived at the airport in Tulsa and saw on the monitor that our flight was canceled so we approached the counter for information. Instead of being greeted or receiving a quick apology or explanation, we were handed a sheet of paper from the agent. The sheet was dated from the day before (this is how I know that they knew prior that our flight would be canceled) and gave 2 options for how to move forward with the flight being canceled. We were offered via the sheet: 1. A full refund + $500 in future travel vouchers with Frontier. OR 2. $400 credit to find another flight home + $50 in future travel vouchers with Frontier. We needed to get home so we chose option #2. However, I am traveling without a laptop and my cellular service does not have a plan to use in the US (we live in Canada) so I immediately have an issue with the thought of trying to rebook my own flights at a moments notice. Also, I was immediately panicking because $400 is not going to get me home. We were now going to miss our connection in Denver so I would essentially be out 2 flights per traveler. But when I asked if we were going to receive $800 (for 2 flights) per traveler I was told "Uh, I don't know." Now I feel very uneasy. I asked the agent to help me look at flights to get us home. She said we would have to do it ourselves. Absolutely no customer service. I explained to her that I had no lap top and no cellular service so she relented and used her computer to look up flight information for me. After 15 minutes she said she could not find a flight and told me that I would have to look on my own. I asked her if there was someone else I could talk to and she said that I could use their phone to call Frontier Customer Service to which she gave the phone number. After 1 hour and 20 minutes on the phone with customer service I was rebooked on a flight with United Airlines the next evening that would get me back to Calgary. I inquired about a hotel or food vouchers now because we were now stuck in Tulsa for 32 hours with no lodging or transportation. I was informed that there would be nothing that they could do about that. I ended my call with customer service and waited for my new reservation to show up in my email. When it arrived within a few minutes I opened it only to find that yes, they had booked a flight for me but not for my child! I went back to the counter and asked the agent to verify if this was a single passenger booking (or was I mistaken) and she told me that I would need to go down to the United counter and ask them to check! I am losing my mind now. I asked the agent if she would get us a hotel for the night so that we would not be stuck at the airport for a day and a half. She said she would not be able to. At that time the gentleman who was also working there said that he would help us get a room through the airport when we returned from the United counter. My son and I walked down to the United counter to verify if the booking was for 1 or 2 travelers. As we were standing in line waiting we can still see the Frontier counter and all the lights start turning off. We stand there and watch the 3 employees gather their personal belongings and leave the counter. They walk right by us with no acknowledgement. What about helping us get a room? What about a flight for my son?

4/3/2019 Millian Comas

Not Verified | Raleigh to Orlando. Original flight was scheduled for 2:00. It got delayed until 3:30. Boarded the plane at 3:45 and was left sitting on the plane for 3 hours and the crew could not tell us what the problem was. No water was offered, not allowed to get up to use the bathroom, nothing. Turned around to be dropped off at the gate again and wait for further instructions. This is not the first time I’ve had problems with this airline. Don’t let the “cheap flights” fool you. What you don’t pay in ticket prices you pay in luggage fees. $35-60 for a carry on both ways. Worst airline I have flown with.

4/2/2019 E Hall

Not Verified | San Diego to Cleveland. Got in two hours early for my 10:30 am flight. Before long, my departure time was delayed by seven hours due to "maintenance". Took forever to get a reason out of customer support, who offered a garbage voucher for my trouble. Hands down the worst airline there is.

4/2/2019 Roberta Churchill

Not Verified | We booked to fly to Fort Myers from Trenton on Jan. 3,2019 and return March 31. Both flights were delayed in departing by more than 4 hours. The seats were the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced. The staff on both planes were courteous but non existent except to offer a drink (water is free) and to collect garbage. We landed March 31 during an arctic windstorm. The rolling walkways were visibly trembling and I, an old lady, had trouble reaching the thin handrail as the wind blasted us leaving the door opening. Happily another passenger gave me a hand. The staff just stands as passengers leave, making no offer to help problems of passengers except to order wheelchairs. And try to find your driver in the dark and cold! This is the second (and last) year we walk up and down a winding street freezing after a southern vacation unable to find our ride. Why isn’t there a better system to allow drivers to find their passengers? Oh yes, we paid full fares when we reserved many months ago. And we were not notified of the plane’s problems when we left for the airport in January! In addition, we unexpectedly were made to pay high fees for two carry on small cases. We flew Frontier because it is not too far from our home, convenient we thought. Please take warning. Do not make our mistake.

3/30/2019 T Kean

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Toronto. Ground staff is very unfriendly and we arrived at gate before door closed time. But he never announce for final boarding! My families with 2 kids were sitting in front of the gate for 15min until the gate door closed we just realized that flight is departing. No one announce for final boarding, I only saw one staff who closed the gate door and walked inside the bridge to the plane. No staff in the gate counter!? (We were sitting there for 15min waiting for boarding announcement. ) By the time he came out from the gate door, he just said nothing he can do, flight is leaving. there are other few more passengers where behind us and mentioned that they just sit in front of the gate for last 1hr and no body announce for boarding. We are NOT late, we arrived before gate closed, but never get inform that we can board. (There are many other passenger sitting at the gate, we don't know that actually our flight passenger were all already on board. We still sitting there for 15min waiting for announcement.) Frontier ground staff is very unfriendly and unhelpful.

3/24/2019 Lorne Quaney

Not Verified | Las Vegas to San Francisco. Most garbage airline ever. I have never been on one that’s actually on time. They always have an excuse / with no help. If you fly frontier it’s cause every other flight is over priced but the satisfaction of knowing you will be there on time is worth the money.

3/23/2019 Levi Gilbey

Not Verified | Atlanta to La Guardia. Charged for carry-on bags, dirty seats, horrible customer service. I will not fly with them again. Shredded safety magazines. You have to pay for WiFi. Warning - do not fly with Frontier.