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3/23/2019 G Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Nashville. Frontier has a very high cancelation fee of $119. Their cancelation policy is listed differently in different places on their website. If you look in the wrong place you will be mislead! Make sure to read on their FAQ page here Additionally, their website will not inform you of the policy before you cancel the flight. Your money will just be gone with no explanation. I could not even tell that my flight reservation had been canceled nor did I get an email that made my cancelation clear. I had to call and wait to talk to a representative on the phone just to confirm that my flight had indeed been canceled. This company has lost a customer.

3/22/2019 S Sylvia

Not Verified | Denver to Buffalo. You get what you pay for. I’ve flown quite a lot in my life and my most recent travel experience involved Frontier Airlines, this was the first and last time. I purchased a seat selection in advance and upon arriving to the airport I was told that those seats didn’t exist and that nothing could be done. The gate agent was horrible - like the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I would never call for someone to be fired but in this case it feels warranted. After reaching out to Frontier they basically told me, “too bad” and that nothing could be done about the seats I had paid for or the terrible gate agent. Bottom line: Avoid at all costs. Frontier isn’t that much cheaper after everything is said and done to bother with the headache. I’m required to give them a rating between 1 and 10 but we’re it up to me they would get 0 stars.

3/19/2019 D Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Tampa. Worst airline you can pick. Our flight was canceled due to the weather which was understandable, but they put us on the flight 4 days after our original flight and we had to stay in a hotel and pay for it. On top of that, flight to Denver and flight back home was delayed almost two hours. This company should stop operating. Horrible experience, this is my first and last time flying with Frontier

3/15/2019 M Almada

Not Verified | If I could give them a 0 that's what they would get. They canceled my daughter's flight and would only put her on a flight for 2 days later, which meant that she would miss her grandmother's funeral. On top of it, they would only book her to a flight in Orlando whereas she is going to Tampa. And that Orlando flight was arriving in the middle of the night, 11:50 something pm. Which means we will have to drive from Tampa to Orlando to get her in the middle of the night. I've been trying to call them, but every time I call within a few minutes, they hang up without anyone picking up. So, now after 12 calls, I finally get a little bit further with the recording, but that's just because I said that I would be willing to pay $25.00 to speak to a live person. Even after that, I have now been on hold for nearly 2hours.

3/13/2019 Maggie Mielzarek

Not Verified | Indianapolis to Orlando. Horrible customer service! Was charged for our free carry on items that fit under our seat and will not refund. Will never fly with this company again. Also the flight attendants were talking trash about customers, I was in the last row and heard the female speak poorly about people near the exit row.

3/11/2019 J Marzena

✅ Trip Verified | It’s not worth the discounted flight prices to go through the Frontier Airlines horrendous customer service agents both on the phone and in person. They say you get what you pay for and these people work here and deliver mediocre service bc they get mediocre training and pay. I am a 6 month pregnant woman who was denied checking a bag because I was 1 minute late. The agent said he couldn’t help me and to “be on my way”. Rude, col, young men that had no people skills. They threw away half of my liquids and perfume of course because I had to clear the bag thru security, ultimately missed my flight and ruined my morning. I’ll never fly with them again!

3/11/2019 J Weares

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Grand Rapids. I honestly don’t know how this airline stays in business! This was my first and last experience. I should have checked the reviews before booking but this was a bereavement situation and I wanted to book this last-minute flight quickly and without paying a fortune. At the time the boarding process should have begun, I noticed it said “Denver” at our gate instead of Grand Rapids. I panicked because I hadn’t heard an announcement of a gate change. The monitors nearby now say the flight is delayed 4 hours. I went back to the gate for additional information only to hear an announcement that now the flight is canceled altogether! We were told we had to collect our bags and return to the ticket counter to rebook or to get a refund. Customer service was shabby at best. I will not be using their $100 voucher (that is only good for 90 days). I will not put myself in their hands ever!

3/10/2019 Lorri Lau

Not Verified | Orlando to Denver. Frontier has taken passenger torture to a new level. I have never been so miserable on a flight since the last time I flew with them about 3 years ago. Their seats are so close together it is nearly impossible to bend over and get any thing off the floor. At 5’9” my knees are almost touching the seat in front of me. My husband at 6’3” has his knees jammed in the seat in front. The seats are barely padded there is no real head rest and they do not lean back. It is sheer hell to try to sleep in them. The tray tables are pathetic useless and small. They no longer offer drinks and you pay for baggage. They are not even cheap enough to merit the misery. I will never fly Frontier again.

3/8/2019 Mike Messina

✅ Trip Verified | I love Frontier, I book 10-12 flights a year for myself and family, great fares and convenient times. But yesterday’s 6am flight from Chicago to Tampa made me incredibly ill and nauseous. Some inconsiderate individual had gotten on the aircraft dipped in perfume. Then, to my surprise, that over powering smell was from one of the flight attendants.

3/6/2019 Kirankumar Singirthi

Not Verified | One of the worst airlines. My flight from Jacksonville to Philadelphia has been delayed four times from this morning. The agents at the gate have no clue what’s going on. All my hotel bookings and return tickets will go waste if they cancel the flight.

3/4/2019 R Cornelio

Not Verified | La Guardia to Miami. This was my first and last time ever using this airline. From beginning to end it was a terrible experience, customer service is a foreign concept and the nickel/dining is very real. The plane was over 2 hours late to depart and it just progressed from there. Hands down the worst travel experience.

3/3/2019 Sarah Whitworth

Not Verified | Atlanta to Denver. Absolutely terrible. My aunt and I tried to buy seats next to each other and were not able to do so, so I bought a seat directly behind her. When getting on the flight the seat next to me and next to her were empty. I asked if we were still boarding and the man rudely answered “no does it look like it” besides being completely rude I asked since we are no longer boarding could me or my aunt move so we could see next together. He yelled at me to sit down and that I could pay him money to sit there. Then stating I should have bought that seat ahead of time making a scene. So rude, there was no need for his rude behavior. If the seat In front of me was more money, why could my aunt move to the seat next to me which was also empty? The one behind her?? Rude and unfriendly staff. Will not be taking this airline again.

2/28/2019 D Roach

Not Verified | Providence to Ft. Myers. Flight was canceled 2 hours before flight. A nightmare to get reimbursed. NOTE: this must be done within 72 hrs or you get $0.00!! Cost a day of vacation.

2/27/2019 D Shearer

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Cancun. Customer service is atrocious. The app glitches upon attempting to book a flight. If you book through the phone they charge you extra. Then the app switches your bags to default carry on if it glitches and they won’t switch it to carry on and credit you the money because they’re thieves. Such a joke that you can spend thousands of dollars with them just to get to your destination and they won’t take care of the little things like $40 in baggage fees. Would never recommend anyone fly with Frontier. Not worth keeping a company in business that doesn’t take care of their customers.

2/26/2019 P Moravsky

Not Verified | Buffalo to Orlando. After a preliminary email stating the flight was delayed by 2+ hours, the gate employees were unable to provide any useful updates. The 7pm arrival finally showed up an hour later and passengers disembarked at 8:30pm. First we were told maintenance was delayed for clean up of the recent arrival so we were delayed indefinitely. I’d say they never intended to depart. At 10:30pm we were finally told the flight was canceled and as stated there were two options. Rebook with them or $400 for another airline ticket. Since they have one daily departure from Buffalo, I might leave by next week! That’s if they ever reimburse us for the new airline tickets. Frontier management is obviously thrilled to reek havoc on their clients vacations on a daily basis. Credits with them are useless. Prices are too good to be true. Do Not Book with Frontier unless you don’t really want to travel anywhere beyond the airport.

2/25/2019 S Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Detroit to Ft Myers. I had booked a flight for today on flight 914 which was cancelled due to the weather conditions. I received a text message that my flight was cancelled and the text said to wait for an email with further instructions which I never received. I then called Frontier to see about a rescheduled flight and was given 3 options: the first was to fly out of Cleveland at 3pm which was impossible considering I live 4 hours away and it had been 1:00 by this time, the second was a 9:50 flight for tomorrow which was booked? So not sure how that was even an option.... and finally a new flight for March 3, which is a week from my original date. Obviously these options are ridiculous and none of them were even remotely reasonable or accommodating. Therefore, I decided to get a refund which inconveniently will not be available for another week. I personally have never had such an awful customer service experience in my life with any airline in all the years of travel. I’m not sure how the 50 other customers on that cancelled flight got to where they are going. I feel that the goal of any business/corporation is to try their best to fully accommodate their customers and frontier airlines does not do that. I understand that weather conditions cancel and delay flights but to just throw your hands up and leave travelers fending for themselves is absolutely absurd. I will never book another flight with Frontier airlines again and will be telling as many people as possible to stay away from this company. I suggest looking into finding a solution to better accommodate your customers.

2/25/2019 D Hatton

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Denver. They delayed our first flight so much so that we missed our connecting flight, then they refused to give us a refund on the flight that we missed because of them, after promising that they would wait for us because we had over 10 others that would be on the same connecting flight on our flight. They lied. Very dishonest. Very unethical.

2/25/2019 W Hurley

✅ Trip Verified | My issue is not with the flight, but rather with deceptive practices on book a rental car. I was charged $192.89 for the rental car; however, only $150.40 was credited as a prepay. After a dozen or so calls to the twp companies, I finally got Frontier to admit they had pocketed the difference ($40.49) as a "third-party fee". However, this "fee" was not disclosed on the website or in the reservation. When confronted with this deceptive practices, the service manager I spoke to just kept repeating that Frontier could only provide information for the flight, not the rental car. There are other airlines out there, e.g., Southwest, that do not impose fees for facilitating car rentals and hotel reservations. Bottom line: don't make car reservations through the Frontier website.

2/22/2019 Steve, Airbus A321 (321) seat 13E

I fly often and all airlines 6ft 210lbs. I like Frontier but if your rich, probably better to fly other airlines. I accept that Frontier is delayed more than others, no magazines, just water served and seats have less cushion so bring a pillow to sit on if you have a boney butt. (I don't need one) For the A321, Almost all seats are OK. Best seats for tall people over 5'10" are rows 2, 3 and all exit rows, any seat except for 13A and 27F which is still better but has the attendants jump seat in front of you. Only problem with 27A and 27F is the tiny round window on the exit door. Exit seats have dividers which I like to keep people squeezing you out of your seat. Plenty of width for me, but if you have extremely wide hips, you should choose another airline. These exit seats all fully recline, which almost all seats on frontier don't recline. Only problem with exits are the flimsy pull out table. 10E and 26B is a little better because no seat next to you so you can still stretch out sideways. Worst seats are probably 10B and 26E since attendant jump seat next to you takes up all room so very cramped and no window. Also rows 40 and 41 are stinky when bathroom door is opened. Row 1 is really no more room than others since the bulkhead takes up floorspace.

2/22/2019 B Heales

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Puerto Vallarta. The flight itself was ok, after the delay of one and a half hours because of a mechanical problem. My issue is with the obnoxious, rude drunk women on board. She talked extremely loudly the entire flight. Also, she had several cocktails. She had snuck her own alcohol on board and was never without a drink in her hand. The flight attendants knew about her, knew she was extremely loud, and also knew that she was drinking her own alcohol and chose to ignore the whole situation! I was shocked the the attendants allowed this to happen. I suppose it’s just easier to ignore the whole thing. It was an extremely difficult flight for the rest of the passengers anywhere around where she was sitting. I do hope the flight home is without her! I won’t “be patient “ if it happens again.