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6/25/2019 Anu Gunasekera

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Colombo via Bahrain and I was extremely impressed with Gulf Air flights, cabin crew and onboard food and beverage service. Food was very tasty and they have a very good choice of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage selection. A320-200 flights were pretty old and their entertainment systems were outda...

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6/20/2019 H Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | Kozhikode to Bahrain. I chose to fly Gulf Air business class since it had been many years since I last flew with them. I upgraded my tickets to Business Class to avail the extra baggage and smooth check in services at Bahrain Airport. The flight was disappointing in many ways. There was no Movies available on t...

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6/9/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321ER (321) seat 11E

you cannot recline this seat because it is located near an emergency exit. Besides, it lacks a window. Same for 11B

5/28/2019 Zahid Islam

✅ Trip Verified | London to Abu Dhabi via Bahrain. The cabins are not cleaned properly. I had biscuit crumbs on my seat belt and gum on the food tray from the previous passenger. You are not given a menu card. Cabin crew pass by and ask if you want chicken or lamb. If you are asleep or distracted while you watch your movie, the...

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5/22/2019 T Machik

✅ Trip Verified | Flying from Moscow to Dubai via Bahrain on 9 May, back on 13 May and the experience was very mediocre. The flight from MOW do Dubai- onboard staff was impolite even rude to passengers, meals were under average, during a 5h flight drinks were offered only once, entertainment system did not work at all. Seats we...

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5/22/2019 A Ali

✅ Trip Verified | London to Dhaka via Bahrain. Customer service is absolutely appalling. They will extort every single penny from you. Plane dirty, food ridiculous. Timetable non existent. Too many faults to mention so I'll leave it there as I've had enough of this airline. For a middle Eastern airline this is shameful as your...

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5/12/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A320 (320) v1 seat 3A

I have sat in most seats in Falcon Gold on this route and all of them have something broken. The recline is almost non-existent, so it is impossible to get comfortable for this 5 hour flight. Absolutely the most uncomfortable business class seats imaginable. In addition, and also very shocking, GF is too cheap to put movies on ...

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5/12/2019 James Simmonds

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangkok via Bahrain. Price was ridiculously cheap booked a week prior to departure. Free seat selection 24 hours prior to departure. Aircraft: Nearly new Boeing 787-900 with decent seat pitch and immaculately clean. Poor seat width as with all 9 abreast vacant adjacent seat welcome. IFE: ...

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4/30/2019 T Reddy

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to Istanbul via Manama. Traveller for past 20 years and this is the worst maintained airline I have seen. Mannerless crew, always delayed, poor quality food, no maintenance are their only Pros. Budget airline like AirAsia is far better than this one. Every time at all airports gate numbers will / must...

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4/28/2019 Abdul Ghaffar

Not Verified | I travelled from London to Islamabad via Bahrain on 04/04/2019. I arrived at Bahrain airport on 05/04/2019. The Gulf Air Line already arranged accommodation, food and transport as I had 18 hours layover. The driver turned up to pick me up from the airport to the hotel. I wasn't aware of the hotel but when I got t...

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4/19/2019 Z Baig

✅ Trip Verified | London to Islamabad via Bahrain. I have noticed many changes some positive and some negative. Positives being new plane from LHR to BAH with excellent comfort. However the meal service can be improved with quality of food, and drink service being served after I had finish my meal. I was travelling with kids so...

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4/15/2019 L Valdinya

✅ Trip Verified | I was not allowed to board the flight because the airline were not aware of the new Residency rules in Kuwait. Kuwait had a has a new system of not sticking a residency permit on your passport instead they have a smart card with all the relevant details. The new system was implemented on the 10th and I travell...

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4/15/2019 D Mancher

✅ Trip Verified | Overbooked flight, gate closed early your then promised to be put on another flight at no extra cost and then the staff are never to be seen again leaving you wondering around. Lost baggage, you make calls no answer, then told to contact after a certain amount of days, then told your bag has been found they wi...

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4/11/2019 David Houlihan

✅ Trip Verified | Bahrain to London return. Boeing 787 outbound in Economy class and return in Business. Overall a mixed bag - The aircraft are brand new, in mint condition - decent space in Economy and the Business class cabin makes for a lot of privacy. Hard product is above their gulf competition in my view. Y class food an...

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4/8/2019 J Larson

✅ Trip Verified | London to Dubai via Bahrain. The new 787 was clean and fresh with good seat pitch. Plenty of overhead baggage space available. A basic amenity kit was a nice touch. The food was good and tasty however there was no water on the meal tray. several passengers were requesting water from the crew prior and during t...

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4/7/2019 Sherif Abdelhamid

✅ Trip Verified | Alexandria to Dubai via Bahrain. It is so frustrating when you go to the airport, and then discover that the flight from Alexandria was cancelled? Without neither your agent or airline to notify you in advance!I sincerely never recommend Gulf Air.

4/6/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A320 (320) v1 seat 26

The screen did not work very well but service was pretty good. GOOD legroom.

3/24/2019 Faisal Awan

✅ Trip Verified | Dammam to Karachi via Bahrain. Ever since Gulf Air has used Almasariya Universal Airlines to operate some routes, their service standards are dropping drastically. First of all cabin crew hardly speaks any language other than Arabic which I've noticed makes it very hard for Umrah Passengers to communicate. The...

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3/22/2019 S Bhatt

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from London to Abu Dhabi via Bahrain on their Boeing 787 and then A320. Had requested a special meal. First meal ( dinner) was fine although service is slow to non-existent e.g. didn't get my drink until after I had finished my meal. The worst was when they served a light breakfast before landing, I was t...

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3/20/2019 S Piddarla

✅ Trip Verified | It is my pleasure to write for the cabin crew of flight GF-153 who made mine and few of my friends journey from Bangkok to Bahrain one of the most memorable 7.40 hours in air time. They have been friendly above our expectations. I have been travelling to places quite often and based on my experiences it really...

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