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6/14/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321neo (321) seat A4

My first flight on This airplane. The seats are thinly padded and left me with sore bottom and back. First class recliners do not recline very much and there is a foot rest that belongs on a motorcycle. The airplane is noisy and to me feels cheap. I don't like this airplane and if I didn't have so many miles invested in HA I doubt I would fly this again.

6/11/2019 Scott B, Airbus A321neo (321) seat 16A

This seat is horrible if you are tall or have some width to you. The bulkhead seam runs right next to where your shoulder is. This may cause you to lean into the person sitting to the right of you. There is no window. I fly to Oahu every three months and would never pay extra to sit in this seat again. On the other side of the isle the 16j has the opposite problems. Your right shoulder is pushed into the bulkhead seam and the person to the left of you gets to be uncomfortable for 5 hours and 10 minutes in the air.

6/3/2019 Rocio, Airbus A321neo (321) seat 14G

Nunca había sentido un vuelo tan aburrido como este, el entretenimiento es pésimo y hay que pagar $7 para poder ver películas, no tiene pantallas solo lo puede hacer si lleva una tablet, compu o smartphone , de lo contrario no podrá ver nada. Hay que pagar por todo incluyendo la almohada y las brazada, los asientos se reclinan muy poco como una pulgada.

5/22/2019 Richard Milliones

Not Verified | Very disappointed with the quality of offerings. No WiFi, only beef option for breakfast going. Returning again no WiFi. We did not get offered water although some passengers did. Had to ask for a soda. Although I made reservations more than a month ago, my wife and I did not have seats together until I went to the ticket counter. The agent booked us through to Phoenix (connecting in LA) he did not have my wife and I together.

5/20/2019 R Christie

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to Honolulu. The flight to HNL was without any hiccups. The flights were on time and the staff was friendly. My difficulties came on the return flight. I had made a separate reservation for my Dad and his dog to fly on the same flight I was booked on, with a stop in Maui. I called reservations to attach the dog to the ticket because we were going to put in on as luggage. I spent an hour on the phone trying to get this complete. The staff on the phone made no indication that a stop in Maui would be any sort of problem. Upon checking in at HNL, it went as smooth as I could have expected. The staff checking us in inquired with someone about what notes needed to be made in order to ensure safe delivery for my Dads pet with the stop in Maui. She was satisfied with the answer, so she sent us along. In Maui, I received a phone call indicating that the plane to Portland could not support the pet, so I'd have to go back to HNL, where I just came from! Because the dog was being handled so much he was getting too anxious, thus we needed to come down to meet him. This was after a gate attendant tried to get us on a flight back to HNL. She was kind enough to offer a food voucher (which I could not use because I spent all of our time in the security line). We settled the dog, waited in the security line, for the second time that day and made the flight just in time. What a waste of time and communication. My Dad with breathing and walking difficulties was being taken from one side of the airport to another, a lot more walking than he anticipated, along with the stress he's feeling in regard to his dog. Back to HNL we go and make it in time for the direct flight to Portland. I was not offered any kind of compensation, acknowledgement of the mistake nor did I feel that anyone cared about the distress this caused during this whole fiasco. I had paid for Extra Comfort seats and for the two different people in Maui was trying to do the rebooking, they did not notice this until I pointed it out, twice. So, had I not mentioned it, there was a possibility that I would have got economy seats and I would have lost that added expense. I could not lose my cool because I didn't want my Dad to stress more. I have never encountered such an experience. I felt like this was something I should have known ahead of time rather than an oversight on the airline's part, not once, but twice. With the rising cost of their airline tickets and all the 'for purchase' items, it's becoming harder and harder to make the trip back to visit the family that I do have left there. The crew on the aeroplane was friendly and checked in often. I have flown a pet before and this horrific visit was a far cry from my first. I was relocating my Dad and this day actually made him question the decision, saying, maybe this wasn't a good idea. I kept my cool and did my best not to show my frustration.

5/5/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321neo (321) seat 11G

Extremely disappointed with this aircraft but understand why HA went away from twin isle 767..cost and revenue ha? Not sure if there's a industry standard on # passengers vs # toilets. In the main cabin, there are 3 for 173 (if full) passengers. the middle toilets do not have room for passengers to pass fwd or aft so people are waiting 2 - 3 deep. Felt bad for the passengers seated right in front or behind the mid-toilets. First Class service sucked! Flight attendants need to go with JAL or ANA for training....

4/30/2019 K Jones

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Honolulu. We are from the UK and this was our first time using Hawaiian Airlines and we were very disappointed. We paid 80 Dollars each to upgrade to Premium Seats and although the interior of the plane was light and airy and clean, we thought the service was shocking. The temperature was so cold everyone was putting on sweaters and jackets. When we mentioned how cold it was to the cabin crew they offered us a blanket for 10 Dollars each. We think this was a deliberate ploy in order to sell blankets. No meal was provided just light snacks, fair enough, and we were offered complimentary drinks, my daughter and I both requested Diet Coke and were given one can between us and asked to share it - unbelievable penny pinching. We would never use this airline again

4/30/2019 Ken Duffin

Not Verified | Honolulu to Auckland. Return leg following previous review of outbound leg. This was an improvement on the outward journey. Cabin etc fairly identical though a newer aircraft. Food was better and cabin staff marginally more friendly. IFE was ok and departure/arrival times were as predicted. Beware the 10 min delay to be gassed with insecticide at AKL airport - this appears to becoming a more frequent addendum to the experience and I would stress, this is nothing to do with Hawaiian Airlines - though they could have advised us there would be a delay after landing.

4/28/2019 B Hajill

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Honolulu. Hawaiian Airlines A330 was spacious and new aircraft. Seating configuration was 2-4-2 in economy class. Boarding was swift and was before time, we push-backed before the departure time of 9.40pm. Aircraft was clean, spacious and cabin crew was smiling in Hawaiian style. I liked that the flight captain instructed the passengers to keep the window shades down to keep in mind that the other passengers would be sleeping. Generous baggage allowance of 32kgs per checked bag and 2 bags were allowed per person. Both the sectors’ flights departed and arrived before time and the baggage was loaded on the carousel swiftly at Sydney while arriving back into Australia. Check-in staff at Honolulu airport was very helpful. We only carried 23 kgs per bag (had 4 bags each) as the ticket was on Virgin Australia, however the staff said we can carry 32kgs per bag (total 4 bags). Even without requesting, he inserted “interline transfer” tags on all our 4 checked bags and due to this, our bags were the first ones to arrive in Sydney. This erased my worry of time delays as we only had 2hrs and 20 mins at Sydney before our connecting flight to Melbourne. The only negative thing is about inflight food on both Hawaiian Airlines flights. On departing from Sydney, we were given a small snack pack consisting of less than one sandwich, a non-edible chocolate cake piece and few cut fruits. Morning breakfast tray was very small and was equally bad. On the return flight to Sydney, afternoon lunch was boiled noodles with few veges, cut fruits and grated cabbage in vinegar. Just before arrival into Sydney, we were given a very tiny bag consisting of 1 small sandwich and small sized apple. I know that US airlines are not customer friendly, but on these medium to long-haul flights, food trays should be good. Food service was the only part which took down Hawaiian Airlines. Hopefully they improve on this, considering their flight tickets are expensive.

4/26/2019 Kelly Carman

✅ Trip Verified | Lihue to Oakland. I am extremely annoyed seeing as I paid for an extra comfort seat and I cant even stretch my legs out because of the non-movable wall located in front of my seat. I'm 6 feet tall and have terrible knees. What's the point of paying for comfort if I'm better off just paying for an econ seat.

4/25/2019 Ken Duffin

Not Verified | Auckland to Honolulu. First time in Economy class for a while so possibly a bit biased. The seat adequate and nothing more. Reclined seat in front unexpectedly claustrophobic. Cabin crew not great to be honest, appeared disorganized and not friendly at all until leaving the aircraft. Food was dreadful on any scale for a 9hr flight. Otherwise ok and on time.

4/12/2019 Tim Tracy

✅ Trip Verified | The new non stop Hawaiian Airlines route between Boston and Honolulu cost me more than $1,900. It started out at the boarding gate with about six employees looking everywhere but at their customers. Only one overwhelmed woman had a clue. It seemed that they were too busy training their other employees. Holding a first class ticket I expected that when it was time to board there would be an announcement . Nope. Instead they called that they were boarding anyone who needed special assistance. Ok. Like people who are elderly or in wheel chairs get to board first....this wasn't the case...They let about 25 kids and their parents board in coach first ..while I waited and waited. I'm sorry but 30 people sitting in coach should not take priority over your first class customers except if someone is actually handicapped. Bad start. After boarding I was offered a drink. The seat was nice although no one greeted me to tell me how the the seat worked. No one greeted me by my name. There are only a handful of first class passengers. Jet Blue Mint first class greets you as soon as you board..by your name and they take the time to show you how your seat works. (Jet Blue Mint cross country is as little as $499.) Next came the flight attendant who requested I order my food for the entire 12 hour flight including what I wanted to drink. Ok but I'm not sure at 9am what I want to drink 10 hours latter. I ordered the "Veggie" option. When the first meal arrived it was a soggy quiche, stale bready croissant, unripe boring melon and get this..a glass of red wine. She put the food down and disappeared. Next came the 13 inch iPad entertainment they passed out. They had a few good movies and I watched The Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody. I was hungry again after the poor quality breakfast and was informed that all they have is potatoes chips and the next meal won't be served until an hour before we arrive in Honolulu about ten hours later. But a flight attendant came thru first class selling box snacks. Really? $1900 dollars one way and they are selling me a snack because I'm still hungry? I passed. A little while latter I walked back to Premium Comfort and asked the flight attendant there (because the first class flight attendants had blocked off their station with a table of potato chips and disappeared for most of the flight) if I could possible get something to eat. Her cold response: "You are in first class go up there." OK so I go back and ask the flight attendant if I can have a snack box. She says "I'm busy now changing over the flight deck, I'll just be a minute". After listening to her and a male crew member laugh and talk for at least 15 minutes I determined that she completely forgot about me. I went up and asked again. She apologized and brought me a complimentary snack box that had a few chips and two bites of hummus in it. I was never offered anything to eat again until about 10 hours later when the main meal arrived. I looked across at the "veggie" meal that my fellow passenger was eating and thought oh boy that looks mushy and I think I ordered the wrong thing. Not to worry because when she brought my food she brought me the wrong meal and I was given a dry semi cold piece of chicken and stale bread with one piece of butter. No one ever came by and asked me if I wanted anything else. I would avoid Hawaiian Airlines in the future. Its only good for the seat. Service dialed in, food poor. First class? Not.

4/9/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 11JAND11H

These seats are terrible. We've flown these exact seats a few years ago, before they installed a wall from the ceiling to the floor between first class and these seats. There is limited legroom now. If you are over 5' 10" tall you will be pressing your feet onto the wall for a long-haul flight, unable to stretch out. The seats are stiff and uncomfortable too. Don't know why they are called "Extra Comfort" seats.

3/23/2019 Jayant Singh

Not Verified | I have travelled on most of the major airlines all over the world and by far this is the worst airline I have come across. This was my first trip to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines. The seats in economy class are really cramped. They just want to make money out of anything and everything. They asked for $10 for a simple blanket. Entertainment system sucks. They ask you to download their stupid entertainment app, which of course, worked only with in-flight wifi. And, lo, you have to buy packages if you want to watch anything. I have never had experience with any airlines so far that asks money for in-flight entertainment. The snacks they offer have no choice. If you ask them to replace the meat item with a veg then you will get a simple answer - this is all we have. C'mmon do you expect anyone that boards your flight, to eat meat? I am not going to fly this airline ever.

3/21/2019 Rod Walsh, Airbus A330-200 seat 11H

As other have written, the privacy of this section is nice. I found the bulkhead a little too close. So, I have already reserved 34H&J for our next flight. Doesn't look like there's a bulkhead, so it should have plenty of legroom.

3/17/2019 Jayson Manzano

✅ Trip Verified | Monopoly at its finest! Constant delays. I flew 6 weeks in a row without leaving on time. Every single time my flight was delayed by at least 30 minutes. Thankfully Southwest is offering Kona to Honolulu flights in May. I'm never flying on Hawaiian Airlines as long as another option is available. Sick and tired of always flying in late to Oahu.

3/14/2019 Rado Szittyai

✅ Trip Verified | Kahului to Honolulu. Horrid. They have monopoly on air travel here in Hawaii and they are behaving as such. Agents barely speak English, and god forbid you need to make any changes to your reservations. Planes are filthy (inter-island routes) and so are their terminals. I used them to fly to South Korea and even their trans-oceanic flights are way below their competitors level in service and overall experience.

3/9/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 717-200 (717) seat 15A

This is a standard economy seat. Not much legroom but then it didn't appear the seats on this plane could recline, so I had no seatback in my face My seat didn't even have a recline button. The seats are paper thin so they can fit in more rows. But it's only a 30 minute flight from Honolulu to Lihue, Kauai so any discomfort is short-lived. The flight attendants are friendly, passing out juice and water, and the cabin is clean.

3/6/2019 gsphoto, Airbus A330-200 seat 11C

I purchased a Premium Econo upgrade for $125 (x2 people) for the 9 3/4 flight to NZ. That cabin feels much more connected to first than coach. Very private feeling and quiet with attentive staff and good food/free spirits. It cost $125 PER leg for my United Prem-Econo upgrade from Tampa to SFO and SFO to Honolulu. My first Hawaiian air experience was quite nice.

2/27/2019 Phillip Enright

Not Verified | Well, Hawaiian have now investigated their screw up for 2 weeks and responded by apologising profusely and given me a $400 e-Ticket with strings attached. That it takes 2 weeks to investigate an admitted huge and obvious screw-up of this magnitude, shows how little Hawaiian really cares for its customers. Having said that, they completely fail to appreciate why they screwed up. After 2 weeks, they think it was a training problem. It wasn’t. Their employees (all 4 of them including 2 supervisors) followed their policies and procedures, so training won’t change anything. The screw-up I experienced had nothing to do with training. It was entirely a management and cultural issue – Hawaiian’s staff were not and are not empowered to make the obvious right decision within a 2 hour period because they fear the consequences of acting without authority so much, that they very deliberately and knowingly to my face increased my inconvenience by some 10 hours. That Hawaiian Airlines considers a $400 eTicket credit to be adequate compensation for its 3 very substantial failings that resulted in such extraordinary frustration and massive inconvenience, highlights for me, and I'm sure most others, how little Hawaiian Airlines values its customers and how little it invests to seek to make amends for its staff’s very deliberate lack of care for its customers. If Hawaiian Airlines genuinely wanted to prevent a re-occurrence of this monumental screw-up, this matter would have been escalated to senior management, specifically the CEO, which is the only area of any organization where substantial management and cultural issues are able to be successfully addressed. But they didn’t; so they’ll continue to screw over many more customers.