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9/21/2019 Phillip Hampson, Embraer 190 seat 4A

We flew on an E190 of the same fleet last year and remembered that the seats weren't particularly comfortable. This time we hardly noticed any discomfort. Very smart and hi-tec aircraft. As an air enthusiast and only personally flown small piper aircraft, it's good to see how well Embraer have developed in the last few years. ...

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4/25/2019 Rebekah Stone

Not Verified | Birmingham to Zurich. I am an incredibly nervous flyer, and was flying at 25 weeks pregnant so much more anxious than usual. When I checked in the airline immediately clocked that I was pregnant and told me to come and queue up with priority customers even though I was flying economy. When I did they showed me to...

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4/21/2019 Tracy Roofe

Not Verified | Zurich to London City. Very pleased with service received, flight attendant went out of his way to recognise we were flying business as technically non exists on this short hop flight. Given Easter gifts as well as free flowing champagne and cognac. Plane was very clean, quiet and modern.

4/3/2019 Michel Perrin

✅ Trip Verified | Marseille to Zurich. A lazy check-in (not Helvetic employee) who did not want to check my luggage through its final destination, neither to release a lounge voucher (Star Alliance Gold). I finally had a great trip in this old Fokker 100. Crew was extremely attentive, flight on time, and aircraft clean as snow.

10/13/2018 yusrani, Fokker 100 seat 3A

HELVETIC.COM will change the Fokker in next 2years Plane is fast and strong , today again..

10/6/2018 P Affolter

Not Verified | Budapest to Zürich. Even though the F100 aircraft was rather old, the comfort was very good. The seats were very comfortable and had a lot of leg space. The crew was very nice and had a beautiful uniform. The onboard service provided was the same as on every other Swiss international Airlines flight. The informati...

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9/13/2018 Sheila Ehrler

Not Verified | Birmingham to Zurich. Very nice comfortable flight with excellent cold snack and wine. My main complaint is that I did not have access to the Lounge at Birmingham. Surely this should be automatic when paying Business. My ticket was booked through Swiss International so don't know who is responsible for this lack ...

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9/8/2018 Philippe Rose

✅ Trip Verified | London City to Geneva. Inexistant service, rude crew who insulted a man on crutches, gave contradictory orders about not using overhead bins without telling passengers what to do with their luggage.

7/18/2018 Klaus Krämer, Fokker 100 seat 13F

Plenty of legroom, otherwise quite old fashioned and narrow seats. I don't recline seats but have to give review stars - thar's not good. Also there's no entertainment, so I gave non existent entertainment 1 lone star. You should not make all review topics mandatory...

7/15/2018 Klaus Kraemer, Fokker 100 seat 13F

Sure the best seat row you can get in that plane. Plenty of legroom to stretch your legs. Otherwise quite common old seats, but the hop over to Wroczlaw is only about an hour.

3/10/2018 Horst Trodler, Fokker 100 seat 3F

Window seat quite far in front. Sufficient legroom, and as this was a Business Classe seat the middel seta remained empty which helped as otherwise seating may be a bit narrow.

12/19/2017 Paul, Fokker 100 seat 18A

Not the seat I had originally booked. Comfortable and plenty of legroom. Very noisy as next to the fuselage mounted engines.

8/8/2017 S Lang

✅ Verified Review | Zurich to Berlin TXL with LX0976 operated by Helvetic Airways. Boarding was very smooth, but the lack of space in the overhead compartments of the Embraer 190 was obvious and annoying. Flight attendants were somewhat imperiously telling all the passengers to put whatever fits under the seat in front of you t...

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2/28/2017 G Raminara

✅ Verified Review | Zurich to Rome. Can't believe they still fly these old Fokker 100 planes. Bought business class tickets on the Swiss website and ended up in a Fokker 100 rather than a modern Airbus. The leg space was as if flying economy. One of my worst flights ever. The cabin staff tried their best, but again thumbs down ...

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2/2/2017 B Drazen

✅ Verified Review | Zurich to Bucharest return. One of the worst flying experience. Old, worn out aircraft and lousy service overall. Extremely overpriced. We booked Swiss and after a couple of weeks got an e-mail that some details were changed (among those details the flight is operated by Helvetic Airways instead of Swiss). R...

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1/27/2016 M Studzinski

Zurich to Warsaw, this flight was operated by Helvetic Airways instead of Swiss. Flight delayed for 20 mins, old, dirty and noisy Fokker 100, with very limited overhead stowage space. Cabin crew of two - very young, but looked bored and tired, and no smile. Service was a cheese or ham sandwich, with beverage cart and swiss choco...

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11/26/2015 Joakim Birgersson

I cannot believe they still fly these old planes. Fokker went bankrupt 18 years ago. Sure enough the regularity of this plane sucks, not to mention the noise. Time for the scrap yard or museum. I will choose another airline until Helvetic Airways fleet is up to date.

11/20/2015 Andre Souza

Had a short flight with Helvetic Airways to Frankfurt - nothing special. Staff both on the ground and in the air cold and unhappy, the service is mediocre, even for a short flight I met airlines serving much more than a tiny orange juice box. Crew felt inconvenienced when asked a question in another language than German. The fli...

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10/11/2015 Robin Kupferschmid

The Italian ground crew failed to show up for work, and our pilot, flight attendants and other staff offloaded the previous flights luggage, then proceeded to load our luggage, explained to us what was going on, and managed to get someone to help back out our plane. We got to Zurich only 25 minutes late. We were able to run to o...

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9/5/2015 Lukáš F., Airbus A319 seat 8C

Excellent leg room compared to the Embraer 190 that usually serves on this short haul line.