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10/16/2019 Gwendolyn Craig

Not Verified | Orlando to London Gatwick. Flight was booked for Norwegian. We learned shortly before flight that we would be actually flying with HiFly. Did a quick internet search and did not find any alarming negatives. We were surprised to see a plain, white jet pull up to the terminal. We were informed that the flight would...

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10/8/2019 C Harrison

✅ Trip Verified | We returned from Holguin on flight 5K2817 run by Hi-Fly. This company was drafted in to replace the original Thomas Cook flight (MT2817). The flight was due to take off at 17.00 but we didn’t start boarding until nearly 17.00. Like most people, we didn’t rush as we had boarding passes with allocated seat number...

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10/6/2019 Jorge L Gonzalez, Airbus A340-300 v4 seat 32A

This was a Norwegian wet-lease and the seats were comfortable but old. The entertainment system is very old and does not work. The service was acceptable.

10/3/2019 Matthew Taylor, Airbus A340-300 v1 seat 35C

No issues with the seat. Its an older plane, but the seat was comfy with good IFE. Food was decent airline fare. Return flight in same seat, they couldn't turn off the main lights in the last few rows of the first section of the standard in the cabin. This meant the forward section was quite light, the back section lovely and da...

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9/7/2019 Mike, Airbus A340-300 v4 seat 1F

Amazing seat - blast from the past. This airplane was an Emirates A340 back in mid-2000s. This is an Emirates first class seat - huge for the era (not a lay flat)

8/28/2019 Helen Sparks, Airbus A340-300 v1 seat 23K

On this flight as a replacement for the Norwegian Dreamliner. It was gine. legroom was good. There were films and tv shows but I had things on my tablet that I really wanted to watch so didn't use the IFE. Food was fine for airplane food, Chicken or beef. Both tasted nice. Would be happy to fly on this plane again if the price...

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5/27/2019 Andy vessey, Airbus A340-300 v2 seat 3C

Seats were good..flat bed sleeper seat ..very comfortable ..but the seat back screen kept breaking down ..which was eventually replaced by an I pad...the electronic seat functions were intermittently working and when I asked for a few pillows to put behind me while I was having my meal I was informed the didn’t give our pillows....

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1/17/2019 M Parvuri

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Salvador Bahia. Flight plastic free. The first one I have travelled with. And they had Ipads to comfortable watch what we preferred. The distance between the chairs was large.

1/17/2019 Ines Amaral

✅ Trip Verified | Salvador to Lisbon. Everything great. The flight was on time and the flight attendants were super nice. Good food and served in nice quantities. The entertainment was very personalized. It was a very good experience.

12/27/2018 Ines Amaral

Not Verified | Lisbon to Salvador. Very nice flight. Staff, food and seats were very nice. Entertainment was great with several movies and series to choose from. I will definitely be travelling again with HiFly.

12/3/2018 Anthony Macharola

Not Verified | Amsterdam to New York. I flew Hi Fly on a Norwegian flight. An older jet, the interior was outdated a bit. The overhead reading lights could only be turned on from the crew. One of the bathroom sinks wasn’t working. There were only about 6 movies and 2 tv shows to be entertained from, but if you are flying 8 hour...

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10/12/2018 Rebecca Thomas

Not Verified | Hi Fly operated the route Brunei - Melbourne on behalf of Royal Brunei, due to RB having some sort of issue with their usual fleet for that route. We were told this at Heathrow (full flight was London- Melbourne via Dubai & Brunei). It stated the flight would be as comfortable, and the same high standard as RB. N...

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10/8/2018 José Carneiro De Carvalho Neto, Airbus A340-300 v1 seat 1L

A old airplane, with old seats, no full flat, no on-board entretainment

9/25/2018 P Beale

✅ Trip Verified | We were booked on Air Transat flight TS178 from Montreal to Porto. The first leg was from Toronto to Montreal. Upon landing on the 15th of September at Montreal for our connecting flight a few hours later, we were informed that it had been cancelled. I later found out through a friend that it was due to a tech...

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8/6/2018 Dan Streja

Not Verified | Gatwick to New York. I had a ticket with Norwegian and I got a series of SMSs telling me that the company that will actually fly the plane was Hi-Fly, that there will be only limited entertainment, etc. I read reviews on this site before and was worried about this flight. I was in for a surprise. The A380 was sup...

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6/25/2018 Don MacLeod

Not Verified | Due to a technical problem on our Thomas Cook flight we were delayed 24 hours and had to fly with HiFly. We paid for premium economy but were placed in economy next to the only toilet working on the flight. This was a bone of contention because other people were allocated our P.E seats. There were no alcoholic dr...

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6/20/2018 B Keeler

✅ Trip Verified | HiFly operated this Air New Zealand flight due to mechanical issues. We were unable to complete seat select and were given middle row seats. There was limited room with uncomfortable seating. Flight was an overnight flight. There were no pillows nor blankets offered. The plane was dirty inside with the toilets...

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6/9/2018 AB, Airbus A340-500 seat 16H

All seats in economy have seat back screens, but had no function other than to display "thank you for choosing arik air", an airline that owned the plane until 2015 (3 years ago of this writing). No way to turn off the screen. There is no window for row 16. It is directly over the center of the wing.

6/5/2018 Tony Filly, Airbus A340-500 seat 10A

Front cabin is economy. Small middle cabin is 2 rows of business. Lay flat. Plane was okay. Seemed “tired” and old. We sat in business

5/31/2018 Ginger, Airbus A340-300 v2 seat 31A

Screen wasn’t working, had to move seats. Selection of movies and tv shows extremely limited. Food was fine, HiFly staff friendly and professional. The last row on the plane was numbered 67 so I think the seat map on this website needs to be updated.