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3/26/2019 M. Henson, Embraer 170 seat 15C

Cramped bare bones transportation. Horrible experience for anyone over 5ft 8in tall.

3/14/2019 mike henson, Embraer 170 seat 15C

Horrible experience. If you are under 6 ft tall it might be bearable. Taller than that you are in a living hell. Why woukd they put a recline btton on this airplane?

9/10/2018 Richard Callis

✅ Trip Verified | Couple of short flights with HOP! An Embraer to Paris then a Bombadier down to Perpignan. Both aircraft cabins were nice, staff were friendly and helpful and the snacks/drinks on board were satisfying. Flights were on time. As a platinum cardholder my connection between CDG and ORY was without charge saving 23 Euro which is a really practical and helpful perk of Flying Blue membership, thanks Air France for that. I fly a lot with HOP! and they always do a good job, well done again!

5/17/2018 Pascal Dherve

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Nantes. Strikes on April 23 did not allow me to take this flight. Since April 21st I try to contact hop, by phone no one answers, no one also responds to emails or through the contact page of their website, or by twitter. I lost 200 euros, I could not change this flight and had to buy another ticket. Today May 16, still no response from them.

11/2/2017 Laurent Charpentier

✅ Verified Review | Toulon to Paris Orly. Aircraft on time and clean. Good service in flight, pleasant staff on departure, inflight and on arrival. We had to leave bags at plane entry gate and we fetched them at plane exit gate in Paris. The aircraft is useful for small flights but is a little small for passengers. Flight entertainment would have been appreciated (domestic flights in another countries have in flight entertainment, even for 1hr flights).

8/3/2017 C Starmer

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Aberdeen. HOP did us a favour during our outbound journey by taking strike action and cancelling our flight less than 48 hours prior to our departure. KLM/Air France organised a replacement itinerary with British airways which was very nice. The fun really started during our return journey from Paris to Aberdeen when we were shuttled by bus from the terminal to the aircraft. We were then left standing in the busses unable to board the aircraft for almost an hour as no purser was available to complete the embarkation. Thankfully a purser from another, recently landed, flight agreed to take our flight and worked very quickly and diligently to board the aircraft as soon as she arrived. Once underway my partner had to eat her meal from her lap since the tray table was missing from the arm of the seat. Neither of us would normally care about such things but we had treated ourselves to business class seats since it has been a few years since we had a decent holiday. I will be very hard pressed to use HOP in the future if I can avoid it!

3/1/2017 P Steenson

✅ Verified Review | Brussels to Pau via Lyon. Upon arriving at my layover I was immediately notified that I was rebooked on another flight taking me to Toulouse and a driver there would meet me and drive me to Pau that evening. There was bad weather in Pau and the flights were cancelled. I was a bit hesitant but I was assured that "getting me to Pau that night was their top priority" (possibly because of my status with Delta and sky team). So I flew to Toulouse and had to wait a few minutes for most of the people to get off the plane before I could retrieve my baggage which was all the way in the back. I walked downstairs and didn't see anyone. I walked out to the taxi area to see if someone was holding a sign, and there was nobody. I walked back inside to see if I missed somebody but I didn't even see the other 6 people that also were placed on this flight and driven to Pau. I was stranded, approaching 11pm on a Sunday with no means of any customer support what so ever. After doing a quick internet search I also realized HOP! purposely does not even have a customer service number to call. All they have is a poor form to fill out and you get a response over a week later or in my case I am on my 4th correspondence with these people and they still fail to see the problem. I missed my 8am appointment the following morning and had to eat the additional hotel bill for the night in Toulouse and in Tarbes (because notifying them at midnight that I was not going to be there was not good enough). I contacted Air France but after 45 minutes on the phone even they were unable to access any information within HOPs system.

1/4/2017 G Derston

✅ Verified Review | Our flight from Dusseldorf to Paris came in late. Boarding went fast and according to our onward tickets, in Premium Economy, we had SkyPriority status. Airport-staff in Düsseldorf was great, professional and well informed about the connecting time in CDG. The flight was without any specials. Friendly crew-members and a nice plane. I haven’t expected a snack on this short flight but Coffee/Tea and a Croissant served right after take off. Seats on this plane offering enough leg-space. A good flight with HOP!

10/14/2016 Timo Kuhn

✅ Verified Review | Dusseldorf to Paris CDG return on Embraer E190 jets. The plane was very clean, 2x2 configuration as standard with extremely wide seats. I am 6'3" / 188cm on 180 pounds and the seats were wide and long enough for my legs. There was enough leg space including space for luggage below the seat. Some people had trouble finding space for their luggage overhead, but that is a problem on regional jets. Shortly after takeoff the first round of drinks was served, water and coffee, without charge. On the next run through, about 15 minutes later, we got pretzels and salted peanuts. Overall, I am impressed by HOP! and would recommend it. Great staff, outstanding service and a very pleasurable seating experience make it the perfect option for short trips.

9/4/2016 R Stack

Brive to Paris-Orly with HOP! Seamless reservations through Air France. Brive is a tiny airport and very easy to manage. On time departure for Paris. Both ground and cabin staff very pleasant. Aircraft was aging but clean and seemed well maintained. Inflight service was beverage and snack, fine for a 1 hour flight. Only drawback is the limited schedule between Orly and Brive, which means I usually have to fly via Bordeaux. Fares occasionally high but generally very reasonable. Will certainly fly them again.

8/22/2016 A Boer

✅ Verified Review | Flew Amsterdam Schiphol to Marseille via Strasbourg. Hop! has good service and comfort levels for a regional airliner. Their in-flight announcements in English need some work though. On my flights I was on an Embrear 145, which has an odd seating arrangement of 1-2. The seats were comfortable, and not cramped. The flights were staffed by a single cabin manager, but they handled the job of getting everyone onboard, and serving a complementary drink with a snack on each leg well. Their in-flight announcements in English were completely incomprehensible however, as were the recorded announcements in English as well. Since I don't speak French, I just hope they weren't telling me anything important. On one leg of my flight there was a brief delay, but this was communicated in a timely manner.

8/20/2016 Eelco van den Heuvel

✅ Verified Review | Strasbourg to Amsterdam. Ridiculous price (550 euro) for a one-way flight so a purchased a much cheaper return and canceled the return flight. This is supposed to be a lowcost airline! Inflight service consisted of snack and drink. Stewardess even returned for me since I was asleep, which I appreciated. I like the E145 aircraft since it has solo seats. Wouldn't recommend because of the price only, but it's your only option on this route.

3/30/2016 Georgios Vrontos

✅ Verified Review | Lyons to Bordeaux–Mérignac with HOP! Regional flights of 1 hour 5 minutes. Both flights were on time. Plane is not my favorable CRJ1000. Cabin is narrow and the seat makes you feel cramped. The atmosphere of the cabin pleasant, food service standard, coffee and soft drinks. Staff was okay.

1/3/2016 Kevin Giersch

HOP! provides since a few time a regular travel from Pau to Paris by small jets CRJ-700. Tickets are cheap and services are the same as Air France so it is a good value. I never had problem with this company I'm used to take. Services are good. Travel are all regional in France so very short. Seat comfort does not take the same part as long-haul.

7/7/2015 Joel Costi

HOP! is the regional carrier of Air France. I flew from Brive Vallee de la Dordogne to Paris on AF 5523 at 5.50 pm. When it was almost time to board I was surprise that no one went through security. Looked at the monitor, nothing special. Look at the AF app and I saw that the plane which was suppose to leave in fact went back to Paris due to a technical problem. No announcement and when I met the ground staff they told me they could not say anything, that's why we had no announcement. Half an hour later, the flight was cancelled and it was the last flight of the day. Hop chartered a bus to drive us to Toulouse 130 miles south, a bus with no air conditioning and we had a heatwave in France. Of course not a bottle of water, not a voucher to get a sandwich. Hop in Brive was suppose to book the flight between Toulouse and Paris and of course, they did not. We had the chance to board the last flight to Paris at 9.10 pm. To be short a nightmare with a terrible ground flight, no apologies. We were nothing for the staff in Brive.

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