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6/9/2019 Bonita Templeton

Not Verified | Yesterday I had a pleasant experience from Horizon two airline employees on the Horizon air turboprop that I flew from Missoula to Seatac. I had a very short connection time to board an Alaska air flight to Charleston, SC. I flew this same itinerary MSO to SeaTac to CHS last year and because of airport construction and a long distance between two terminals I nearly missed my flight. With this in mind I told the flight attendant named Kyle that I would need someone to help me get to the right terminal in time to make the flight. I was quite anxious about it. Kyle told me that the first officer agreed to escort me to the terminal as she had a three hour layover. She not only made a smooth and soft landing with the plane but she also walked with me all the way to the plane I was to board. Please let first officer Emilee know that she went above and beyond her job description. She is a lovely person and goes out of her way to increase her customers comfort level. I consider it a blessing to have walked beside first officer Emilee.

1/2/2016 Alan Kurimura

This was a short flight. Just under two hours. Check-in a breeze with many self-service kiosks. Plane is turboprop. Seats are firm and do not recline. One small toilet at front of plane. Aisle narrow. Overhead storage small. Board and exit from front and rear. This is great for passengers. Also, larger carry-on luggage can be placed, at no cost, into luggage storage. This is helpful. Horizon offers free craft beer and wine and serve Starbucks coffee. Cabin crew very personable and efficient. Overall, very satisfied with Horizon and this flight. Will use again.

9/23/2015 Stephen G Sweet

Horizon Air from Seattle to Eugene roundtrip. No complaints, the crews were great, planes clean and on time in both directions. As with all of Horizon Air flights, free beverages including wine and beer are provided. The aircraft was perfect for the less than one hour flight to SeaTac - quite fast actually. The skies were clear and the view was perfect. Nice job all the way around.

1/29/2014 Greg Bell

Seattle to Edmonton 12/14/13 returning 12/18/13. Bombardier Q 400 plane small but with comfortable seating even for a six-footer as I am. Great cabin crew and nice free drinks. An inflight snack might have been nice but overall a pleasant experience.

11/29/2010 M Wharfe

I take Horizon often between Seattle and Portland after arriving from the UK and always find staff very helpful. My last connection was late from LHR due to weather and holding separate tickets was a worry however Horizon staff did all they could to rush me through and I made the original connection. Ground staff friendly and nice crew. Flight down was operated by a CRJ - its a quieter cabin and seems faster (not sure it is though) but the cabin feels smaller and return flight by Q400 was much more comfortable. Cabin crew nice and you still get a free drinks service on a 40min shuttle - great touch.

11/10/2010 B Davey

Great employees service schedules but I have stopped flying with Horizon because they are now using Turbo Prop planes (Q400). It's slower has more noise and vibration and most of all they cannot fly at altitudes where the ride is smooth. This is compared to the full size jets that Southwest flies on the same routes as Horizon. I used to have the credit card had Frequent flyer status and earned oodles of miles. Those days are gone.

5/31/2010 S Sweet

First time flying Horizon and no problems noted on any of the flights. Seattle to Portland Portland to Santa Rosa and Reno to Seattle. All flights on the Q-400 which I found to be an excellent plane. Flight crews were professional and appeared to enjoy their jobs!

5/25/2010 P Jenkins

I've flown with them 70 maybe 80 times in the last two years--mostly commute trips from Seattle to Spokane and occasionally over to Montana. A few things about the Q400: This is not an old or aged aircraft. They are extremely fuel efficient compared to jet aircraft. They can cover shorter legs in approximately the same time as regional or larger jets. They tend to be a bit noisy on the inside particularly between rows 6 and 10 which are nearest the engines. Most of the examples in Horizon's fleet are less than five years old. I like the fact the Q400 can be boarded and deplaned from both front and rear making both processes faster than larger aircraft. I agree that this is not an airplane that you would probably want to spend more than about 90 minutes on at a time. I greatly prefer the Q400 to the Bombardier regional jets also flown by Horizon. Horizon's flight attendants are the best. Boarding in Seattle Spokane and Portland is frequently a bit trying. Delays on Horizon are just like any other carrier.

12/21/2009 G Salter

I've flown Horizon Q400's several times throughout WA OR and BC. Nice planes and I actually prefer them to the CRJs. Flight staff is always good and frankly I've never had a problem with ground staff either.

12/13/2009 L Chen

Delays. If you want to get to where you want to be in time do not take this airline. Rude customer service staff. Being threatened by staff: "you take this flight or I tear off the ticket now". They did not help to solve problems that they cause (connecting flights checked bags and so on) and with that kind of attitude I will not take this airline again.

10/14/2009 Patrick Bradford

YEG-SEA economy. Checkin efficient mentioned I was connecting internationally and got the $15 bag fee waived. Flight a little late but well informed and crew apologised. Good communication from the cockpit - nice CRJ aircraft in good condition with ample legroom leather seats. Inflight service was surprising - 2pm flight with free beer wine and pretzels with top-ups throughout the flight. No IFE but for 1.5 hours who cares. Friendly and obliging crew.

8/17/2009 Jim Lyle

Flew with Horizon three times in 2 weeks. Ground experience/check-in were nightmares with rude and inexperienced staff. 25 minutes to print a boarding pass? Don't call them out on poor service or you may not fly as they reminded me repeatedly. Nothing like a threat to start your flight. Flight crews were dynamite! Flights were nice a little dirty. They didn't transfer my luggage to my other airline for my last 2 legs of flight. The airline's baggage tag clearly stated that it should be transferred to Houston. Luckily I passed baggage claim on my quest for a cigarette or I would not have seen my bag sitting alone in the empty baggage claim area. Recognized my bag and 2 nice TSA agents ran me to re-check my bag. Both I and my bag made it on only because of the TSA agent's insistence and the frantic efforts of the US Airways crew. Rule of thumb: if you are the only airline servicing an area customer service is the first fatality. They have you by the throat and they know it.

6/16/2009 A Mallon

SEA-YVR This franchise flight was my first with Horizon Air and was a short flight up the archipelago-like coast between Seattle and Vancouver. It was an aged Dash 400 turboprop and there was a mineral water service.

6/14/2009 L Rogers

If you require a wheelchair get to the airport an extra hour early. Do not book an early morning flight because no wheelchairs/attendants may be available until 5:30 AM or later. Expect the attendant to take your boarding pass from you and prepare to make your own way to the correct gate when the attendant takes you to the wrong one. Expect to be scolded as if you are a child by staff if you try to complain. Try to keep your valuables strapped to your body at the security check because the attendant may not pay much attention to them at the time. Although one of the flight attendants was appropriate in language and behavior toward people with disabilities the other was obviously untrained in this and very uncomfortable.

8/18/2008 Streb Lovell

SEA-MFR then MFR-LAX. MFR-LAX is an important lifeline that I hope this airline never cancels as lately they have been pulling out of quite a few cities in Oregon. All flights on time and staff very friendly and professional. No complaints really except the small seats. Interesting and fun choice of beverages. This must be the only airline serving free wine and beer.

1/30/2008 A Davidson

BLI to SEA and very impressed with the ground staff inflight crew and very helpful gate agent on arrival at SEA who gave me her full attention and assistance in getting from one end of the terminal to the other in order to make my connection! Definitely will fly with Horizon more often!

1/4/2008 G Johnson

GEG-SEA-FSN: Flew on the regional jet both to and from Fresno but can tell that they have crammed more seats in the jet than the last time I flew it about five years ago. Seats were really tight. Service was fine; flight late taking off from Fresno but still made connections with Alaska. Horizon has always offered good service. Normally I fly from PUW to SEA and find the service out of Pullman to be excellent.

1/1/2008 P Smith

YVR-PDX-YVR. Both sectors operated by new Q400 which is as quiet as a jet. Crew very friendly and service very informal but nice to be offered beer or wine and snacks on a short flight. I have always found QX staff to very personable efficient and like their laid-back friendly service. Will fly with them again!

12/27/2007 Edward Hahn

A subsidiary of Alaska Airlines. I've flown them many times into Billings MT from both Seattle and Portland OR. I had one bad experience where the early morning flight I was on was canceled because of crew problems. I was not able to get out until late that night on a flight that was 2 hours late. I received a $10.00 meal ticket and that was about it. All other times the flights have been good. On the last one in October 2007 beer and wine from Oregon was complimentary and the flight staff were friendly informative and entertaining. I will continue to use them.

5/21/2007 A Wortham

YVR-PDX. Check in a breeze and a small aircraft (think it was a 28 seater). Got a drink and a few snacks as well. Crew on board were fantastic and a great flight. Seats were comfy.