Customer reviews

10/27/2019 Ross Walker

✅ Trip Verified | Keflavik to London Heathrow. I fly weekly, generally on Emirates or Cathay Pacific. I can tell you that my first experience with Icelandair is the worst of any airline I have experienced. My partner and I were flying from Reykjavik to London and both had connecting flights to make out of London. Icelandair dela...

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10/11/2019 N Huang

✅ Trip Verified | We were scheduled to fly out of Boston to Reykjavik, but our flight to Boston was late getting to the gate due to weather in Boston. The Iceland air flight left early, and the airline cancelled the return flight. The airline refused to help us book another flight and will not give us any credit. We also lost m...

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10/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-8 (752) v1 seat 12F

Nice amount of space between my knees and the seat in front of me. Seat was wide enough for me. Window is there, but a little forward toward the seat in front of me. I was able to take some nice photos of Greenland. I would sit here again if I had to.

10/4/2019 Lina Ocampo

Not Verified | Horrible, I bought ticket Montreal-Reykjavik then they changed my ticket to Toronto-Reykjavik, I had to beg to get a flight from Montreal to Toronto since I live in Montreal. They finally did it but they were expecting us to just accept the fact of flight from Toronto and not Montreal. Then I tried to buy a checke...

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10/3/2019 Kenneth Mcclintock

✅ Trip Verified | Extra late takeoff. Rude staff. Seats were reserved in January. We got emails this morning confirming our seats with checkin. When we arrived and got our boarding passes, my wife and I had completely different seats in 2 different rows no longer next to each other. When trying to get it corrected, which took ab...

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10/1/2019 Anthony Hanson

✅ Trip Verified | Reykjavík to Orlando. Worse than a low budget airline. After paying extra for everything on an international transatlantic flight, not only luggage as we’ve come to expect, but even for food, our tickets were actually more expensive than had we flown with another airline. Even that did not trigger a bad review...

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10/1/2019 S Griffith

Not Verified | Prague to Keflavik. Arrived for a 5 day stay over and had every minute planned to visit this beautiful country. That is out the window now due to them losing all 3 pieces of our luggage. We have to cancel our plans for tonight and all day tomorrow to come back for our luggage (if it makes it) and drive through th...

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9/30/2019 Timothy Lewin

Not Verified | Chicago to Reykjavik. Icelandair Experience If you are considering booking travel with IcelandAir, I would exercise caution. In April of 2019, we purchased tickets from IcelandAir. Unfortunately, in mid-May, I had a stroke. With our trip due in July, my doctors indicated I should not travel. I was told my recovery...

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9/29/2019 S Harven

✅ Trip Verified | London to Vancouver via Reykjavik. Icelandair is a low budget airline, albeit we fly economy the level of infrastructure, communication, amenities, etc are missing. This creates confusion, a lot of guessing/assumptions, frustration, anger, etc. the main complaint are the seats - old and tired padding/cushionin...

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9/26/2019 R Deane

✅ Trip Verified | We recently flew with Icelandair from New York to Dublin via Reykjavik and were thoroughly impressed with the service from check-in, lounge, boarding, flight attendants and pilots. We had a couple of issues initially, one out of their control (weather) and the other a mechanical delay. Once we were airborne th...

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9/24/2019 Courtney Bowlden

Not Verified | Vancouver to Reykavik. I pre ordered my meals on my flight and they didnt include it in the flight. The attendant made me feel bad about asking to get a refund since I didn't want the other items. I travel a lot and bring my carry on bag everywhere, but on their flight, because of how tiny their planes are, I had...

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9/23/2019 Jacqueline Opoku

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Hamburg via Reykjavik. I usually don’t write reviews but I have to do this. I was visiting family in Hamburg with my 13 yrs old son. I bought the ticket on another site ( It’s a website I use all the time to buy my tickets. On the day of departure while checking in, I was told I have t...

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9/15/2019 B Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Reykjavik to Washington. First and only time traveling with icelandair. The flight experience was bad, but they also lost my luggage. My fiancé gave them his luggage seconds before mine, and his made it without a problem. Mine is not only lost and delayed over 2 weeks, but they don’t think they’ll be able to l...

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9/8/2019 E Drew

✅ Trip Verified | In December 2018, I booked and paid for a return flight to Copenhagen with Icelandair from Edmonton to Copenhagen via Reykjavik. The flight departure was September 11, 2019, and the return from Copenhagen was October 2. About 2 weeks before departure, I found that the leg of the return flight from Reykjavik to...

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9/7/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-8 (752) v1 seat 23D

The seats in Economy area incredibly tight, and the pitch is only 33 inches. I suspect it's less than that. I'm 5'7 and this was the most cramped seat I can remember in many years of flying. The service and amenities in Economy on Icelandair are very good - when was the last time there were pillows and blankets on every seat an...

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8/29/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-300ER (76W) seat 5F

5F, and presumably 5B, get bumped by the flight attendants as they come back from economy, because they stick out and the aisle changes between classes. Annoying while you are trying to sleep--happened at least 5 times. Seemed like less leg room in Saga than US domestic first class though the pitch stats are similar. Comfortab...

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8/26/2019 Aydin Sarmadi

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Keflavik. The trip was nice, but they are really greedy: even headphone is paying and expensive! You can’t benefit from entertainment if you don’t have your own headset. It’s the kind of littleness that make you lose client.

8/25/2019 T Hubbard

Not Verified | Boston to Helsinki via Keflavik. When you get on the plane and they warn you they rented the plane because of the 737max being grounded you know it's gonna suck and it did! The seats are miserable, no legroom, no wifi, second rate entertainment, rude attendants. This airline used to be good and why we bought the ...

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8/25/2019 Grace Walliss

Not Verified | Flew from London Gatwick to Keflavik in Iceland on flight FI471 last year. This airline is definitely not worth it. It claims not to be a budget airline but then doesn’t provide any food for free on a 3 hour flight! They do however provide one small drink for free. There was entertainment in the back of the seat ...

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8/24/2019 Tom Bakke

✅ Trip Verified | Minnesota to Oslo via Keflavik. Do not use this airline. In July on a flight to and from Norway they changed our seats from more leg room to less without telling us or reimbursing us for the extra leg room we paid for. Then on the way home from Iceland we bought a set of ear buds and they charged us in Iceland...

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