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6/30/2019 M Gill

✅ Trip Verified | We had a great experience on Icelandair! We missed our connecting flight in Iceland to Munich but Icelandair gave us vouchers for food and booked us on the next flight to Munich. The check-in staff were nice, the flight staff very friendly, ground staff in Iceland were kind, and customer service on the phone was great .Thank you Icelandair for taking care of us. We will fly Icelandair again.

6/26/2019 Andrew Anderson

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Berlin via Keflavik. Our luggage was lost to include a baby car seat and stroller. We waited in lines and were kindly told to go away by the airport. We called Icelandair and they told us to call the airport. Bottom line they didnt had themselves accountable for our lost luggage and didnt offer reimbursement. Meanwhile we were stuck on our vacation overseas without a stroller and a car seat. It put a big damper on our trip. I will not use Icelandair again.

6/26/2019 Megan Morrow

Not Verified | San Francisco to Paris via Keflavik. We booked flights through Icelandair to and from Europe on the way there they lost 2 out of 4 of our luggages. They couldn’t find them for the three days that we stayed in France and we travelled to Spain leaving us without luggage for our month long trip, only finding our luggage about 12 days later. The company still has yet to respond to us so that we can get a claim for our baggage to give to the bank so so that we can get reimbursed, we have travel insurance. Not only have they not responded to us to give the claim but when they first lost our luggage they would not answer our calls leaving us on hold which was costing us money. The only way we were able to contact them was through Twitter, but now they have stopped responding all together. On our way back the plane left 30 min late so we arrived in San Fransisco 40 mins late, because of this we missed our connecting flight to Vegas. Icelandair barely even acknowledged the plane being so late. Overall I would say do not fly Icelandair and especially don’t fly with them if you have to have a connecting flight. Although the stopover was nice and I enjoyed Iceland it is not worth the trouble of flying with them again.

6/24/2019 X Yi

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Gatwick via Keflavik. I'd like to complain about the services I got. It's supposed to be departing yesterday June 22nd at 830pm. However they discovered there's a problem with the engine after they've pulled out and they need to get a spare part from a different location resulting in the cancellation of the flight. I got rebooked today for flight again from PHL to LGW. However, my seat was downgraded from Saga premium 6A to economy 9A. They claimed they still had a vacancy in the business class, but was unable to offer to me because the aircraft was "no longer overbook". Overall this is one of my worst flight experiences.

6/23/2019 Chapped M, Boeing 767-300ER (76W) seat 10F

There is an obstruction below the seat in front of seat 10F that restricts the toe space

6/18/2019 C Keane

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Newark via Keflavik. Greedy, unfriendly to customers. Be warned. Icelandair operates on a stone-age Policy An embassy was still holding my passport for visa when my flight back to Europe came up. Impossible to reschedule the flight without knowing when my passport will be in my hands, I knew I'd lost the costs on my flight. However, it came as a huge shock that Icelandair would refuse to reimburse me for my bag-in-the-hold and in-flight food costs booked online separately from the flight. The greed of Icelandair tops every other horror story on my watch. To top it off, I just received a message that the return trip I cannot take from Newark to London has been canceled somehow, and my flight has been changed to United Airlines at 10 pm, two hours later. United doesn't charge for food on the plane, but Icelandair is keeping my money for the food they're not serving. Unforgivable.

6/17/2019 Frank Hickey

Not Verified | Washington to London via Keflavik. This was my first time flying with this airline, the check in at Dulles international was ok until we reached the check in, the staff were sullen and then they charged us $100 for each bag by 2 for the outbound flight and the same on the return flight totalling $400. The check in lady stated that it was a budget ticket and we were required to pay for baggage but I spoke with other passengers and they were charges as well.There was no food unless you payed for it and cabin crew were the same cold attitude and barely said goodbye as you left the flight. We didn't mind if we need to pay $20-$30 for baggage but not $200.00 per trip. This will be my last and only time using this airline. The seats we also very cramped, the outbound flight was delayed 2hours and another hour sitting at the gate before departure and no reason was given.Then when we arrived in Iceland we were delayed another hour. We have traveled translantic flight that baggage and food of some kind was included. With the additional charged we could have traveled for less and had a direct flight.

6/14/2019 Ann H, Boeing 757-200 (752) v1 seat 10F

Underseat storage height is limited because there’s a box under the front seat

6/14/2019 Ann H, Boeing 757-200 (752) v1 seat 9F

Very limited leg room for an exit row because the emergency door sticks out

6/14/2019 Linda Jackson

Not Verified | Denver to Dublin via Keflavik. Icelandair has done nothing but change, cancel and rebook flights since my reservation. Connecting flights not connecting and customer service will not help with nerds basically leaving you to fend for yourself. I will not use them again nor recommend them to anyone.

6/12/2019 Jo Yick

Not Verified | Copenhagen to New York via Keflavik. I have flown with Icelandair a few times in the past year. I never had an issue and have always flown business class. On this particular trip, my luggage was lost and for some reason it never had the "Priority Luggage" tag on it. After 10+ hours of traveling, the last thing I wanted was my luggage to not even be placed on the plane. I was treated poorly, until they found out I was not in economy class, but in fact I was in business class. I received a call the next day that it was on a completely different flight and it would be in JFK by 7pm. I waited until 1am to receive a call for my luggage, but was not given one. I checked the website and it stated that my luggage was delivered, when it fact it was not. I dealt with them all day yesterday being "promised " 5 different times on when I should get my luggage. I would have been okay with a proper update or even an accurate time. I did not appreciate how this was handled at all. I normally do not write reviews, but this really makes me think twice on if it is even worth to travel with this airline again.

6/11/2019 Balaji Rengachari

Not Verified | I had a mixed experience. I was flying economy with 3 others in my family from Chicago to Reykjavik. Pre-Paid 110 dollars to check a bag 2-way. I had 3 other carry-ons that I have taken on multiple flights with no issues. In Chicago, they said that 2 of my bags don't fit (as in the wheels were out by a half-inch.) But they were nice about it and let me check it in for free. On the way back, I had the misfortune of meeting an unfriendly agent. No name tag. Everyone was called an agent. He said that I have to check all 3 bags as the wheel was out by a half inch. They have a ridiculous sized box, and I was shocked that I have to pay 207 dollars more to check in 3 bags. I had a device to remove the wheels, and so I removed it. He said that it is not enough for it to go in I cannot push it in to fit, but it has to slide in without pressure. He got angry with me and said that I have to check in. My wife and kids were getting nervous, so I went to a different part to check in, and removed the wheels and showed it to another agent, who said that all 3 bags were fine. I still checked it in. This time for free as the bag was eligible as a carry on. They could have offered that to me. I assumed it wouldn't be a problem as the Chicago agent let me do that. Other than that, the agents in the plane were friendly. I could detect this agent's disgust and felt he was picking passenger to challenge. I will probably never go to Iceland again after this experience, forget Icelandair. Left a bitter taste while I was leaving the country. Ridiculous check-in luggage charges and ridiculous that they don't give you a tag to check-in because the bag is a tad bigger. Even though these bags are sold as carry-on bags.

6/4/2019 James Harvey

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to New York via Keflavik. Icelandair lost my bag in Reykjavik. I emailed then as soon as I got home. I got one canned email from them and no other contact until today. My bag has been at the Austin airport for 4 day with no contact from Icelandair to let me know it was here. I have emailed them 3 time with no response over the last 4 day. I finally got a call this evening letting me know I can come pick it up. It feels like they don't care one bit! I paid for business class ticket and was treated very badly. A phone call or a follow up email would have been enough but nothing from them.

5/28/2019 Danise Keltner

Not Verified | Chicago to Glasgow via Reykjavik. Late departure from Chicago to Reykjavik causing a near miss on our connection to Glasgow. We also were asked to check our carry on luggage as the flight was full. This might have been ok if our luggage were not lost. Trying to contact the courier service to have our bags delivered once they were located was a mess. Bags were delayed by 3 days. My speculation is that we just barely made the connection and the bags of course didn’t. The personnel at the claims desk in Glasgow were quite pleasant. That’s the only good thing about the situation. On our return from Glasgow the aircraft started boarding an HOUR after listed board time! Hence we did not make our connection USA from Reykjavik. We were put on a flight leaving 3 hours later! No explanation was given for the delay. Horrible service, and will not fly again with Icelandair.

5/21/2019 Lee Conroy

Not Verified | Washington to Gatwick via Keflavik. I had my families vacation to England booked for almost two months when the airline cancelled flight. They had no available flights to reschedule us on so I was forced to rebook at $900+ increase on a different airline. How do you cancel an entire flight one month out with no replacement flight. If you would have done this a month or more ago my change in flight might have been considerably less. Will never book with this airline again.

5/10/2019 D Laneso

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Glasgow via Keflavik. They gave me the wrong meal on the first leg of my flight. Then when I got to my destination my bag did not arrive along with about 6 other people. I called every day and never got an update on where my bag was or when it would be delivered. I never got an apology or anything better for losing my bag and all my stuff and forcing me to spend time I didn't have shopping for basic clothing to make it through a work trip. Not recommended.

5/7/2019 G Goudreau

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Glasgow via Keflavik. We booked our flight to leave April 13-23/19. Weeks later we received an email from them that our flight was cancelled on April 23, changed to April 24. We either had to extend our holiday or pay them a cancellation fee. (Even though they changed/ cancelled the flight we booked and paid for). We had already booked our tours so had no choice but to extend. A few hours before we were set to fly out April 13, our flight was cancelled and changed to leave April 14. We tried and tried and tried to get through to Icelandair on the phone but to no avail. There phone message said the # was unavailable. So they cancelled our flight and we then can’t even contact them!! We drove to the airport to see if we could rectify the situation at the airport but even the Icelandair staff could not get through on the phone to there own company. It must have been in fine print. As I did not see it but you have to pay $260 Canadian to check luggage on an international flight? I read food for purchase/ drinks for purchase but not no where did I see I had to pay for luggage. So again on an international flight to only take carry on. I tried to reach out to Icelandair but they basically told me they don’t care. When they say no service on Icelandair they mean it from the time you book to during the flight and after. We travel a lot and have used many different airlines and by far Icelandair is the worst airline we have ever used.

5/7/2019 Alex Chamy

Not Verified | London to Keflavik. We booked the seat long time in advance, an aisle and window, than we got an email 36 before the flight that we can check in, but when we tried it told us to check in in the airport. From previous experience, we knew that we could check in online 24 in advance, this is the first misinformation. When we got on the plane we discovered that the aircraft been changed to one leased from a low cost airline and we are seated aisle and middle, and the seats are much smaller than the Icelandair aircraft and the flight was very uncomfortable. If we wanted to book a low cost, we will book low cost.

5/6/2019 Hugo T, Boeing 767-300ER (76W) seat 14B

Boeing 767-300ER (76W) seat 14B: the storage area underneath the front seat is about 40% of the storage capacity. This due to a box (possible for entertainment system) located underneath seat 13B. If you place a high/wide bag you extremely limit your legspace. Would consider this a yellow seat.

5/3/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-300ER (76W) seat 19GAND20E

In 19 A/B/F/G, you have plenty of knee room, but the bulkhead wall makes it so that you can't put your feet any farther forward than your knees. For this reason, I don't think they are justified in charging a $60 premium for this seat. I ended up moving from 19G to 20E. There are jumpseats in front of 20C/D not shown in the diagram, but these are not in front of 20E, so the legroom is phenomenal. The only downside is that people were constantly (often multiple people per minute!) stepping over my feet to get from the left aisle to the right lavatory or vice-versa.