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11/28/2018 G Barani

✅ Trip Verified | Guwahati to Hyderabad. I was charged a Rs 400 for an extra baggage of mere 1.5 kg. I paid the money. They charge on each and every service provided, however the customer care is pathetic. My flight is 2 hrs delayed and we are not compensated for that. If you can charge us on anything you like then we should be compensated as refund as well. Baggage surcharges must be cut down.

11/26/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) seat 1F

Row 1 has extra legroom

11/23/2018 P Veesai

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Mumbai. I paid for non-veg snacks and they say “mam we are only left with sandwiches” Why should i care what are you left with, what I ordered for should be served. The refreshments were served after 1.5 hours. I’ll never travel again by indigo and even wont suggest anyone !

11/20/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) seat 13E13F

Great seats for a tall person like me, great room for the legs I can even cross them. And not very expensive to prebook.

11/19/2018 Sandeep Kulkarni

✅ Trip Verified | Pune to Ahmedabad. Although Indigo is good in time management and on time departure, they have deteriorated in terms of customer service. Although the flight was on time, it took 52 mins to receive the luggage. Also it was surprising that they put the luggage of two adjacently arriving flights on the same belt. This is just not to allow the belt to remain empty. The luggage keeps coming so much less in number and the passengers keep staring at the belt expecting their luggage to come.The attitude of the ground staff is rude. Also the crew members are not friendly enough. KPI of "on time" is important as a performance indicator but should not be at the cost of passenger satisfaction.

11/11/2018 Jay Jayant

Not Verified | I flew with my family from Delhi to Guwahati. Indigo crew were super friendly and the flight was pretty comfortable. Service was good and attendants responded to requests, although the aircraft was nearly full. One of the hostess was nice enough and very professional, she actually made small talk with me about their service. Their smiling face and nice humor made our travels much more pleasant.

11/8/2018 Nikita Puri

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Jaipur. My flight was rescheduled without information and staff was rude. I was a regular traveller but this incident ruined my day and no initiative by the staff to satisfy the customer. I had an important meeting which was missed. Would never travel with indigo again

11/6/2018 Ahmad Shaik

✅ Trip Verified | Bengaluru to Visakhapatnam via Chennai. I had a flight from Bangalore to Visakhapatnam on the morning of 6th and my return was planned the same day around night timeframe i.e 9pm. And the airlines sends an email to me on 4th that they had changed the schedule of my flight from Bangalore to evening 5.55 pm. I do not understand , why nobody from the airlines did not bother to check when my return flight was and why they did not call me and instead just sent an email. Luckily, i checked my mail on sunday the 4th, otherwise my whole travel plan would have been jeopardized. And when i call the support number, that person says there are two options - 1. He can cancel and refund or change the flight to take flights with layover in between And when i said i need to be in Vizag in the morning, he suggested a flight in the midnight i.e at 00.05 hours from Bangalore to Chennai and that the connecting flight to Vizag would be from Chennai in the morning at 6.50 i.e with a layover of 5 hours and when i asked if indigo can make any lounge arrangement for those 5 hours, he says that Indigo cannot help in that regard and that i need to take care of the stay during the layover. Since the airline changed the flight schedule, they should at least compensate with an arrangement to stay during the layover - (if we change they charge difference or if we cancel, they have t&c that there will be percentage deduction in the refunded amount. But if it is their fault they do not bother about what the passenger is going through)

10/15/2018 P Singh

✅ Trip Verified | Absolutely inflexible airline and understaffed. There was a misprint in the name due to auto-correct. I showed 3 different IDs (passport, driver's license from India, driver's license from another country) so that they can correct my name but to no avail. They are completely understaffed and unprofessional about handling the case. It took 40 minutes just to reach the ticketing counter to explain my case and then I was left with over 1 hour before departure. Rather than trying to fix the issue, they were just trying to get more money by asking me to book a fresh ticket. Since this was happening 1 hour before departure, I could not even cancel my ticket. Had they been quick about it, I could have corrected the issue and boarded the flight. But instead, I had to book a new ticket for an airline later in the day and lost money on the previous one too. With a security lapse, I was allowed in the airport(name on ID not matching my ticket). This was surprising in the first place. Rather taking this case to fix their security issues, they were still bent on just asking me to book a fresh ticket. No wonder there is a huge room for improvement. But instead of fixing those, the involved people are just concerned about extracting money from consumers. Absolutely unsatisfied with the situation.

10/4/2018 H Gadesse

✅ Trip Verified | I was flying from Dubai to Bangalore and the luggage policy is 30 kgs check-in and 7 kgs hand luggage. My check-in luggage was 22 kgs and I thought I would move my extra kgs to the check-in, but at the check-in counter, even though I put both pieces of luggage together the guy told me, it’s ok, you can put it down and didn’t ask to measure my hand luggage which is what they normally do. However, after immigration and security, just when I was about to board the flight, they had another scale and were measuring the handbags and wanted me to pay 60 AED (1100 Rs) per kg. They said if I don’t pay I cannot get on the flight. They were even charging people for stuff they bought in Duty-free.

10/2/2018 S Najida

✅ Trip Verified | We had to face a serious issue with our connecting flight from Kolkata to Delhi. We checked in along with our luggage around 2am in the morning for our 6.05am flights to Delhi. However, unfortunately, we still missed our flights.We walked in when the flight status was still showing as "boarding", there were no last/final call shown on the flight status. We were not let to board because we were "3 mins late" for boarding. We were unaware that the CCU airport is a silent airport as other Indigo flight boarding were announced since we were listening intently awaiting our boarding call. We saw the last bus standing and we pleaded to let us in, the woman officer wanted us to let in but the male officer was arrogant and said no. The moment they heard that we are foreigners, they realized their mistake but they did nothing to correct it or help us out in any manner. They took the time to send back our luggage instead. Finally, we had to get fresh new tickets from another airlines that cost us Rs 5,900 additionally. Other than this incident, our entire flight experience was good. I hope that this matter is looked into and taken care of.

9/24/2018 John Maynard

✅ Trip Verified | I used Indigo for the first time yesterday. All went very well but for the very last leg back to Chennai. I had requested a wheelchair for all legs of the journey but nothing turned up in Chennai! Eventually the crew left, the Captain left, Co-pilot gone, I had been told to wait so eventually I asked again and the ground staff man said everyone was gone! Yes I said, except me! So after a long wait someone turned up with a child's wheelchair! I'm 6 foot plus! After a further long wait a wheelchair turned up. Surely any staff must ensure that passengers are taken care of before leaving the vessel for their own comfort.

9/3/2018 K Mahuddin

✅ Trip Verified | Hyderabad to Sharjah. Shortly after boarding the above flight I was having dizziness. After 2 hrs of boarding, I realized the vomiting sensation & was prepared to use the Toilet & in front of Toilet I collapsed like a Blackout. However, the flight crew done everything by calmly and professionally organizing medical attention. Cabin crew made an announcement to other Co passengers, if any Dr available to take care of him and luckily Dr was available & he checked everything & made me more comfortable. Indigo is indeed a very professional and caring organization.

9/1/2018 G Eardly

✅ Trip Verified | I had the opportunity to fly with IndiGo on the 15th of August 2018 from Doha to Mumbai. Always having flown Qatar Airways I had to choose IndiGo due to the time slot. Well, a low cost airline in really had no expectations but at least a decent and hassle free experience as they claim to give. I checked in at the counters and got my boarding pass and I had a handbag of 6kgs which is well below their limit of 7kgs. I purchased duty free which was about 3 kgs. Here comes the tricky part the staff at the boarding gate have a portable weighing scale through which they check the weight of the handbags. I have no issues with that however I wasn’t informed at the counters about 7kgs handbag allowance being inclusive of duty free. The staff at the boarding gate (QAS) staff, were rude they do not even try to be polite of courteous and straight away give ultimatums saying throw away the duty free, go back to duty free and return it, however if you do no return in 20 minutes we will offload you from the flight. They forced me to pay 60 riyal per kg for the excess baggage which I was carrying. I wouldn’t recommend this airline unless a last resort or a complete emergency. One can only expect low quality service from a low cost airline. Thank you IndiGo for the hassle free experience.

8/7/2018 Chinmay Natu

Not Verified | Singapore to Pune via Chennai. It was reasonably good flight. Specially it was on time. Connection was swift. Ground staff was little rude but cabin staff was very good. I think it was quite value for money service as it was cheap ticket to Singapore. Quite minimalist flight service as expected for a cheap ticket. Overall experience was good and will definitely give it a go next time. Thanks.

7/30/2018 Arsha Ignatius

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Kochi. On time. Not a minute late. Everything was on time. Service is great. Food options are limited. The blue is very pleasing to the eye. Well-organised and a reliable airline. Totally recommend it.

7/17/2018 Barry, ATR 72 seat 5F

Window seat next to Engine propeller, noisy when taking off but once cruising noise was tolerable. High wing plane therefore good view, seats not very comfortable, not bad legroom food tray very small

7/16/2018 Jaganathan Venkatesh

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Coimbatore. I have flown with Indigo loads of times and have regularly recommended it to many. I have never had a bad experience in all of my trips and was really happy until my recent trip. I had booked my seats under student discount which allowed an additional baggage of 10kgs free of charge. During my through leg from DEL to CJB, this promotion was honored and I paid for whatever excess I had, (excluding the 15kg+10kg allowance). But they would not agree that I had this promotion during my return leg and would not agree or believe me that I availed this in my first leg. I was astounded when the rep said there was nothing in the notes regarding the promotion. How can it be possible that you allow different baggage allocations for different legs. I ended up paying for the excess baggage which I had packed in anticipation of availing the 10 kg student discount. It was never about the money for me, but Indigo let me down in not acknowledging my promotion status.

7/10/2018 Suramya Naik

✅ Trip Verified | I was travelling from Delhi to Vadodara in July 2018 through Indigo. Unfortunately, our flight from San Francisco to Delhi (Via Shanghai) got delayed and we missed the 5:10 am flight from Delhi to Vadodara. The Indigo staff at terminal 2 acted very helpful. They offered me to book in the next flight to Vadodara with minimal fee of fare difference, but unfortunately it was in the afternoon and not very convenient to us (as we were tired of traveling from SFO and really wanted to get home to as fast as possible). There was a flight to Ahmedabad at 7:40 am and we urged the Indigo staff to book us in that flight. They mentioned that the 'sector' (i.e. destination) was different and therefore the change fees would be higher. I said no issue as we were really in hurry. There was another problem though. That flight was from terminal 1 and it was already 6:20 am. The indigo staff suggested to go to terminal 1 first and then get my ticket changed there because there was no sufficient time and if I would get the tickets changed and then again miss the flight, I would lose more money. They offered me their shuttle to take me from terminal 2 to terminal 1. But with little time, we did not have time to wait for the shuttle and we just took the taxi. We barely reached to Terminal at 6:35 am. We had to get our tickets modified, checked in and boarding passes printed by 6:40 am to get into the Ahemdabad flight. That is when we met staff who had just joined her duties at the terminal 1 ticket counter and saw us coming with family in agitated state. I requested her to change my tickets to allow me to get Ahmedabad flight. She immediately realized that we needed urgent help and started working furiously to get the tickets changed and printed. In couple of minutes we had our tickets in hand and we rushed to the terminal 1 departure entrance. She ran with us to the entrance and requested the police to let us in fast. Then we ran to check-in area, she opened a new counter just to process our checkin and print our boarding passes. We could get the boarding passes just in time! Then she ran with us to the security area, asked other indigo staff to take us through the security fast and get us to the gate. We got to the gate as last passengers entering! We could not have done it without this staff. We now realized why Indigo is such a great airline. it is because of the great employees.

7/3/2018 Karan Chauhan

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Udaipur. Excellent service and Air Hostess were polite and helpful. It was a really nice flight.Thanks to Pilot and the Crew members. We enjoyed our trip.