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3/8/2018 H Advani

✅ Trip Verified | My umpteenth flight with IndiGo in the past four years, almost always Bangkok-Pune-Bangkok via Calcutta. As always exemplary cabin service, efficient check in service. This time had a harrowing experience that the airline handled with aplomb: I checked in and was asked if I had a PowerPac in my luggage and I said no. While waiting at the departure gate to board, the IndiGo agent called me over and said that there was a problem with my check-in luggage and that there was something "suspicious" inside. They asked me to exit security (surrendering my passport at Immigration and having my boarding pass cancelled). An IndiGo employee accompanied me to the bowels of the airport where my luggage had been held. I opened it up and what had aroused the scanner operator's suspicions was a litre of oil I was carrying. They opened the container examined it declared it "passed" and I re-locked my luggage. All this time I was very nervous that I might miss my flight. The IndiGo employee who accompanied me throughout this ordeal assured me that I would not. He re-escorted me through security and immigration where a new boarding pass awaited me. He assuaged my nervousness, stayed with me till I went through security and Immigration again, escorted me to the plane where I was the last passenger to board! A exemplary and totally extraordinary performance by an IndiGo employee who stayed with me during the entire ordeal. Many many thanks. On the downside, no Foreigner Arrival Cards on board the flight from BKK to Cal and no Thai immigration forms on the flight from Cal to BKK.

2/26/2018 V Talapu

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Singapore via Chennai. New aircraft, very professional cabin crew. They assist me at the check in to put my luggage to Singapore via Chennai. Transit in Chennai was very smooth despite the procedures of Indian police - checking three times our passports but all went ok. On time flights. I will fly with them on this route if needed.

2/25/2018 Nafis Ahmed Raiyan

✅ Trip Verified | Flew IndiGo from Kolkata to New Delhi. The check-in process was smooth and the baggage handling went well. I later found out as I had a "Lite" ticket, which was cheaper, I had to pay extra for my checked baggage. I did that. A bus took us to our aircraft. The plane was loaded and it took off exactly on time. The seats were a bit tight and legroom wasn't that good so I was a bit uncomfortable for a 2hr long flight. The head-rest of the seat also wasn't that comfortable. But you know, you can't expect that much in economy and the aircraft was also of a narrow-body type. With Indigo, you have to pay for food if you are flying economy, I ordered coffee and a Tandoori chicken Sandwich. From my judgement, the cost was a bit much for food of that quality. The sandwich was cold. You even have to call flight attendants for water every time, which in my opinion, would be much simpler if they just gave you a bottle. The plane's air-conditioning had troubles, so it was a bit hot. At last, the plane landed on New Delhi after 2hr 5min. Experience could have been a little better even if it was economy-class.

2/14/2018 K Patmar

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Bangalore. This is the second time I'm booking Indigo from Mumbai and both times the flight was delayed. The scheduled take off was 1545h and take off was 1725h for the flight. Both times I've missed being where I was supposed to on time.

2/5/2018 Arul Prakash Samathuvamani

✅ Trip Verified | Flew IndiGo from Chennai to Madurai. The flight was a pretty short one, one hour. During that time, these are the things that I felt about the airline. 1) Check In: The Lines were long, the number of counters were pretty reasonable but could be increased considering the number of flights IndiGo operates. My advice, arrive early. 2) Aircraft: Neat. Clean aircraft. No problems. 3) Crew service: Pretty good. Up to standards. 4) Ground Support: I didn't face any trouble and the staff were pretty helpful too. 5) On Board Meal: it's not complementary. You have to buy it. Tasted good for the money. 6) Punctuality: On-time. No issues there. 7) Communications: Book online. You would get all the information via SMS, even the boarding gate information.

1/21/2018 Shubhi Singh

✅ Trip Verified | Chennai to Raipur via Hyderabad. Indigo is being quite careless these days, they mess up things and all we get to hear is "sorry for the inconvenience mam". Recently While booking the tickets i had selected a XL seat for my father according to his comfort and convenience and had paid for it in advance, but still indigo somehow managed to sell all the XL seats including my father's, so today when we went to get our boarding passes, they said sorry mam, all seats are full and then they made me go here and there but in the end all they said is, you will have to manage and we will try to refund your money. Its not about money but the inconvenience which my father had to go through. Why have a feature of prior booking the desired seats if you people can't handle it properly.

12/30/2017 G Shakari

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to Mumbai. My flight 6E 464 was scheduled for departure at 9:20am on 30 December and is finally boarding at 3:45 pm. In between this many flights for Mumbai has flown and Indigo crew remained clueless about this particular flight and spoke rude to passengers who we're enquiring. After the delay till 2:40pm the airline stopped sending any information to passengers via SMS or call. At some point we were thinking as if we were waiting for some imaginary flight! The refreshments were announced only at 12:30pm when most passengers had arranged their meals.

12/26/2017 Praveen Sharma

✅ Trip Verified | Indigo flight scheduled at 9:30am from Hyderabad to Ranchi has been delayed 3 hours 30 minutes on December 25th 2017. I am still not sure how long it would take me to finally board my flight today. I have a family event to attend but I think I won't be able to attend it. It would be a customer delight if airline respects passengers valuable time and value for money. I have been a valued indigo customer but today I am sorry to say indigo customer centric ideologies are fading away these days.

12/8/2017 D Narash

✅ Trip Verified | Kolkata to Mumbai. I had a wheelchair passenger. Indigo provided no help getting onto the flight to Mumbai on Nov, 15. She had to walk to the gate. They issued the boarding pass but didn't wait for us and closed the gate 35 minutes before departure. They then charged me extra Rs.6500 to get us on to another flight. I have noticed the exact same happening to another senior citizen couple at the Mumbai airport on Nov 28th. When I objected they issued two tickets to the couple for free. Indigo seems to be cheating elderly people using this technique.

12/2/2017 U Patel

✅ Trip Verified | Hyderabad to Bengaluru. Travel time, check in procedure, check out procedure and baggage collection are smooth and good. Inside flight service is not good. Our company has booked the ticket along with meals as well. I am not aware of it. I didn't check my boarding pass properly for special service. Crew members did not inform me about my meals while going to Bangalore. In return journey to Hyderabad they provided 1 cookies box (Rs.50/-). +1coke (Rs.100/-). We pay more money for meals at the time of booking, while not receiving the service we paid for.

11/28/2017 Bergen Stephen

✅ Trip Verified | Had one of the worst experiences with IndiGo during a very critical moment. We had booked our flight 3 months ago. Our flight was from Trivandrum to Patna via Bengaluru. While we wer in Thiruvananthapuram we got a phone call from IndiGo 2 days prior to our departure saying that one my flights has been canceled and other one rescheduled. I was suppose to leave Trivandrum at 8:00 am and reach Patna by 3:00pm afternoon and we had to travel all the way to Nepal in order to attend a meeting on the very next day. IndiGo screwed us very bad and said they will provide us with a different flight but both on separate days. Now I am here in Trivandrum airport one day earlier to my actual departure and waiting for my flight which has been delayed once again. Now I will reach Bengaluru at midnight where I have to stay for 12 hours waiting for my next flight. Now my time and money are completely wasted. Staying over night in Bengaluru costs minimum ₹5000 and on top I'm stuck here wasting my time when I had to attend a party. This will be last and final flight that I will book with IndiGo.

11/20/2017 H Advani

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Pune via Kolkata. As usual on this run, a route I have flown close to 30 times in the past 6 years, an almost-flawless flight. The only problem being no arrival cards on board for non-Indian nationals thus needlessly spending a much longer time in queue at Kolkata immigration. Other than that, an impeccable flight, especially the superb cabin crew.

11/15/2017 Gaurav Surwade

✅ Verified Review | Goa to Mumbai. It was a worst experience we had at Goa airport while travelling back to Bombay. We got to Indigo counter at 43mins prior. However we were denied for boarding as we were 2 mins late and were asked to pay difference of 10500Rs for next flight. We tried requesting the ground staff but they were arrogant and didn't show any respect or courtesy. It seemed like we have to live on their mercy to get on board to get back to Bombay. As it was way below self respect we decided to book another flight with Air India and got back home. It was most inferior action by the Indigo staff which could have been avoided.

10/27/2017 S Chhatwani

✅ Verified Review | Bangalore to Mumbai. I was not feeling well and air hostess provided me as much help as she can during my journey. I am very much impressed with this behavior of staff towards passengers and I will be a frequent flyer of indigo. Thanks Indigo for choosing such a helpful and lovely staff

10/18/2017 S Moors

✅ Verified Review | Vishakapatnam to Delhi via Hyderabad. An earlier direct flight finished boarding and was not full. They wouldn't let us on that flight despite having sufficient space for absolutely no reason. A systems or customer service problem I'm not sure. But a plane just took off that we could have been in, and now we get to sit in airplanes for an absolutely needless 5 more hours. Awesome.

10/16/2017 Ashish Menon

✅ Verified Review | Journey from Kochi to Dubai, seats were pretty cramped, we asked for an aisle seat and the adjacent seat to that (middle seat in this case as it was 3x3) but they gave us both an aisle seat, that was still ok, the passage area was not wide enough as you have to adjust yourself when an air hostess passes through. The seat was well cramped the storage area was good, its a budget airlines with the cost of ticket of a normal airlines, only benefit was that we have 30 kgs each. The storage area on above the seats was pretty wide. Staff and service was pretty average - average experience.

10/4/2017 G Marezy

✅ Verified Review | Dubai to Trivandrum. We had a eventful day flying from Dubai to Trivandrum, first upon check in we were told that we lacked a return ticket out of the country so our visa would not be valid. The check in lady was very friendly and explained it very calmly. So my son and I went to book a flight out of the country, returned to the check in counter, where the lady saw us and waved us over and let us jump the que. We proceeded to security where the staff was friendly and gave clear directions to passengers who did not know the rules yet. After security however things got exciting again, while presenting our boarding pass I heard the staff talk to each other and we were told there was something in our bag that caught their attention. All was said in an extremely friendly manner while we racked our brains trying to imagine what was in the suitcase. I was allowed down to the tarmac where I opened the suitcase and it was examined, it turned out to be a door stop I brought? The staff were friendly during all of this and let us into the plane with a smile. The flight itself was very nice the seats were more comfortable and spacious then our previous flights with Pegasus. All in all the staff was extremely friendly and professional.

10/2/2017 Mohammed Nishal

✅ Verified Review | Doha to Kochi via Mumbai. I was having least expectation for this early morning flight. But crew on board offered genuine hospitality and big smile. They seems to be attentive and happy to operate this flight. And seating in the forward cabin crew working in the forward cabin did a good job on this flight. I would recommend indigo and would definitely fly with them again.

9/2/2017 P Henderson

✅ Verified Review | Bagdogra to Delhi. Check-in slightly chaotic at IXB. Flight full to the last seat. Service on board consisted of one cup of water. Seats narrow with not much legroom, which guaranteed very close contact to the neighbors. Arrival in DEL on time but we had to wait for some 40 min for the checked baggage to appear. We had flown the same route with Jet Airways before, who provided a much better experience than IndiGo.

8/25/2017 F Burton

✅ Verified Review | We were traveling back from Hyderabad to Bangalore with our 85 year old mother and young children. The flight was delayed by 90 minutes in total and instead of arriving at 10.30pm we arrived at 12.05am. We had requested a wheelchair for our mother and whilst getting off the aeroplane as we approached the gate, we were advised to go back and sit. As the passengers were coming through the passage we couldn't make our way back to the seats. The air hostesses were extremely rude, repeatedly asked us to go back to the seats although there was no possible way to get back to the seats. They were just not willing to listen and talking in an extremely humiliating tone. They asked us all to leave behind our mother with one person which made the rest of us further anxious. In summary an extremely annoying experience, air hostesses who are expected to be kind and helpful were extremely rude, intolerant and unwilling to listen.