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8/13/2017 Anjay Krishnamurthy

✅ Verified Review | The service has been consistently good. Easily the best airline for domestic travel within India. In my experience they have been on time every single time (6 - 7 times a year that I flew). Extra legroom seats are charged nominally, no business class. Decent choice of snacks and beverages (no alcohol), crew are very professional and friendly. The aircraft could do with some inflight entertainment though. Would definitely recommend this airline to anyone visiting India or flying out.

8/12/2017 Rucha Save

✅ Verified Review | Bangalore to Mumbai. Indigo's late night flights are always late. This is my third experience with same flight - flight is delayed by 1hr 10mins, last time when I travelled a month before then it was delayed by 2 hours this is really horrible. Generally this flight is taken by one who attends office whole day and then come for flight and you face this issue again and again. Indigo will lose it's reputation if they continue to do so.

8/10/2017 Bhargav Dodla

✅ Verified Review | Indigo always amazes me with their service. The environment in the aircraft from Chennai to Mumbai is very well maintained and the crew takes care of the passengers so very well. It is definitely the best airline in India. I would always be happy to fly with Indigo Airlines.

8/2/2017 S Hashavi

✅ Verified Review | New Delhi to Muscat via Mumbai was an horrific experience. I booked Delhi-Muscat ticket on Indigo website. They had a flight via Mumbai where flight was to be changed. The ticket was under single PNR, I confirmed with customer care if the luggage will be through checked in & he confirmed it would be done. But at the time of check in, the officer denied & started asking me the name of person who confirmed. Now, who remembers the name of customer care executive! So, I had to take the luggage in Mumbai & check-in again. With no other option, I did take the luggage. The gap between the 2 flight was of about 3 hours. I was supposed to be transferred to International airport. When I asked the ground staff to arrange transfer, they were clueless & asked me to go out, hire a taxi & leave. I got upset, but instead of helping me, the Mumbai ground staff kept on arguing. The taxi took a good time to reach International airport, as it was peak hour. Finally we could make it just in time only to find that the flight was delayed. This is the first time I have seen that international flight booked under one PNR from an airline website. No through check-in, No transfers,when both the flights are from same airline. Basic flight, No service, No entertainment, expensive Food.

7/21/2017 H Advani

✅ Verified Review | Bangkok to Pune via Kolkata. As faultless flight except for a long-standing problem: no Arrival Cards onboard the flight for foreign nationals thus delaying, on arrival in Calcutta the immigration process. Repeated requests over these past many years have yielded no positive result.

7/20/2017 Nikhil Shah

✅ Verified Review | The flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad was delayed by 2.30 hours in the night. Scheduled departure was at 10.40 pm and actual departure is 12.50 pm. This was my second worst experience within a fortnight period with IndiGo. They just give the reason of technical glitch and no alternate arrangements are there.

7/5/2017 Sounak Moulik

✅ Verified Review | Kolkata to Hyderabad. It is the best domestic airline in India with best prices and the most punctual one. It is seldom late so I have never been in problem due to late arrivals as I mostly travel in late night flights. Food is basically paid one but I have never tried anytime. They consist of mainly ready to eat meals like cup-noodles, biriyani, sandwiches.

6/30/2017 Khalid Nadeem

✅ Verified Review | Delhi to Varanasi. This was my first flight with IndiGo and I was accompanied with my sister and her three children (2 kids and 1 infant). At Check-In we were given priority due to family. I was informed that they won't be able to accommodate us in one row as the seats were full. On my request, the Lady at the counter talked to her Supervisor and allotted us seats in the first row (which are paid seats) without any extra fee. That was really surprising and too generous of them. The boarding was smooth, the aircraft was clean and the food (paid) was good. It was a comfortable flight with very attentive and hospitable cabin crew. Even the ground staff was very helpful and courteous. The flight was on time and luggage reclaim was almost smooth. IndiGo definitely lived up-to it's tagline of on-time budget airline. Would definitely love to fly it again.

6/1/2017 H Reddy

✅ Verified Review | Flew IndiGo from Bhubaneswar to Chennai. Travel was good, the flight crew were good too. The flight was on time. However there a strange high pitched sound just before take off which lasted for 5-10 minutes and the AC stopped working until the flight took off. The sound was again heard during landing too. The baggage at conveyer belt after the flight landed was messed up. On the same belt there was back to back baggage for 3 flights which was cumbersome and troublesome. I had to stand at the belt for an hour waiting to receive my luggage, it was very crowded with people looking for bags. Ground service was poor.

5/21/2017 V Andrews

✅ Verified Review | Delhi to Mumbai on Indigo Airbus A321. Had taken this evening flight and as we had checked in online, we went to the airport directly. However, it was observed that we still had to get a copy of the boarding pass from the check in kiosks which was surprising because normally with the online boarding passes, there should not be any need to get the printout from the kiosks. This issue was not observed in my previous flight with another airline. The flight was on time with just a slight 10 minute delay in departure. The seats onboard were slightly cramped and if someone has a slightly bigger frame, then comfort might be a difficulty. As this is a low cost carrier, meals and snacks such as sandwiches (both veg and non-vegetarian), tea/coffee and cup noodles were offered. As I had booked this flight with a corporate meal, a chicken sandwich and juice was offered 30 minutes after takeoff. The sandwich was a bit on the colder side but tasty nevertheless and the juice was also given in a can. After the snack, unfortunately the passenger in front of me had reclined his seat so as a result, it got even more cramped. To be fair to the crew, they were quite presentable and they performed their tasks with great efficiency. Flight was on time and while exiting the aircraft, the crew were quite polite and thanked the passengers. The positive was the crews friendly attitude and efficiency. On the downside perhaps it can be said that if one is of a bigger frame, the conditions can get slightly cramped and so on longer flights this can be a problem. Their in-flight magazine Hello 6E had some articles but was by and large, an in-shop magazine. Would I fly with them again? Maybe on very short routes which are dirt cheap, but would rather prefer the full service carriers instead.

5/5/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) seat 1A

There is extra legroom in the first row compared to what it says on the seat map. They even charge more for the first and thirteenth row.

3/23/2017 G Johar

✅ Verified Review | Flew IndiGo from Jaipur to Kolkata. Take off and landing was smooth. Departure and arrival was on time. Seats were comfortable. Check-in was done smoothly. While boarding the aircraft the cabin crew welcomed us but not with their smiling faces. When I saw the air hostess serving water I asked for a glass of water, she didn't give me one but instead carried on serving water to other passengers even though I had asked before anyone else. On asking again twice, she replied twice "I'll come back". After that, I was given glass of water.

2/17/2017 A Satuha

✅ Verified Review | Bengaluru to Mumbai by IndiGo Airlines. The check-in was quite comfortable. We were welcomed warmly by the cabin crew while boarding the aircraft. The aircraft seemed clean as compared to other airlines in India. The lavatories were also well maintained without any faul smell. The seats had a very soft cushioning hence it made quite a comfortable journey for us and were also wide. Though we had to buy food but it did not create any issues. Their food tasted fantastic. The flight departed and arrived on time. The landing and takeoff were very smooth. I recommend this airline and always a pleasure.

2/17/2017 V Sam

✅ Verified Review | Flew from Mumbai to Bhubaneswar with IndiGo. It was the first time I was traveling in an A320neo aircraft so was quite excited about it. At the airport check-in was done smoothly without standing in any queue. While boarding the aircraft the cabin crew welcomed us with their smiling faces. The aircraft cabin seemed neat and clean. The lavatories were clean. The seats were quite comfortable and wide. The legroom was quite good. The food menu consisted of sandwiches, instant biryanis as well as instant noodles. I decided to go for sandwiches. They tasted good. The flight departed on time but arrived 20 minutes before the scheduled time of arrival. Really it was a pleasure traveling with them.

2/8/2017 Amit K, Airbus A320 (320) seat 23F

The seat was okay. But the legroom is somewhat less. It may be problematic for few. If you want more legroom then there are other seats too. You can ask the cabin crew and they will arrange for you.

1/30/2017 P Kamoorta

✅ Verified Review | Indore to Delhi. Staff at airport are pretty rude, I had 1 check-in luggage and no hand luggage. My check-in luggage weight was 16.7kg. That lady was asking me to pay and when I said that I am not carrying any hand luggage still they said you can take out stuff and carry on hand luggage. I have been traveling with IndiGo for 7 years, they are getting worse and not value for money.

1/21/2017 Udit Thakar

✅ Verified Review | Rachi to Vadodara via Delhi. One day prior to my flight IndiGo changed my flight time, and worst part they divided our family of four into 3 and 1. Three of us has one flight and time and single member has another flight with a different time for the same destination on the same day. And when I was travelling many seats were vacant, why they didn't know.

1/14/2017 Pratik Bavlecha

✅ Verified Review | IndiGo is my preferred airline on the Dubai to Mumbai route - especially when not carrying checked in baggage. Good on-time airline and good flight timings. Courteous and mostly well trained staff - no inflight entertainment. Food and drinks paid as it's a budget airline.

1/2/2017 K Khanna

✅ Verified Review | Hyderabad to Chennai. I had the worst experience flying with IndiGo airlines. The flight was delayed by 2 hours and adding to that handling of baggage was horrible. Baggage of 6 flights was released on a single belt at the same time. It took almost 1 hour to find the baggage and to find the baggage I had to make my way through 1000s of passengers waiting for their baggage. When contacted customer service they didn't have the contact info of IndiGo go personal in the airport.

12/23/2016 A Amir

✅ Verified Review | Delhi to Hyderabad with IndiGo. My flight was cancelled and I was moved to another flight. Apart from this, everything was good apart from the cost of the meals. I didn't find the coffee and noodles too special and weren't great. New flight was on time and comfortable. Not much to talk about but was good as far as the budget airline tag goes.