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2/16/2019 C Galter

✅ Trip Verified | Aruba to Bonaire via Curacao. Appalling. 3 drastic schedule changes before departure. Then i was notified 12 hours before departure that the flight was cancelled. Living in europe i unfortunately wasn't aware of this airlines poor performance. Do not book with them. Instead book Aruba or divi. They cancelled all their flights the week i was travelling but were still selling tickets for them. Despicable. No response by email or phone for me to get a refund.

10/18/2018 M Watson

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a round trip flight for me and my wife from Aruba to Curacao leaving on 11/16/2018 and returning on 11/21/2018. I received an email from them yesterday stating that the return flight had been canceled and they booked me on a flight almost 7 hours later. This would make me miss my connection to United cost me 300.00 per person to change the flight to a flight the following day and cost me an overnight stay in Aruba. Around 900.00 total. I called their customer service line and they told me that I could get a full refund by emailing [email protected] I sent the email and they replied and said they could not refund the ticket cost even though this violates article 10.2 of the carriage agreement. After several emails back and forth I contacted my credit card company, provided them all the emails and they agreed to reverse the charge. They also told me there have been numerous complaints to Visa and MasterCard about this company. I also researched it a bit and the company is in bankruptcy and only has 3 planes in their entire fleet. If you have already been screwed by this company just file a claim with your credit card provider.

8/24/2018 T Fecheren

✅ Trip Verified | Bonaire to Curacao. 3 flights made with this airline in 2 weeks. The first flight left early, the second on time: nothing to say - the third was catastrophic: 2 days before our flight, schedule change from 10.30am to 7.45am, forcing us to arrange for check out and transfer to the airport. The day before, new mail confirmation of this change of schedule and registration on the flight by internet. In the night before our flight, when we had to leave our villa at 5.00am, new mail informing us that our flight was canceled again and postponed at the end of the day, which would have made us miss our connection to Curaçao for Amsterdam. We arrived at 6.00am at the airport, however, and managed to convince them to put us on a Winair flight that allowed us to have our connection. What stress for our end of vacation! The check-in staff was incompetent. FR: 3 vols réalisés avec cette compagnie en 2 semaines. Le premier vol est parti en avance, le deuxième à l'heure: rien à dire. Par contre, le troisième a été catastrophique: 2 jours avant notre vol, changement d'horaire, de 10.30am à 7.45am, nous obligeant à nous organiser pour le check out et le transfert à l'aéroport. La veille, nouveau mail de confirmation de ce changement d'horaire et enregistrement sur le vol par internet. Dans la nuit précédant notre vol, alors que nous devions partir de notre villa à 5.00am, nouveau mail nous informant que notre vol était de nouveau annulé et reporté en fin de journée, ce qui nous aurait fait manquer notre connexion à Curaçao pour Amsterdam. Nous nous sommes quand-même présentés à 6.00am à l'aéroport, et avons réussi à les convaincre de nous caser sur un vol Winair qui nous permettait d'avoir notre connexion. Que de stress pour notre fin de vacances! Le personnel à l'enregistrement était simplement incompétent. Compagnie vraiment à la dérive, entre son personnel, son organisation et l'ancienneté de ses avions.

2/17/2018 Henry Newman

✅ Trip Verified | Aruba to Bonaire via Curacao. We booked in April 2017 for a flight Feb 22 2018. By chance I decided to look at the flight schedule 2/14 and found it had change our flight by 2 hours so we would not make the connection. I got Insel to change us but given the late arrive into BON would not get our hotel to get us. So I tried to cancel only to find they sent me a clause: 9.2 CANCELLATION AND DELAYS 9.2.1 InselAir will take all necessary measures to avoid delay in carrying you and your baggage but times shown on timetables or elsewhere are not guaranteed and form no part of the agreement. Insel Air may at its own discretion, with or without notice and in order to prevent a flight cancellation, substitute alternate carriers or aircraft and if necessary may alter, add or omit stopping places shown on the ticket or itinerary. Schedules are subject to change without notice. InselAir is not responsible for or liable for failure to make connections or to operate any flight according to schedule or for a change to the schedule of any flight. Under no circumstances shall InselAir be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages arising from the foregoing. I did not read the contract of carriage, no 1 does. Anyway no refund.

12/30/2017 Juan Edwards Correa

✅ Trip Verified | Aruba to Bonaire via Curacao. I have never experienced such bad performance. Three of my four flights were updated twice before taking the first one, and all of them were delayed for no clear reason. I do not expect for an airline to be on time always, but Insel Air seems to find a way time and again to make passengers waste time at the airport waiting for their flight. If you fly between Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, I suggest you prefer Aruba Airlines or Divi Divi Airlines.

3/30/2017 S Richter

✅ Verified Review | Curacao to Aruba. Worst airline ever. For a change the airline left early. We did not get any notification at all and nothing was the matter when we checked in the night before. We were well in time at the airport, but no plane for us. Next available flight was only a day later, after much trouble we got on a flight 6 hours later! No apology or acknowledgement at all, service staff just shut up and looked the other way. No compensation offered for anything, even though it's their responsibility. Avoid if you can!!

3/21/2017 Linda Wojtkiewicz

❎ Unverified | Insel Air finally got theirs and their fleet to South America got grounded by Civil Aviation. Unfortunately that was my ticket into South America. I had to buy another ticket with another airline and by then I missed all connecting flights in Rio and Buenos Aires. It cost me $4,000 to get to my final destination

2/25/2017 S Mathar

✅ Verified Review | Port of Spain to Willemstad. Please don't put your family through the pain, disappointment, sadness, stress and feeling like your nothing by flying with insel. My flight was due to leave Trinidad Thursday 5:20pm. After having three delays it showed new time as Friday 4:40am. We spoke to the Insel Air rep in Trinidad. She lied to us saying there's an Insel plane leaving trinidad and will be back for us 4:40am and to arrive at the airport 1:40 am. We arrived 1:30am only to see a sign saying check in is now at 6:20am flight delayed to 9:55am. We waited only to be told we can't board the flight so we'll have to wait for a space and just left us. The supervisor was the worst person. She made us feel like we were the wrong ones. Even yelling at us. Treated us like garbage. And our trip is now cancelled. Please don't book with this airline. It has been the worst experience of my life.

2/24/2017 J Kirsten

✅ Verified Review | Curaçao to Port of Spain with Insel Air. My flight was cancelled three times. Then they schedule the flight at 3am to avoid paying hotel. When you get there at 1am, it's closed with a notification that the flight is scheduled to 8am. When you come back at 5 AM, the flight is overbooked and they transfer you to a flight which again is scheduled at 3am the following day to avoid paying for hotel. The chance for departure - well, tomorrow will show..

2/23/2017 F Staton

✅ Verified Review | Piarco to Curaçao with Insel Air. Appalling. After 9 hours of delay, we received not a single acknowledgement or apology for the delay. I have been in public restrooms cleaner than the plane that finally arrived. On the second leg of our flight, half our group was bumped from the flight for no good reason, in spite of having previously checked in. Again, no acknowledgement or apology. Same Fokker plane. I will never take this airline again. Better to pay more and find different schedules than use Insel Air again.

2/22/2017 C Korler

✅ Verified Review | Bonaire to Curaçao. Insel Air is the worst airline I have ever flown. Not only are the planes old and dirty, but their flights are almost always delayed or cancelled - and worst of all, they refuse to take responsibility for these delays. I was flying from Bonaire to Curaçao when my flight got delayed by almost 2 hours. As a result, I missed my connection to fly me back to Europe. Insel Air refused to take responsibility and I had to buy a new ticket in order to get home with a two day delay. This ended up costing me more than 1000$! Definitely won't use Insel Air again!

2/22/2017 R Collette

❎ Unverified | Bonaire to Curaçao. My family has been flying to Bonaire for years and there is always an issue with Insel. We usually try to avoid it but this year had no choice. The flights from Bonaire to Curaçao were delayed traveling there and back. On the way home they took stand by passengers from the previous delayed flight and took our confirmed tickets and switched them to stand by so we weren't able to get on the flight out of Curaçao to Aruba! Then had to spend the night in Aruba because we missed the connection flight home. They didn't pay for a hotel or for the $400 fee to switch our flights and we were traveling with our 1 year old and 4 year old! The supervisor told us we were out of luck and literally walked away from us. The staff is horrendous and also all the toilets in the bathroom wouldn't flush and the airport is disgusting. Please do yourself a favor and pay the extra money to avoid Insel. You will save yourself a nightmare. If I could give them a zero star I would.

2/8/2017 P Vasilov

✅ Verified Review | I booked a round trip from Miami to Bonaire. At first my flight from Miami to Curaçao was canceled so I had to leave next day. Then my luggage didn't make it to Bonaire and I had do return to the airport next day to pick it up. Now my return flight from Bonaire to Curaçao is canceled, that means that I will miss my flight from Curaçao to Miami. So right now I am stuck at Bonaire airport, they gave me $7 voucher so I could get something to eat. What a joke!

2/3/2017 D Peters

✅ Verified Review | I was due to fly from Bonaire to Miami on 1/28 connecting in Curacao at 10:20am with Insel Air. I had purchased Tickets with a different airlines to take me much later from Miami to Denver. Late on the night of 1/27 the airline emailed me to say that my morning flight was cancelled for mechanical reasons and since they don't answer their phones nor does their website work, I had to report to the airport early on the morning of 1/28 to find out what their plan was for re-routing me. After numerous lines bouncing back and forth, since neither knew what was happening, they said to go ahead and take the flight to Curacao but then they would not be responsible for me getting to Miami from there. My other option was to spend the night in Bonaire and we would try again same schedule the next morning. After much negotiation between the airline and all my fellow passengers who were trying to get to Miami, they agreed to put us up in hotel that night, pay for our meals and we would try same thing in morning of 1/29. I re-booked my American connection with at $209 change fee and trusted all would be well in morning. Around 6pm on 1/28 I learned by email that the flight from Curacao to Miami time had changed to much later in the day, once again rendering my American connection on 1/29 useless and leaving me having to look for lodging in Miami once I arrived and another flight from Miami to Denver on my own. On the morning of 1/29 I reported to the airport early again to board my first leg. I had nearly checked in when once again they cancelled the 2nd leg from Curacao to Miami for mechanical reasons. At that point I had to get home. I booked a horrendously expensive ticket to get home with another airline and watched all the others who were trying to figure out what to do after this connection cancelled again scurrying around looking for help. My return trip from Bonaire tripled in cost due to this airline leaving me stranded for 2 days. To avoid a travel nightmare, don't book with this airlines.

1/11/2017 H Jarren

✅ Verified Review | Curacao to Kingston return. Insel Air scheduled departure times are just fantasy! We suffered a 19 hours delay on flying from Curacao to Kingston on the 29th December, and close to 10 hours on the flight back on the 4th January. The lack of information during this waiting time was complete, with changing "new departure times" all the time, and even complete vanishing of the flight from the airport departure list. Delays as we suffered from are common, as we noticed on flying back from Curacao to Amserdam (thank goodness with KLM): the Curacao airport departure list that day (Jan 5) was filled with Insel Air flights with "new departure times" a few to many hours behind the original schedule. No single Insel Air flight was on time, not even the very short flights between Curacao and the adjacent Dutch Caribic islands Bonaire and Aruba. It is a pity I have to give at least one star and a minimal rating, where zero stars would be appropriate.

1/1/2017 J Danson

✅ Verified Review | Port of Spain to Curaçao. I unfortunately did not pay attention to the reviews of this airline, hoping it was a fluke. It really is that bad! They were unable to fulfil the original flight due to grounding its aircraft cause they couldn't afford the maintenance, they held us in the airport for 8 hours before finally releasing us to go to the hotel. Then the flight to take us to Curaçao was delayed which resulted in further delays and cancellations. As a result I lost a 2 night hotel stay as I was here. Then they held us here even after they knew we were not leaving and upon arrival they had no idea of any of the passengers situations. This company is a text book example of bad business. They are this incompetent as I have ever seen.

12/29/2016 D Lapaan

✅ Verified Review | Miami to Paramaribo via Curacao. Insel Air should be blacklisted. They rescheduled my flight twice, 13 days prior departure date. They changed it a day before but the connection to my final destination is to stay overnight in Curacao without any accommodations paid by the airline. The customer service is a joke. I called to complain and demand a change back of date, or help with the hotel accommodation/food or give me a refund. They said, I should file a complain to Customer relations because there is nothing they could do.

12/27/2016 P Richards

✅ Verified Review | We just returned from our second vacation in Bonaire - both using Insel Air. In 2015 we naively booked flights from Aruba to Bonaire (because we could use miles to get to Aruba for free) on Insel. I read the reviews that were posted at that time but thought "it can't possibly be that bad." Boy was I wrong. Our first itinerary included the only non-stop between the Aruba and Bonaire. The day before our departure from the US we were notified that Insel had decided not to fly that route the next day and we had been rebooked on an itinerary with a plane change in Curacao. The only problem was that the new itinerary departed Aruba before we even arrived there. The next morning we received a phone call from them that put us on a previously nonexistent flight - at this point I had spent so much time on the phone with Insel that I knew their schedule by heart. So when I was told we were on this new flight, I said "you don't have a flight at that time!" But I was assured that they had added the segment. At that point it was too late to do anything but continue with our plans. Upon arrival in Aruba we spent 90 minutes standing at the ticket counter while the agents tried to sort things out. In Curacao, they literally met us on the tarmac at the bottom of the stairs and walked us around the nose of another waiting plane (with the props already running) and loaded us on board. Once again, naively, we thought "wow - this is pretty cool that they would accommodate us like this." Silly us. When we finally arrived in Bonaire we were too late to pick up our rental car. Our return trip to Aruba via Curacao was also delayed on both legs, requiring us to run through the Aruba airport (where you also clear US customs). The only reason we made our flight to the US was because it was delayed. It is recommended that you allow 3 hours in Aruba for this process. We tried again this year - trying to save money and thinking (silly us) that last year was an aberration. Wrong again. We booked the itinerary, including US flights to connect in Aruba, 6 months out. Leading up to the trip Insel changed our schedule 4 times. Our flight from Curacao to Bonaire was delayed for 3 hours. Eventually we boarded one of the few 737s that they use (a very nice plane, BTW) for the 11 minute flight at 5000 feet. The only issue is that it took 45 minutes to board the flight. On our return flight, we had planned 4 hours in Aruba to clear customs. A month before our holiday departure, Insel decided to cancel the early flight and put us on a later one, leaving us once again with 2 hours in Aruba. Then the new flight from Curacao to Aruba was delayed 40 minutes. We contacted our US carrier to see what our options might be if we missed our connection and were told we would have to spend 2 nights in Aruba due to a lack of availability of seats - and come up with more than $2000 in airfare (plus housing) for the last minute change. When I explained this to Insel personnel, I was told that since we weren't connecting to another Insel flight, there was no recourse available to us. When I asked if they might ask others on a delayed departure (about to load) if any of them might give us their seats to leave 40 minutes later to allow us to make our connection and the response was "No".

11/29/2016 A Bragello

✅ Verified Review | Insel is a poor excuse for an airline. They treat their customers like dirt. Flight from Curacao to Havana was informed to be 1 hours 10 minutes late at check-in October 3. The plane was present at the gate. 1 hour and 20 minutes after the original departure time the screen went black, no audio information. New sign on screen, the plane was now due for Miami! Asking about our flight to Havana we where informed it was delayed 4 days! come back on Friday. Most stupid thing ever heard, who on holiday can change their plans like that? It cost us approx. 200 USD on phone to get new hotel room at Curacao and to cancel our hotel in Havana. We still had to pay for the first night, another 115 USD. Also tried to call Insel Air which have so rude staff on the phone just saying no refund then put you back in the phone queue. Before this flight not taking place, we flew from Miami via Curacao to Bonaire, both flight very much delayed, arriving at Bonaire after rental cars had closed so we could not pick up our car. Also from Bonaire back to Curacao, delayed. So before cancel to Havana three flights all delayed. We noticed that the flight to Miami that was announced instead of Havana was three hours late, so we realized that we had to rebook our return ticket from Curacao to Miami as we had connecting flights going back to Europe. These new tickets by another airline company also cost us. After trying to communicate with Insel, which is more or less a one way communication, we finally got information that our flight CUR-HAV-CUR is valid one year, same for our flight CUR-MIA. However they do not understand that people in Europe very seldom have the possibility to travel this far every year, we cannot afford it anyway, so we have absolutely no use off that offer.

11/22/2016 A Neptune

Miami to Curaçao with Insel Air. Sitting here at Miami waiting for my flight that may not happen. Flight time has changed 3 times already. When I arrived to check in they did not mention the flight was delayed until I asked. While waiting at the gate the flight continues to be delayed and the gates changing without any notice or announcements. I find this to be unprofessional. I'm hoping I can make it to where I'm going today.