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6/24/2019 J Keen

✅ Trip Verified | My family and I initially had a nonstop flight from Puerto Vallarta to Los Angeles. Two weeks before our trip I was notified that Interjet changed and cancelled all non-stop flights from PVR to LAX and they stuck us on another flight that had a layover in Mexico City of 1.5 hrs. Nightmare started when they first delayed our flight by an hour. Instead of 535 they told us 635pm. Ok fine... we may have made it. But then, they increased the layover by an hour and a half. We didn't leave until 815pm. By that time they told me verbatim that the connecting flight to LAX would not leave without us because there was 40 people om the same flight. Fast forward to Mexico City. Get off the plane and they left. We are now stuck at the airport in Mexico city at 11:35 pm and they won't compensate a hotel, they did offer a food credit but we are now stuck on a flight at 0715 the next morning. We are having to sleep in an airport. They told me I could go to a hotel (20 minutes away) pay for it myself and then get reimbursed by them but , I now have to check in at 415 am (4 hrs from now) , would have to pay for a taxi there and back and for what? I am never going with Interjet again!!

6/17/2019 M Mara

Not Verified | Interjet is the shoddy bus version of an airline. Firstly, as many other reviewers have said, two of my flights were cancelled without any sort of communication from Interjet. It took to me calling them and only then I discovered they were cancelled! The staff members do not have the professionalism or aptitude for their jobs. I almost missed two of my flights and in both situations there was a complete lack of urgency and care from the employees. At my connecting flight I was told, “relax americano”, when I only had 20 minutes to make my flight. It took to me cutting a line and running the entire length of CDMX to make my flight. I had no issues once on the flights but the attitude from all the staff left me with tremendous unease. Also one glass of water for a 5 hour flight?

6/11/2019 E Garbian

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Dallas. Flying in interjet was my worst experience, they made me lose my flight by not providing the correct information and refused to give me a refund, and worst of all they lost my luggage and can’t recover it, Customer service takes around an hour for them to answer the phone. Igot no help from anyone and they still want me to drive back and they do nothing but wast my time. I recommend any other airline where customer service actually cares for the customer.

6/9/2019 N Mason

✅ Trip Verified | Tuxtla Gutierrez to Mexico City. Booked this flight as American 8294, knowing it was operated by code share partner, but thought that meant as a Platinum AA member that I'd at least have an advocate in the case of problems. No!Flight into MEX was delayed as plane had to divert to Acapulco to refuel and missed our connection. Took 4 hours for Interjet to get us boarding passes for flight the next day and they never told us where our luggage was. Thanks to kind and trusting security agent we did get luggage retrieved. Had to overnight in airport hotel @$275. Applied to travel insurer for compensation, not to Interjet. All I need from Interjet is confirmation that flight was delayed 2 hours. It has been 6 weeks and they won't even respond. Emails say "we are glad to help you, under review". Phone is never answered. I've sent email requests once a week for over 2 months. AA told me they can't help me as it was an Interjet flight. They take no responsibility for their code share partner, even to communicate with them. Don't fly Interjet and don't think booking with a code share partner will get you any service from American.

6/5/2019 K Cratsenberg

Not Verified | Was notified that direct flight from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta on May 6 was being delayed by more than 12 hours supposed to leave at 9:40 am arrive in PVR at 3 pm. New flight leaving at 11:30 pm from LAX landing in Mexico City at 3 am on 3/7/19, then leaving for Puerto Vallarta after 10 am on 10/7/19. Meaning I was losing who day of vacation, lodging, transportation, etc. Ended up booking another flight, and have been trying to get refund for over a month with no luck.

6/4/2019 Leonardo Galvez

Not Verified | I booked my flight months before my travel date. Interjet calls to tell my flight has been canceled and I will get a refund and this was a month before my flight I said okay. It is June 3 and I still haven’t gotten a refund. Spoke to so many people and everyone is useless. Long waiting time and never getting my money back.

6/3/2019 M Lachirez

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Tuxtla via Mexico City. Worst experience ever, never taking this airline again. I had a flight out of LAX at 23:20 which was cancelled within the hour. That of course meant I was losing my connecting flight from MEX to TGZ. Now I had a layover which was twice as long as before and meant that I would miss a day of my vacation plus pre-arranged airport transport. We board the connecting flight and after a few mins we are told there are issues with the door and that they have to deplane the first 4 rows of passengers, and we were in the first row of course! To make this review short, we arrived at our final destination after over 24 hrs of travel and I lost a day. I have reached out to their customer service department and still have not heard from them, I plan to never take this airline again.

5/29/2019 Gladys Ayala

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to New York. The worse airline ever. I don’t know why they schedule a flight when they are going to be late for boarding late for departing and late for arriving. The flight attendants have an attitude they don’t want to work there we are paying for the service and they are hire for it. The only good thing was the sandwiches and chips. The rest was a worst experience ever. They keep changing the gates number until boarding time which is an hour after the boarding according to the ticket information. They had us tuning from gate to gate and they are disorganized when boarding start they don’t call by zones.

5/24/2019 Jose Lopez

✅ Trip Verified | Cancun to Juarez via Mexico City. Mexico city to Juarez flight Cancelled for no reason. Interjet Airlines are currently going through financial and personnel difficulties. Just read the current news to confirm. Forced to wait 13 hours until next available flight. Slept on the floor a few hours and walked around the airport like a zombie for most of the remaining hours. The Mexico city airport (terminal 1) is completely outdated and falling apart. No air conditioning, broken restrooms, foul smells in some areas, etc. I know now. I had 13 hours to walk around and see. LOL At the end of the whole unpleasant experience. There was No compensation, and No reimbursement. Interjet never again. Just pay a few more $ for a reliable airline.

5/23/2019 Maria Elena Guadarrama

✅ Trip Verified | Guanajuato to Mexico City. The worst error I ever made choosing this airline. It was a nightmare. They charge for the luggage, and because I asked for another place in the plane at the front desk (after extra charge) they mark my boadding pass with several "SSS" so I was searched like I was transporting a ton of drugs in front of everyone, a 65 years old lady, nobody help you with the right information all they tell you is wrong or partial info. Due this I have to run four times the biggest airport I ever been. They didn't know what gate should be. The flight was delayed two hrs. Plus the seven hrs I spend for the connection to Miami. Finally when I get to the plain the crew was so, so rude . They wanted to put me in another seat and I was charged for that seat! So I spent from 5:00 am in the morning to 11:00pm finally I get home. With only apple juice and chips.

5/22/2019 L Garenez

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Lima. I like Interjet for short flights within Mexico, but for flights of more than 5 hours it is exhausting (6 hours of flight plus an hour and a half delay already on board) and without an entertainment system. It's the first time I take such a long flight with them and I do not know if I would do it again. Me gusta Interjet, para vuelos cortos dentro de México, pero para vuelos de más de 5 horas es agotador (6 horas de vuelo más retraso de hora y media ya a bordo)!! y sin sistema de entretenimiento.. es la primera vez que tomo un vuelo tan largo con ellos y no sé si lo volvería a realizar...

5/21/2019 P Keare

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Obregon. Interjet cancelled both of my flights without any warning (I only found out when I happened to check the app). They rebooked both flights, for different locations and dates! I called and asked for a full refund, and they agreed. However, after several weeks of not receiving the refund, I called back - and they said it was marked as "processed" on their end! I now have to fight tooth and nail to try to get the refund. The same exact thing happened to my friend who was on the same flights, and he has to fight for his refund too (who knows if we'll succeed). Don't trust this airline. They will cancel your flights without any notice, and will refuse to refund you your money. Fly with any other airline instead.

5/18/2019 Luis Gomez Zarate

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Guatemala via Mexico City. My sister flying with our father ashes with all the paper work given by the funeral home here in Canada was insulted by INTERJET staff in Mexico City airport by asking her to put the ashes in check in luggage and saying the letter from funeral home have to be in a funeral urn when the letter stated ashes will be in an urn suitable to travel. My sister’s ordeal when for 3 hours crying and running at 5am by herself looking for a funeral urn to bring my dad’s ashes with her. Agents did nothing for her. Go to the city to buy one was their advise! Canadian officers when she left and check her Carry in luggage and saw the ashes and letter, offered her an apology and condolences. We put the complain but nobody takes responsibility about it.

5/11/2019 L Valero

✅ Trip Verified | We had a flight from Chicago OHare on Monday 11/26 at 12am. Due to a big blizzard that happened the flight was cancelled. Interjet offered us with no hotel accommodations or a next day flight. Instead they left us on the floor of the airport and a flight three days later on Wednesday 11/28. We drove 3 hours to get to Chicago and they didn’t even care. It’s not their problem. So I cancelled the payment on my credit card since they refused to pay me back and booked with AeroMexico. Don’t use this company. They will send debt collections after you to collect for services that were never rendered.

5/1/2019 J Bernal

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Guadalajara. Three tickets purchased. One for my grandfather who passed away the day we were scheduled to fly. Since this was an inconvenience to Interjet we had to pay an additional $600 to set up new flights. Not get our money back. Just pick new dates since we had lost a family member. They didn’t care and were happy to charge us additional money. Never flying here again.

4/25/2019 S Heale

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Mexico City. I’m flying to Mexico City after spending 4 days in Houston with a carry on which I was pleased with myself for packing seeing as though I will be gone a total of 8 days. Upon checking in with Interjet, I found that my carry on exceeded the allotted weight by 4lbs. I went back and forth with the check in staff and supervisor attempting to remove the 4lbs from my bag but couldn’t make it work. I put everything back in to pay the extra $30 fee and as I was checking in one of the attendants points to my bag and makes a joke in Spanish about the weight and he and a couple other attendants laugh with me standing there and the supervisor present. I think it’s customer service 101 to not say anything (albeit true) while the guest is right there. As a result I’ll never fly this airline again.

4/23/2019 L Jalescka

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to New York. First the schedule changed from midnight to 3.50AM. I wasn’t told I could change my flight until 3 days before my flight when it was too late. Then I couldn’t check in online so called and was told I had to arrive 3 hrs early. Arrived and we were delayed 40mins - they wouldn’t give any update on delays. I was so late to work. Utterly unacceptable.

4/9/2019 Sharon Tiedemann

Not Verified | Thought I was getting a great deal when I bought tickets for $98 one-way going from Las Vegas to Cancún. When we arrived at the Las Vegas airport they said our second leg from Mexico City to Cancun was canceled. The ticket agents ticketed our luggage all the way to Cancún. Even though the flight was canceled and we ended up in Mexico City. I had to pay an extra $750 to a different airline to finish up our trip for five people. We didn’t get our luggage until after two days of our seven day vacation due Interjet error tagging luggage wrong. They did nothing to reimburse me for the airline tickets, or the additional $750 I had to pay for last minute changes through another airline because they canceled the second leg and couldn’t accommodate getting us to Cancún our destination. Do not fly this airline or you’re going to get a surprise on the day you travel with NO reimbursement AND it’ll cost you five times as much.

4/1/2019 J McKee

Not Verified | Cancun to Toronto. I will not fly with Interjet again. I have traveled extensively and am extremely easy going- but this airline made me furious. As per the previous reviewers comments, my husband and I were on the same flight and everything they said about the chaos of the check-in process was true. We stood in line from 2:30 pm to check in, and did not get to the check in desk until 4:50 pm (our flight was 4:55 pm). We were in reasonably good spirits assuming that because they had not processed such a large number of guests, that the flight could certainly not take off without us. (Wishful thinking only, the staff did not communicate with us at all). When we finally got to the check in desk, I put our 2 passports on the counter (with a sigh of relief). I was asked to back up while the Interjet staff and the Airport assistance worker processed an elderly couple in a wheelchair first. We stepped back, kind of laughing at our bad luck to wait so long just to have to wait a little longer, but totally understood because it was an elderly couple. Then the Interjet man and the Airport employee waved a younger couple over to the check in desk as well. Once the group was checked in, the employees then waved over more couples, with no apparent need for assistance. We noticed the first couple paying off the employee. The couple had paid the airport employee to get them from the back of the line to the check in counter, by pairing them with an elderly couple of no relation. The employee then thought he could do it again with another group of young people. This was enraging because after nearly 3 hours in line they were trying to process people who had arrived much later, for a flight that was departing an hour after ours. The Interjet employee would clearly be able to see that the group was not flying together or to the same destination. I was absolutely disgusted by this. Will never recommend this airline to anyone, they put customers who bribe ahead of honest customers.

4/1/2019 R Heller

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Cancun. This was our first experience with Interjet, and will be our last. My husband and I had a horrible experience with the check-in process at the Cancún airport. Interjet clearly did not properly staff the counter, nor was your staff correctly trained. It was highly inefficient, and the lack of communication exacerbated the issues significantly. We arrived to the airport at 2:30pm for our 4:55pm flight. We were unable to checkin online for the flight, and were trying to find out if everyone had to wait in the passenger baggage check line, or if it was only for passengers checking bags. We spoke to four Interjet representatives, two said the line was only for customers with baggage, and that we could checkin with the Kiosk. The other two said everyone needs to wait in the line. I speak both English and Spanish fluently, the representatives were unable to provide a clear answer in either language. My husband went to try the kiosk to no avail while I waited in line because Interjet employees could not agree on the process. It is not acceptable in 2019 not to have an online check-in. This is a standard feature in the airline industry, and I am not aware of any other company who does not offer online check-in. The line was moving extremely slow, it took over 12 minutes to check in one person. People from Mexico traveling to Canada were given additional forms upon arriving at the desk, rather than providing the forms ahead of time to reduce the time in the line. Finally, at approximately 4:00pm, they opened a "Toronto only" line. There was no one from the airline to help redirect the lines, it was very confusing, and no communication was given. Other "Canada" lines were handling passengers for other flights that were leaving later, instead of handling the Toronto passengers as a priority. No communication was given regarding whether our flight would be delayed. I checked the website, and it said the flight was departing on time. When we finally made it towards the front of the line, after approximately an hour and 45 minutes, I tried to ask one of the customer service representatives if the flight would be delayed to accommodate the late check-in process. She said the flight would not be delayed, but they would wait for people to check-in. I asked her if she could make an announcement to let everyone know, she told me "No, there are too many people. How would I do that?" I asked her to make an announcement over the sound system, and she said "No, I have already told you what you need to know." She was very rude and unprofessional. Their staff's lack of communication greatly exacerbated the issues with the check-in process. People were frantic, and started cutting the lines. At one point someone cut from the back of the line, people were chanting "¡Fuera!" And the authorities had to come over to the Interjet designated area to try and calm down the patrons. We arrived on the plane at approximately 5:20pm. There was another 40 minute delay waiting for the General Declaration. No announcement was made until almost 6:00pm as to why were were still waiting. Interjet was the only one at the Cancún airport with significant lines. Every other airline was properly staffed and handling their customers at a much faster rate. Their staff's lack of organization, communication, and professionalism caused all of these issues.