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10/25/2019 Marcel Nothdurft

✅ Trip Verified | Lima to Juarez via Mexico. They keep cancelling or delaying flights without any explanation. The reason for cancellation isn't very important to me unless it is force majeure. We did check at the airport and nothing was going on. Like the plane in Lima was supposed to be late, because of bad weather disruption...

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10/14/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A321neo (321) seat 1C

Because this seat "sticks out" into the aisle due to the configuration of the panels separating the seats from the exit area of plane, you end up being bothered a lot by people walking buy & light / activity at the front of the airplane. Not worth the extra cost.

10/9/2019 Lina Buenaventura

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Bogota via Mexico. I traveled with interjet with my 7 year old son. they gave me an itinerary but the flight did not leave at the time they said from Vancouver the flight was delayed two hours when I arrived at my first stop in Mexico city one of my bags never appeared the people that work there n...

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10/6/2019 A Chehrazi

✅ Trip Verified | Cancun to Vancouver. Terrible service on the flight. Right after take off, all three flight attendants disappeared for three (3) hours! My daughter had a high fever, so we needed water for her, but they were gone. At least ten seats had the crew call button on, but they wouldn't show up. After a couple of hour...

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10/1/2019 D Parena

✅ Trip Verified | Cancun to Toronto . Airline wrongfully charged me $360 for checked luggage that did not board the plane. I had to pay this amount the second day in order to get my luggage. (We had 9 pieces) They did not refund the amount for the service which was not provided. Upon calling customer service several times, afte...

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9/27/2019 Marie Destin

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Mexico City. Interjet had a glitch in checking my bag. I checked 1 bag which was within the weight restrictions. They charged me $104 dollars. When I pointed it out the the agent, she called the customer service number and they mentioned that it happened a few times and it would be taken care of. I...

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9/12/2019 S Galanes

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Guadalajara. Their customer service is horrible and they are hungry for money. We were informed that the policy is that we can change or cancel the fly and save our money if we call before the flight a few hours before the flight my elder grandmother lost her passport at the last minute and we were ...

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9/11/2019 John Cipolla

✅ Trip Verified | México City to Puerto Vallarta. After reading reviews I was a little concerned about this flight. Checkin at México City Airport was seamless with an agent that spoke excellent English as my wife and I do not speak Spanish. The airline allows a generous 25 kg of checked luggage and 10kg of take on luggage per ...

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9/8/2019 Spring Shadzik

Not Verified | San José to Montreal. The only thing I can say about this airline is they are the poorest in both services, In condition of the airplane and customer service, I am using different airline more than 7 times a year business related going to different countries and am able to book my seat online 24 hrs ahead of time...

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9/5/2019 Jose Ceballos

✅ Trip Verified | I can’t believe how run down and disgusting this airplane both going from Las Vegas to Guadalajara and returning Guadalajara to Las Vegas. I thought that it was a fluke that the airplane was damaged going, but returning it was the same. Broken seats, broken trays, torn or ripped seats. The lavatories do not ha...

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9/1/2019 Dan Britton-Foster

Not Verified | Vancouver to Costa Rica via Mexico City. My trip is booked for October 28th. I booked my flight and paid for all of my hotels in Costa Rica. Then interjet bumped my flights 3 months after the booking so I have two 25 hour layovers in Mexico City (1 each way) and I get back to Vancouver too late to take a ferry. T...

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8/26/2019 C Navez

✅ Trip Verified | This airline is the worst, all flights were delayed for about 3 hours and also Eunice one the airline's desk helper in Mexico DF was disrespectful and rude she also said that she had the power to stop us to take our flight back to USA. I will never use Interjet again.

8/22/2019 Mariah Robinson

✅ Trip Verified | After standing at baggage claim for an hour, Interjet informed us that they intentionally left many suitcases in another country and that they would give us paperwork to fill out in order to send the luggage to wherever our final destination/home. This resulted in many of us missing connecting flights. After 1...

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8/22/2019 Maryellen Amaro

Not Verified | This airline was by far the worst experience I've had with any business. To set the record straight, we didn't actually fly with them, we were scheduled to fly back from Leon Mexico to LAX in June but in May they called and cancelled our flight, They offered a flight alternative that would have taken over 12 hour...

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8/20/2019 N Huang

✅ Trip Verified | We arrived yesterday at 11:30 pm (08/18/2019) at JFK airport with a delayed flight from Mexico city (interjet 2992). After customs, we arrived at the luggage carousel around 12:30am. One of our luggage was missing so we looked for a representative from Interjet to file the report. We waited for 1:30 but no rep...

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8/19/2019 Christof M, Airbus A320 (320) seat 10F

Spacious exit rows 10 and 11. No seat back entertainment throughout the plane.

8/15/2019 M Jamaras

✅ Trip Verified | Puerto Vallarta to via Dallas via Mexico City. I payed for my luggage to be taken from Puerto Vallarta directly to Dallas so I wouldn’t have to be carrying it around but little did I think that this would’ve happened. So when I got to the airport in Dallas tx I noticed my bag was opened as if someone went look...

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8/15/2019 J Shear

✅ Trip Verified | Medellin to Mexico City. This was my first Interjet flight. The only good news is the flight was on time and we landed safely. On the negative side I can honestly say I have never seen a crew on any airline so mean, nasty and unpleasant. I'm a 60 year old guy and asked for some water late in the flight. The fl...

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8/3/2019 G Gonzalez

Not Verified | So my plane had been scheduled for 4.15pm, however it got delayed, no problem we weren’t in a hurry. It gets rescheduled for 6pm. We wait till 6pm and get in the plane. For the next 2 hours we take 2 circles around JFK. After we get back to where we started they tell us that they have a “mechanical problem”. Now ...

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8/1/2019 William Rameda

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Las Vegas via Mexico City. I usually use low cost airlines already knowing their limitations, but this one exceeds every possible (negative) expectation, it is truly a nightmare. They do not have web checkin for most of their international hubs (including Bogotá - yes, in 2019), so be ready for a 2 h...

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