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4/26/2019 S Baker

✅ Trip Verified | Kuwait City to Dubai with Jazeera Airways. 12 hours before the flight and they have already delayed it twice. For such a short flight, it’s really bad. Customer service told me this always happens. Based on other reviews - it seems like it. Stay away. Whoever owns this airline seems really keen on running the business to the ground. So much disregard to customers!

4/5/2019 William Gonzaga

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Kuwait. The worst airline experienced. I will never ever fly again with Jazeera. Original flight should be 2am but move to 4:30 then move to 6:30. I ask why they have change the schedules and the lady in the counter didn’t give any answer. I will never recommend this Jazeera to all my colleagues.

3/21/2019 Palak Patel

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Ahmadabad via Kuwait. The worst international flight i ever had. The cabin crew didn't even welcomed us well on board. My flight got delayed for 3 hours. I already did web check in the morning and they call me in noon saying that my flight is canceled. They were fooling me! Anyhow i asked to manager and got a flight 2 hours prior which led me to long layover in Kuwait. When i entered the flight the attendants didn't welcome us warmly as they were busy in their "own work". After on boarding they dont even ask for a packed water bottle. For the whole flight i was hungry and even tough it was an international flight, i didn't got a meal though tickets says they will offer me. The floor was messy of flight and the seats were not comfortable. really dint prefer or recommend anyone to fly with Jazeera. Worst Flight!

11/25/2018 M Wasimari

✅ Trip Verified | Jeddah to Mumbai via Kuwait. Not recommended if travelling with children. Worst service ever experienced by airline and in-flight staff. No declaration of meal included or not included on ticket. Also no information on baggage check-in counter staff. Restrictions for entry to duty free at Kuwait airport. No support from ground staff at Kuwait airport.

9/24/2018 M Sharam

✅ Trip Verified | Kuwait to Dubai. I have always used Jazeera and was satisfied except when they introduced this new terminal and block the access to duty free, it feels like you are in temporary jail and forbidden from all other services such as lounge etc. I will never use Jazeera again unless they allow access between terminals - this too bad

8/15/2018 A Hamad

✅ Trip Verified | Doha to Alexandria via Kuwait. I had two flights which were both delayed. No notice was given you get notified when you are at the counter. We landed in Kuwait and were not allowed to enter the airport and remained literally imprisoned in the new terminal. 7 hours where there is no food or water or any kind of drink. All vending machines require local currency and are not working. We were forced to fast for 7 hours with no options to buy anything. No one available from Jazeera Airways to talk to. Honestly worst ever. No respect, no customer service. I will never use it again and I would rather go through the inconvenience of using multiple airlines than to get on board with them again

7/6/2018 M Sareen

✅ Trip Verified | Amman to Doha via Kuwait. Worst airline I have ever been on. On the way to my destination the first plane was delayed by over an hour, resulting in me missing the second plane, as the transit time is 55 minutes, enough if both flights are on time. Instead of reaching my destination at 10.10am, I reached there at 9.30pm that night! Again on the way back, this time it was even worse, at least before the transit desk in Kuwait had an idea there was a delay and arranged for the 17 passengers, families with young children included to be transported to a hotel in less than a few hours. On the way back to my original destination, the flight was delayed by 2 hours! The ground staff had no idea when the flight was coming, finally they gave us info of the delay. I approached one of the Jazeera ground staff in Amman, who assured me the airline is aware there is a delay and of the connecting flight to Doha, and once I arrive in Kuwait, they will transfer me to the next available flight to Doha on any airline because they have newly made agreements with other airlines to ensure passengers get to their in a timely manner, as this has been happening regularly with the airline. So when I arrived to Kuwait airport, no one knew of my issue, the transit desk told me someone from Jazeera has to give them authority to do anything and they kept calling a ground staff member, but the phones were off, they directed me to the gate where the ground staff would be, when I went there, no one had a clue and redirected me back to the transit desk. For over 2 hours, the transit desk staff were calling Jazeera ground staff and they kept saying they're coming. I was also trying to contact them through their WhatsApp customer service group. and told them my issue, only for them to forward me customer call centre number, which I couldn't even call as I do not have an international line. Finally after 3 hours, some one shows up to inform me and the other passengers who were connecting to Doha, that there is no other airline flight (so the guy in Amman lied!) and our only option is to catch the next day's flight in 14 hours and go to the hotel for now. Absolutely disgusting Jazeera! I won't be travelling with you again and I will warn all friends and family to stay away! If I could rate you 0 star I would.

6/25/2015 Abdulaziz Murad

Kuwait to Mashhad in April 2015, A320 aircraft. Flight on time, seat was comfortable. No personal screens onboard this aircraft. Food was good for 2hrs flight. Return flight was similar standard.

8/18/2014 Mansour Alkhuzam

I flew on Jazeera Airways on 22nd December 2013 it was a short flight from Kuwait to Jeddah international airport. The service in Kuwait airport was excellent the staff at the airport were really helpful and kind. Takeoff and landing was on time. The food was delicious! Leg room in economy class comfortable - great value for money!

10/23/2011 J Bacallado

Jeddah-Kuwait A320 economy. Flight on time check in very fast and easy. Boarding by bus (as usual in Jeddah). On board service was great for 2 hr flight. FA very nice. No IFE on this rout but airshow all times on screen. Arrival prior to schedule. Bags on track on arrival. Very nice experience.

4/19/2010 David Graubard

DOH-KWI with 2 friends and enjoyed the flight. Check in great - staff friendly. Checked bag 2kg over and they didn't ask for extra payment. Boarding via bus and organized. Flight was maybe 40% full so had a full row to myself. Seats comfortable (more space than other LCC in Europe) flight attendants friendly and smiling. Bathrooms kept clean. Would fly them again - great value for the money.

4/13/2010 G Misioch

I have flown with Jazeera many times. The seats are comfortable and staff usually polite. I have not had problems with an delays except once on a Bahrain-Kuwait flight (1 hour). Flight prices are good value for money if booked early. Prices for food/drink on board are acceptable.

4/10/2010 Gabriella Lartisa

I have travelled with Jazeera Airways on many occasions from Kuwait to Larnaca Bahrain Beirut etc. Generally the service is good for the money however if you do not book early the fares can be very high. Destinations are removed without informing customers and you never know when they will be resumed and when you contact customer services they give you some silly answer like "We dont have any information" which is why I though they were called customer services. I have always found the flights good FA polite and on time. The ground staff could do with some training in customer relations etc.

8/9/2009 E Robinson

Whatever you do do not subscribe to the Al Jazeera Airways newsletter. It is impossible to unsubscribe. I would not travel with an airline that cannot comply with standard legislation around the word on email marketing.

3/3/2009 Mohammed AlAdsani

Beirut - Kuwait (Jazeera Plus cabin). Ground-staff rude and inefficient. My luggage arrived as one of the last pieces in Kuwait Airport rather than first off! Cabin crew friendly and attentive food free Jazeera Plus cabin is comfortable. Toilets were clean and food tasty.

11/5/2008 R McCarthy

DXB-KWI-DXB Economy Class. Jazeera is clean relatively spacious and on-time even if there are no complimentary meals or many other frills. The staff are not terribly friendly but not rude either. The female flight attendants seemed warmer than the male ones. My only issue with the service was the check-in at Dubai. It was just ridiculous. I was the second person in the line when I arrived but it still took 20 minutes for the check-in agent to sort out the family in front of me and 10 minutes to serve me. No apology no smile. Also there didn't seem to be any information during my original booking that the service was making a stopover in Bahrain and on the day of my return flight I received an SMS to indicate that my flight had been moved forward 1.5 hours then another SMS to apologise and indicate that the flight was actually on time...! Quite strange. In my opinion Jazeera is satisfactory.

4/28/2008 P Lay

DXB-KWI-SAW (Istanbul Sabiha Goken Airport) return. For a low cost airline I was impressed with the online booking system inflight comfort (leather seats good legroom free IFE (bring your own headset or buy one on board) and connecting flight service. The shows/movies were a mix of Arabic and English as was the audio channels (x2 English only). All flights left and arrived on time. The area I found a bit inconsistent was the cabin crew. On some flights the crew were attentive and knew what they were doing. By contrast on other sectors the cabin crew had an "I don't know" attitude. Of particular concern was on the flight out of SAW whereby the safety demonstration was still being played on the IFE as the plane took off! Can't blame the pilots here but begs the question as to what an Earth the cabin crew were doing! For a young airline they have an excellent product but need to make their service a bit more consistent. The product comfort in terms of seats and IFE are amongst the best I've seen on any narrow body aircraft and provided they keep the prices low I'd highly recommend them.

3/17/2008 H Koopman

I've flown Jazeera on 7 return flights. Mostly KWI-BEY-KWI and KWI-DXB-KWI. It doesn't compare to EK for sure but it's better than Kuwait Airways. Value for money is good if you have time to hunt the special offers and hot deals - something that happens very frequently. Food quality and variety are terrible staff are not friendly at all. They make you feel as if you flying for free (which is true when you pay KD1 for the ticket w/o taxes of course). However punctuality is something to be praised. All flights I've been on-board operated on time.

3/12/2008 -

Booked a ticket from Cochin to Dubai on 15th Feb 2008. Reached the airport the flight didn't operate - staff said technical problem. They said the ticket will be refunded or one year open ticket in return Just contact the given e-mail. Booked another costly ticket to Dubai and since then was trying to send mail after mail to them. No reply from Jazeera Airways.

1/21/2008 -

DXB-KWI-DXB on new A320 outbound; slightly older A320 inbound. On time departure both ways. On outbound bus journey to remote parking bay took over 20 minutes - a typical DXB problem. Less than 30% occupancy outbound; around 70% inbound. IFE (on flip-down LCD screens one per every three rows) pretty useless/boring. Efficient LCC which does get you from A to B with minimum fuss.