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2/20/2018 Octave Caporossi

✅ Trip Verified | This was my first flight with Jazz and all in all, I was quite pleased. The flight to Montreal was short and agreeable. The crew spoked both French and English, which makes a plus for the flight. To my surprise, the economy seats were equipped with personal IFE with the whole Air Canada inflight program. Food consisted of a cookie and a drink, which is more than enough for a one hour flight. The only downside of the flight was the delay created by bad luck. The aircraft was already late already and during taxi, when we were about to align on the runway, the tower decided to change of runway, making us 1 hour late. On our arrival at Trudeau, the crew make sure that the passengers going on another flight about to depart left the aircraft first.

12/2/2015 Richard Leclerc

Friendly flight attendant who take care of the passengers efficiently. Excellent flight, but the cabin of the Dash 8-100 needs a very serious refresh and more confortable seats. The flight time was respected. On the gate, the employees of Air Canada Jazz offer a good service.

11/2/2015 Steve Parkin

Short 1-hour hop from Vancouver to Castlegar, and all good. The plane looks tiny on the ground, but the ride was smooth and on time. Not much time for more than a swift Sprite and pretzels before we made the descent. This landing is one which all Air Canada pilots practice over and over on the simulator, as it is apparently one of the most challenging in Canada! Not bad on a sunny day such as we travelled, but I am sure on a wet evening it would be quite a tricky path through the mountains. Also advised that the route can get cancelled for days at a time due to fog. No such problems for us, as flights out and back were fine. Great to arrive at an airport and your bag is there in literally 5 minutes. Give this route a go, but make sure to check the Castlegar weather first.

4/24/2013 Juraj Kovac

EWR-YUL late evening flight. The 45-seat CRJ200 was half-empty so I managed to get two seats to myself. It still does feel very tight though. The overhead bins won't even take a smaller backpack and the seats are very confining in terms of personal space plus you really can't see out of the window due to its low position. There was a single FA serving the flight which she managed with grace and efficiency even with a drink run and some small snacks served. The service in general is OK but to spend more than an hour aboard the CRJ would be a torture.

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