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6/4/2019 Tiffany Mak

✅ Trip Verified | My family and I recently flew Jeju Air from Seoul to Osaka on Tuesday May 7. I was incredibly disappointed in the customer service that was provided to us at the check-in counter. We were five adults traveling from the United States, with five check-in luggage. After she weighed all our suitcases, she said that we were 6 kg total overweight. By then, she had already put all our luggage on the conveyor belt, and they all had left the counter, then asked us to pay 60,000 krw. None of us even had any carry-on baggage, and could have easily taken out our duffle bags to carry 1 measly kg each. We had no choice but to pay the fee, when she had multiple ways to handle the situation. When we boarded the plane, I saw everyone with 2-3 carry-ons each all stuffed together to look like 2. I was incredibly upset by the unfairness of our treatment. I tried to contact the airline and they asked us for more details of our flight, then ignored me. I point out that the tray table on one of our aisle seats was broken. They are a "budget" airline for a reason. Oh, other minor things, they didn't even offer us water, you had to ask for it. What a joke.

11/28/2018 J Lacson

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul Incheon to Manila. Yes to budget but no to their baggage policy and I suggest it should be changed. They do not allow combined baggage! We are a family of 4 with 60kgs of total bag allowance. (Note: The only available flight at the time we purchased it was their Special Fare). We only used 1 big piece luggage and a back pack for easier travel since we have senior citizens with us. Our big luggage exceeded 5kgs and they insisted that we separate it so we obliged. But here's whats unfair, when we got to our gate waiting to board, the ground attendant approached us and said that the plane's overhead bin was a bit small for our hand carry bags (2 standard cabin baggage size with less than 4kgs in weight) and asked us that we check-in the bags instead. Since we saw a lot of bags already tagged for check in, so we said yes ok, maybe it really wont fit (so, we thought!), but when we got on the plane all their local citizens had their hand carries with them, bigger than our bags putting it in the overhead bin! Hello unfair treatment for foreigners like us.

10/23/2018 G Caramyan

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul to Manila . I'm traveling alone with my 3 year old daughter from Incheon South Korea to Manila, Philippines. I know we had 15 kgs baggage each but I prepared a combine luggage for both of us since I'm traveling alone. Given my situation, they asked me to separate our luggage because it is their policy even though we did not exceed 30 kgs. I cant carry my daughter with two bags. They are inconsiderate for mothers traveling alone. I will not recommend them nor taking another flight to them.

10/7/2018 D Lavesa

✅ Trip Verified | Macau to Seoul as a long holiday trip around Asia. I don't make airline reviews a lot, but I must do it for Jeju Air because of it's terrible customer service ever seen. Starting from a long check in with only some Jeju Air customer representative are visible at Macau Airport. Our flight was delay with no explanation from the airport which was making itself a 2 hour delay. As Jeju Air is a budget airline, you must pay for everything including changing seat, but then we boarded an old plane for an uncomfortable 3 hours and 30 minutes flight to South Korea. Overall for this flight include seat was broken, legroom uncomfortable, no free food and drinks and nothing. The only positive thing was their onboard staff which was friendly. But please try and avoid this company to avoid disappointment and fly an alternative airline if possible.

5/22/2018 Lilit Mnatsakanyan

✅ Trip Verified | Be aware you will waste hours on their website and downloading their app on your phones in hope to online check in but this will not happen. And their customer service is non existent. First flight with them was Hong Kong -Seoul, I couldn't do online check in so at the airport counter i inquired about this, and i was told that "Hong Kong is to blame, that Jeju has problem with Hong Kong regulations but i will not have this problem when flying from Seoul. I am now trying to do online checkin from Seoul right now , my flight is to Tokyo tomorrow and after wasting my time to fill in all the details etc and still cannot do online check in. If you cant provide online check in service then dont waste peoples time. This is ridiculous, very disappointed and will never fly again. On board service was appalling also, the flight attendant with a tray and tiny cups of water would walk so fast and without looking at the passengers I didn't manage to ask if i could have one of those tiny cups of water.

4/27/2018 R Taleniro

✅ Trip Verified | . Our flight from Cebu to Incheon was cancelled at the very last minute and there is no clear information when the aircraft will arrive. All we can hear is announcement in Hangul. I think you should educate your staff to speak English as well since you flying customers of different nationality as well. Another disappointment was when we are flying back to Cebu, we are not allowed to combine luggage and check-in one luggage for me and my husband with total of 28kgs (limit each will be 15kgs) saying it has to be one piece for me and one for my husband. We approached the manager duty in Incheon and asked why we are allowed to fly in Cebu with only one check-in baggage of 19kgs and she is not able to explain. She just insist we should put our belongings on separate checkin baggage. It is very inconvenient to move your things from one luggage to another specially when you are in the airport.

4/26/2018 E Starico

✅ Trip Verified | Cebu to Incheon. By far one of the worst airline we've experienced. I traveled with my wife from Cebu to Incheon. We we're delayed from Cebu to Incheon. They accepted our 1 piece check-in baggage that is around 19KG and we have 30KG allowance combined. However, they did not accept the same check-in baggage from Incheon to Cebu. They strictly said that one piece check-in should only weigh 15KG or less. They are not organized and they don't have 'Customer Service' at all. I even speak to the Manager in Charge for Jeju Air in Incheon Airport and they didn't seem to know how to provide Customer Service. They can only offer you a free water for a 4 hour + flight. I have tried JinAir before which is also a budget friendly airline but they are far better than this airline. Stay away from Jeju air if you have the chance.

11/9/2017 D Vanson

✅ Verified Review | Seoul to Bangkok. This was the worst travel experience I've had. I was planning to go to BKK. I flew Delta with the intention of transferring to Jeju to complete the trip to BKK. I paid for a ticket the day before and thought everything was fine until I landed in Korea. They tried calling me en route there (23hr flight couldn't answer) then sent me an email on the day I landed saying my ticket was cancelled due to technical issues. As I was boarding they denied me my initial flight, then said I had to pay another $500 in order to go. I only had a certain amount of money budgeted to make BKK a great experience. I had to use that money to get to BKK. They said they would give me a full refund but that money wouldn't show up in my account until a week later. I love to give everybody the benefit of the doubt but long story short Jeju Airlines completely screwed me over because of their incompetence and "technical" issues. I wouldn't suggest anyone fly with this airline. My worst travel experience to date and I travel a lot.

8/8/2017 Michael Hollifield

✅ Verified Review | Flew Jeju Air on the quick 1.5 hr hop to Osaka from Seoul Gimpo. If flying to/from Japan/China/Taiwan, Gimpo Airport saves hours of time over Incheon - less people and no wait, so you don't have to arrive hours early. As it's a short flight, LCC is perfectly acceptable. Departure was on time, plane clean, friendly attendants. Even passed around free cups of water during the flight. They will also fill your water bottle for you. No major delays or problems for the short flight. Very simple. Normal cloth LCC seat but not painfully tight like say Cebu Pacific or Air Asia. I'm 180 cm 120 kg (5'11" 265 lb).

5/20/2017 Dmitry Artemyev

✅ Verified Review | Flew Jeju Air from Seoul to Saipan. Queuing for hours in Incheon (Seoul) airport. I almost missed my flight although I was at the airport 4 hours prior the departure time. The matter is that as a holder of foreign passport I can't use check in kiosk. An airline's staff should verify that I'm in possession of all necessary documents to go to US territory. The flight itself was quite smooth, but all window blinds should be closed (maybe because of North Korea, I don't know). There's no meal but you could buy some beverages and snacks (a very limited assortment) Considering that my one way ticket costs almost 300 US$ it's not good value for money.

8/24/2016 Michael Hollifield

My first flight with Jeju Air from Seoul to Kota Kinabalu. They're a low cost airline, but they still offer free water and kind service. The attendants are friendly, courteous and don't look overworked. As it's a low cost airline, the plane is older but you wouldn't know. The inside was kept clean and in good condition. I booked an exit seat to have the most room. If you book exit row, book Row 16. Row 15 is an exit row, but it doesn't recline.

6/3/2016 Purna Ananth

Cheongju to Jeju with Jeju Air. Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Efficient budget airline, quick boarding, checking in was quick and easy. On board - clean cabin, not very noisy, friendly crew, just half a cup of juice for a short flight (about 40 min), on time. Short on leg space. No entertainment.

7/9/2013 Handoko Taniwidjojo

My wife and I were on flight from GMP-CJU and CJU-PUS last June 2013. We were very much satisfied with the on time performance ground and on board services. Although they were budget airlines but their services were as good as the full service one. Surprisingly we were not charged for checked baggage as the other budget airline in south east asia did. We were with 738 aircraft for the fist stint but old 734 for the later one. Snack were provided still.

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