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5/11/2019 K Rafelt

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Amsterdam. Worst airline ever. I flight to Delhi on April 6th, plane was dirty, old, food basic. No entertaiment on board. What is more on the way back the flight was cancelled and I needed to wait in Mumbai for two days. Now it is not possible to get any refund from the airline as the ticket was bought via company in Europe. If they ever start to operate again do not buy tickets from that airline.

4/16/2019 B Vijay

Not Verified | Jet Airways is a third class airline. I booked the ticket from Ahmedabad to Mumbai but after 2 days I got the message that they cancelled the flight for operation reasons. So I called customer care executive with holding line 1.45 hrs and make arrangement in another flight. Unluckily that flight was also canclled with same reason and arranged for another flight. Same thing happened 4 to 5 times. Finally last flight also canclled with same reason.

4/13/2019 Sakkhie Saheli

Not Verified | London to Mumbai in December 2018. Staff absolutely useless. My child meals were pre-booked by the travel agent and the staff did not supply any food for my child saying the travel agent messed it up!! Seriously? My travel documents had information of meals booked and staff decided their own things. Absolute idiots. the service is bogus, planes are dirty, toilets are disgusting. Seats are not cleaned before boarding the planes. Never using Jet Airways again.

4/13/2019 S Marisanto

✅ Trip Verified | My initial departure flight to Pune was canceled a week before departure date. At first we kinda accepted it and get along with the rerouted flight to Mumbai. Because of this I need to stay at hotel in Mumbai before continuing my trip to Pune by car in the morning. Yet it doesnt simply end with re route trouble, my checked in bagage is delayed! It still left in Singapore where I transited. They promised to take my bag tomorrow in the morning yet my bag arrived 2 days later. As it not enough with just that, they also canceled my return ticket a day before. I supposed to fly on saturday morning ( I write this review on friday), and due to sudden information from Jet Airways my office had to find flight replacement, best closest day they get is sunday evening whom will be operated by another airways, and I will arrive in jakarta at Monday-noon. Canceling all appointment plan in the weekend. Very disappointing.

4/11/2019 A Bashuni

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Delhi via Amsterdam. The condition of aircraft was deplorable, 20+ hrs journey no entertainment system was provided, and the staff neither good either. They were having fun mingling amongst themselves, instead of serving and taking care of customers. Wont ever fly again, and not like they seem to be in business anytime soon.

4/9/2019 Nikita Biswas

✅ Trip Verified | Vadodara to Bangalore. Cancellation of the flight without any prior intimation to the flyers. I had a flight scheduled for 5:15 am which got cancelled without me being informed. I got to know this after reaching the airport while looking for my flight number. The Jet Airways staff were very rude as if it was my fault for booking a flight with them. They blamed it completely on Make My Trip and told me I can ask for a full refund as if by giving a full refund Jet was favouring me. Jet Airways will stay grounded.

4/6/2019 D Gaurankar

✅ Trip Verified | London to Mumbai. Jet Airways Heathrow ground staff was abusive on a phone call with her colleague while she made us wait on the side. We had a situation And had to ask the agent if she can find out with the manager if there’s any way out. I found it very rude and unprofessional. It doesn’t end there. She wasn’t finished serving us and before that she gets a phone call on the desk phone. She could’ve simply finished with us and dealt with the phone call In private later and we could’ve avoided witnessing most unpleasant language before boarding. When I mentioned to the agent about the experience she shared a feedback email and said - I don’t care. Please write to this email address. The whole experience was quiet stressful and could’ve avoided with basic manners.

4/5/2019 Steven Field

✅ Trip Verified | Received an email from Jet Airways 7 days before my return flight, they cancelled the Goa to Mumbai leg and offered no alternative, spent 3 days trying to contact customer services, unsuccessful. Had to purchase this leg with an alternative carrier. Made the Mumbai to London connection, plane dirty, flight crew did the very basic expected, food terrible, in-flight entertainment well below standard, the worst international flight I have taken in 60 years. I will never fly with this airline again, if I could give no stars for this airline then I would. A disgrace to the industry.

4/4/2019 D Sherman

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangalore via Mumbai. The worst international flight I have ever boarded in my life. I flew with Jet Airways before also and was ok but this was horrible. LCD screen entertainment system is not working through out the flight. Food was pathetic and there was shortage of food and cabin crew where behaving very cheap manner. I will never fly with Jet again.

4/4/2019 Jennifer Lewis

Not Verified | Bangkok to London via Mumbai. My son booked with this airline to return to the UK from Thailand on 23.04.19. He is still in Thailand with an email cancelling his flight home. A young man left stranded. No explanation. I am absolutely disgusted. I have had to purchase another flight to help him get home. They provide an online form to claim back a full repayment the bloody form doesn't work. You complete it and submit and nothing! How can this airline get away with ruining peoples holidays. Leaving people stranded on the other side of the world

3/31/2019 Paul George

Not Verified | Delhi to Goa via Mumbai. Terrible business ethics. I booked my flight over one month ahead, then they emailed me three days before traveling saying flight was canceled. I had to purchase new tickets at over twice the price from a different airline. No offer of refund in the email -I had to call twice (over one hour on hold) to obtain credit. This same incident happened again a week later with another flight canceled. I would never fly again with Jet Airways.

3/27/2019 David Urbanek

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Cochin. Even though the airline is facing a financial problems and the pilots consider going on strike I thought I would not be that bad. First of all, no leg room at all, no free snack nor beverages. On the other hand, the main goal has been reached - successfully we made it to the final destinations safe and sound. The ratio price/comfort is similar to small and budget airlines in Europe e.g. Ryanair, EasyJet, Czech Airlines.

3/27/2019 Biju Emmanuel

✅ Trip Verified | I booked my ticket and received an email saying that the flight cancelled and need change the flight for onward journey. Then I had to change my coach by paying £12 extra. After my onward journey they send another email that my return flight cancelled from Cochin to London and they have no option for me. They said they will pay half of the price and cancelled my ticket. I paid £293 for my return journey with other airline and paid another £15 for change coach. Total I paid £320 extra and today jet Airways send me an email saying they will pay me only £140 . I lost £180 for their faults. I am an Etihad silver card member always use jet Airways but never use it again. They show cheap price and later make you pay more.

3/24/2019 Naveen Dhakal

✅ Trip Verified | I booked my flight from Coimbatore to Mumbai on 14th of April 2019. Jet Airways rescheduled the flight by 20 hours. Again rescheduled for 22 00 hours. Couple of days back I got a notification that my flight is been canceled. It's really unfair part from Jet Airways. For your internal issue you cancelled flight. But what about the customer? Very unfair and not at all satisfied with the service provided by Jet Airways.

3/21/2019 Buathong Klomthaisong

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Bangkok. Jet Airways is a joke of an airline. We booked 3 economy tickets using mile awards 8 months in advance. One-way from Mumbai to Bangkok. The airline cancelled our flights twice; 12:30 PM to 08:30 AM, and again to 01:55 AM. The last time there was no automatic re-booking and we had to call from our cruise ship to make the new reservation (costly). This caused us to cut our vacation short by one day. The airport check-in staff were totally disinterested in their job. When we arrived at the counter to check-in, the agent just got up and walked away without any explanation. We had to wait for another counter to open. The flight attendants were not much better - constantly bumping into our aisle seat and waking us up while trying to get some sleep on a 4 hour red eye. The only positive thing about the flight was our baggage in Bangkok arrived very quickly.

3/20/2019 D Norris

✅ Trip Verified | The service was terrible. At the gate, they didn't have any speakers to announce boarding zones, only a couple of guys yelling at the top of their voices. This naturally led to a lot of confusion and arguments between the people lined up. Seats were uncomfortable. I do not know how these seats are different from other airplanes but me and the people around me agreed that our bottoms and backs were hurting. The seats are just bad. In-flight service was even worse. We received a meal (lunch) about 1 hour into the flight. After that, for the next 6 hours, they didn't even offer water! We were parched. We tried grabbing their attention with 'attendant calls'. Nobody responded. I even walked over to the galley to request water. They said there will be a beverage service soon, which never came. This was outrageous. For 6 hours on a 10 hour flight with no beverages, snacks or even water! We received another small meal an hour before landing where we requested multiple bottles of water. But most food and water items were over since, surprise, the crew had mistakenly started serving from the back of the airplane to the front!

3/20/2019 C Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Nagpur with Jet Airways. Cancelled flight without explanation and no alternatives provided. Had to phone the call centre for a refund, which took 45 minutes and was told that it would take 7-10 working days to process! No apology. Would never use again!

3/19/2019 Sameer Phatak

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Bengaluru. Flew Jet Airways for a business trip. Turned out to be a great experience. Staff at BOM airport was very polite and helpful. They had deployed a few people for crowd management. Check in was quick, so was boarding. In flight experience was good - since I had a corporate booking, a meal was added to the ticket. Coffee and Veg wrap were both good. All in all, a very good experience.

3/18/2019 V Shakawar

✅ Trip Verified | Pune to Abu Dhabi flight scheduled for 19th March cancelled without any notice. Received a curt email saying flight is cancelled. Did not give any alternative option. Had to call up Call Center and after a hold time of 30 mins was told that options available were only with 10 hour layovers. Wouldn't recommend Jet Airways to anyone again!

3/15/2019 H Sharesh

✅ Trip Verified | London to Baghdogra via Mumbai. Worst airline! Would pay a little more to get a different airline next time. Rude staff! Both my luggage were damaged by the baggage handlers. On my arrival to India I found one of my suitcases was broken even though fragile stickers were stuck. On my return, brand new suitcase wheels were missing so I had to throw that suitcase aswell.